Tammy Saves the World Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

This is a work of fantasy, and is fiction with an influence from bits of reality. The characters, while based on real people, are also fictional. My thanks and respects to my fellow Litizens for their inspiration and inputs. ENJOY!

Tammy Saves the World

(one orgasm at a time!)

** Chapter 2 — Day Two — A Ride Before Passion **

Part 1 — Morning Magic

Wendy awoke just as the first light came through the east-facing window across the room, pressing her face against TC’s back to listen to his heart as he slept. He was facing Tammy, on the other side of him; but that was okay. She loved snuggling him from behind, pressing her body against his taut backside. She lifted her head to see if Tammy was awake yet, and was startled when the blonde’s eyes flew open. Tammy suppressed a giggle, then winked at her as Wendy backed herself up just a few inches — enough that they could carefully reposition TC on his back.

Tammy had dreamt about waking TC up with her mouth on his cock. She knew how much her other lovers had enjoyed ‘morning magic’, only this time she would have Wendy’s help. The two of them eased the sheet down to expose TC’s body, each of them teasing a nipple with her tongue as their hands roamed lower down his torso. Tammy was first to reach his cock, and gently wrapped her fingers around his little man, bringing a quick response as Wendy’s fingers worked at his balls. Tammy was hungry, letting her tongue drift downward from his chest to swirl around his navel before moving further south. His organ was almost fully erect from her fingers by the time she took his head into her mouth. She wasted no time in engulfing his meat, taking his moderate length deep into her throat. Then she withdrew most of the way, letting her tongue work at the sensitive spot just below the head as her lips clenched around his shaft. The blonde beauty worshipped his cock as if it was some sort of idol, slowly rippling her lips down his shaft as she sucked.

Wendy moved around Tammy’s head, easing TC’s legs apart to capture one testicle in her mouth. She suckled at the sensitive orb, making sure not to suck too hard. She knew exactly how he liked it, holding the soft little globe with her lips as her tongue swirled around it in tiny circles. Tammy began making tiny noises as she sucked his cock, her lust growing as the moments passed. Neither of the girls knew it yet; but TC was well aware of what was going on, and was letting them have their fun.

TC tried to tilt his head down to see the two beauties without alerting them. Both of their luscious bodies were inches from his hands, but he didn’t want them to know he was awake — at least not yet. He couldn’t really see Wendy; but watched as Tammy’s head bobbed up and down. He could certainly feel the lips and tongues as they attended to his genitals, and before long he was unable to remain still and quiet. A low grunt escaped his lips, bringing a muffled response from both girls; but they were not deterred from their task — to bring him the best of all surprises, he called itMorning Magic. He loved waking up this way, as Wendy certainly knew. Tammy was an excellent fellatrice, sensing when he came too close with plenty of time to relax. Wendy’s expert ministrations on his balls was a wonderful addition to the stimulation, the gentle sucking combined with the little flicks of her soft tongue brought sweet sensations to his loins. He reached out with his hands, at first just resting them soft flesh as the girls busied themselves. It was indeed the best way to wake up.

Tammy felt his warm hand as it grazed lightly down her back, not knowing for sure if he was really awake. It didn’t matter. The one part of him she was focused on was certainly responsive, having grown to full size as she worked it with her mouth. She loved sucking cock, loved the feel of a man’s organ growing in her, pushing against the back of her throat, twitching in response to the little flicks of her tongue. She felt in control when her lover’s dick responded, when his body spasmed involuntarily as she used her expertise. The fingers were now sliding slowly down the crack of her ass, clearly the intent of a lover awakened. She felt another twitch — stronger this time — and withdrew until her lips were locked at the ledge of his cockhead where she remained still. His hips pushed upward, trying to reinsert his shaft in her mouth; but she held firm. His breathing grew erratic, little mewls of pleasure escaping his throat. Then a grunt and a shudder. Tammy knew she wasn’t going to save it this time and plunged her mouth down his shaft until her lips encircled his root, sucking hard as his torso twitched. She knew what was coming, and prepared to swallow.

TC’s body took control, shutting down all conscious functions not ruled by passion. The two warm, wet mouths working on his genitals had driven him beyond the edge. Both hands went to Tammy’s silky curls, tugging gently as his climax began. “ohhyeah… suck baby… ohyeah.. ohFUCKINGyeah… Bostancı Escort ahhhhh… so good babe… ahhhhh… ahh…. Ah..ah..ah..ahhhhh… ohfuck… ahhhhhh.. YIEAHHHHHH… SUCKITBABEEEEEEEEEE…. Nghhh… Nghhhh… ahh…. yeah… ahhh…….” his grunts of pleasure continued as Tammy sucked the seed from his loins. Wendy helped, swirling her tongue around his balls as they tightened up with each spasm. The girls kept his parts in their mouths until he couldn’t stand it any longer, and gently pulled Tammy’s head up from his cock. Wendy quickly took over, sucking his softening dick until he pulled his hips away.

