Taking Lovely Breeana

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This one is sort of short and was inspired by a clip of some porn movie I saw. Basic premise was older female forcing a younger one. Except there was a real gun and a strap-on involved in that one.


She stopped at the doorway and felt the unwelcome sensation creep over her. There before her was a cute little teenager, eighteen and certainly not older, she stood looking in the mirror and adjusting her hair. Chelsea resisted the urge that quickly started to fill her making her way to the bathroom stall for the purpose she’d come in here. She squatted over the seat even though the place was clean and in a well to do neighborhood she didn’t trust it. Her ass hovering over the seat she peed letting out a soft sigh of relief. A small bundle of tissue paper dabbed at her pussy with no hair on her vagina it was easy to wipe away the yellow liquid. She tossed the paper into the toilet and kicked the flush bar watching the water drain away.

“Fuck,” She mumbled to herself stepping out of the stall and seeing the teenager was still standing at the mirror, still fixing her hair.

The urge which she had let float away in the stall snapped right back into her and she did her best to shake it off. Going to the sink she started to wash her hands keeping the water cold and rubbing a little across her cleavage. It helped cool her down. In the mirror looking back at herself was Chelsea Thor. A woman who looked the dictionary definition of nondescript housewife. Wavy dusty blond hair pulled back in a pony tail a few strands loose. A face that was on the attractive side of average and not much more. She was forgetful something she could have attested to from the past relationships she’d been in. She was married and had two children with husband at work and children at school.

The teen glanced her way in the mirror before quickly looking away and now obviously pretending to fix her hair. Chelsea was committed. The urge had her. She finished washing her hands and stepped out of the bathroom. A long hallway stretched one way and at the end people walked by not glancing down in this direction. This was one of the less used bathrooms but some code or something had made them have to put bathrooms every so often, even though in the center of the mall they had a large bathroom area. A little up and across the hall was a room marked “Employees Only” and she quickly moved towards it.

She tried the knob and smiled in a manner nobody would believe out of a woman who looked like her. The evil grin was because the door was unlocked and inside she saw what she needed. Grabbing the mop bucket, a broom, a couple wet floor signs, and a out of order magnet that would cling to the metal bathroom door. Peeking out before she exited Chelsea moved towards the bathroom knowing the hot young teen was still inside. Quickly she dumped out half the mop bucket onto the floor and pushed it against the wall. Then set up the wet floor signs and finally slapped the “Sorry Temporarily Out Of Order” sign onto the women’s bathroom door. Slipping inside she shoved the broom into the handle of the door, it wasn’t perfect a few good yanks would knock out but it was better than nothing. Mostly it gave her more of the privacy she’d need.

As she turned the corner into the bathroom again the teen was leaning against the wall half sitting on the sink and thumbing through a magazine. She’d obviously not heard Chelsea enter and the fact that the girl was loitering about meant nobody would soon come looking for her. Chelsea’s mind put together ideas of why this girl would be here, from skipping school to waiting for a boyfriend to call. Whatever it was something was going to happen that the teen never expected too. Chelsea reached deep into her purse and pulled out the tazergun held inside. The gun like shaped device had been a gift for protection but she’d used it three times now for a very different purpose. This would be the forth. She thumbed up the on switch and heard the tiny battery inside charge up. Then her finger touched down on the trigger button.

The teen looked up a second after it was to late Chelsea was already too close and she was cornered. She flinched back turning her face as Chelsea pretended to swing a fist towards her face. The barely legal teen hesitated her back mostly turned towards Chelsea probably wondering why the punch wasn’t hurting. Chelsea’s fist quickly opened up and grabbing the back of the girl’s shirt she yanked it up and then pulled the trigger. Two fish hook like zappers darted out sinking in deep from this close range and stopped the teen as she seemed just about to let a scream out. Instead it came out as a gravelly cry of pain that could only have been heard if somebody had their ear to the door. She fell to the floor and Chelsea winced a little bit not because it might have hurt the girl but because it might bruise the girl’s precious body.

“What… What do you want? I didn’t do anything!” The girl groaned when the electricity stopped pumping through her body and she was able to register anything but the pain. “I didn’t do kartal escort anything at all!”

