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You lie there on the bed, nude your sexy body completely bared. A silk scarf covers your eyes acting like a blindfold, as your arms are suspended above you and handcuffed to the railing of the bed. Your legs are spread wide and scarves matching that of the one covering your eyes secure your ankles to the bedposts. You lay there nervous yet aroused. Your nipples stand up in the cool air that carries throughout the bedroom.

You feel the weight upon the bed as I move over to you, leaning down over your nude body and I lay a soft kiss upon your lips before whispering in your ear to enjoy. The next sensation sends a shock through your body as a single ice cube slowly runs down across your neck, only to be followed by my warm lips. Kissing your soft skin I let the ice cube trail lower, across your collar bone and in between your breasts. My kisses not far behind. Seeing you breathing a bit harder now and listening to your soft whimpers as I tease you I slowly circle your left breast with the ice cube, leaving a trail of water as it melts against your hot skin. I watch as your nipple grows harder as the ice cube approaches. Lightly running the ice cube around the outside of your nipple I hear you gasp out in shock and in pleasure as the cold sensation and bring the ice up and over the very tip of your nipple, then pulling it away my lips set down upon your chilled breast, İstanbul Escort and my tongue runs over your stiff nipple. Circling it and rubbing it with the warmth of my tongue. Your breathing becomes a bit more ragged as I suck upon you for a moment before moving to your right breast. Running the ice cube up over it like with the left one. To once again let my lips and tongue warm the chilled nipple.

I let the ice cube lay between your cleavage for a moment before sliding it downwards to run across your body, Melting upon your stomach completely as small streams of water run across it. My tongue slowly then runs up over your stomach, licking your soft skin and the water off of it. Taking another ice cube I move lower tracing it along your panty line and then softly blowing on your skin as I trail the ice cube with my lips, before slowly sliding the ice cube down over your soft outer lips. Your body jerks at first and then I hear you moan and watch you squirm as I run the ice cube down across your outer lips, seeing them grow red and tight, swelling with arousal. I lean down and let my breath ease across you pussy lips before letting my tongue slide across you as light as a feather. You moan and beg me to fuck you but I’m far from finished.

Parting your lips gently I see that you have already grown wet due to my teasing, and lets my tongue slide Anadolu Yakası Escort up and over your clit, circling the tip of it. You begin to moan more and push your hips upwards to meet my lips wanting, needing more. I then take that same ice cube and slide it up and over your inner lips, watching it melt quickly against your hot inner lips, the last of the cold ice running up and over your clit. I can feel you shaking and moaning loudly now as your clit sticks out for me to see, my tongue plays lightly with it keeping you from cumming just yet. Then taking another bit of ice I run it over your clit first and down across your pussy lips before pushing it past your lips and within you, letting the ice cool off your hot sex. You moan and squirm as I Do this, fighting against the bonds that restrain you, moaning. I then lean down and begin to run my tongue along your inner lips, pushing it within you and licking you as the ice melts, my tongue warm and hot against your chilled pussy. My tongue darts in and out of you until I feel you push up tightly and hear you moan deeply. My lips are rewarded with your juices, licking you I run my tongue over your lips drawing your nectar into my mouth.

Taking then another ice cube I run it over your steaming hot pussy, teasing you once more as I move upwards and kiss your stomach, I take the ice cube and I push Üsküdar Escort it into you again, letting it chill you once more but before it melts completely within you I follow it with my manhood. Raising your hips I slowly push myself into you, allowing you to feel the hotness of my cock and the coldness of the ice cub at the same time. Resting within you for a moment I slowly begin to slide myself in and out of you. Long, slow, and deeply I push my cock into you, thrusting slowly as more of a torture of pleasure. Forcing your next climax to build rather then come onrushing in. You pull at your bindings as you try to fuck me faster. Needing more then what im giving you. Yet I hold back only to heighten it all.

After the ice has completely melted and your moans have grown into pleas of need do I begin to move faster. Holding you bound body I begin to slide myself in and out of you faster. I take great pleasure in hearing you moan and pant in desire as I fill you completely. You cry out as you feel a climax rushing onwards and I speed up, driving my cock deeply in and out of you. You don’t scream rather then shake your heard back and forth in a voiceless cry of pleasure. Feeling your body grow tight I push deeply in and out of you, fucking you throughout your climax. Until my own catches up. I hold you close to me as I push in and out of you and moan your name deeply as I arch my back and push within you and cum deep inside of you.

Laying there panting, and covered in a thin layer of sweat I kiss over your body, across your breasts and neck until I find your lips and meet you with a deep and sensual kiss of satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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