Teasing Her

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“Wanna smell like a girl?” she had asked – her way of suggesting that we share a bubble bath together. I had of course agreed, always eager to spend some quiet time alone with her, banishing all thoughts of classes and research from my conscious mind.

I sat back in the tub as she leaned back against my chest, her head resting peacefully upon my shoulder. We had been in the bathtub for so long that the strawberry scent had disappeared, and all but a scant few of the many pink-tinted bubbles had dissipated. The water was not cold by any means, but certainly was no longer hot, yet it did not matter to either of us as I gently manipulated a firm breast, causing our quiet conversation about our college professors to lapse once again.

Without warning, the lights went out. With the lack of windows and the bathroom door closed, we were fully in the dark, suddenly unable to see anything.

“I wonder what happened…” she said quietly.

I shrugged, which jostled her head a little. “It doesn’t matter,” I responded. “I don’t need to be able to see you to explore you.”

Her giggle was exactly what I had hoped to hear. “How about exploring inside me for a while?” she suggested.

I kissed her cheek in the darkness. “Your wish is my command.”

She giggled briefly, then fell silent as my hands meandered down her toned torso. Purposely, I spent escort mecidiyeköy time gently rubbing my fingertips across her clitoris before descending even further down her torso, causing her to whimper and writhe.

“Please…” she begged softly as my fingertips gently stroked alongside her succulent labia.

But I wanted to tease her. “‘Please’ what?”

“Please finger me…”

“But I am fingering you.”

“No, inside me.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Please…” Her voice was becoming breathier, and I was definitely enjoying the way her lower body slid across my hardened sex. She lifted a hand to my cheek, caressing me gently.

“I don’t get it… Should I finger your asshole?”

“No!” she exclaimed quickly, and I laughed softly at her rapid reaction. “Put your fingers inside my…”

“Inside your what?”

Even without light, I knew she was starting to blush. Due to the way she had been raised, it was rather difficult, mentally uncomfortable, for her to swear or to talk dirty. It took nearly two full years just for her to become accustomed to using the word “finger” as anything other than a synonym for “digit.”

“Inside my body…”

“Oh? In your mouth? Up your nose? Up your asshole again?”

“No!” she squealed, the sound turning into a long moan as I shot a hand back up bayan escort her body to roughly seize a breast. My other hand moved upward as well, just enough to again stroke her clitoris, and the moan grew in both volume and length.

“I love hearing that sound,” I said directly into her ear, stroking her clitoris a little more firmly. She made that sound again and again and again, giving me a “radio show” of sorts in the darkened bathroom.

“Don’t stop!” she whispered breathily. So, I did, and her frustrated groan was classic.

“Do you like it when I tease you like this?” I taunted her, and she simply whined.

Trying my best to ignore my erection, I brought my hands up to her chest, seizing each breast and squeezing a bit roughly. But as soon as I sensed that she was fingering herself, I released her firm breasts and grabbed her hands, pulling them away from her wet sex and up out of the cool bath water. “You’re mean!” she protested, whining like a little girl about to throw a temper tantrum. She struggled nicely, splashing the bath water with her efforts, trying to extricate her wrists from my strong grasp, but she was unable to accomplish her goal and finally just slumped back against my chest again, breathing a bit heavily and certainly resigned to being teased and frustrated mercilessly for quite some time.

For perhaps five minutes, bayrampaşa escort bayan I alternated between deftly brushing my fingers against her pulsing sex and holding her hands so that she could not touch herself. With each passing moment, her sounds of frustration became louder and louder, her need becoming more and more primal. I was definitely enjoying myself, teasing her without mercy, causing her to writhe against me.

“Please!” she practically screamed at last in the darkness. “Please fuck me with your fingers!”

That was exactly what I had wanted to hear. She cried out as I quickly jabbed two digits inside her hot body and began to give her exactly what she had begged to receive. My free arm was across her chest, holding her tightly to me as her hands wrapped around my arm.

My fingers moved rapidly inside her, giving her exactly what she wanted. The sounds spewing from her lips did not soften in volume, but they were certainly as unintelligible as my own handwriting. I did not relent until she finally pushed my hand away from between her thighs and slumped against me, spent and satisfied, the smile upon her face practically audible.

“It may be a day early,” I whispered into her ear, “but consider that just the first part of your birthday present, princess.”

She laughed weakly, still attempting to regain her breath. My own arousal was almost painful, throbbing against her and demanding attention. But I tried to ignore it as much as possible, for this was about her, the smart, beautiful student who had captivated my heart and who occasionally deserved a good teasing before an even greater climax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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