Taking Mom to Prom

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It was noon, and Julie was a nervous wreck on her drive home from work. An hour earlier, Frank, the VP of the advertising agency that Julie relocated last year to work for called her into his private office. Julie had heard the acquisition rumors, which from her perspective came out of nowhere. Frank indeed confirmed that their company had been acquired by a national firm, and they would be closing down this office at the end of the month. Thankfully, Julie had a great rapport with Frank. He was the one who convinced her to join the company 12 months ago. He was mesmerized by her charisma, and let’s face it, her jaw-dropping, voluptuous MILF body. Frank had the unenviable task of laying off the majority of the agency, but had the autonomy to offer full time positions to selected highly qualified management. Frank and Julie both knew that she didn’t quite meet the criteria. His instinct told him that simply laying off Julie, and never seeing her again, while he moved with the new company to Milwaukee was not his first choice. The idea of never seeing her curvy body pushing the every fiber on her tight shirts to their limits was not something Frank was happy about. At the same time, considering the fact that he was a powerful, wealthy, and handsome man, he felt like it wasn’t a stretch for Julie to be attracted to him. They had developed a respectful and friendly relationship over the past year. With that in mind, Frank devised a plan to get his cock wet.

He regretfully explained to Julie that everyone at the agency was being laid off, with the exception of selected management roles. Those lucky enough to stay would be rewarded with a lucrative salary and a full time position at their downtown Milwaukee office, which was a 3 hour drive. Those managers lucky enough to keep their jobs may or may not continue to work in a management capacity, but nonetheless they would have a well paying, full time job, which sure beat the alternative – unemployment. At first, Julie didn’t understand why he was going into details that only applied to management lucky enough to be offered to stay. Frank had laid the groundwork down to make his move, and his heart was pounding in his chest. Meanwhile Julie was trying to fight back tears. As a single mother, who had made terrible financial decisions in her past, she needed this job, and she knew she was not qualified to be offered a full time position. “Julie, listen to me,” Frank said as he looked deeply into her watering eyes. “I’m thinking about making an argument to keep you with us. You would have the same position you currently have. Of course you would have to relocate with us, and we would cover all moving expenses. The salary is budgeted for 120k. That’s over double your current pay.”

Julie was in utter shock.

“So what I want you to do for me, is show me you have what it takes…to convince me to offer you this position,” Frank explained.

“You look absolutely stunning in that blouse. I want you to take it off.”

At this point, it was clear what was going on. Truth was, Julie was attracted to Frank since the initial interview, a year ago. She obeyed him.

Frank’s eyes widened as Julie pulled her blouse over her head, revealing her massive 36F’s popping out of her tiny bra. Her incredible breasts looked phenomenal on her petitie frame. Blood began to rush to Frank’s cock.

“Come here and pull my pants down,” Frank directed.

The MILF obeyed her boss, and released his growing, veiny cock.

“I think you know what to do.” Frank said, somewhat curious what exactly would happen next. He wondered if she would reluctantly give him a half hearted blowjob, or if she would ravish his cock with pent up sexual energy, and prove to him he would have no choice but to take her with him.

Julie finally spoke, “It would be my pleasure. But first…” she unclasped her bra, freeing her huge boobs. Frank loved not only how busty she was, but how large her motherly aerolas were on her perfect, pale skin. Frank’s cock was stiffening, and it was always one of Julie’s biggest turn ons to feel a man’s cock get rock hard in her mouth. She wasted no time wrapping her mouth over his cock. With him not being fully erect, she was able to put his entire dick in her mouth. That didn’t last, as his cock soon became powerfully rigid, while she passionately sucked him off. Not being able to fully handle his thick cock with just her mouth, she started to use both hands to stroke his meat while she sucked. Pausing to spit on his dick, she sucked on each of Frank’s balls before shoving his cock back down her throat.

Julie’s boss grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face down, causing her to choke on his dick, which she loved. It let her know she was messing with a real man who was in control. This was driving Julie crazy. She slurped and sucked him at a rapid pace until Frank could no longer control himself. He shot a giant load into Julie’s eager mouth, and like a good girl she swallowed every last drop.

“Holy bursa escort shit, that was incredible!” Frank astounded.

“I’ll say! I can’t believe it took me almost getting fired before I got to enjoy your amazing cock!” Julie smiled. She was still on her knees, looking up at her boss, with her oversized tits hanging out. With her hand still gently gripping his cock, she licked the tip to get every last drop of cum.

