Teacher’s Slutty Pet Ch. 05

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“This is such a lovely place, I can see why you didn’t want to go home.” Jody stretched her legs on the lounger and took a sip of her cocktail.

I had taken Mrs H’s advice and invited Alice and Jody to the mansion. We were having a great time so far, enjoying the pool and the cocktails Mrs H had encouraged me to make. Well, they were really mocktails as we weren’t allowed to drink, but none of us minded. The Hendersons didn’t keep their alcohol under lock and key, but I didn’t want to betray their trust, and Jody and Alice weren’t really interested in getting drunk anyway. We were all having too much fun swimming and catching up.

“You’re so lucky,” Alice sighed. “Not only do you get to live in an amazing place like this, but you’re living with Professor H!”

Jody leaned over to me. “Yes, tell us, how is that? Is he nice to you?”

My thoughts flashed to how hard he had fucked me yesterday and I could feel my face glow. I tried to will the blush away, but no luck. I took a sip of my drink in the hopes it would buy me some time in which my blush might go away.

“They are both nice to me,” I said eventually. “Mrs H is a great cook, so I have been spoiled here.”

Alice narrowed her eyes. “You do look very well-fed.”

“What?” My hands flew to my stomach, which was still reassuringly flat. “Are you saying I’ve gained weight?”

She tilted her head and appraised me. “No, you just look glowing and happy.”

“Glowing!” Jody pointed at me. “That’s the word I was looking for. You look glowing. Living here really agrees with you.”

I stretched and closed my eyes. They were right, of course, I loved being here. I wasn’t sure how long this arrangement would last, but I was determined to enjoy every minute of it. It was lovely to have Jody and Alice over for a visit, because it made me feel like this was real, and not some kind of fever dream. I made a mental note to thank Mrs H when she came home later. It had been a good idea to invite my friends over.

“This is the best summer ever,” I said.

“So you’re really not going to get a summer job?” Alice asked. “There’s two months of summer left, I’m sure you can still find something.”

I shook my head. It was perhaps foolish to give up the chance of making some extra cash, but since I wasn’t paying any rent here, I wasn’t in need of cash as much as my friends. And I couldn’t imagine spending my days at some horrible job instead of here with Mrs H.

“What do you do all day?” Jody asked. “You don’t have a job, you’re not taking summer courses, and you’re not tanned enough to have spent every day by the pool.”

The blush was back on my cheeks. I couldn’t think of anything to say. They knew I wasn’t much of a reader and watching TV all day wasn’t my thing either. I could hardly say that I spent my days having sex.

“Spit it out,” Alice ordered. “Something’s going on.”

“She’s right.” Jody swung her legs over the edge of her lounger and faced me, her elbows on her knees. “Come clean, Zoe.”

Well, so much for trying to keep it a secret. Not that I’d been trying very hard. Deep down, I had wanted to tell them everything from the moment Mrs H had ordered me to masturbate in front of her. I just hadn’t found the courage yet. Not that I had any courage now either, but I had to give into their demands.

I sat up. “Okay, promise me you won’t judge.”

Alice and Jody shared a glance. “We promise.”

Now that the moment of truth was here, I had no idea where to start. I couldn’t just blurt out that I was having sex–lots and lots of it–with Professor H and his wife. But how could I tell them without it sounding sordid and perverted?

“Ehm…I have become quite close with the Hendersons in the last few weeks.”

Blank faces greeted me.

“And?” Alice said.

I fiddled with my bikini tie. “I mean really close.” I put as much emphasis on “really” as I could.

It took a moment for the penny to drop. Jody was the first to realise what I was saying. “Zoe! You and Professor H?”

I didn’t dare look at her. “And Mrs H.”

A yelp told me Alice had put two and two together as well. “You’re fucking both of them?”

My head shot up. She made it sound so vulgar. Which it was, of course, and that was what I loved about it. But they had promised not to judge me.

“It’s not like that,” I protested feebly.

Jody shot Alice a dirty look and sat down next to me on my lounger. “Tell us everything. You’re sleeping with both of them? How did that happen?”

She sounded curious and excited, not at all disgusted, and I started to feel a bit better.

“It just kind of happened.”

Alice rolled her eyes. “Don’t give us that. When you moved in here you were all baggy pants and oversized T-shirts and today you’re wearing the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever seen. You’ve changed, babe. And for the better, may I add. But I can’t believe that Professor H took one look at your slouchy grunge wear and decided he must have you.”