“You… two… are incredible.” TC told them, pulling both girls close. He kissed each in turn, a quick but passionate blending of lips and tongues.

“Good morning, sweet man.” Tammy said softly, kissing his shoulder and neck.

“What she said, TC.” Wendy echoed, doing the same on the other side. “We just decided to give you some… what do you call it?”

“Morning Magic darlin’. I call that Morning Magic.” TC replied, taking a deep breath as the day began. “Ahhhh what a wonderful way to begin the day.” he chuckled, squeezing his two lovers.

“So TC, did you tell our guest the plan for today?” Wendy asked.

“No, I did not darling. Why don’t you fill her in while I go get my face together?” TC replied, slipping out from between them and hopping off the bed.

Tammy took the opportunity to snuggle close with Wendy, letting one hand roam slowly over the Polynesian’s firm breasts. “Yeah, why don’t you fill me in baby.”

“Okay.” Wendy began. “First I guess TC will probably throw together something tasty for breakfast. Then I’ll put together a little picnic for the two of you to take on a motorcycle ride.” she said.

“That sounds like fun; but what are you going to do?” Tammy asked.

“Oh I have a quick run into town for some things, and a bit of business to take care of while I’m there. Then I’ll be back here to prepare for this evening.” Wendy replied coyly.

“This evening?” Tammy queried.

“Um… yeah… but I can’t tell you about that.” Wendy giggled. “It’s my surprise for you honey.” she added. “Trust me Tam, you’re going to love it.”

“Okay, I trust you. So… where is TC taking me on the bike?” Tammy asked.

“I think that’s his secret hon.” Wendy replied, stretching out before swinging her legs over the side of the bed. She stood up and held her hand out. “C’mon babe, let’s get up and get rolling. We’re burnin’ daylight.”

TC had finished his morning ritual and was already in the kitchen getting started on a good breakfast when the two girls went to the bathroom together. The bacon was beginning to sizzle as he wisked the eggs and cheese. He added chopped onion and peppers to the garlic and butter in the egg pan, stirring them before shaking in some basil and rosemary. He wanted everyone to have a robust start, as the day promised to be a busy one. He popped four pieces of his favorite multi-grain into the toaster as breakfast came together, then poured a glass of juice for each of them. Just as the bacon went on the drainer Tammy and Wendy walked out of the hallway to join him. “Take your seats ladies, breakfast is served.” TC said, serving up the eggs and bacon along with a plate with the toast slices.

“Mmmm… sure smells good.” Tammy told him. “Do you guys always eat like this?” she asked, taking a bite of bacon first.

“Well… no, not always. Weekends are special — and company just makes them more so.” Wendy replied.

The three of them ate quickly, finishing up in fifteen minutes. Wendy hopped off her stool and cleared the table, rinsing the dishes before carefully adding them to the dishwasher. Tammy and TC headed out onto the deck, breathing in the cool morning mountain air. “So we’re going for a ride today?” Tammy asked.

“Yeah, I thought I would suggest that. What do you think?” TC said.

“Where would we go?” Tammy asked.

TC pointed toward a mountain peak fairly close. “How about there?” he replied, chuckling.

“We can ride there?” Tammy laughed.

“Sure. Piece of cake. It’s only about seventy miles and on beautiful roads.” TC told her. Then he turned and took her hand. “Come on babe, let’s get the bike uncovered.” They walked back into the house and through the access to the carport where they’d arrived the previous day. TC walked to the second of the covered motorcycles, quickly unclipping the cover before carefully lifting it off to reveal an obviously customized machine. He heard the sharp intake of breath as Tammy saw the bike for the first time.

“Wow…. Nice… um… what is it?” she asked, moving closer and walking around the machine.

“It started life as a Victory Cross Country, one of the newer models and one I took a liking to. I had it worked over by a friend who runs a shop in Minneapolis, before I even took delivery.” TC told her.

“The paint is sure beautiful.” Tammy told him, as she began to notice some of the obvious creature Erenköy Escort comforts. “Oh cool seat for the — um — bitch.” she giggled, pushing down on the deep but firmly padded leather.

“You should be comfortable enough I imagine.” TC said, giving the bike his usual pre-ride once over.

