Tangled Web Ch. 03

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“Not a word!” Ria said, pushing Jay inside the room, as she closed the door behind her.

Aghast, the only words which came out his mouth were apologetic, “I…am sorry, I didn’t kn-“

“Didn’t I just say. NOT. A. WORD ” ordered Riya. Already scared a little, Jay bowed his head down and consequently noticed Ria’s attire. It seemed her boss didn’t have much to wear from the waist down.

Ria followed his eyes and said, “It is just the way you are imagining it is. We both know what happened on the chat and…” Ria said, taking his hand, “…we know it will not end well, if the word got out. At the same time…” continued Ria, as she placed his hand on her wet pussy, “…we want the same thing. We are adults and can work this out, right?”

Jay knew it was a rhetorical question; however, he was not paying attention anyway. This was the first time he had experienced someone’s womanhood and that too, a dripping one. He felt confused with fear and arousal. Few months into his first job, his hand was placed on his boss and mentor’s wet vagina. He understood the situation he was in, there was not much he could do once Ria had taken control. Saying no was not an option; although he never wanted to.

Ria observed the blank stare and asked, “Jay, is this the first time you have…?”

Jay looked at her and simply nodded in affirmation. With a warm smile, Ria said, “You don’t have to do anything. I will take it from here.”

Taking him by his hands, Ria took him to the bed and asked him to lie down. Jay followed her instructions and raised his hips as she took down his shorts. His half-hard cock sprung out to Ria’s delight.

‘There is no going back now,’ thought Ria as she hopped onto the bed.

He felt her warm breath on his member as Ria climbed on the bed and put her face close to his penis. She could see his cock twitch and knew how nervous his youngest team member was. Looking directly at his eyes, she caressed sincan escort his dick with her slender finger, and felt him twitch at her mere touch. All the awkwardness that she had, vanished, as she saw him getting harder. His bulb flexed out and she held his pole in her palm.

Jay quivered as his boss ran her thumb over his manhood and stroked him. Wasting no time, he heard her say, “Let’s get this wet” and Jay felt her wet tongue followed by her warm lips enveloping his cock. His excitement grew and so did his boner as he became fully erect. With her womanhood gaining total control now, Ria licked her junior’s marvelous cock, from the base, on his long shaft and finishing at the top. Taking it in, Jay saw as Ria’s head bobbed up and down, with his penis halfway in her mouth.

Ria’s slurping noises continued as she relished his cock. Holding it, she sucked on his balls one by one and showered his penis with kisses. With one last lick, she got up and helped Jay out of his shirt. With a naughty smile, she climbed over the short fellow and angled his cock beneath her.

Jay felt his cock enter her, as Ria lowered herself onto it. His virginity came to an excited end, as he found his cock buried halfway inside his busty boss’s pussy. Jay was in pure bliss and so was this towering woman sitting on him.

Ria placed her hands on her colleague’s chest and started to ride his cock. Throes of passion reverberated in the room as Ria moaned.

“Oh yesss…Ahhh!! Keep going, Jay!” Ria felt lucky she had blurted out his name, which led to his big cock being shoved inside her. “Ohhhh Jay. You are so…big. I have not…Ahhhhh…not felt this….ohhh my goddd…felt this way in so long,” went Ria as she rode his dick.

His cock going deeper inside her, she felt pain and pleasure, as it was her first time taking in something so big. She tried to take it all; but it felt too much for her. Jay enjoyed tandoğan escort his cock getting sucked inside her, surprisingly tight, boss’s pussy. He saw her jugs bouncing beneath her shirt and went on to grab them.

Ria stopped him midway and put his hands one her hips. “Faster,” she ordered. Jay held her tight and began to thrust. He felt his cock getting squeezed inside her.

Coupled with Jay’s thrusts, Ria started moving faster, “Ohhhhhh yesss…that’s it…fuck me Jay. Fuck your boss. Fuck this pussy.” As he moved deeper, Ria squeaked, “Ahhhh…wait…not all the way… you’re too big for me. I don’t know if I can take it.”

Jay retracted but continued doing her faster. Surprisingly, Ria soon edged closer screaming, “Oh Jay…I am cumming…cum with me Jay, cum inside me!!” Ria demanded as he grabbed his cock and stroked it.

His bigger cock worked for Ria, but Jay was nowhere near his orgasm. He didn’t want this to end so quickly. “No,” he responded as he grabbed Ria’s big tits. “Wha….What are you doing….I ordered you to cum. I can’t….AAAAAAHHHH!!” Ria screamed as she orgasmed.

Heaving, Ria slowed down and paused as her juices leaked out of her. She finally had the much relief she needed. Jay’s big phallus helped achieve that even faster. To her surprise, she still felt him moving inside her. That is when she realized, it wasn’t just his pole that was so long. His thrusts started getting deeper.

“Slow down, Jay cum now….AAH! What are you…” Ria uttered as Jay grabbed her and put her down on the bed. He was now on top of her. He pulled over her shirt and fondled her soft and plump breasts, as he continued with his sways. “No,” said Jay once again, as he kept on going.

Ria felt she was losing control as Jay’s animal instincts kicked in. She knew she was the one that brought this on her and feared how deep he would go. This was not what she had expected; yet, ankara escort she could not find the will to stop. Her pussy ached for her to go along with it. To take him in fully. To cum again.

“Deeper,” she whispered as she embraced him. Taking the cue, Jay obliged and shoved his cock deeper inside her.

“AAAHH!” Ria screamed as she felt him further inside. The initial pain was soon taken over by immense pleasure which she had not experienced before. No one had been this deep inside her. She wanted more.

“Give it all to me,” she begged him to take her. And with that, Jay went all in. Her freshly spurt out cum made it slippery and squeezed his cock inside with ease. “Harder!” said Ria, as Jay grabbed her bosom and started moving faster.

“Ravish me…yess!” moaned Ria as Jay pounded her with his mighty dick. He squeezed her nipple and with his arms, held her in a tight embrace, as he went deeper.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me deep, aah, AAAHHH!!”. The blanket of the night’s silence was torn by Ria’s sexual screams along with the slapping of their bodies against each other and the creaking of the hotel bed.

Adding to the cacophony, Jay grunted, as he edged closer. “Oooh..Cum inside me…fill me up…shoot your load inside me Jay,” urged Ria. With a final push, she felt her insides getting filled up with the hot liquid, which kept gushing in for quite some time.

Panting and out of breath, Jay withdrew from over Ria, as she saw her pussy leaking out oozes of his cum. At this point, it did not come as a surprise that he could shoot such a large load.

Witnessing his deed, Jay spoke up, “Uhh, I didn’t intend to cum ins-“.

With a “Shhh” Ria interrupted him. Getting up, he pulled herself closer to his face, and placed her lips on his. Jabbing her tongue inside, they shared a passionate kiss. As they parted, Ria understood Jay’s apprehensions and said, “Savour the moment, Mr. Big Dick. I have the pills.”

Relief swept over his face and he saw Ria bring a finger down to her pussy, pick up his cum and suck it off from her finger.

“Although,” Ria said with a sly smile and cum on her lips, “I wonder if a 35 year old should let such a big load go to waste…”

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