Tease Her

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Livy got leapt off her bed when her doorbell rang. She expected her best friend, Grace, to come later, but she didn’t mind. She loved being around Grace. Grace was beautiful, Livy knew that. She only had started to notice recently, though. Grace was a tiny little thing, only standing at 5″3. She was thin with pale, pale skin and small breasts, probably a B cup at most. Her arms and cheeks were spotted with freckles, which to Livy, were adorable. Grace’s hair was at medium length and brown in color, and her eyes were as green as emeralds. Livy especially liked her full lips and round ass, but she’s never say that. Livy herself was taller than Grace, 5″6. Her skin was light in color but not nearly as pale as Grace. Livy’s breasts were alright, about a 34c. She did pride herself in her long, lean legs, though.

Livy opened her door and smiled brightly. “Grace! Come in.”

Grace smiled, her cheeks tinged pink and her freckles especially prominent because of the sunny weather. She entered Livy’s house and started her way to Livy’s bedroom.

“Um, Liv? I have to…ask you something. And it’s weird.” she said, nervously fingering her hair.

“What is it? You can ask me anything, you know that.” Livy responded, peering down at the petite girl.

“Well…I have a date tonight. With Brandon.”

It was no secret that Grace had been crushing on that boy. Though Livy was happy for her friend, it still chipped at her heart. She nodded and urged her to go on.

“And I want to feel…sexy. I want to be completely shaven and smooth and soft for him.”

“Okay, sure. What can I help with?”

Grace was really blushing now. She looked down and said, “I want you to help me, um, shave. Like, down there.”

Livy escort was taken back, to say the least. Her 19 year old best friend wanted her to help her shave her pussy?

“O-oh, right, okay. Um, sure, if you want. I mean- why, though?” Livy stumbled over her words.

“I’m no good at it. I always cut myself or get razor burn, or I miss a spot. I need someone I trust to make sure everything looks…clean.” Grace said, looking at Livy through her eyelashes.

“R-right. Okay. Just let me get a razor…and stuff.” Livy stumbled out of her bedroom, heartbeat skyrocketing and hands shaking. In her bathroom, she grabbed her best razor and shaving lotion, as well as a sweet smelling lotion Grace could borrow later, and a special lotion she liked to put on after shaving to prevent razor burn and itching.

When Livy walked back into her bedroom, she nearly dropped all of the stuff she had. Grace wa standing in a black, see-through bralette with matching, sea-through, lacy panties.

And she was the sexiest thing Livy had ever seen.

“Um, why don’t we lay down a towel and you can lay down, and I can…y’know, shave you?”

“Okay, sounds great.” Grace said with a smile.

Livy spread out a towel and watched as Grace laid on her back, and spread her fucking legs. Livy’s knees almost gave out. She leaned down and swallowed, nervous hands reaching out to pull Grace’s pantries down and off her body. She looked at the girl with adoration, she was perfect. Grace was pale, so pale. she had trimmed her pubes down but you could tell it wasn’t shave. Livy almost gasped out loud when she noticed that Grace was…wet. Glistening and beautiful, Livy wanted to touch her. But she held back. She decided that with his golden bursa eve gelen escort opportunity, she could do some teasing.

So, Livy grasped the cup of warm water and started to pour it over Grace’s pussy, and pass sure the stream of water hit directly on her clit. Grace squirmed a little and but her lip, trying not to moan. Livy held back her smirk and squirted a pump of shaving lotion onto her fingers. She got right to work, ever so gently massaging the lotion over the head of her pussy, and slowly went down to her lips, her fingers gently stroking the sensitive lips.

Grace’s lips twitched and Livy nearly cried. She was ticklish. This was heaven.

“Little ticklish?” Livy teased.

Grace sucked in a breath, “A-a little.”

Livy wiped her fingers on the towel and took the razor in her hands and started to shave the hair away, it didn’t take long. Once she was shaved, she poured clean water over her pussy, once again hitting her clit perfectly. This time, Grace let out a tiny whimper. Livy’s pussy throbbed.

Livy was most excited for the next step. She pumped a small amount of the vagina-safe lotion (AN: I have no fucking idea if vag safe lotion exists, pls just pretend it does lol) onto her fingers and started to very, very gently massage it onto the skin of her pussy. Livy started with the top, making sure to be gentle and teasing. Grace’s breathing had gone up and her eyes were closed, and her limbs her fighting to stay still. Livy moved down and started to gently massage her pussy lips, her fingers gently skidding over the sensitive lips. Grace gasped, biting her lip to keep from laughing or moaning.

Livy was having too much fun to stop görükle escort now. Although the lotion was fully massaged, she couldn’t stop. She traced her fingers over the ticklish pussy lips, daring to go lower, almost at her ass. Grace was giggling now, trying so hard to stay still. Livy moved her gentle tickling fingers up to her hip bones and Grace’s hips bucked, giggling harder.

Livy ticked just gently over her tummy before moving up. Livy startled Grace, reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. Grace’s pupils were dilated and she bit her lip, daring Livy with her eyes to continue. Livy did, she skidded her fingertips over the small, perky breasts, watching as Grace giggled. she tickled her nails over the erect nipples, and Grace squealed, arching her back.


Livy leaned back, halting the tickling. She raised a brow. “Ticklish nips?”

“Keep going. Please, keep going. I need it. Tickle me as long as you want. I need it.”

Livy did. she used her pointer fingers to tickle the nipples relentlessly, loving the giggles and squirms she got from Grace. She eventually moved down and ran her finger tips over her rips and tummy once again, but decided she needed to explore the ticklish pussy.

Livy used her nails to gently tickle the lips of Grace’s pussy and she started to really laugh, squirming and arching her back. Livy was in heaven. she tickled everywhere she could in the girls pussy, exploiting the most sensitive areas. Finally, she stopped and pressed her finger tip as gently as she could to Grace’s clit. Grace arched her back and moaned.

“Please, Livy. Please.”

Livy gently rubbed the clit, as softly as possible. She teased it and prodded at it, until finally she started to rub it hard and fast. When Grace came, Livy stopped and just watched the beautiful sight unfold. She gasped and arched her back,

her hands bunched on the towel. She moaned and fell back into the towel and stared at Livy.

“I don’t think I’m going to go out with Brandon anymore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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