“It looks — um — fast.” Tammy said.

“Oh it’s fast enough. It started life as what they call the ‘Freedom 106’ — as in a hundred and six cubic inches. My buddy did a bunch of work, turned it into a one twenty-six and added a supercharger to deal with the altitude. Makes about a hundred and thirty horsepower, more than enough for a bike like this. What I really like about it is the fairing. Keeps the buffeting off of the riders without taking away the wind.” TC told her. “You should hit Wendy up for a riding suit.” he added. “Can’t wait to see your hot bod in a tight leather suit.” he laughed. “She has a helmet for you too. I don’t do the little beanie things; but we have some open-face helmets that are comfortable.”

Tammy moved close to him, giving him a squeeze and a quick kiss. “Okay!” she said softly, turning around and heading back into the house. She could feel TC’s gaze locked to her backside, and gave him a show as she walked. Back in the house, she found Wendy in her room already pulling a very slinky looking gray suit with blue trim that matched the bike from a rack which held several.

“Try this one. It should fit I think.” Wendy said, handing the hangers to Tammy. “You can either put it on over your jeans and shirt, or….” she laughed, grabbing a bikini from her personal stash. “Put this on and surprise him when you stop.”

“Oooo I like that idea!” Tammy said, taking the bikini.

“Okay babe, I need to finish up your picnic.” Wendy told her. Tammy nodded and smiled as Wendy turned and headed back to the kitchen. Tammy stripped and pulled on the bikini. It was a little snug on top as her boobs were bigger than Wendy’s; but she managed to tuck them in. Next was the ‘suit’, which was really a pair of leather pants and a jacket, with a zipper to connect them at the waist. The pants fit nicely, with just enough stretch over her butt. The jacket was loose enough to be comfortable, now all she needed was something on her feet. Wendy returned as she had that thought. “Well okay… you look great honey!” she exclaimed. “Um… what size shoe do you wear?” she asked.

“Depends; but it’s usually a seven and a half or eight.” Tammy replied.

“Perfect.” Wendy replied, grabbing a pair of riding boots to match the suit. Tammy took them and sat down to pull them on. With a zipper all the way up the side they were an easy fit, and felt good when she gave them a ‘test walk’ across the room. Tammy gave Wendy a nod. “Helmets are out in the pass-through.” Wendy said, leading Tammy to the walk-in closet between the living area and the carport. She eyed Tammy’s head. “You look like probably a medium.” she said, grabbing one of the more colorful lids and handing it to Tammy. “Try this one. It’s nice because it has the built-in Bluetooth thingie, so you can talk to TC while you ride.”

Tammy took the helmet and carefully pulled it on. It was a good fit, needing a small adjustment of the strap to be perfect. Wendy held the door open, waving Tammy through it to join TC who had pulled the bike out and turned it around. He had his gear on, and looked to be ready. He whistled as Tammy walked out and toward him. “Hey doll, you look fantastic!” he told her. “You ready to ride, girl?” he asked.

“Um… I should probably grab some ID or something.” she replied, turning to Wendy.

“In your purse?” Wendy asked. Tammy nodded. “I’ll get it.” Wendy said, hustling back into the house to return with Tammy’s wallet.

TC turned on the key and thumbed the starter, bringing the big V-Twin to life. It settled quickly into it’s loping idle, the exhaust note loud enough to be noticed; but not obnoxious. Then he gave Tammy a quick once-over, checking the snaps and zippers on her gear. One thing he insisted on was safety, and gear was only as good as its’ user. If it wasn’t worn properly, it wouldn’t work when it was needed. He turned on the intercom. “Can ya hear me cutie?” he asked. A big smile crossed her face and she nodded.

“Loud and clear baby. Let’s ride!” Tammy replied.

Part 2 — Biker’s Picnic with a Happy Ending

Tammy watched as TC threw a leg over the bike, flipping the stand up with his foot and giving her a nod. She stepped on the floorboard closest to her and put her hands on TC’s shoulders, throwing a long leg over the trunk and settling into the comfortable seat. She gave Wendy a wave, then blew her a kiss as TC pulled in the clutch and selected low gear with the usualclunk. “Ready honey?” he asked.

“Yeah baby. Let’s do it!” Tammy answered. TC rolled the throttle on and expertly launched the machine down the lane toward the road. Checking for traffic (force of habit) he made a gentle right turn and accelerated toward the highway. “Woohoo!” Göztepe Escort Tammy giggled, resting her hands on his shoulders as she squeezed his hips with her thighs. She had been careful not to reveal what she was wearing under the leather; but was eager to show it off. She settled back into the seat that supported her like a lounge chair and watched the scenery flow past as TC smoothly navigated their way to a road that appeared to go off into oblivion. “Wow.” Tammy said.

