Teddy and Her Brother Don

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Just so you know–No Anal, no cruelty, no oversize equipment, birth control used by all if needed.


I answered my phone to find that it was my sister was on the other end. After a long period of little or no contact our phone calls to each other had turned into an almost a daily event.

“Brother dear, now that I’ve become smart enough to find the Internet and beginning to learn my way around, I have a question.”

“Yea Teddy. Go ahead.” My sister’s name is Theodora but she became Teddy in her first few weeks of life.

“OK. Don,” Teddy hesitated for a moment then continued. “how do I find the good stuff?”

“What good stuff?” I asked . I knew what she wanted to know. We had once been very open about things sexual but I now I wanted her to ask. I didn’t want to jump the gun. After all we hadn’t seen very much of each other for the last ten or twelve years.

“Well. You know. The sex stuff. Pictures and dirty stories and videos. Well you know. Do I have to spell it out ‘damnit’. The porn!”

I teased her along for a bit. Then I gave her detailed instruction on how to reach what I thought were the best picture sites, the best chat sites, and of course Literotica. The conversation did get a little strained at that point and rapidly ended with her “Thanks bro.”

I was kind of busy at work so didn’t get much time to contemplate that situation much for a couple of weeks until Teddy brought it up again.

Perhaps I should pause a moment to introduce ourselves. I am Don. I was at that point 44 years young. I am a self employed consulting engineer whose income comes from providing expertise in the area of mechanical systems. When my service is needed it is usually an emergency that’s holding back a plants production. Since I’m good and I’m quick my hourly rate is very high. I make a good living.

A few years back my wife attracted the attention of one of my very rich customers who is also a well known stud. Of course she is now my ex. They are now often seen in news pics. Our daughter who has just finished college still keeps a room here but shows up infrequently.

I am just under six feet tall, in good health, in reasonably good shape, prematurely gray and have all my teeth. I swim a lot but otherwise don’t do much exercise.

My sister Teddy is two years younger. She was, at the time of this story just coming back from her own tragedy whereby her husband and only lover ever, had deserted her to join a male only commune.

She was an attractive 5’6″ red head who enjoyed swimming 20 laps a day in a local Olympic size pool.

While we are both trim and Teddy is certainly nicely rounded neither of us have dimensions that are above the norm.

Her twin sons are in college on track and swimming scholarships and are seldom home either. We had discussed moving in together to save her money. She was a newly appointed store manager of a woman’s clothing chain store and didn’t make big money yet.

Since my house build during my ex-wife’s attempt to spend all my income had ten rooms I added and subtracted a few rooms and created space for her and for my nephews to use when they were so inclined.

A couple of weeks after the above conversation I was reading one of Teddy’s frequent and newsy E-mail’s and was brought up short by her PS which read something like this.

“By the way, thanks for the hot internet places. I love them all and they add a lot to my frequent DIY sessions. Those keep me home and safe. I have become real fond of LITEROTICA but I refuse to tell you which category receives most of my attention.

I didn’t tell her that I was a frequent contributor but did wonder if she happened to read and enjoyed any of my stuff. Some day, I thought I might reveal that fact but if I did I certainly would never admit that two out of three of my forty plus stories dealt with incest, usually between siblings. Most of the rest were Lesbian or Masturbation stories.

About a week later there was another interesting PS. This time she asked. “Ever read ‘Cousin-Barb’? She writes masturbation stories. Very exciting. There is a scene in one that really brought back a great but long suppressed memory.”

I was dying to know more but didn’t dare ask. I was beginning to sense possibilities of this new avenue to our relationship. But I didn’t want to spook my sister. “She started it.” I thought out loud. “Let her set the pace. At least for now.”

Then one day after a few more weeks of give and take the phone rang. I answered to hear tuzla escort Teddy say. “Hey brother dear. What’s with you. ‘No sense. No feeling’?”

“Exactly what are you talking about Teddy. What did I do wrong now?”

“I guess I’m to subtle at times so let me ask you straight out. How is your sex life?

The fact that she would ask that question at that moment had forbidden images flashing through my mind. I fought them down at least part way and my erection subsided

“Not to great, from your comments I assume that your’s isn’t either. Right?”

“Not great either. Can’t seem to find the right partner.”

“So. What is it you are looking for anyhow. You are so attractive that you should have your pick.”

“Truth known, I think I’m looking for someone exactly like you but who isn’t in my blood line.”

That certainly got me going again but I decided to play dumb. I knew where I hoped this was going but if I was wrong I didn’t want to be totally embarrassed.

“I don’t quite understand. Enlighten me.?”

“Well dummy. I’m trying to move our relationship to a new level and I’m getting zero cooperation from you. I pass comments or ask sex questions all I get is an politically correct answer or silence. I never get anything back from you. What is it? Do I offend you? After all we are all grown up now and everything.”

Was she saying that she wanted sex with me? Was I willing? Sure I was. Almost without thinking I took the plunge.