Frank laughed.

Julie asked, “So does this mean I’ll get the job?”

“Haha. Well, you definitely gave me a very compelling argument,” Frank said. “Anything else you want to me to think about?”

Julie handed her skimpy bra to him, and then slid off her thong panties under her skirt. She handed that to him to hold. “As a memento,” and she put her blouse on over her braless tits.

“I like the way you think!” Frank approved. “I’ll have more details for you tomorrow about your relocation.”

Julie shrieked! The rollercoaster from almost crying and being unemployed, to keeping her job and doubling her salary was a lot to handle in one morning. Adding to that was taking her handsome boss’s fat cock down her throat and swallowing his huge load. She gave Frank a big hug and ran out his office.

As she settled into her car, reality began to sink in. What would she tell her son, Andy?

He would be home from school in a couple of hours. She knew he’d have no reason to expect this was anything other than a typical Wednesday. But Julie was going to have to break the news to him that they’d be moving again next month, and she feared the worst. After all, Andy struggled mightily with the initial move, which Julie completely empathized with. It was a lot to ask of him to say goodbye to their life as they knew it, only one year ago. For that move, Andy had to leave the only city he’d called home his whole life. Goodbye to all his friends, his school, everything he knew. That move was mid-school year, just like this move will be. Andy had to endure being the new kid with a couple months of school remaining in his junior year. He was a shy kid and struggled to make new friends. Julie often consoled him, and all but promised they would finish out his senior year in the same school. She feared breaking his tender heart. To add to Julie’s anxiety, it seemed like in the past couple of weeks, he really began to hit his stride. His attitude was much improved – he was starting to date a sweet girl, and also seemed to be making more friends.


It was around 3pm and Julie already had a couple glasses of wine to ease her nerves. She intentionally put on a thin, tight T-shirt without a bra. This “outfit” left nothing to the imagination. She knew Andy had been letting his eyes linger a little too long on her tits lately and she felt that with her nipples on display, he would be more understanding to learn about the upcoming move. Andy came home with a huge smile on his face. “Hey Mom! Whatcha doin?!”

“Oh nothin, just relaxing, how was your day, sweetie?” Julie replied.

“It was great! You know Mrs. Jones, my history teacher? I finally asked her if she can write a letter of recommendation for me for my college applications. She said yes! She said she wants me to maintain my grades until the end of the year.”

“Oh honey, that’s wonderful!” Julie said. She was so glad to see Andy this happy.

“And you know how Lindsay and I have been kind of going through a funky period?” Andy continued, referencing the sweet girl in his class that he’d taken on a few dates. “We spent lunch together and I really feel like we’re connecting a lot better now. Actually I’m going to pick her up in a little bit to go to the mall, if that’s ok? We want to get sized for prom night!”

They were a really cute couple. They were an interesting sight to see, with Lindsay being maybe 5′ tall, and skinny as a rail. She had no tits, no ass, but was pretty. Ever since turning 18 recently, Julie noticed Andy was no longer a kid. Rather he was a muscular, broad shouldered, 6’2″ young man. They were cute as can be.

Julie wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t have the heart to tell Andy that they wouldn’t be living here by the time prom night came.

“I’m going to get changed!” Andy shouted as he ran upstairs to his bedroom.

“Okay dear,” replied Julie as she sipped on her wine.

A few minutes later, Andy shouted goodbye to his mom, and drove off to pick up his girlfriend.


The next morning, Julie and Andy sat down over cereal before work and school. Julie was anticipating an easy day at work, probably one that included a blowjob or more. She wore a very low cut tank top which put her cleavage on full display. This wasn’t too unusual for the sexy milf to show off like this, although this shirt was probably a little lower cut than most. She didn’t bother to put on panties under her skirt – she wouldn’t be needing them today, she figured. Simply pulling her skirt up would give her boss full access to her bare pussy. bursa escort bayan She noticed Andy stealing glances across the table at her tits, which she had come to expect.

“Baby, we need to talk. I have some good news and bad news. I wanted to talk after school yesterday but you were in such a good mood, I didn’t want to ruin it.” Julie said.

Andy leaned in towards her. “Uh oh, Mom. What’s going on??”