I laughed despite myself. She was right, of course. “Okay escort gaziantep bayan fine, that’s not how it happened.”

Alice sat down on the other side of me and took my hand. “Tell us everything. And I mean, everything.”

My heart pounded. Just thinking about reliving those amazing moments made me hot. And so I told them everything. With some things a little bit modified, because I didn’t want to reveal too much of Professor and Mrs H to them. I didn’t tell them about Mrs H’s special massages or about the sex parties. Even though that would only confirm the rumour they had heard, I couldn’t bring myself to tell them how I had flaked out after only two men.

Both Jody and Alice were silent when I finished speaking. Their faces were red and they wouldn’t make eye contact with each other, or me. I wanted nothing more than to jump in the pool and cool off, but I didn’t want to just leave them after this.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone else,” I said after they were quiet for a while. “Professor H is fine with me telling you guys, but we can’t spread this around campus, okay?”

They nodded, but remained silent. I guessed they were in shock. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it either. I just hoped they didn’t think I was just making it up.

I nudged Jody with my shoulder. “Say something. Do you think I’m disgusting?”

That finally got a reaction. “Disgusting? No, absolutely not! I’m fucking jealous. How did you get to be so lucky?”

Relief flooded me. “Oh thank god. I was worried you thought I was a slut.”

She snorted. “You are a slut, no doubt about that. But there’s nothing wrong with that.”

I hugged her. “Thank you, that’s how I feel.”

I looked over at Alice. “Alice? What do you think?”

Her breath was fast and she rubbed her thighs together. “I think I’m very horny. Babe, I can’t believe those stories! They are out of a porn movie. How are you still standing?”

I grinned. “Barely. It’s been quite the ride.”

“Wow. I think I need to go for a swim to cool down.”

“Me too.” Jody got up and jumped into the pool.

Alice followed her. Feeling elated, I jumped in after them and gathered them into a big hug. “You guys are the best.”

We swam for a while, then wrapped ourselves into the big towels and went to my bedroom.

“I call dibs on the shower!” Alice said and disappeared into the bathroom.

Jody and I sat on the edge of my bed. She took my hand. “You’ve been living my dream.”

I chuckled. “Your dream is to have as much sex as humanly possible?”

She nodded, her face serious. “I want to have sex with someone who really knows what they are doing. Remember how lousy guys our age are?”

I frowned. “But you said those guys always made you come. How can they be that lousy?”

“I lied. I hardly ever came, but I didn’t want to lose face, so I told you I had great sex.”

I suddenly felt very bad for her. Why had she felt the need to lie to me? I wouldn’t have cared if she couldn’t come, it was hardly her fault.

“Mrs H said we need to know what we like so we can tell our partners how to make us come. Do you know what makes you come?”

“Of course! I just don’t feel comfortable directing a man. They should know these things.”

I shrugged. She was right, but maybe we were all equally clueless when it came to sex. I hadn’t known about anal or how to give a good blowjob, so how could I expect a guy to know what I liked without me telling him? But I supposed that was easier for me, now that I’d been having a lot of really amazing sex. Jody just needed that as well.

“Do you experiment with toys?” I remembered what a difference it had made when Mrs H had given me the dildo.

“I do have some toys…”

“So maybe you could gently hint at what you want a man to do.”

“I suppose.” She hugged herself. “I just want to have a mind-blowing orgasm, like the ones you’ve been having. I’m so jealous.”

Alice came in the room. “Why don’t we give you one?”

Jody’s head shot up. “What?”
Alice joined us on the bed. “You heard me. Zoe knows how to make a woman come and I have some experience as well, so between the two of us, I’m sure we can make you come.”

That was a great idea. I wanted to kiss Alice for suggesting it. The thought of making my best friend come, her writhing underneath me as I fingered her and ate her out made me incredibly hot. Not wasting a moment, I got up and peeled off my bikini. Then I knelt between Jody’s legs and undid the strings on her bikini. She looked stunned as she allowed me to strip her naked.

Alice dropped her towel and together, we pushed Jody onto her back.

“Guys…” Her face was flushed, but she still looked worried. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “Just relax.”

Nodding, she closed her eyes and let us push her legs apart.

I shared a look with Alice and grinned. This was going to be fun.

Alice crawled escort gaziantep bayan ilanları next to Jody and touched her breasts. Jody hissed in a breath, but didn’t stop her. Alice winked at me and lowered her head, taking one of Jody’s nipples into her mouth. I took place on Jody’s other side and started sucking her other nipple.

