Taking Cherie Renee

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Cherie was a terrible tease, thirteen and my little sister’s best friend. She had traveled with Cherie’s family to Disney Land and spent a lot of time at her house. On those occasions when Cherie came to ours, I found every excuse I could to stay in the vicinity. She was beautiful; soft brown eyes, full lips, a complexion to die for and a developing figure that caused a stirring in my penis every time I saw her. Her blond hair resembled the color of wheat ready for harvest, and she knew she had my pulse in her hands. And I really wanted to make that a literal reality!

We had gone on a picnic at a National Park not too far from our home, and Cherie wore a pair of cutoff shorts without any panties and a tank-top with no bra. Her shorts were so skimpy that every time she bent over or sat down, I was rewarded with a brief shot of her labia on either side of the seam, and an occasional glimpse of her round breasts. She was obvious in her movements, and wanted me to see her. My sister was upset toward me, because Cherie had the attention that would have been hers had Cherie not been there. All through this torturous day, I tried in vain to make contact with Cherie’s inviting body, my cock actually becoming a little sore from being erect and confined in my jeans without relief.

By the time we arrived at home after the outing, my sister was not speaking to Cherie. This afforded an opportunity I had always resigned would never come. Cherie would be spending the night at our house and I was more than willing to entertain her. The desert southwest where we live cools quickly at night, and Cherie showered and changed into a pair of shorts only slightly less revealing than those she had worn all day, an awesome camel-toe obvious to my view. The shirt she selected was snug and outlined her body in a way that I could hardly draw my eyes from, her nipples erect and pushing against the fabric. My hard-on was obvious and did not go unnoticed by my sister.

“Want to go for a walk,” Cherie asked me after my sister had snubbed her and walked by without speaking.

“You bet,” I smiled with my reply.

We stepped out into the waning day and saw the first stars beginning to blink weakly in the twilight. “Where would you like to go,” I asked motioning to the farm spread out around us.

“Anyplace where we can talk,” she said taking my hand.

I had just turned fifteen and though I had had some sexual experience, found this to be pretty cool. I thought quickly of places were we could go, believing that my sister might be waiting to spoil any good fortune I might find with this sexy girl. I discounted the obvious hiding places, knowing those would be the first targets of any malicious search my sister would launch. About a quarter mile from the house, an irrigation pump was enclosed in a little covering that would be ideal for what I hoped would develop in this “walk.” No one was irrigating on this evening, and it would be quiet and secluded from anyone’s view.

I knew that Cherie had already had sex several times from things my sister had told me, a fact that aroused me even more. My only concern was how to move her in the right direction without seeming too anxious and turning her off. I had no idea what delights awaited me, while worried about her response to my intended advances.

I shouldn’t have worried. “I don’t know why you boys are so shy about Avcılar Escort doing things with a girl,” Cherie said coyly, while undoing the top two buttons on her shirt. “If you try something we don’t want to do, we’ll tell you.”

She tilted her head back and her parted mouth became a moist little magnet that drew my lips to her’s in an instant. I placed my hungry hands on the small of her back and drew her hips into mine, my cock instantly rewarded by a willing trust from her hot crotch. At our kiss, she parted her lips and I felt the tip of her tongue probe inquisitively into my mouth. Soon we were inter-twined and breathing heavily. Thirstily we kissed and penetrated each other’s mouths. I felt her hands roaming across my back, up and across my shoulders, then back down to squeeze my ass cheeks. As I slid my hands down her back, I found my fingertips beneath the band of her shorts. With only a second’s hesitation, I continued to slide downward and felt the warm softness of her flesh below. I kneaded her ass and let my fingers travel down her crack.

She pulled from me and stepped back, almost tearing the remaining buttons from her shirt as she pulled it from her shoulders and tossed it aside. The breasts she had taunted me with all day were now in full view and they were beautiful. She was only five-foot-three, and with her slim figure, her 34B tits were a rewarding compliment to her frame. She was so aroused that her nipples stood out proudly. I bent forward and put my lips to her breast and inhaled her into my mouth. She moaned and tossed her head back for a moment before I felt her hands roaming the front of my jeans and caressing my cock through the denim.

She had tortured me all day, and my cock could take no more teasing. Keeping her nipple in my mouth, I reached down and assisted as she began to undo my fly. Soon, my jeans were gone. When she saw that I had gone commando, she smiled her approval. She then pulled my tee shirt up and over my head and tossed it unceremoniously aside. I pulled my hands away from her breasts and slipped them into the waistband of her shorts at the sides. I slide them down knowing that she wore no panties.

She had a flaxen patch growing on her mons, neatly trimmed and soft. Before I could reach down and confirm what I knew by sight, Cherie knelt down and kissed the swollen head of my cock gently. “I’ve waited so long for this,” she said, parting her lips and sliding her mouth softly around my rod. Slowly, she continued taking more of me into her mouth until I felt the restriction of her throat. My hooded shaft was engulfed in the most wonderful warmth and texture. Cherie had taken about four and a half inches of me in when she began to withdraw her mouth, sucking slowly toward the tip again. No longer teasing, she pursed her lips together to tighten around me, and began again to slowly slide back toward the hilt of my shaft.

As I felt contact at her throat again, she forced herself slowly against my cock and I felt as she took me completely inside. Knowing that I was fully inside her like this almost forced my immediate climax, but I was able to hold off briefly. She withdrew again, then began her amazing decent. With a third contact at her throat, my ass tightened and that climatic burn rushed over my flesh tingling and hot as my cock swelled to its maximum girth. The volcanic release of my seed Escort Bayan had been building all day, teased and taunted by her displays.

