Teacher Teaches Well Ch. 02

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/* Please read Teacher teaches well Ch. 1 to get the whole picture */

The next day, Cynthia drove her children to her mom’s house and phoned Joey through her mobile phone and instructed him to go to her house at around noontime. By noontime Cynthia was already at her house making some coffee and waiting patiently for Joey to come. After she finished her coffee the doorbell rang so she excitedly went out of the kitchen and then ran to the door. When she opened it she was disappointed to see that it was not Joey but her neighbor Alita.

“What brings you here this time of day Litz?” Cynthia greeted her trying to conceal her disappointment in seeing her instead of Joey.

“Well Cynth I just needed to talk someone! Why? Is this a bad time to come?”Alita told her, her face looked gloomy.

Cynthia saw the sadness in Alita’s face, so she escorted her inside and the two of them went to the kitchen. When they reached the kitchen Cynthia sat her on a stool and then made coffee for her.

“What’s your problem Litz?” Cynthia asked her as she poured some coffee on a mug.

“Well nothing really Cynth, It’s such that I’ve been hearing these rumors about John.” Alita answered her friend as she took the mug of coffee from her.

“What rumors?”

“Rumors coming from men, home from their tour of duty.” Alita was having second thoughts about telling her best friend.

“What kind of rumors Litz?” Cynthia asked her again this time her voice had a hint of being irritated.

“Well rumors about him having ladies at every port. You know…” Alita’s voice trailed off.

“Ah, those rumors about girls they pick up on every port they dock? I’ve heard rumors like that about Ronnie too.” Cynthia told her with an amused look on her face.

“But why are you amused about something like that? I mean aren’t you affected by what they are saying?” Alita was surprised by her friend’s reaction.

“Well I know that my husband’s playing around when he’s not here with me, although he is unaware that I know of what he’s doing. But I just let him decide what he wants as long as he comes home to me and does not miss a check every month.” Cynthia consoled her friend.

“Cynth you mean you know that he is sleeping with other women when he’s away and you don’t get depressed? If I where you I’d be very depressed.”

“Well Litz, lets just put it this way, I’m actually doing to him what he is doing to me when he’s away.” Cynthia was about to reveal her affair with Joey.

“Are you actually telling me that you are having an affair? Tell me with who?” Alita’s saddened look faded away and it was replaced by one of excitement and curiosity.

“Yes my friend I’m having an affair. And he is the best when it comes to satisfying my sexual desires.” Cynthia proudly proclaimed to her best friend.

“Who is he? Do I know him?”

“Well you’ve seen him once. I guess.” Cynthia tried to tease her friend.

“Well tell me who is he?”Alita felt irritated by her teasing.

“I’ll tell but you promise me that you’ll not tell anybody. Litz promise me!” Cynthia made her friend promise.

“Yes I promise. Now who is the lucky guy?”

“Well, he’s name is Joey and I guess you’ve seen him once before when he went here.”

“You mean that Joey kid, your student? You’re having an affair with your student?” Alita was surprised to know the truth.

“Yes, darling I’m having an affair with kaynarca escort one of my students. Well you might see him as just a kid Litz but to tell you the truth I had the best sex yesterday with him in my entire life. He gives me pleasure beyond anyone has given me before and he has the biggest cock that I have ever had inside my pussy before. It reached parts of my pussy that Ronnie’s sorry cock didn’t touch before.” Cynthia confessed to her friend.

“But Cynth he is your student, does that not bother you?”

“It bothered me at first but the first time I held his cock all my reasoning went out the window. If you could only see how beautiful his cock is you would want it inside of you. And teaching him the facts of making love adds to the excitement of the whole thing.” Cynthia reasoned with Alita.

“Is his cock actually that big?” Alita now was interested in knowing more about her friend’s lover.

“Yes my friend, it’s this big.” Cynthia told her friend as she stretched out her arms to emphasize her point.

Talking to her friend like that made her quite excited such that Alita could not help but imagine what Joey’s cock would look like. And just thinking about it made wet between the thighs.