“Shut-up!” Chelsea growled knowing she had to make sure this girl knew she was in charge, a smile crept to her lips at the mental pun, in charge.

“What did I do…. EHHH!!” The words turned up into another cry but for whatever reason the electricity never allowed the scream to get too loud.

“Shut the fuck up.” Chelsea let go of the trigger and the teen relaxed from the pain breathing heavily. “I can do this all fucking day long and I will too unless you do what I want.”

“What… do you want?” The teen sort of raised herself up off the floor glancing at Chelsea and then at the electrodes in her back, Chelsea knew there was no chance the girl was pulling them out before she could shock her enough to let go, they were in so deep because she’d been so close when she shot them.

“I’m going to do whatever I want with you. Do you understand?” Chelsea let the idea sink in and then pulled back the trigger as the girl’s face had twisted in disgust.

“Ah! No! Stop please stop! It hurts!” She let out in a desperate tone as soon as she could and Chelsea pulled the trigger again. The teen squirmed and hissed but Chelsea just felt her nipples get hard and her pussy get wet knowing what would soon be coming. “Stop it please! No more! It hurts! Please, I’ll do… whatever!”

“Will you lick my asshole?” Chelsea asked just as the teen was looking over her shoulder the pain not coming for a long enough time to give her some hope it was over, the teen shook her head and grimaced before she could think better of it.

More electricity pumped out of the gun and Chelsea knew that law enforcement type weapons were limited in how much they could shock. They had like a ten second timer between shocks so they couldn’t hurt their captive. Chelsea’s tazer had no such safety guard and the box had claimed that it could pack up to a thousand shocks before the battery went dead. Chelsea knew this to be true and held the button down again reaching down and undoing her pants. She wiggled somewhat awkwardly out of them while keeping one hand on the tazer. Then yanked her blouse over her heard switching hands to fully remove the shirt. The bra and panties were a little more difficult but soon enough she was naked except for her socks.

“No more! No more!” The teen kept repeating crying into the tiled floor and Chelsea smiled putting her finger into her gash and letting out a moan.

“What’s your name sexy?” She asked giving the girl time to recover.

“Breeana,” The other female hissed blinking as she turned around to see Chelsea naked or near enough to it. “My name is Breeana Duncan. Please don’t hurt me anymore.”

“Make me happy and I won’t have to,” Chelsea said simply and Breeana nodded her head rolling up to her hands and knees. “Now take off your clothes. But don’t try anything or I might pull this trigger until you pass out. You don’t want me to do that because you’ll probably wake up and require somebody to change your diaper and clean up your drool forever.”

“Don’t! Don’t please!” The girl shook her head and Chelsea motioned for her stand up.

The teenager did taking just a moment to collect herself before reaching down to pull off her shirt. The shirt fell to the floor and soon was followed by skirt and undergarments. They looked close to a pair standing in nothing but their socks but there was a lot of different between them. Chelsea was thirty-two and while she was still pretty happy with her body she knew she’d rounded out a bit over the years. Her full breasts hung a little lower than when she was this girl’s age. She was tan all over having her husband buy her a tanning bed and tucked it into a back room. She hadn’t gone crazy with it but she had a nice even tan that seemed to make her body look better. Her nipples were hard pencil erasers set in the middle of quarter sized areolas. Her body was hairless except what was on her head, between the hair removal lotion and shaving. She was five one and had C-cup tits that looked much larger on her small build.

Breeana was an incredible looking latin female with her black hair put into two braids with a few loose locks from her temples to frame her round face. She was lithe as only a girl her age could be with the naturally dark skin of her spanish heritage. Her tits were nearly insignificant barely more than puffy brown nipples on top of mounds which could scarcely be given that name. Flat stomach of course with the hint of her ribs seen down both sides until it slipped in across her sides and then out again over her hips. Her bush wasn’t as trimmed down as Chelsea’s the dark black hair thick right over her gash. Farther out it was trimmed and then maybe waxed or shaved, most likely the teen knew that kind of hair poked out when in a swimsuit. Long legs that seemed have her body stretched out from there thin and not shapely like a most woman’s legs but appealing just the same.