“You rang baby?” came TC’s voice. She’d forgotten they had communication.

“Oh… no babe, I was just noticing we seem to be going out even further into the boonies is all.” Tammy said, squeezing his hips with her thighs.

“Hehe. Yeah I guess it does kinda look like that. No worries honey. I know exactly where we’re goin’. You’re gonna love it.” TC replied. “Trust me.” he added, reaching back to give her knee an affectionate pat.

“So is it like a biker hangout, or what?” Tammy asked.

“Uh… well… we’re bikers at the moment, so… yeah.” TC said. “Kinda.” he laughed. “Actually it’s just a beautiful out of the way spot for us to have the picnic Wendy put together for us.” he added.

Tammy leaned forward enough so she could reach around and tease his crotch with her gloved hands. “Just food?” she said softly. “Or….”

“Whatever you like baby.” TC replied, his leather pants getting tighter.

She settled into the ride, enjoying the throb of the motorcycle and the steady rhythms left and right as TC smoothly guided the bike through the sweeping turns. A few miles down the road the pace slowed as turns got tighter; but there was never a moment of concern, and the bike remained solid and composed. Nearing a peak, TC slowed and turned off the road onto a narrow lane through the trees. At the end of the lane was a small area with a makeshift table and seats fashioned of stones. The bike rolled to a stop and TC switched the engine off. “We’re here baby. Time for some communion with nature.” TC chuckled, kicking the stand down. Tammy put her hands on his shoulders and dismounted gracefully, watching him do the same.

She looked around, noticing the incredible view. “God… we really are in the middle of nowhere, aren’t we?” she said, pulling off her helmet and setting it on the stone table. “ohhhhh… that’s so beautiful.”

TC had doffed his helmet as well, hanging it on one of the mirrors on the bike, then he walked over and put his arm around her shoulders to pull her close. He scanned the horizon and pointed off into the distance. “That’s Mountaintop over there.” he told her. Tammy looked; but really couldn’t find it. “See that peak that’s all white on top?” TC said, pointing. Tammy nodded. “Okay, now just follow the hilltops to the right…” he slowly moved his hand as she followed it, then stopped.

“Oh yeah! I see it!” Tammy said. “So that’s where we started?” she asked.

“Yes. As the crow flies it’s only about twenty-five miles; but we rode a little more than seventy to get here.” TC told her.

Tammy slowly unzipped the jacket, facing away from him so he couldn’t see. When the zipper was at the bottom, she turned toward him, holding the jacket open. She thoroughly enjoyed the look on his face, knowing he loved the swell of her breasts. She pulled her shoulders forward, giving him her best cleavage possible. He reached over with both hands, taking her face and pressing his lips to hers. Their bodies intertwined as their mouths feasted on each other hungrily. TC’s hands moved inside her jacket to grasp her lush globes, freeing them from the confines of the bikini as the kiss continued. He realized he hadn’t spent near enough time on Tammy’s tits, finding them to be very sensitive to his touch.

TC broke the kiss, sitting down on one of the stone seats and pulling her body to his face. He buried himself between her her beautiful breasts, kissing and licking them as his fingers found her nipples. “Ohhhhhhh TC…. I love that…” Tammy whispered, her fingers running through his hair and tickling his ears. “Kiss them… squeeze them… pinch them baby…” she moaned, holding his head tight when he took a sensitive nipple into his mouth. “Ohhhhhhgawdyesssss… suck it baby… suck my tits…” she said hoarsely, reaching down between them to unfasten her leather pants.

He had to taste her, had to give her his own personal brand of oral pleasure, right here, right now. TC took her arms and held her back, looking up into the beautiful brown pools of her eyes. “I need to make you cum princess…” he told her, tugging the leather pants down and holding them as she stepped out of them. The bikini remained in place, no more than a small enticement to be moved out of the way. He stood up, holding his hand out to her. “Stay right where you are babe.” Then he walked over to the bike and opened the trunk, pulling out the thick blanket and small pillow he’d placed there just for this. Walking back he spread the blanket on top of the table/rock and set the pillow down. He walked back to her and picked her up, her arms going around his neck to pull their lips together again. TC laid her down gently, setting her head on the pillow as he ran his hands down her body. It was a little chilly even in the mid-day sun; but Tammy’s body felt hot to the touch.

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