“Honey. It’s really, really crazy. My company was bought out. They’re closing the office at the end of the month. There’s a ton of layoffs. You know how much I struggle to pay our bills. If I were to lose this job I don’t have any savings, all my money is going towards our rent, bills, and debt.” Julie rambled.

“I know Mom, I know it’s hard right now. Maybe I can get a part time job too.” Andy moved over to his mom to console her. He stood over her and put his hand on her shoulder, getting an amazing view at her incredible cleavage. “It’s ok, you’ll find a new job quick.”

“No wait, Andy,” Julie said. “I said there’s good news too. Well, my boss has been really impressed with my work lately. He was hard on me, he put a lot on my plate, and I swallowed it, and he’s been happy with the results. He’s offering me a huge promotion! I get to stay with the new company, all of our financial stresses will be gone with how much money I’ll be making!” Julie shared.

“Oh Mom, that’s great!!” Andy said while bending down to hug his mom.

“Yes, Andy, it is great! But here’s the hard part. You might want to sit down.” Julie continued as Andy took his seat. “I am so sorry. But you have to understand it’s not my fault. And this is such an amazing opportunity for us. But for me to not only keep my job, but get this incredible promotion and pay raise, we will be moving to Milwaukee.”

“What!!” Andy yelled. “Mom, you can’t do this to me!”

“Honey, I am so sorry. There’s nothing I can do! This is too good to pass up and there’s no other choice. Please understand, sweetie,” Julie pleaded.

Andy sat there with his head down for what seemed like an eternity. Julie walked over to him and wrapped her arms over his broad shoulders, her tits pushed against his head. She would always be there for her boy, and felt absolutely terrible for this. After a minute, but what felt like hours, finally he spoke again.

“Mom, I’ll be alright. I am happy for you. I’m sure it’s not easy when your boss is so hard on you, and I’m really proud of you for earning the promotion. That’s great about the pay raise. I don’t want to be selfish. I’ll be alright.”

A huge smile flashed over Julie’s face. “Oh baby!! I love you soooo much!! Thank you so much for understanding!” Her motherly instincts took over and Julie jumped on her sitting son, legs straddling him. They squeezed each other as hard as they could, happy tears streaming down Julie’s face. Julie’s pillowy tits were smashed against her strong son. “I’m so proud of you, Andy. You have become such a mature man! Such a mature, strong, handsome man!” Julie couldn’t control her tears, but she was so happy, and smiling. She released from their hug and planted a big kiss on Andy’s lips. Although the two of them were extremely close, and often affectionate, it was the first time she remembered kissing him on his lips since he was a little boy. She didn’t know why she did it, but she was just so proud of him. Andy felt a stir in his pants, which was common for the hormone raging teen, but didn’t think anything too unusual of the kiss. They had a special moment. It was sweet, and innocent. Little did Andy know, Julie’s bare pussy was barely just separated from his cock by his clothes.

Andy went off to school, and Julie went off to work. She was on cloud 9 on her drive to work, just in awe of how mature her son has become, and how well he took the news. Walking into the office, she knew she’d make Frank’s jaw drop, and his cock hard when he saw her tits on display. She also couldn’t wait to hear more details about the relocation, and hopefully take Frank’s hard cock deep inside her.

When she got to work at 8:30, Frank had a note waiting for her on her desk. “Meet me in my office when you get here” it read. She put down her stuff and made her way to his corner office.

To her surprise, Frank was waiting for her, but another man was there too. He was a short, fat, bald man, who Julie had never seen before.

He immediately started cackling. “Ahahaha Frank you old dog you!”

Frank responded, “Told you, Jerry!”

Jerry, the short, fat guy said back, “you weren’t lying, she is one hot piece of ass!”

Frank laughed, “wait til you get a load of her tits!”

Julie was appalled. It was one thing to for Frank to take advantage of her. She had the hots for him, and he was offering her a life changing opportunity. But now he’s pimping her to this scumbag?

“Julie,” Frank said, “meet Jerry. He’s the CEO, and everyone’s new boss. I told him how much you impressed me yesterday, and he escort bursa said he will need to see for himself!”

“H-h-hi Jerry, nice to meet you,” stammered Julie.

“Julie, let’s cut the bullshit,” Jerry said. “Tell me what is it you do here?”

“Well, I started last year as an associate account representative. I’ve been working on the O’Malley project lately, and Frank said I did a great job on the Williams account too,” Julie said.

