Tanya’s Lucky Day

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Tanya Henderson did not know it when she woke up that Monday morning but this was going to be her lucky day. She was a free spirit who found it difficult to be the scholar that her university seemed to demand so relentlessly.

Her main goal in life was to find a good time wherever she could. She had skated by her first three years because many of the courses seemed to be versions of things she had taken in high school and she was bored to tears with school.

Senior year was a whole new ball game. Tanya found it difficult to believe but it was actually necessary to study in order to pass a class. And study hard and long. This cut into her partying: drinking in local clubs, finding a sex partner and spending the night together.

Holding a C average by the skin of her teeth, Tanya was facing disaster if she did not get a passing grade in her Psych 402 class. She cursed as she dressed. So close, she fumed. I’m in the last semester and if I do not get a C in that damn Psych class I am not going to graduate.

There was only one hope, she decided; throw herself on the mercy of the teacher, Professor Harold Wilkins. She dressed carefully and made herself up just as carefully. Tanya was not a beauty but she was pretty in a cute kind of way.

She never had trouble finding dates. Boys seemed to like her turned up nose with a sprinkle of freckles across it. Not more than five feet tall she had a decent body; not a beauty queen by any means, but nice legs and perky 34C tits. Boys loved to fondle and suck on them and she did not discourage them one bit.

Professor Wilkins was thirty-eight years old and would become thirty-nine on Tuesday. He was married to the same woman he had married his senior year in college. Patsy Wilkins was his first and only serious date. Somehow they became college sweethearts: everyone expected them to marry and they did. She was a virgin when they married.

Harold and Patsy spent many an hour in his little coupe necking and petting. He tried in every way to get Patsy to agree to have sex with him but she would not. Necking and letting him play with her breasts, as long as her blouse was on, was as far as he was allowed to go.

She wore girdle panties and there was no way he could get his hands on her pussy. She wanted sex but insisted it was not going to happen until they were married.

Their honeymoon was bitter sweet for Harold. Patsy was a tiger in bed. It was as if all her sexual energy was released at once, like a volcano erupting after being dormant for centuries.

She fucked Harold silly: on top, on the bottom, in a chair, in bed, on the floor, in the shower. It was a fucking heaven and Harold was thankful for this, though exhausted. Patsy did not let him alone until he had satisfied her at least three times a session.

The only fly in the ointment was her refusal to engage in cunnilingus. Hungry to eat her pussy on their wedding night and believing this would provide her with a warm-up prior to coital sex, Harold slid his body down hers, after having savored her very delicious tits, aiming for her pussy.

Patsy would have none of it. “It’s nasty to do that, Harold.”

And that was that. Harold felt betrayed. He had not engaged in cunnilingus since his sister, Ginger, had left home after she married one of the men who frequented the diner where she worked.

He missed it: the feel and taste of pussy, the way Ginger responded to the way he sucked her clit and licked it. Her soft moans and caressing fingers were imprinted on his brain and he wanted to relive those moments with Patsy.

Life went downhill for the Wilkins not long after their second daughter was born. Patsy was still as interested in sex as she had ever been but had her tubes tied. “I am not some breed animal,” she had told Harold, who desperately wanted to try one more time for a boy.

That was the beginning. Patsy began to complain: not enough money, no time for vacation, no second car, no fashionable clothes, the house was too small, in a wrong neighborhood. The list went on and on and Harold came to realize that it would never stop.

The coital sex continued but it has lost its excitement for Harold. Patsy even complained about his inability to keep it up for more than one fuck.

The truth of the matter is that Harold had trouble getting it up for the first fuck of the night because he had come to dislike Patsy so much. The only way he could get it up was to imagine himself between Ginger’s thighs but this fantasy could only last so long and one fuck was it.

By that fateful Monday morning Harold was a dejected and beaten man. He was spending more and more time in research and had become the most prolific writer in his department; publishing more papers than all the rest of the seven person department combined.

Teaching and research managed to use most of his days but they were not a substitute for the joy he had felt being between his sister’s thighs. He missed sucking her pussy more this ataşehir escort morning than he had ever before.

While Tanya was dressing and making herself up so carefully Harold was daydreaming in his office. The door was open, as it always was, to encourage students to see him but his mind was closed, inward, and full of visions of his sister’s clit.

