Tammy Pt. 02

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I rang the doorbell three nights later, and Tammy let me in. She was barefoot and wearing a halter top which barely contained her tits with a pair of tight shorts, which just looked uncomfortable on her massive ass. Since she was a little breathless, I concluded she’d dashed to the door from her computer. “Bout time you got here,” she growled.

“Milwaukee Avenue was slower than usual. Your Mom is held up again.”

“Yeah, so I got time. Like my top?”

“I’d like it better on the floor. If we had time, I’d like to fuck your tits.”

“Oh, I let boys do that all the time.” According to her mother, her looks and her attitude kept rapists away, and she’d gone to her high school prom with one of her girlfriends, sitting on the sideline making sarcastic comments the entire time. “Got any lube?”

“That’s your job. Guess you’ll have to use spit.”

“Yeah, all right. I do that a lot.” She lay on the floor on her back. I stopped her hands from coming up and ripped her top off, making her pendulous churns wobble drastically as they came free. Cupping her hand, she filled it with saliva, only to see most of it slide off when she tried to put it on me, not realizing I was still standing up and hadn’t unzipped my fly yet. That girl was moving way too fast.

I took a little time to kneel down on the carpet between her legs and unzip my fly. After fumbling a bit, she got hold of my cock with a little moisture on her hand and started rubbing it. I let her stroke me for a little, then reached down to play with her nipples. They were average sized, and started to perk up a little from contact with the air: I started pinching them, making her wince. “Ow, whatdya have to do that for?”

“You want to make me happy, right? Shoot my load so I won’t have any for your mom? I like this, it makes me horny, so you better let me do it.”

The look on her face was ugly, and I pinched both of them hard, holding on to them with strong fingers and twisting them a little. She squealed a little, but didn’t stop jerking my cock. I twisted them hard, making her eyebrows wrinkle dramatically and bringing a tear to her eyes. “I-hope-you’re-enjoying-this-dammit,” she blurted through clenched teeth, almost stroking my cock too hard.

I smiled down on her wickedly; this was fun. “Why, yes I am, I’m having a great time, Tammy, thank you. You’re being such a good girl. Almost makes me want to give you a little reward, but not yet. Take my cock in your mouth and get it good and wet so I can fuck your tits.” She nodded and I shoved my pecker between her lips. I gave her nubs another twist and pull, and she squealed around my meat, which felt wonderful. That had never happened to me before. Pulling out, I pulled her nipples together and stuck my dick into the sweaty new cave of her cleavage. It was warm, luxurious, and almost as good as a cunt.

Her belly made a good sitting cushion as well, and after a few minutes’ fun, I stood up. “Now for a little reward. Take off your shorts.” She unzipped them and I pulled them down her massive legs and off. A probing finger revealed a very damp valley. “What’s this? My dear, you’re glistening down there! You’re enjoying this. What if I did a little of this?” With my index finger, I traced her slit up and down a couple of times before finding her clitoris, which I stimulated. My free hand went up to knead her breast, replacing the pain with pleasure. Her eyes closed and her mouth came open: I could tell she was already in sensory overload.

I played with her and brought her close. Just before she went over the edge, I stopped and sat down on a nearby couch. “You’ll have to earn more from me, Tammy. If you’re good enough I might give you an orgasm. Yes, that’s what was building, your first orgasm, and I ruined it. Sorry, but it’s my turn for fun. Get up here; you know what to do.”

Her Kartal escort face looked hurt, but she came up right away and started licking my balls. I pulled her face up close, shoving in almost the entire ball sack, which she sucked enthusiastically. Her right hand came up and started stroking me, and I laid back and enjoyed the sensations. Feeling generous, I beckoned her torso close enough to play with her crotch again, and she parted her legs to give me better access. My middle finger found her slit again, and worked its way inward until it found her cunt. She gasped as I reached that delicate spot, and shifted to shove my cock back into her mouth. “Tit for tat, so to speak. Do a good job here, and I’ll give you more there. You make me happy and I’ll make you happy. Deal?”

“Hmm-hmm!” she answered with a mouth full of man meat, and the game began. As I got closer, I gave her more and when the feeling receded, I pulled back. By this method, I got her incredibly worked up, and soon it would be time for both of us. My orgasm built and I went into overdrive, taking her close and pulling out before she reached the summit. Our orgasms were almost at the same time: she started quaking and shuddering just before I emptied my nuts on her ugly face, getting most of the goo between her teeth.