Soon Jody’s sighs became deep moans. I slid my hand over her stomach and cupped her mound. She was trimmed, but not shaven down there, which exited me. Pushing my fingers between her pussy lips, I spread them, seeking out her hot core. She tilted her hips and I pulled back her hood to expose her clit. Wanting to see what I was doing, I abandoned her nipple and took place between her legs. She was soaking wet, her thighs coated in a thick cream. Her lips were fat and swollen, covered with fine blonde hairs. I loved looking at her pussy, noting how different it was from Mrs H’s and how it pulsed and quivered as I flicked her clit. While Alice tended to Jody’s nipples, I slipped two fingers inside Jody’s entrance.

She moaned as I pumped my fingers in and out of her. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as mine, so I slipped a third finger inside, twisting them round and round while I brushed her clit with my thumb. She bucked her hips against my hand, fucking me as she moaned and writhed on the bed.

“Oh fuck, Zoe, that feels so good.”

Encouraged by that, I curled my fingers up inside her, trying to find her G-spot. When my fingers made contact, her body jumped.

“Come sit on my face, Alice,” she breathed. “I want to lick you.”

Alice didn’t waste a moment and scrambled into position. Soon, the room was filled with the moans of both my friends.

It was so hot to fingerfuck Jody as she ate Alice out. Despite never having had sex with another woman, she was doing a good job judging from the sounds Alice made. My own pussy ached deliciously, but I decided not to do anything about that. This was about my friends, not about me.

For a long time, the only sounds in the room were Alice’s heavy breathing and Jody’s moans. My fingers made a squelching noise as I pulsed them in and out of Jody’s pussy. Everything was so hot and sexy. I never would have thought we’d end up like this, and I felt a surge of love for my friends. Not only had they not judged me, but they were now sharing in my experience, albeit a scaled-down version of it.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come!” Alice’s hands were pulling frantically at her nipples as she ground her pussy against Jody’s face.

I could feel that Jody was close too. She was shaking and her belly was tight with tension. Alice gave one loud groan and collapsed onto the bed.

“Make me come, Zoe,” Jody panted. “Please.”

I redoubled my efforts, pushing hard against her G-spot as I sucked her clit between my teeth.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” she moaned. “Yes!”

With the last shout, her pussy gushed all over my face. Startled, I pulled back, watching her come all over the bed. I had never seen a woman ejaculate like that and I was fascinated by how much she was coming. I wished I was able to do that, because Jody seemed to have the best orgasm ever.

Wiping my face, I grinned at both of them. They looked so cute, all flushed and exhausted from their orgasms.

“That was amazing,” Jody said. “Imagine having this every day. You lucky bitch.”

I playfully tapped her clit and laughed as she twitched. “You’re the lucky one. I can’t believe you squirted like that!”

She looked suddenly shy. “I’m sorry, your bed is soaked.”

“Don’t be sorry, it was amazing. I wish I could squirt like that.”

My mouth felt dry and I got up off the bed. “Let me get us some drinks. You two look as parched as me.”

Pulling a sundress over my head, I left the room. A creak on the stairs made me look down, where I could just see Professor H going down. Had he been listening to the door? Had he been watching? I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. On one hand, it made me feel hot to think he had watched me get my friend off, but on the other hand, I didn’t know how Jody and Alice would feel about that. Although, I didn’t think they’d mind, really. They’d probably have liked it if he’d joined us.

With that delightful thought, I skipped downstairs. Professor H was nowhere to be seen, so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cans of lemonade. Just as I closed the fridge door, his arms encircled my waist. I squealed as he pulled me against his hard cock.


“Have been having fun with your friends?”

I squirmed in his arms. “I need to go back upstairs.”

“Come on, Zoe, I know you haven’t had an orgasm yet. Let me take care of you.”

“I can’t!” I tried to pull myself free, but he had his arms clamped around me. “Let me go, my friends are just upstairs.”

“I’ll make it quick, I promise. Grace isn’t home and that little display you put on has made me really hard.” He pressed his cock against my gaziantep bayan escort reklamları back. “Feel that?”

My heart pounded as I realised I had been right. “You watched us?”

“You should close your door if you’re going to fuck your friends.”

“Professor, please let me go. My friends can come down any minute.”

