Taking the Train

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Although we had never met, we had agreed to get together late one afternoon, arrange a “chance” meeting and see what unfolds. She simply sent me a text once she got on the train heading downtown with the car number… and then waited to meet when I got on. I only had to wait for two trains to pass, only a little nervous with anticipation. When it arrived I had to hurry down the platform to catch her car before the doors closed. I managed just in time, rushing through the doors and stopping right in front of her. At least I think it’s her – short skirt, heels and a top which is a little on the revealing side. I certainly hope it’s her. In response to my tentative smile she slowly uncrosses and re-crosses her legs, leaving a lingering view of her sexy thong imprinted in my mind. And obviously arousing me. I return her warmer inviting smile and stand closer to her, jostling a little with the train and enjoying the feeling of her heel rubbing against my leg. I know it’s her.

At the next stop I cast a glance towards the seat up front – in the small nook by the front window. As I make my way I hear her steps behind me. I enjoy the moment she squeezes past me to take the front seat, feeling her hips rub against mine, then sit down behind her, hiding her from the view of the others riding in the train.

The scenery is spectacular, riding along the tracks towards the sunset, the mountains a beautiful backdrop. And a sexy woman right ataşehir escort next to me. She leans back against me and lets out a pleasurable sigh. I have trouble keeping my hands from her – I first rest one on her bare shoulder, then slide the other down to rest on her knee. She looks at me slightly nervous, then back over her shoulder to the rest of the car. Everyone is either reading, looking out the window or nodding off. My hand is well hidden from view as it slowly moves up her thigh to the edge of her skirt. She gently rests her head against my shoulder. I desperately want to fondle her breasts but don’t think I can quite manage that without attracting too much attention – I have to content myself with the lovely peek down her cleavage as I look over her shoulder, and the outline of her hard nipples just showing through her top.

I feel her whole body relax against me as my hand slips up under her skirt, her legs opening as my fingers dance lightly across the delicate lace of her panties. I can feel her quietly appreciative moan through my shoulder as I trace the outline of her lips, feel her excitement soaking through. And a slight jump as I find her clit, rubbing lightly. Her legs open just a little wider and the invitation is taken. I slip my fingers under the edge of her panties and find her smooth wet lips. I slowly rub my fingers up and down, spreading her wetness, finding her clit again and slowly circling kadıköy escort bayan it until I hear a small gasp from her lips.

The motion of the train is turning into a blur as we rush from station to station. As we pick up speed I slip my fingers deep inside her, feeling her squeeze me, reaching up towards her g-spot. Slowing as we enter each station, playing with her clit instead, teasing until we race down the track again. Finally racing into the dark tunnel downtown, my fingers deep inside her, hips pushing against my hand, pressing it hard against her clit I feel her squeeze me, her whole body shaking, quickly she bites down on her hand to stop herself from screaming. We just reach the last station when she whispers in my ear “You need to fuck me now.”

“Yes,” I reply, “I really do need to fuck you now. Come on.” I take her by the hand, gently at first since her legs are still a little unsteady. Then up the escalator and out of the station into the fresh early evening air. We quickly cross over to the convention centre, quiet now at the end of the day. A quick stop to check the daily schedule then up to the third floor – there are no meetings booked today. Up the escalators, down a quiet empty corridor. With luck we find a separate disabled washroom – a nice broad granite counter top, a dim glow once the lights are switched off and a lock on the door. I lift her up as soon as the door is locked and escort maltepe give her a long deep kiss. Then quickly sit her on the counter – I so desperately want to taste her nipples. Pulling down her top I take her breast deep into my mouth, running my tongue around her nipple. Flicking it as she pulls my head tight against her chest. Reaching down with my hands I explore under her skirt – delighting in finding her panties are tied at the hip. One quick pull on each hip and off they come.

“Fuck me,” she whispers in my ear. I haven’t nearly had my fill of her breasts but I don’t need to be asked twice. I pull her to the edge of the counter, drop my pants to the floor and slip inside her hot wet waiting lust. I feel her squeeze tightly around me as she moans in pleasure. She leans back and wraps her legs around my as I hold her ass and thrust deep inside. I look deep into her our eyes and see her pleasure, then she leans her head back and screams as she comes, throwing her arms forward and wrapping them around me tightly as she thrusts her tongue deep inside my mouth, still squeezing me with the last spasms of her orgasm.

I lower her down to the floor and turn her around, facing the mirror, bending at the waist as I push deep inside from behind. I’m overwhelmed by the sight of her in the mirror, her breasts cupped in my hands after pulling down the front of her top, her eyes looking back at me as I thrust. I feel her squeezing me again and can’t contain myself – I let out a deep yell as I explode inside, feeling her squeezing every drop from me with her own pleasure, rubbing my hands all over her delicious body while we slowly come to a stop. Clean up. Embrace. And share more long slow kisses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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