“All right, Sweetheart, your mother will be here in five minutes. Better get your clothes back on and go to your room.” She licked my cock clean before scrambling to get presentable again, darting off to her room and slamming the door with a bang. I went to the hall bathroom to wash up myself, but I couldn’t quite get Tammy’s smell off my finger. Oh well.

Teresa arrived about fifteen minutes later, her arms full of groceries. I gave her a quick kiss at the door and helped her. Her nose wrinkled and she sniffed around a little. “What’s that smell? I’ve never smelled that before.”

“Let’s say someone had a good time in spite of herself just now.”

I held my finger under her nose and she smiled. “I guess I can look forward to some similar treatment soon.”

“Sure, babe. Where are we going?”

We hit the Miracle Mile for dinner, then took a stroll along the Chicago River. Teresa had to have every detail of what I made Tammy do, laughing at what she said. “It’s hard to say how she’s been lately. Not quite as sassy, not quite as self-righteous. She’s been OD’ing on videos. Be careful with her. Don’t fuck her yet.”

“No fear. You’re the one I want.”

Back at my place, she insisted on everything I made her daughter do, only she was better and went farther.

We were going out on my boat for the weekend, however she had a Saturday morning meeting she couldn’t skip. It was going to work out because we were both able to get off Monday. I was up early and down at the slip getting the boat ready when Tammy showed up. She wore a Bears t-shirt with matching visor, and orange shorts which did a better job covering her butt. “Take me with you,” she said plaintively, starting the conversation.

“Tammy, that’s impossible. Your mother will never go for it and I won’t either.”

“Then you gotta let me jerk you off.”

“Get in here.” People were arriving, and I couldn’t let her continue talking like that in public. When we got below, I got angry with her. “Don’t you ever say anything like that to me in public again! This is not my house or yours. If you can’t treat me with respect in public, I won’t spend any time with you!”

“All right, I’m sorry.” There was a little hunger in her eyes I didn’t expect. “You’re gonna be gone all weekend and I gotta wear you out pretty good.”

“I don’t know that’s possible, Tammy. Don’t want to sell you a false hope, lie to you, promise you something I can’t keep.”

“I can do better, let me try.” How dumb was this kid? She grabbed my hand and started Kurtköy Escort licking my index finger, working it back and forth and teasing the nail. Ok, she’d been studying a little. “I’ll do this to your dick, keep doing it until you come.”

Then she was on her knees and pulling my cock out of my shorts. It got me excited rather quickly, and she took it all in her mouth, massaging my nuts at the same time. I cupped the back of her head and kept it there, savoring it until she worked down to my nutsack for a while before returning. “I’m gonna blow,” I warned her.

“In my mouth,” she said around my meat, “cum in my mouth.” So I fucked her face hard until I shot the load down her throat, and she didn’t stop until I was limp again.

I sat down astonished. “Wow, Tammy, that was pretty good.”

She gave me an awkward smile, snaggled toothed and smug. “Told ya so. I made you cum. Now I just gotta do it again and you’ll be dry for the weekend.”

I gave her a quizzical look. “Does your mother know what you’re doing?”

“Hell, no,” she said forcefully. “Why should I tell that old bitch anything? I’m surprised she’s still going with you since you haven’t been able to fuck her. I don’t care, this is fun. You wanna tit fuck me again?”

I shook my head. “No, not right now. I need a little time to recover. Need to get a few more things ready on deck. You can hang around a little longer, but your mother’s due at noon and I want you away long before then.”

“Go ahead, we got four hours. I’ll be ready to do you again.”

Going up top, I ran through my checklist and charts for my little excursion with Teresa. We were going up to the Wisconsin shore and visit a special little hideaway I’ve known for years. Needless to say, I didn’t want Tammy to mess with me much more or else I really wouldn’t be good for what I wanted to do with my lovely. Time to turn the tables.

Going back down, I said, “All right, Tammy, you can do me again, but we need to work pretty hard to get me hard again. Take your clothes off and lie down.”

She did as ordered right away. “You gonna fuck me today?” she asked.

Damn. “No, I like getting blown best, and we can’t get you knocked up. I’ve got some ideas. Just play along and you’ll get what you want.”