She stood naked looking somewhat kaynarca escort embarrassed and Chelsea fought away the internal smiled that wanted to cross her lips. That nervous set of her body meant so much to Chelsea who had seen it once before. It was much better than the angry defiance that was the typical reaction. The last time Chelsea had seen the shy sort of reaction to being naked had been one of the best experiences. While she enjoyed the dominance factor of what she did, there was something to be said for a willing hostage.

“What next?” She asked after Chelsea let the silence stretch to long just staring at the youth’s amazing body.

“Do you ever play with yourself Breeana?” Chelsea asked and the teen looked down at the older woman’s pussy which was spread with thumb and middle finger the pointer making slow circles around the clit.

“Yes,” She admitted with a nod looking away embarrassed and Chelsea smiled wide.

“Then do it for me now,” She instructed and the barely legal nodded as if she knew this was what was coming and her hand shaking she squatted a little and then touched her dark hand into her pubes.

Her bottom lip was quickly pulled into her mouth as the finger’s thin but dexterous looking wiggled through hair and labia to get at the goods hidden inside. Her big brown eyes opened wide as two fingers started moving up and down on her clitoris and Chelsea watched licking her her lips. In a moment a crack in the thick hair appeared and the pink inner folds came into view glistening nicely. Chelsea also noted the nipples of the girl tightened and pushed out a little hardening the rest of the way as hormones trigged their full erection. The teens legs parted a little more as her fingers slid quickly down and then hooked up inside herself. Head rolling to the side a moan came from her mouth lips looking so sweet gapped with the vocalization of her pleasure coming out of them.

Chelsea couldn’t help herself. She usually let this first act last a lot longer but she wanted to see how willing the girl would be. Walking over she tickled the trigger back sending just a flick of a jolt into the girl. Breeana twitched then let out a small cry but didn’t pull her fingers out from her insides or complain. Leaning in she kissed those spanish lips and then moaned into them. They were so soft and delicate. Chelsea leaned in more kissing harder and breaking it just enough to order the teen to french her. She knew better than to stick her tongue in a captive’s mouth. Breeana did it and soon enough the two were kissing passionately. They parted their faces wet from Breeana’s tongue and then they came together again.

Chelsea relaxed a little not feeling a hint of resistance from this youth and she kissed harder actually pushing her tongue into the spanish thing’s mouth. The taste was wonderful as the feeling and with her free hand she grabbed Breeana’s hand and placed it on her breast. The spanish girl’s fingers squeezed the large breasts and made Chelsea moan in delight.

“Kiss my neck!” She ordered giving another hint of a jolt to the teen.

The lips on her neck were so much better than her husband’s or any man’s. So much better than the roughness of a man. She knew that she did what she did because she would never be accepted by her family and friends if she admitted she liked the touch and feel of a woman so much more than a male. Her husband would leave her and take the kids and she had no marketable skill to get a job with. So she was left with waiting and burying her desires until they exploded out in violent need.

Breeana was good too. Her tongue darting out every so often licking the flesh she’d just been kissing and making Chelsea’s knees go weak. She was able to kiss the teens ear nibbling softly on the lobe as the girl sent shivers of delight all through her body. Her pussy was a swamp so much wetter than her husband could ever hope to get her. She pulled her hand out of herself as she stepped away and Breeana gapped a second still trying to kiss her neck. She opened her eyes just in tome to see Chelsea wipe her wet fingers across her breasts smearing her thick fluids across her nipples. The contact made her hiss out her pleasure and then pointing to them. Breeana hesitated to long and stumbled forward the shock to the back lick a push. Chelsea’s tits were in her face and instinct had her sucking on them before she could make anymore pain arise.

“Oh shit that’s good. You like the taste of that because you’ll be getting it right from the source soon enough.” Chelsea admitted and looked down at the spanish’s teens face was twisted in fear but her tongue was eagerly licking all across Chelsea’s sensitive tits cleaning the juice away and replacing it with spit. “Do you want me to eat you out?”

“What?” Breeana asked blinking as her hair was pulled thus pulling her face away from Chelsea’s breasts, she winced at the pain.

“Do you want me to eat you out.” This was new development even for Chelsea who’d never offered this to any of kozyatağı escort her other victims, to much risk.