He pushed me over the table and pulled my dress up. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath and my thighs were slick with my juices. I wanted him to fuck me, quick and hard, just taking me for his pleasure. But I also liked struggling against him.

“This won’t take long,” he panted as he slid his hand between my legs. “You’re already sopping wet, so just stand still.”

“No!” I clamped my legs shut and straightened up. “What if my friends come down?”

“Then we’ll give them a little show. I’m sure they don’t mind.”

I shuddered with need at the thought of Jody and Alice watching me being taken by Professor H. He kissed my neck as his hands roved over my body, pinching my nipples hard. Gasping I allowed him to bend me down over the table again. He spread my legs and then I felt his cock at my entrance. With one swift push he was inside me.

My pussy was still sensitive from the pounding I had received last night and I groaned as his thick shaft stretched me wide. He started fucking me with short, fast strokes, rubbing my G-spot with each thrust.

It felt too good, I knew I couldn’t hold off my orgasm for long. Combined with the element of risk that my friends could come down any minute, I felt my climax build quickly.

He could feel it too. “That’s it, Zoe. Come on my thick cock.”

Groaning, I gave into everything, letting the pleasure wash over me and push me close to the edge. My pussy hummed around his cock, pulsing and pulling him deeper inside me. I loved this–being taken hard and quick. I love how Professor H used me for his pleasure, but making sure I came as well. I bucked my hips against him, urging him deeper inside me. He took the hit and, grabbing my hips, thrust deeper into me. I wanted it to last longer, but I was incapable of holding out. With a deep moan, I came, my pussy convulsing around his thick, hot cock.

Without giving me time to come down from my orgasm, he pulled out of me and turned me around.

Smiling he bent down and kissed me. “Good girl. Wasn’t that nice?”

Confused, I blinked up at him. “What about you?”

He winked. “You have two friends upstairs. Can’t keep them waiting, can I?”

Turning around, he left the kitchen, his cock still hard. It took me a moment to catch his drift, then I hurried after him on wobbly legs.

“Professor, you can’t do that!”

He didn’t even pause. “Why not? I know they want me, so why not give them that?”

Grabbing his arm, I forced him to stop. “What about Mrs H?”

“What about her?”
”Wouldn’t she be mad?”

He frowned. “Why would she? She’d be delighted to hear I fucked three young women. And believe me, your friends will completely understand why you stay here once they’ve had me.”

I wasn’t sure if he was really that arrogant or whether he just wanted to shock me. But he had a point. Both Alice and Jody were jealous of me, and had been lamenting their lack of great sex. Why should I keep the professor all to myself? If Mrs H was fine with sharing him, who was I to keep him?

“Give me five minutes to see if they are up for this,” I pleaded. “I don’t want them to feel awkward.”

He looked down on me with a kind smile. “You’re a good friend. Okay, prepare them for what’s coming.”

That wasn’t exactly what I had asked for, but I didn’t waste any time. Pushing past him, I ran up the stairs to my bedroom. As I burst in, I skidded to a halt. Jody and Alice were entwined on the bed, their pussies rubbing each other. They looked up when I came in, and grinned.

“Come join us. You haven’t even had anything yet.”

Alice held her hand out to me. “If only the professor could join us too.”

I found my voice. “He will. He’s coming up the stairs right now.”

The look on their faces was priceless. Alice scrambled up and shrieked. “I can’t let him see me naked!”

Jody gave her a withering stare. “Don’t be silly. If you want to have sex with him, he’s bound to see you naked.”

Alice bit her lip, and I started to feel bad for her. “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to. You can just watch.”

She looked up with excitement in her eyes. “Really?”

I wasn’t sure that was what Professor H had in mind, but I wasn’t going to force my friends into doing something they didn’t want to. Not that I thought the professor would actually do that either. He was far too nice for that.

“I’m game.” Jody grinned. “He can take me any way he wants.”

“Okay. Alice, sit on the chair there and put on some clothes if you don’t want to be naked. Jody and I will be on the bed.”

Alice got up from the bed and hesitated. She looked back at me and Jody on our backs on the bed, our legs spread. I was excited to share Professor H with my friends. I couldn’t wait for Jody to experience the same mind-blowing orgasms as me.

Alice’s face was a picture of indecision as she looked from the bed to the chair. “Maybe I’ll join too…”

In one fluid motion, Jody sat up and grabbed Alice, pulling her onto the bed. “Of course you’ll join. You’ll never forgive yourself if you didn’t. Come on, a chance like this doesn’t happen every day.”

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