“Great.” The look on her face was incredible, she was looking forward to this too much. This would take some calculation: Teresa was planning to ship her to a Sci-Fi convention in Europe with one of her girlfriends the next week, and letting them wander over there for a few weeks afterward if they wanted. As for me, I wanted to wear her out that morning so we’d get a weekend alone, and then disappear for a few days on business until she was safely gone. Teresa and I had everything planned so I wouldn’t be in town the same time she was until the week before she went to school. Then we’d have time to focus on each other and see where all of this could take us, hopefully to marriage before she got back for next summer.

I started massaging her tits and she closed her eyes. If she were a cat, she’d be purring, and I manhandled her mountains for several minutes. I experimented and slapped her left boob: “Ow! You son of a bitch!”

“You would do anything to make me happy.”

“I would do anything to make you happy.” Then I slapped it again.

She rolled over and wiggled her gigantic ass. “I’ve been a bad girl, daddy. I need to be spanked.”

“You sure about that?”

“Oh yes, daddy. Spank your bad, bad girl. I’ve been doing naughty things to the boys, teasing them and not letting them cum. I deserve it.”

Where did she get this much imagination? All right, I slapped her butt hard with a loud crack. She yelped in surprise, but wiggled her hips for more. It was bizarre: I didn’t think she really wanted it, but she was trying very Maltepe Escort hard to pretend she did. She winced with every slap and tears rolled down her cheeks before long. I stopped and took a spare belt out of my drawer to put several bright red stripes on her tail. Burying her face in a pillow, I heard her muffled cries that went from defiant to despairing.

I stopped and rubbed her abused flesh a bit while she mewed in pain. Gently I rolled her back over and started massaging her tits again, stooping over to suck on a nipple a little bit. She went right back to being contented kitty and parted her legs, inviting me in. All right, time for phase 2.

My hand went to her slit, and my index finger started tracing lines again. My other hand gently stroked her belly, sweeping up to stroke a boob from time to time. As I worked my finger inside, she was drenched once again. “It seems you like a bit of pain with your pleasure. You like being spanked, don’t you?” She bit her lower lip with her eyes closed. “Answer me!”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh!”

I pinched her nipple and squeezed it. “You like this, too, even when I twist it and make you cry out.”

Tears came out of her eyes and she growled, “Yes.”

It didn’t take long before she was ready for a second finger, and when I got it in I started finger fucking her hard. She rolled her hips, pinching her free nipple, her jaw going slack and her eyes rolling back. I didn’t hold back but kept at it until she put a pillow over her face and screamed her orgasm into it. She kept quivering for minutes afterward, and I let her wiggle there untouched until she settled down. After she caught her breath, she looked up at me and whispered: “Did you cum?”

“Not yet,” I whispered back. “I’m glad you put the pillow over your face, otherwise we’d have the whole dock down here as well as the harbor police.”

She smiled and blew me a kiss. “I want your cock.”

“In a moment. You’re not ready yet. You seem to have forgotten this is for my benefit, so I won’t fuck your mother all weekend.”


“Here. My turn.” I stood beside her face and put my cock to her lips. She smiled and started licking it as I reach out to rub her breast again. They flopped all over the place, and I spent several moments trying to see how wildly I could get them to bounce around. My fingers caught her hard nub and put it in a vise like grip again; she squealed a little bit around my cock, which felt wonderful. I made a note to try this with Teresa later. Soon I slapped her tit again, and she moaned and kept moaning until I turned it a light pink color. Picking up the belt, I laid a stripe across the other boob and she screamed in pain. I whipped each side five times, drawing a lovely scream each time which was muffled by my dick in her mouth. Then my hand went back into her groin and invaded her cunt again, this time working up to three fingers inside. It was more than she wanted, but she bore with it, and it wasn’t long before she was riding the wave of orgasm again.

I pulled out of her mouth and kept my fingers inside her until she was ready to come down. Wiping her juices on her thighs, I put my pecker away and thought placid thoughts. She lay there several minutes before coming to her senses.

Finally, her eyes opened. “Did you cum?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did. You drank it all, sucked my dry.”

She smiled and I let her lie there for a while with my hand on her chest. We had time, and I couldn’t be the cruel, heartless bastard all the time. Teresa and I needed her cooperation for a while. After she rested a little bit, I sent her off with a goofy smile on her face and a brain without worry a full hour and half before her mother was due.

Teresa and I had magical weekend on the boat with a lot of romantic swims, dinners and soaking up a lot of rays. I found out she was at least as kinky as her daughter: not only did she want to hear every detail of how I treated her child, she wanted me to slap her gorgeous tits silly as I fucked her. But the time I got back to work on Tuesday, I could have been a monk the rest of the summer.

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