Cherie knew that I was there, and held me deeply in her throat. As I came in hard spurts, I felt the contractions as she swallowed. After a few quick thrusts from my hips, she slowly pulled out toward the tip as my climax began to subside. She let the last couple of spurts dribble from her mouth. A guttural moan came from deep in my chest as my knees weakened with the long delayed release.

I took a couple of deep breaths and leaned against the wall behind me for about a half a minute. Cherie rolled her tongue around in her mouth, licked across her lips teasingly again, then stuck her tongue out far enough to show me the ejaculate that she had not yet swallowed. With deliberate movement, she swallowed with an exaggerated expression of satisfaction.

She stepped back and lay along the irrigation piping extended through the wall of the little shack. I straddled my legs over the same, and paused to take in the lusty beauty of her naked body before me. A light sheen shown from the perspiration beading her flesh. The most wonderful musky scent wafted to my senses and the intoxicating smell of her sex made my near flaccid cock jerk with newfound life.

I slowly lowered my face toward the golden fleeced slit at the juncture of her legs. All my senses were inflamed with her sex. Slowly, I kissed the little bud just at the top of her opening, and felt her jerking response to that first touch. I placed my thumbs on her pussy lips and gently opened her flesh to expose the pink warmth within. She was so wet and inviting I couldn’t help lapping softly from the little round pucker of her ass upward to the top of her opened, throbbing twat. She shuddered with each touch of my tongue and lips and her legs trembled, now draped across my shoulders.

In only seconds it seemed, she began to writhe beneath the ministration of my tongue. Her hips bucked upward into my face, and she clutched her hands behind my head forcing me deeply inside her swollen pussy lips. She moaned through clenched teeth and began with breathless words to say, “Oh my god, I’m cumming. Suck my clit baby, suck me. Oh yes, lick my cunt. Lick me harder. Harder!”

Just when I thought I’d pass out from not being able to breath, Cherie released her hold on the back of my head and lowered her hand to her drenched pussy. She wiped her fingers through her juices and raised them to her lips. Sucking each finger clean, she again collected three fingers of her nectar and raised her small hand to my eager lips. She tasted so good, so fresh and wonderful. My cock throbbed and struck me at my navel. I couldn’t remember ever being so hard before.

As she caught her breath, Cherie turned over and sideways across the pipe, reaching back she spread her cheeks slightly and said with her voice full of lust, “I want it from behind.”

I aligned myself with her waiting snatch and touched the throbbing, purple head of my cock against her entrance. She was dripping with dewy sex and my cock slid easily into the wonderfully tight opening of her young pussy. Certain that I was fully aligned to take her, I thrust with one swift push and found myself buried so deeply that my cock was brushed against her cervix. She was so petit that my seven-inch tool easily istanbul Escort reached home. I paused a moment to allow her tight cunt to adjust to the girth of my cock. Then with slow and deliberate motion I began to hump into her with utter and wondrous passion. She responded in kind and was soon bucking backward into me with abandon.

My thrusting increased in tempo and we were soon thrashing wildly against each other. Our moans and grunts loud in the confines of the shelter where we fucked. I knew it would take me a bit longer to reach my climax, but was elated to feel her orgasm begin. She moaned more loudly and began to squeal with each thrust of my cock into the inner reaches of her sex. Her legs trembled and I felt the contractions of her body suck hungrily on my cock as she instinctively sought to milk the seed from my flesh. She came in quick twitches and spasms. She grunted and cried out, “Yes baby, fuck me harder. Let me feel you cock harder. Harder, harder, h-a-r-d-e-r, FUCK, YES, YES!!!”

I continued to thrust and knew that I would cum quickly. However, she reached back and pushed me gently out of her cunt. She then took my engorged cock in her hand without changing her position and slowly drew me toward the little circle opening of her ass. I was soaked in her moisture, and felt only slight resistance as the mushroom head of my cock began to stretch her sphincter to enter her. She winced briefly and I saw her shoulders hunch slightly as the pain of my entry increased. I paused until she relaxed, then gently began again to move into her hot ass. My pause this time continued until she was comfortable enough to begin gently rocking along the length of my cock.

The feeling was so tight, so intense that my cock was massaged like never before. Cherie groaned with pleasure and humped back into me with gusto. We fell into a rhythm, fucking each other with passion and lust. As the hot sperm was ejected from my body and began its journey into hers, Cherie began to buck against me like a girl possessed. My ass convulsed and my hips began to burn with my most intense orgasm of the night. There were at least six long spurts of my cum as I filled her ass to overflowing and the ejaculate began to seep around the tightness of my cock inside her. She came with me again, this time moaning loudly as the pleasure of her first anal experience washed through her with sensations she had never before experienced.

As our mutual climaxes began to subside, I knew that neither of us could go any further. I also knew that when we returned to the house, it would be obvious what we had done. I was spent and my legs were weak. Cherie would likely have trouble even walking for a bit. I said, “They are going to be wondering where we are by now!”

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” she said.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“I’ve taken care of everything,” the vixen replied.

Turning toward the night beyond the doorway of the shelter she spoke into the darkness, “Did you get everything?”

My sister stepped forward into the glow of the dim light inside and said, “The tent is up, and the sleeping bags inside. We’re good to go, you don’t even have to go into the house.”

Cherie and I were both completely nude and my sister looked intently at my slickened dick with a nod of approval. It began to dawn on me that she had probably been watching the whole time. At this realization my cock twitched and jumped like it had a mind of its own.

“Hope there’s something left in that thing for me,” my sister said with a sly wink toward Cherie.

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