As the two friends talked to each other they heard the doorbell ring, upon hearing it Cynthia jumped up from her stool and then hurriedly opened the door. To her delight it was Joey, so she ushered him inside the house and to the kitchen. When Alita saw Joey come in, her heart skipped a beat and she felt an excitement that she had never felt before.

“Joey you know Mrs. Causing?” Cynthia introduced him again to Alita; she had a teasing smile on her face when she faced her best friend.

“Yes Ma’am I already met her yesterday. How are you Ma’am?” Joey acknowledged her and extended his arm to shake her hand.

“I’m a fine, thanks Joey.” Alita replied and then shook his hand; when their hands touched Alita felt a shock of electricity run through her pussy.

“Would you be joining us for lunch Litz?” Cynthia asked her friend.

“No, Cynth I better be going now. Nice meeting you Joey.” Alita declined her friend’s offer because her pussy needed some relief. She could not understand why she was feeling that way towards the boy.

As Alita went out the door Joey immediately locked the front door and then went to the kitchen. There he saw Cynthia, wearing a silk robe, bent over the sink washing the mugs they had used. So he approached her from behind and then started to kiss her. Just the smell of his mature teacher was enough to make his 10-inch cock rock hard, so he ran kisses on her neck and her nape soliciting a soft moan from Cynthia.

“Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh……….Baby that feels nice……..”

Then Joey undid the tassel of her robe and then slid his hands inside her robe cupping her breasts and then pinching her tense nipples.

“Hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmhh……….”Cynthia moaned in satisfaction of the job her young lover was doing to her bosom.

Then Joey reached down to her crotch and slid his hand inside her panties and then Joey’s naive hands played with her pussy, rubbing her tense clit running his fingers up and down her slit. Then Cynthia turned around, to face Joey, and then she pushed him to kneel in front of her. Joey knew what Cynthia wanted so he lifted her leg up to a stool and then positioned his self so that he was looking küçükyalı escort up her dripping pussy. Then Joey pulled her panties to the side and then gently flicked Cynthia’s clitoris with his hot and hard tongue, causing her to grab his head and push it to deeper into her soaked vagina. As the smell and the salty taste of her vagina consumed his senses, Joey’s cock grew harder by the second. Such that after pleasuring Cynthia’s pussy with his tongue for a few moments Joey stood up and then reached for Cynthia’s panties and then pulled them off of her then he lifted Cynthia’s petite body up the counter and then gently grabbed both her thighs and then parted them like the Red Sea. Then he positioned his self in between those voluptuous thighs.

Seeing Joey’s cock in all of it’s fullness Cynthia reached for his cock and then gently stroked it, then gently guided his throbbing member towards her aching pussy. Then Joey gently pushed it in her vagina.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh……..”Cynthia moaned as the tip of Joey’s cock stretched her vaginal walls. Then Joey gradually pushed the remainder of his cock in to her, causing her to moan in pleasure.

“Haaaaaaahhhhhhh………Joey your cock is so deep inside me, baby………….It feels really gooooood………..” Cynthia cried in pleasure as Joey’s cock disappeared inside her pussy.

After that Joey began to draw his cock in and out of her burning vagina, and driving his mature teacher wild with pleasure.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh………Joey, I love you baby………please don’t stop……….I love you…..”Cynthia moaned wildly, as she grabbed Joey’s butt and then pushed it in to her.

Unable to control herself, Cynthia bucked her hips wildly on top of the counter as Joey’s cock rammed in and out of her dripping pussy, all the while her hand was grabbing his butt and she was kissing him passionately, sucking his tongue and licking his face all over. Cynthia was like a woman possessed by her sexual desires, she needed her insatiable sexual yearnings to be quenched and young Joey was very willing to give her that satisfaction. As Joey pounded his cock in to Cynthia’s pussy, his hand groped for her body, kneading her voluptuous breasts, played with her taut nipples and then sucked her breasts like there was no tomorrow.

