Taming Ruchi Ch. 02

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Warning: The story has some same sex moments, please avoid reading if you are not open to it.


I woke up with a shudder, 30-40 minutes after I had fallen asleep. I saw Rahul, sleeping at the other extreme of the bed, completely naked. My sister’s panties were lying on the bed, between the two of us.

I picked Nikki’s panties up, rolled it inwards and had another go at the crotch. There was a distinct smell of my sister’s pussy juice, but I could also smell Rahul’s jism, and it felt nice.

I moved towards Rahul, and wrapping my fingers around his half-erect dick, brought it close to my nose, sniffing the head. I rolled down his cock’s foreskin and sniffed it again. This time the smell was stronger, but I liked it.

Soon, I put his cock in my mouth and felt it growing inside me. Rahul was wide awake by now, he bent forward, catching me by my hairs and urged me to suck him forcefully. He picked up my sister’s panties from the bed and had a go at the crotch. I felt nice that he was sniffing my sister. I got hard too.

What happened next was something that none of us had foreseen. While, my room was locked, the bathroom wasn’t. And through this door walked in my little sister Nikita.

I still remember the incredulous look in her eyes as she saw me sucking Rahul and him sniffing her panties. bursa escort She must have been in the room for 10 seconds, but it felt like eternity.

Then, she turned back and shut the bathroom door with a thud.

I quickly put on my trousers and followed Nikki to her room, but by then the door connecting the washroom and her room was locked. I knocked, but there was no response.

I returned to my room, opened the main door and stepped out in the lawn. I went around the lawn looking for Nikki. As I crossed the Kitchen window, I caught a glimpse of Nikki talking agitatedly with my mom. She looked ruffled and angry and this unnerved me.

Fearing the worst, I ran back to my room, where I found Rahul ready to leave. I asked him if I could come with him for the night. He thought for some time and then said it would be okay.

I quickly put a few belongings in my bag and the two of us left the house. On the way to Rahul’s house, I was thinking how the events of the last few days had completely transformed my life.


Ruchi’s mother Alka was sitting in the lawns when Rahul and I walked in through the gates. Rahul told Alka that I would be staying overnight as my parents were out of town. Alka smiled at me and quickly put me at ease.

We spoke for some time after which Alka went inside the house bursa escort bayan to finish preparations for the dinner. Rahul and I chatted for some time after which dinner was announced.

At the dinner table, I met Ruchi. She was wearing a skirt and top. Alka informed me that her husband would be late, so we must finish dinner and hit the bed. We ate quietly and nobody spoke much. Alka tried to make some small talk, but she gave up.

Soon, Rahul and I were alone again, this time in his room at his place. We both changed and went to bed. After some minutes, I heard Rahul snoring, but I couldn’t sleep. I was really worried about the situation at my home. If Nikki told mom about me and Rahul, I could be in big trouble. Even if she did not share today’s events, it would be difficult to face her. I mean what would I say if she asked me about Rahul sniffing her panties, my sister’s panties?

But these thoughts also made me hard. Soon, I was holding my dick and rubbing it. Then my thoughts shifted to Ruchi. I was in her house, with her brother. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she walked in and helped me masturbate. What if Rahul’s mom Alka caught me, pants down!

I got really excited, but the shrill noise of doorbell broke my reverie. I guessed it must be Rahul’s dad. Amid all the din and noise that followed, I didn’t escort bursa realise when I fell asleep.


It took me some time to realise that I was not sleeping in my bed when I woke up next. But slowly the thoughts came back. The clock on the wall indicated it was just past midnight and Rahul was missing in action.

I wanted to go the washroom, but Rahul’s room was not connected to one. I waited for him to come, but for the next 20-25 minutes nothing happened. I grew restless and decided to venture out of Rahul’s room.

Rahul’s room opened into the big living room in which I taught Ruchi. The living room opened into the dining room, where we had dinner. One of the doors looked to open into a washroom. I went in and started peeing, thinking where the rest of the members were.

I had grown more confident by now in my quest to find other people. One of the doors opened to a bedroom, but was empty. I thought it belonged to Ruchi, the other room beside it had a big double bed and definitely belonged to Alka.

There was another narrow door and it let to the stairways. I climbed up and could hear some voices. I moved up cautiously now and then I was able to hear more clearly. It was Rahul telling somebody about the events at my house. He was explaining how he was sniffing my sister Nikki’s panties and how I was sucking him.

And then I heard Alka’s voice. Her question gave me a kinky jolt I never felt in my life again. She asked Rahul if my sister’s panties smelled better than hers? I thought I would cum in pants.

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