Harold had become obsessed with pussy eating by accident, or so he thought at the time. His older sister worked the eight to four night shift in a local twenty-four hour diner. She was tired after eight hours on her feet and as soon as she was undressed headed to the shower down the hall past Harold’s bedroom.

Ginger did not bother putting on a robe. No one would be awake to see her at that time, she told herself.

Harold was. He set a small alarm clock for four o’clock and had his bedroom door open slightly the nights Ginger worked. He never saw more than a fleeting glimpse of her as she walked past his door, but it was enough for his young imagination. Those stolen glimpses were enough to generate several cums every night.

One morning he got more than he expected. Ginger was no dummy: had become aware of what her sneaky little brother was doing. At first angry, she came to find a certain pleasure and then a sexual excitement knowing her younger brother was sneaking little peeks and probably jacking off the rest of the morning until it was time to get up for school.

The morning of the beginning of his education in how to satisfy a woman began earlier in the evening. Ginger had several pains in the ass customers that evening. There was nothing she could do but grin and bear it or quit or be fired.

That didn’t mean she had to put up with her peeping brother. By the time she arrived home she was a seething boiling cauldron of pent up anger.

She tore off her clothes and stormed into the bathroom where she took a long hot shower. Toweling herself off she decided to teach her peeping tom brother a lesson. A grin on her face she went down the hall toward her room.

To Harold’s surprise she did not pass his door. She opened it wide, entered his room, and closed and locked the door behind her. There was a full moon that morning and Harold had a good look at his sister’s naked body. His cock came to attention as his eyes traveled down from her face to her tits to her crotch.

He had never seen a real live pussy, though, like most young men his age, he had seen plenty on the Internet but he had never seen one in the flesh. The sight of her neatly trimmed pubic hair surrounding her pussy lips caused his cock to jerk under the sheet.

“You like it, you sneaky little peeping tom pervert?

“Ah. Ginger. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Ginger sat on his bed and looked down at him. “NO? Ha. You think I don’t know why you keep the door open when I come home?”

“Ginger. I didn’t mean anything by it. Please don’t tell mom and dad. I won’t do it anymore. I promise. Just don’t tell mom and dad.”

His plaintive whining wail really pissed Ginger and she was ready to blast him when she thought of his last words. He is afraid I will tell mom and dad. A wicked smile suffused her face as she leaned over him, her lips almost touching his.

“There is something you can do for me. If you do it right, I won’t tell them what a perv you are.”

“Anything, Ginger. Please.”

“Get up. I’m going to lie on my tummy and you are going to give me a massage and you will do it every night I tell you to. My muscles are sore from waitressing all day and I can use a massage.”

Harold jumped out of bed as if shot and Ginger lay on it,

“Start at my neck and work down.”

Harold stood over her awkwardly and put his hands tentatively on the back of her neck. He had a vague notion as to what a massage was; just rub the muscles. Slowly he began to rub her neck and back.

His back grew tired from standing and bending over Ginger and he sat on the bed next to her. Her scent from the recent shower, the feel of her soft skin, the excitement of having her naked on his bed was almost too much for him.

As he continued to rub her neck and back he became excited sexually. His dick, scared limp when she came barging into his room, was now at full attention and leaking precum down his shaft. He closed his eyes and let himself go.

It was erotic, though he did not know that word, to massage Ginger; the feel of her muscles flexing under his fingers and hands, the warmth of her skin, the scent of her body filled him with excitement and a certain contentment, of accomplishment.

Ginger felt the change in him as he continued to massage her. She almost went to sleep but once when Harold leaned over to rub her right shoulder she felt his dick, moist from his precum, pressed against her thigh. Harold was transformed instantly, in her mind, from a silly younger brother to a potential sex partner.

She was not a virgin, having lost her cherry when in high school to kadıköy escort bayan a boy who said he loved her and if she loved him she would let him fuck her. The standard line, but it worked. After she was dumped she was more discerning in whom she fucked.

It had been months since her last satisfying sex partner and Harold’s hardon caused her to reevaluate him and the possible services he could provide her beside a massage.