After a few moments of this intense love making Cynthia’s body tensed up, her soft thighs gripped Joey’s hip and then she reached for Joey and then pressed her body in to his and then

“Hhhuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh………… Joey darling, I love you……….” Cynthia screamed as she experienced an orgasm.

But Joey was still not finished so he continued to drive his cock in and out of her pussy, in the process heightening the pleasure that Cynthia was experiencing. After a few more strokes Joey was about to cum so

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh……….Mrs. McKinley I’m cumming…………” Joey warned his mature lover as he tried to control his thrusts in to her.

“It’s okay baby…….cum inside Mrs. McKinley baby……..cum for me baby…….” Cynthia encouraged her young lover as she grabbed his behind and pushed it deeper in to her.

Then Joey, as if on cue, released his cum inside Cynthia’s spent vagina. As his cock shot streams after streams of his hot and sticky cum inside her mature pussy, some of his cum trickled down to the counter and fell harmlessly to the floor. sancaktepe escort Cynthia felt jet after jet of Joey’s cum hit the insides of her vagina and she was proud at the fact that she made him cum so generously inside her.

After shooting his entire load inside her, Joey drew his cock out of her and then kissed her passionately, while Cynthia reached out and gently grabbed his cock and stroked it, rubbing it with his own cum.

“Thank you Joey……..you’ve made so happy…..I love you baby.” Cynthia expressed her gratitude to her young as she continued to stroke his cock. “I love you too Mrs. McKinley, I love more than anything in this world. I think I’m going to marry you ma’am?” Joey expressed his true feelings to his teacher.

“Don’t be silly Joey, we can’t get married because I’m already married to my husband. ” Cynthia tried to explain to Joey.

Joey was silent for a few minutes; he felt a little disappointment in what Mrs. McKinley told him. Cynthia, sensing that Joey was a bit slighted by what she told him, affectionately kissed him on the cheek and then teased him

“Oh, Is my little prince jealous of my husband? Don’t be jealous baby; you know that I love you. It’s just that I can’t divorce my husband because of the kids, baby please understand baby. OK baby? Now give me a smile?” Cynthia told her young lover with the affection of a mother towards her child.

“It’s okay Mrs. McKinley.” Joey answered her giving her a faint smile.

“By the way Joey, I’ve been meaning to tell you this earlier.” Cynthia spoke to her lover as she went down from the counter.

“My husband called up yesterday and he told me that his ship would be docking here for 2 days and he would be coming home tomorrow. That’s the reason I called you here so that we can be together before he gets here tomorrow. I’ll really miss you on that two days baby….” Cynthia told her student lover as she kissed him and pressed her body in to him to reassure him of her affection.

“So what will happen in that 2 days that he is here Mrs. McKinley?” Joey asked her.

“In that time, it will be best if we don’t see each other, so as not to arouse suspicion from him. Is that okay Joey?” she tried to explain to him.

“But what if I just see at school and we can just make love there, just like what we used to do.” he tried to reason with her.

“I’ll try to go to work in those two days, but usually my husband does not permit to go to work whenever he is here. Joey just remember that it’s just only for two days baby and after that we can be together again.”

“Well okay ma’am, but it will be a shitty two days without being with you.”

“Oh, Joey what am I going to with you.” Cynthia giggled as she led her young lover to the upstairs bedroom for more passion filled lovemaking.

The lovers had a wonderful afternoon, an afternoon of love and lust as they fulfilled each other’s sexual fantasies and made love in every conceivable position. After making love the whole afternoon, Joey went home exhausted from the afternoon’s love making sessions, and Cynthia went to her mother’s house to pick up her children. As he walked home he kept on thinking how he would be spending those two days after school, he could not imagine being away from Cynthia let alone not being able to make love to her. He also wondered how he would react if he saw Cynthia with her husband, would he be jealous or not. These questions kept on nagging him as he went home and practically collapsed on his bed due to exhaustion.

But unknown to Joey he would have a different experience tomorrow as another mature woman, Mrs. Causing, was craving for sexual attention and desiring for his youthful cock.

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