“Teddy! If you want to talk sex, I’m your man. You want sex whether it be e-mail sex, IM sex, chat sex, phone sex, or real sex, I’m your man. But if you want any of those things don’t make statements like you just did. OK?”

My sister was quiet for what seemed like a long time. Finally she began to speak.

“Wow, you really let me know where you stand. Thanks. I asked for it. I really needed to know before I made a total fool of myself. So since you made your feeling known here is where I’m at. Sexy e-mail? Yes, the more the better. Maybe some IM sex then after that some phone sex.

“The real thing? Do I want? To be honest I’ve been thinking along those lines but I’m not quite ready to make that decision. OK?”

“OK. Definitely OK. I’ll tell you what. How about an e-mail to start with where you tell me about the most exciting things you’ve come across on the net. Maybe a couple of your favorite pictures too.”

“I’ll do it. I know how to save pics. I have about fifteen or so. How do I send them?”

I gave her the necessary instructions and she tried sending me one as I guided her thru the procedure. I couldn’t wait to see what it would be. I ran upstairs to my computer booted it up and got to my e-mail as fast as I could.

The picture downloaded at an agonizingly slow pace. I had to walk away to keep from banging the computer with my hand. When I came back it was a picture of a girl with two fingers inside of her apparently masturbating. Judging by the expression on her face she was totally enjoying the experience.

Teddy’s e-mail was terse and to the point. “The expression tells all.” was her only comment. Then there was a PS. “Your turn.”

I quickly found a picture of a guy flat on his back with his cum in an ellipse from his cock tip to his chest.

Within minutes I received another e-mail with this comment. “Loved it. Thanks. It’s in the printer. Will take it to bed with me. I’m sure it will help with …………”

Over the next few days the picture exchange continued. Each time I sent one I would envision Teddy’s erotic reaction. That would invoke a hardening of my prick. Each time one came in I would picture my sister’s excitement as she picked it out and again I would be hard.

That continued until I was comfortable with the idea of giving Teddy access to the pics I had stored on my Yahoo Pictures site. There were about 150 gleaned from many sources. Thinned down again and again as I added new and deleted others to keep the count level.

I gave her instructions as to how to access them. That was about 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon. At about 11:00 PM I was about to pull the covers over me when the phone rang.

“Don. Do me a favor please. Turn off the lights and lie down in your bed. Naked please. I want to tell you something first then I want some phone sex. OK?”

Since all I had to do was turn off the light I was quickly in position.

“I’m ready Teddy, your move.”

“Oh Don. By the time I worked my way thru all those pics I was a just a horny and quivering tuzla escort bayan but very lonely mass of desire. I wanted to masturbate so badly but I held myself back. I wanted you to join me when I did. I’m starting to finger myself now. Just hold yourself and listen to me. Please.”

I simply said. “OK”

“I’m sliding two fingers up and down between my pussy lips. It’s so wet in there and so slippery every little touch makes me tingle. I expect to come any moment now. I wanted to share the experience with you.”

I was doing more than just holding my cock by then. I was stroking hard and fast. If Teddy were really close to coming then we were close to coming together because I was instantly full hard and quickly very near my own orgasm.

Then in my ear piece I heard. “I’m coming, I’m coming. Come with me bro, please come too.”

I did.

I was still in a bit of a daze a few minutes later when I heard my sister say.

“Don. Don please come down here. Right now. Please Don.”

Teddy lived two exits down the Interstate from me. A normal 15-20 minute drive. I was dressed and there in twelve minutes. Her door was unlocked and she was just exactly as I had pictured her being as I made my lustful ride.

She was in her bed, the covers pulled away, she was naked, her legs were spread, she had two fingers sliding rapidly in and out of her cunt. Her fingers were wet as was the inside of her thighs

I was stripped and between her thighs in what must have been an all time record. I fumbled a bit getting my cock inside of her so my sister pushed my hand away, grabbed my hard member and guided it into position quickly.

We thrust toward each other and just that quick I slid deep inside of her incredible cunt. I was so far in that I could go no deeper. What an incredible feeling it was. Teddy grabbed my ass cheeks and held me tight preventing me from moving as we both enjoyed the moment to the fullest.

Teddy’s vagina was holding my rock hard penis tightly as we stayed in our non moving position. Occasionally my penis would twitch or Teddy’s vaginal muscle would involuntarily tighten for an instant. After a few such events each one produced an body movement in one or the other of us. After several of these movements Teddy whispered.

“Don, darling brother, I think it’s about time that we actually begin to fuck.”

With that we started that most pleasant of all dances, a good old fashion fuck session. It took only seconds to establish our rhythm. Then we were moving such our organs in and out with such erotic movements that it seemed as if we had been practicing this dance forever.

Teddy had a way of tightening her muscles around my cock at the instant when it was ready to begin it’s outward motion. The effect was to make me feel as if she was milking it. Well it worked.

That quick I came like a fire hose. My cum shot into her in what seemed like an almost unprecedented amount. I came and came. I came so much that my cum flowed back over my cock and began to leaking. Teddy meanwhile began her orgasm with a whole bunch of what she described later as mini orgasms as she was holding me still inside of her.