“OK. That’s enough of my back. Give my ass a good working over; squeeze it and rub it. My buns are sore.”

And so Harold found his hands kneading Ginger’s ass as if he was working bread dough. Her ass felt firm and yet soft and pliable at the same time and Harold found his dick getting even harder, if that was possible.

“That’s nice Harold. But enough of my ass. Work on my legs now.”

Harold scooted down the bed and began to rub and squeeze and pull at Ginger’s thighs and calves.

“Harold. I really like the way you do that. You are not as dumb as I thought you were. You can learn.”

Harold was both pleased at the compliment and pissed that she implied that he was dumb. He did not work hard at his studies but did not have to. And it irritated him that Ginger did not know how well he did in school.

The feel of her strong thigh and calf muscles though and the way Ginger sighed as he massaged her made him forget his annoyance. And when Ginger spread her legs so he could get her inner thighs he almost shot his wad.

He could see her pussy lips and the pubic hair hanging down between her legs. This was the most exciting thing he had seen in his life. His hands hesitated a moment and Ginger divined why. She grinned to herself as she imagined the horny thoughts that were filling her brother’s mind.

“Don’t forget my feet and toes. They are really sore.”

Harold picked up one of her feet and rubbed the arch and heel. They felt so small, so warm and soft. He leaned over and smelled them, so fragrant from the shower. His now adept fingers pulled and rubbed each toe. The other foot was given the same loving attention.

Harold’s mind was blown away when Ginger rolled over. The moonlight shining through his window illuminated every detail of her body. It excited him to see her nipples erect. She’s getting turned on, he thought to himself. I’m not the only one here feeling sexed up. This really excited him, to think he was getting his older sister horny.

He zeroed in on her tits and crotch. His cock jerked as he saw for the first time up close and personal a woman’s tits. He licked his dry lips as he stared at her erect nipples. Then his eyes traveled down to her crotch and her neatly trimmed pubic hair, her pussy lips, pink and moist peeking out from within the surrounding fuzz of her youthful pubic hair.

Ginger smiled at him as he stared at her. It turned her on even more to see the hungry look in her brother’s eyes. She took his hand and pulled at him, forcing him to lay next to her and then blew his mind by taking his head in her hands, pulling it to one of her succulent tits.

“You want to fuck me, Harold?”

Harold’s body jerked as he lifted his head from her breast and looked at her face. Fuck her? Jesus Christ on the Cross. Of course he did, he wanted to scream, but all he could manage was to croak out, “Yes.”

Ginger pulled his mouth to her tit as she told him, “Before you do you have to lick and suck on my breasts and make me cum by doing the same thing to my pussy.”

Harold’s heart thumped as he licked and sucked at Ginger’s breasts. He could not believe his good fortune. Eating her pussy? He had never thought of that, never thought of eating any woman’s pussy. His mind had been filled with visions of pounding his cock into a hot wet cunt.

Pussy eating, he had been told since he was a child, is for wimps who can’t get it up. Pussy stank, he had been told, of dead fish and he had wanted none of that.

But Harold would have done anything that morning in order to fuck Ginger. He’d kiss her ass and suck her toes if she wanted him to.

Ginger sighed as Harold’s eager mouth sucked and licked at her tits. Damn it felt good. She needed this and the way he pulled her breasts into his mouth! Wow. He has some mouth. Her pussy was juicing and after several minutes of having her tits sucked and licked she pushed Harold’s head downward.

“Time for the main event, little brother.”

She opened her thighs as Harold scooted down her body, positioning his head between them.

“Take your thumbs and open those lips you see and take a good look at the opening to my vagina.”

Harold did and almost shot his wad as he looked at the moist, red opening to her fuck hole. He licked his lips as he stared at her outer lips, now fat and puffy, engorged with her hot blood.

“Put your mouth around my lips and lick and suck them and then put your tongue inside my vagina.”

Harold moved his head deeper between Ginger’s thighs, closed his eyes and opened his escort maltepe mouth, A sensation he had never felt before ran over his body when he filled his mouth with Ginger’s outer lips.

He hesitated a moment, letting soak in the fact that his mouth was around a woman’s pussy lips. It excited him. There was no smell of dead fish, only an exotic odor he could not identify, but it smelled good to him.