She’d finger them and suck off the juices if they smelled nice enough. She’d have them finger themselves and hold out their digits so she could lick them. Mostly though she’d finger them while sucking on their tits getting them to orgasm was a sure way to keep them silent. Because most women thought that if you orgasmed it couldn’t be rape. Now though with this one she wanted more. Breanna had put up less of a fight than any of the others and it just felt safer.

“Answer!” She yanked the hair again and tears welled up in Breeana’s hair before she nodded.

“Yes I do! I want that very much!” The tears were from the admission not whatever little pain pulling her hair was causing.

“You’re such a dirty lesbian!” Chelsea growled pushing her victim back once and then twice until her perfect little ass hit a sink. “You’re so sick that you actually want me, another woman, to lick your dirty cunt.”

“I know! I do!” She seemed near crying and Chelsea found herself extremely turned on by this thinking perhaps she’d found herself a nice little guilty in the closet lesbian.

Grabbing her right leg she pushed it up onto one sink and Breeana got the hint. Pushing her tiny weight up with her hands she placed the other leg on the next sink over. This spread her legs nicely and as she leaned back against the wall looked pretty comfortable as well. There was a good foot of space between once sink and the next and as Chelsea dropped to her knees for the first time in nearly two decades she prepared to eat another female out.

The sight was incredible the teen’s sweet little ass hanging down between the sinks and her skin looking so much darker contrasting with the white porcelain. Mostly though there was the pussy and asshole there opened up completely before her eyes. The pink slit was dripping fluids and Chelsea leaned in and opened her mouth the drip falling on her upper lip and rolling into her mouth. She liked the flavor and pushed her head up and tongue out licking from cornhole to clitoris. A moan of pleasure escaped Breeana’s lips and the other woman heard the thump of the girl knocking her head back into the wall.

She focused her attention on the asshole first having never licked one before and wanting to know what she’d forced a couple of her victims into doing. Chelsea liked it. Breeana was clean but there was still a hint of muskier scent and flavor there and the extra taboo of it increased her arousal. Driving her tongue up inside the teen caused moans to arise and flavor to come to her taster. As she did this her face quickly became coated in the latina’s juices, leaning left and right to get the best rim angle had her soaked from ear to ear. The wetness of her face and the taste of the asshole had her pussy near squirting juices.

Glancing up she saw the teen’s body stretching up above her and she had the sneaking feeling that she was going to have to quit her ways after this and get a serious girlfriend. One who would be willing to sit on her face and bend over for an asslicking and not try and run away or tell the authorities. This willingness was a lot better than the fighting and trying to escape. Her tongue eventually raked up higher and darted into the pink hole instead of the brown. The moans peeked a little higher and the flavor pouring into her mouth made Chelsea nearly cry in delight. Lashing her tongue across the entrance and then shoving it in as deep as it would go more taste came into her mouth. Finally she raised up even more and made only two circles and then one actual lick of Breeana’s tiny clit and the girl was going off.

“I am so sick I’m cumming! I’m cumming because of another woman! I am so gross!” She moaned yanking on the sink handles causing the water to flow.

Chelsea sped her tongue up faster lashing as hard as she could across the clit before pulling away as the youth leaned forward. Breeana shook and twitched about as hard as she had when she’d been shocked. Chelsea watched in aroused fascination. Finally the girl slumped down from the sinks and opened her eyes Chelsea was laying on her back not inches away her feet pushing up into the sinks Breeana had just been sitting on and using it to give herself a good angle so the latin girl had access to all Chelsea wanted licked.

Breeana didn’t even have to be ordered she leaned forward and licked Chelsea the same way she had licked her. Starting from her asshole she licked all the way up and then dipped back down to her asshole again. Chelsea loved having her asshole licked and the way Breeana was doing it, eagerly, she wanted a good anal orgasm. So she covered her pussy with her hand pressing a palm into her clit and using her fingers to space her ass cheeks a little more for little miss Duncan to work.

The closet lesbian worked too lapping hungrily and then pushing her tongue into the older woman’s asshole. If there was any bad taste it didn’t show on her face as she licked and lapped quicker and quicker. The pleasure of this was so different than from cunnilingus. Analingus was deeper and took a lot longer to build up to anything. She coaxed it along with rubbing gently into her clitoris but not enough to change the pleasure. Breeana’s tiny tongue was a natural pleasure device twirling and stiffening at the right moments.

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