Tangled Attractions Ch. 02

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Tangled Attractions CH. 02

My family was down a vehicle with my mother away at college with my younger brother, so when my aunt drove away in the car for errands, that left me alone with my grandfather who did not get around very well in his late age.

My grandfather was a retired pipefitter who had worked in the local shipyards in our resort town. Now he was incontinent, forgetful, and often incorrigible in some of the things that he chose to talk about.

My aunt, Estelle, was also known as Sweets by some members of her generation. I would never call her that, but my mother would slip at times on the telephone and refer to her sister as sweet or Sweets.

Our family heritage was that of Quebec French Canadian stock origin, but there may have been a spare North American Indian relative somewhere in there. The family name originated in Quebec City but at this point, as a family, we were pretty settled in just below the New York State border in Pennsylvania, where gas fields still pumped out black gold (i.e. oil) like something from the old Dallas television shows. Adding the nearby Lake Erie into the mix made for lively weather and regional events to also contend with.

Sweets was about 5 foot six inches and running a little on the chunky side of her physique now, but she was a game personality to go along with some remnants of her earlier, leaner years that remained in her face.

I had liked my aunt to the point of preference of her over that of my mother, but that was to be understood in light of my seeing my aunt in some state of undress when I was visiting her at her own home as she lazily prepared for work one day and I let myself into her home. She was not aware of my presence as I glanced upon her in the bathroom, preening in her underwear. She had curves my mother had seemingly long forgotten after two children.

My aunt was a little too smart for her own good at times and she had painted herself into a corner professionally in an incident that put her name into the newspaper. Since then she had been reticent to spread her wings as wide as she once had, and the effect was stifling on who was otherwise a compelling, decisive personality in her own right.

She quit dating men and stayed with us at our home, even expelling my brother from his bedroom which she took over kapalı gaziantep escort next to mine. Through a hole in the wall that was mostly unseen, I had spied on her undressing before she went to bed. Her large breasts were not as large then but she induced in me the definition of sexuality in an otherwise cloistered existence on my own part.

Sweets slept pretty deeply and once I pushed in the closed door and sat next to her as she laid there snoring and immersed in Alpha Wave sleep patterns. The moon kind of beamed into the room from the night sky above our house and fell upon her as she slumbered. The light shaft reached her neckline when I first came in and by the time that I got ready to depart, the light was cast upon her right breast and what I saw to be a protruding nipple against the grey sleepwear that she had on.

I departed the room with an erection for my troubles but I learned a lot about close access and proximity to someone who essentially fascinated me in an existential way for years to come.

Now my aunt usually slept in the addition that my grandfather lived in. She slept on a couch there which likely was not very comfortable but that was her choice. There was a side door to the hallway connecting both the house and addition that I often left open. The common kitchen was to the other side of the doorway.

I kept busy out back later that day when I thought that I could hear voices talking. The radio was on and that had been all that I could hear previously. I eventually worked my way back to the kitchen and saw my aunt inside talking to my old friend JB.

I sat there pulling off my work boots as I listened in on their conversation. JB was questioning her about her own house and when she might be up there in case she needed her grass cut or whatever.

Eventually, I walked in and closed the door loudly as I went in and greeted my grandfather who was watching TV in his great room.

When I then deliberately slowly walked into the kitchen, Sweets stood up and moved her teacup one seat over to sit next to JB while I sat in the chair that she had just vacated.

I smiled at both of them and asked what was going on. The pregnant pause that followed that routine inquiry led me to think that some hook-up gaziantep kapalı escort was being planned out and I had just parachuted into the middle of it.

It was still not clear if my aunt had reconciled the recent memory of giving head to my best friend, her former, almost laughable titled janitor. For all I knew, he took the job hoping to hook up despite his youthful demeanor.

Nor was my aunt acting alarmed at me for having taken liberties when she thought that I was JB also just the previous night, in an amazing moment for my own sexual conquest-driven mind in my living room.

I kept moving through the house instead of lingering and I heard the two of them laughing at something that one or the other said. My aunt seemed drawn to JB and he was no wilting Lilly when it came to returning that attention, despite coming across as a rogue at times for his boldness.

Therefore when later in the day Sweets seemed to disappear for a while in the car, I took my bicycle and drove up to her house where I spied JB’s small blue car. When I got closer to the back door, I could hear my aunt’s voice and she sounded like she was getting her itch deeply scratched by him. He evoked her moans and a few gasps to go along with them. Eventually, he cried out from his orgasm and he got up and used her bathroom. JB then left the house and headed out to his car. I caught the door before it slammed shut to her house and entered it quietly, ditching my bike in the backyard.

Sweets had gone into the bathroom and came out loosely wearing a bathrobe when she saw me sitting there. She kind of pulled the bathrobe tight across her chest. I could still see her hard nipple through one panel of the white cloth surrounding her.

“What are you doing here,” she asked me? She was quite unsure about why she would be seeing me. “What about your grandfather, I left him in your care?”

“He is doing fine,” I told her in response. “How did you get up here,” she proceeded to ask me. I said that I drove my bicycle up and just happened to be in the neighborhood and I wondered if she would be willing to put the bike in the car so we could both drive home together. My aunt kind of sighed that was all that I was asking and said that would be fine and that she gaziantep kapalı escort bayan had to get dressed after coming here to change clothes.

Sweets walked into the master bedroom and closed the door behind her. I waited about twenty seconds and walked right in there with her. She had removed the bathrobe already and her bra was half off but I could see her now bare breasts in the large bureau mirror in front of her. She pulled her hand in front of her nipple and asked me what I was doing.

I closed the door behind me and locked it with my finger, unbeknownst to her. I turned off the light switch and walked toward her. She seemed frozen in her posture.

My one arm went around her and she pushed me away. I nuzzled my lips onto her neck and pulled her closer to me with the other arm.

To stir her imagination I told her of the time that I had seen her while she was dressing for work and that she had flashed me as she walked about in her bra and panties. The disclosure made her face turn red and I saw some flushing in her upper chest. The banter continued. I told her that she was considered a MILF among a number of my friends and that I was kidded with about having such a delectable relative living under my roof as a mature I (they) would like to fuck.

Sweets remained like a quarterback scrambling in front of me until I said that JB told me that he would be up here with you. That outright lie made her stop running from me, although I knew his playbook and it was like him to stretch the field in doing something like this.

I pulled her arm away and pushed her onto the bed. There was no resistance. I got her panties off and fingered her until she moaned a little again and then I licked her twat for as long as I thought that I could.

She came into my mouth and I sat up and moved next to her. She sucked on my hard-on and I came on her face as I played with her tits and nipples. I barely tickled her pussy before the session ended. She looked horny in her eyes now. I had not seen that look or the intensity in her clenched jaw.

Without saying much she got up and went into the bathroom where she took a shower. When she came out she was dressed and she welcomed me to use the same which I did. Afterward, I loaded my bike into the car. The arrangement made me sit next to her to allow for the wheel spokes to hang over the back seat. I buckled up the seatbelt and as she drove, I placed my hand under her shirt and rolled my fingers over her nipples, which made them quite hard. She said very little until we got back and then she promptly went into the bathroom until I went outside into the garage. JB was waiting for me out there.

(End of Chapter Two)


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