Ginger looked down at his head between her thighs, wonering if she had pushed Harold too far too fast. Get with it, she wanted to shout, but kept quiet, enjoying the feel of his warm mouth around her pussy lips.

Her hips twitched when Harold’s tongue slipped between her lips, licking up and down between them. A sigh of pure delight escaped her mouth when she felt him suck on her lips as he licked them.

Harold was getting excited as he explored the feel and taste of Ginger’s pussy. Her lips felt sort of rubbery in his mouth and smooth, very smooth, and a little wet, but nice and warm. He closed his eyes and let his mind concentrate on the sensations his mouth was sending to his brain.

A little shiver ran over his body when he came to accept the fact that he liked what he was doing. And if this feels good, what will it feel like to have his tongue inside her pussy? He had goose bumps just thinking about having his tongue inside her. What would it feel like? Would there be any taste?

Ginger squirmed on the bed as Harold licked and sucked her pussy lips. She licked her lips as she felt wave after wave of pure lust flow over her body. She wanted this more than she had imagined. I hope he gets into fucking my pussy with his tongue.

She need not have worried. Harold did not disappoint her. Slowly, cautiously, he licked around her vaginal opening, then, tentatively, pressed his tongue into the opening. He had not been prepared for what happened.

Ginger’s pussy automatically clutched at his tongue, pulling at it, sucking on it. Without thinking she raised her hips, fucking at Harold’s mouth. She moaned softly as his tongue was forced more deeply into her love hole.

Harold looked up, afraid her had hurt her.

“It’s OK, Harold. I’m moaning because it feels so good. I want more of it. Put your pillow under my butt. You can get deeper inside me. Would you like that?”

To her delight Harold did exactly as he was told. She was purring to herself as she spread her thighs once again. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on Harold’s excited tongue fucking at her pussy.

Harold, for his part, found himself in a sexual place he had never thought he would be. Ginger’s warm, moist quivering vagina wrapped around his tongue was getting him turned on as nothing had before.

His cock was rubbing on the sheet and he was afraid he would cum just from that and so he forced himself to be still, letting his tongue be the only thing in motion. He jerked his eyes open when he felt Ginger put her hand on her tummy, a finger touching something just above where he was shoving his tongue in and out.

He, like many men who grew up at the time he did, had not a clue about female anatomy. He knew a cunt was a hole for a cock, but that was it.

Ginger could not control herself. Harold’s tongue in her pussy was getting her hotter and hotter. An orgasm was right there; all she needed to do was to give her clit a little rub.

Harold was startled and almost stopped fucking her pussy with his tongue. He probably would have were it not for Ginger’s other hand, now holding his head forcefully against he pussy.

“Oh God! Yessss. Harold. Keep tongue fucking my pussy,” she gasped out to him as she raised and lowered her hips in synch with Harold’s fucking tongue.

Harold was wide eyed at Gingers behavior. He had never seen a woman orgasm before and her moaning and the way her body shook startled and excited him. Excited him because he knew he had a part in the way Ginger was behaving. He liked knowing that he was getting her off, because he finally realized what was going on with Ginger.

Nothing he had learned from jacking off compared to how it felt to have Ginger orgasm with his tongue in her pussy. A pussy that was now tight around his tongue, vibrating, pulsing like nothing he had ever felt before.

Without thinking Ginger had squeezed her thighs against Harold’s head, mashing his cheeks, holding him in her grip, holding him with his tongue driving in and out of he pussy as her orgasm ran its course.

Gasping for breath she released her hold on his head and opened her thighs. “Whew. That was great, Harold.”

Harold looked up at her, loving the sight of her flat tummy, her sexy strands of pubic hair, and her pert tits with her little strawberry-like nipples standing out so stiff and hard.

“I’m glad, Ginger. I’m glad it was good for you.”

She tousled his hair and stroked his cheek with her fingers. “It was better than good, Harold. It was fantastic. The best ever. Thank you. You were great.”

Harold beamed, his face flushing from her praise. Ginger was usually yelling at him for something or other and the heartfelt way she expressed her thanks made his heart swell and beat faster. He wanted to please his sister, always had, always had looked up at her and never felt he measured up.

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