“That’s fucking fantastic,” Jerry said. “Here’s the deal, we don’t have a need for any more associate account representatives. But I can always find a spot for a fine piece of ass like you. I’m interested in grooming you to be the head office manager. You’ll work directly for me, Frank, and my two regional VP’s. One lives in LA, the other in NY, and they fly in quarterly. Basically, I’ll need you to do whatever the fuck we tell you to do.”

“Um, with all due respect sir, I appreciate the offer, but I’m not sure this is for me,” Julie said.

“Okay,” Jerry said. “As you can see, I don’t have time for bullshit. I’m a very busy man and I get straight to the point. I’ll ask you some questions and we’ll find out real quick if this is for you.”

“I do like your style, sir,” Julie admitted.

“Great. First, how much do you make now?” Jerry said.

“Well, 55k, but Frank said…”

Jerry interrupted, “I know what Frank said. This position pays $175k, with potential for 25k quarterly bonuses based on performance. Do you like that?”

“Oh my god, yes!” Julie said.

“Great. Next question. Do you like to suck cock?” Jerry asked.

Frank laughed, “I can answer that!”

Julie blushed, “as Frank as my witness, I love it.”

Frank added, “she swallowed every last drop, too.”

The 3 of them shared a laugh.

Jerry continued, “Great. Next question, do you like to get fucked?”

Julie laughed. She could not believe the directness of this short, fat man. “Of course I do!”

Jerry unbuckled his pants. “Well let’s take you for a spin!”

“Un-fucking-believable!” Julie said with a smile. “175k huh?”

“With another 100k in bonuses,” Jerry added. “If you perform up to our standards.”

All of a sudden, the money hungry MILF found the short, fat man to be not so repulsive. She found his brashness somewhat endearing. The fact that Frank was there also comforted her.

Jerry’s small cock was out. Julie knew he had to amaze him, to secure this opportunity. She gently tugged on her shirt, and it didn’t take much for both her juicy breasts to pop out of her low cut top.

Meanwhile Frank was pulling his pants down.

Julie got down on her knees in front of Jerry and began licking his growing dick, and shriveled nuts. Quickly his dick grew to it’s full size, maybe 4 inches at most.

Like the cock hungry MILF she was, Julie devoured Jerry’s hard dick. She was even able to flick his balls with her tongue with his cock all the way in her mouth. He loved that!

Jerry maneuvered his body to bend over and squeeze her hanging tits. He roughly grabbed them and pinched her nipples, which made her pussy tingle. Julie sucked up and down at a rapid pace, and then continued stroking him with her hands while she sucked his balls. She looked over at Frank who had his hard cock out and was stroking it, patiently.

Julie knew Jerry was the most powerful man in the room, but she wasn’t sure who was in control here, him or her. Although Jerry’s dick was small, Julie was thoroughly enjoying sucking it. But she wanted to feel Frank too. So she decided to test the waters and see if she could non-verbally control these powerful men. While sucking Jerry’s meat, she pulled her skirt up, exposing her bare ass and pussy. Bending over to invite Frank over, she waited for him to make his move. Still sucking, she bounced her ass up and down for a few moments, before she couldn’t resist it anymore. “I need one of you studs in my pussy right now goddammit!! Which one is it going to be??”

Without hesitating, Jerry aggressively spun Julie around with a shove, and with both hands he grabbed Julie’s motherly hips. He positioned her pussy over his cock and Julie planted her soaking wet pussy onto his dick. “Finally!!” she shrieked. “You feel so fucking good!!” Julie somewhat embellished, but Jerry loved it, groaning.

Julie’s eyes locked into Frank’s. She didn’t know if Jerry would approve, but in the heat of the moment, she didn’t care. “Now Frank, stick that cock down my throat right now!!” Julie demanded.

Frank obeyed, and roughly jammed his cock deep down Julie’s cock starved throat, causing her to gag. He continued to pound her throat with no remorse, making Julie’s eyes water. She absolutely was loving life.

Julie kept bouncing her pussy on Jerry while he played with her pretty asshole. “Stick your finger in it!!” Julie demanded. Jerry licked his thumb and slipped it into her tight booty. “Oh yessss!!” Julie screamed.

Jerry was in heaven and was on the verge of blowing his load. “I’m going to cum soon!!” he warned.

“Oh yes honey!! That’s what I need!!” Julie yelled.

“Oh shit! Where do I cum?!?!” Jerry yelled, still fingering Julie’s tight ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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