Then she exploded. As she came, her in and out movements were such that my dick even though hard again was close to falling at times and at other times it’s tip was deep into her cunt. Most would describe it as HARD fucking.

As she came down from her orgasmistic high we collapsed into each other’s arms, rolling over on our sides still coupled and breathing heavily.

“Oh God Don, thanks, I really needed that.” Said my sister. “Thanks for getting here so quickly. Thank you too for not coming too quickly after you got here.”

“My pleasure I assure you. Question please.” I said. “Teddy. Why the hell did we wait so long? I’ve wanted you for a very long time but I was afraid to let you know.”

“There’s plenty of that blame to share. I’ve wanted you ever since I knew that there was wanting. I guess I was 14 or so when it started. I used to try to see you naked. I never did though. I did pay close attention when you wore those close fitting racing trunks when you were on the swim team.

“There was a time there when you were fucking me every night,” Teddy continued. “even if you didn’t know it. I’d come and then come again. Sometimes so hard I was afraid that you would hear my bed moving about. None though compared with the real thing.”

“You’ve got that right. I must have shot a quart of cum into you in my imagination sometimes escort tuzla in your pussy sometimes, after I was aware of such things, into your mouth. Of course it ended up in my hand or on my belly or on my chest when I really could get into it. I guarantee none were better than the real thing.”

“In my fantasies it ended up all over my tits, at least most of it did. Sometimes it landed against my red hot pussy as I held it open with my fingers. Those were my two favorite fantasies. Both of us masturbating together then you coming all over me or against my hot pussy.”

By then I had recovered and the idea of real mutual masturbation struck a cord in me.

“I’m ready. You game?”

My sister said “Yes!” almost before I had finished speaking.

“How and where?”

“My fantasy was almost always of you kneeling between my legs and me half lying back on pillows at the head of the bed. OK?”

I was so excited and horny that I could only croak out my answer.


It took us no time at all to get ourselves in position. It took me no time at all to begin to stroke my very hard, hard-on. Teddy got herself into position and comfortable. She then spread her legs wide before using her left hand to spread her vulva.

It was rosy and glistening with her juices as she too the middle finger of her right hand and began to run it slowly from her cunt opening to her clit then lift it and do it again. Needless to say I was instantly much harder.

“When you are going to come I want you to get real close to my pussy and soak it with your cum. Please!”

In truth I was already close to coming then Teddy put about two thirds of her finger into her cunt before starting to fuck herself with it. Soon it was accompanied by another finger as her hand became a blur very much as my hand was at that moment.

Then my balls signaled their intention to let their treasure go. I quickly bent forward as my sister lifted her butt. Just as my cockhead came close to Teddy’s exposed pussy it began to discharge it’s load.

My cum did soak her bare pussy held opened and accessible by her fingers. It also soaked those fingers and as I pointed it upward her belly along with some even ending up on her nipple and her lips. My reward for that last bit was to watch her sweep it into her mouth while giving me a mischievous grin.

Somehow that got us laughing after which we cleaned up our mess and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was about 10:00AM when I was awakened by the sound of the bedside phone. A few minutes later Teddy appeared at the door wearing a fluffy terry cloth robe and said.

“Speak with your daughter. I told her that you had stopped by and was still here. We had a nice talk.”

My daughter spent most of our conversation complaining about her mother. I paid little attention. Then she offered up that she had a job but needed some extra money to get moved and settled in. Naturally I said yes, after all what else are father’s for.

After hanging up Teddy offered brunch. As we ate she made it clear that there was only her under that robe and that she still had sex on her mind. After a very brief shower my freshly cleansed body was lying next to my sister’s recently showered body in the middle of her bed.

My head was toward the foot of the bed while my sister’s was toward the headboard as we began to kiss and lick those parts of other’s body which were within reach. It became a very enjoyable exercise.

After a few minutes my sister planted a big juicy kiss in the middle of my abdomen.

“Is that where you want my mouth?” She asked.

“No.” I answered as I licked her inner thigh. “Is that where you want my tongue?”

“No!” Teddy waited a moment then added. “You know where it goes.”

Well you can imagine the dialog as we teased each other for a few minutes before putting her mouth and my tongue each where the other desired. Soon I was licking my sister into and being sucked almost into a state of oblivion.

Teddy used her mouth at times just as she die her cunt. Sometimes her mouth and tongue were teasing at other times she was doing the milking bit. I could feel the cum building up within me. As it did I became amazed at my capacity for recovery. It reminded me of my mid-teen years.

Pretty soon I had come and Teddy had swallowed then Teddy had come and my face was wet from the fluids of her excitement. Later we showered together, freshened the bed, fucked and slept.

We have since happened across an oversized River Front House. We are converting it into a duplex for those times when one or the other of us has company. Meanwhile the layout is such that either bedroom can be easily reached by the other should a need or want be felt.

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