Teen painting

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It was the summer holidays, and I had the house to myself for a couple of weeks. We were painting my mothers bedroom, and stopped to take a break. We went downstairs to wash the paint brushes and rollers and started slapping the brushes off each other. I hit him, he hits me, we end up falling over each other. On the ground, he has me straddled under him, we tickle each other, until we stop. We look at each other, I pull his face towards mine. We kiss. It’s a short kiss, but boy, I want more. We part lips for another look, only to be broken by him pulling me towards him. We kiss again, this time we are passionate. We start feeling each other, searching with our hands.
I stop to ask if he wants to go inside. With a devilish look in his eyes, he gets off me, and pulls me after him. We make it to the back door, he turns around and we kiss some more. He wraps his legs around me, I heave him up, leaning him against my hardening penis, I can feel his youthful manhood press against my stomach as we kiss. I push the back door open, and carry Him inside, he releases his grip around my neck and sets down on his own two feet. With one smooth yank, he peels my tshirt off revealing my twinkish like body as we make it through the utility. At the utility room door, I cleanly swipe his tshirt off, revealing his young, devilishly attractive, slender body. We aim for the stairs, I start pulling at his track suit bottoms, I pull the elastic cord, and as he clears his shoes, his pants drop revealing his colourful undies, and athletic legs. He removes my belt, and opens the buttons to my jeans, they start to fall, I loose my shoes, I push the jeans down all the way. Esenyurt Escort We are at the stairs, both of us in our undies, kissing madly. We pause, for just enough time for us to race up the stairs to my bedroom.
We start kissing again. I lie down on the bed, pulling him on top of me.
I spread my legs, as he settles in between them, we grind our hips against each other. Oh boy, I want him. I pull him tight against me, my hands wandering all over his body. I stop on top of his undies, feeling his firm buttocks, feeling the movement as he thrusts vigorously against me. I slip my hands into his undies, feeling every little dimple on his perfectly shaped buttocks. He is propping himself up with one elbow, his other hand is feeling my body, moving downwards. I can’t take anymore. I slowly remove his undies. He lifts his body as I uncover his 6″, 1″ thick penis. It waves around, with precum dripping onto my Abdomen. His undies are gone. He is naked. He steps back as he swiftly removes mine revealing my pulsing 6″ member. We are naked. I want him and I want him now. I’m very close though, I pull on his penis, oh joy. He says he is close, I say me too. He smiles as he picks up my penis and starts pulling. Faster and faster, we erupt more or less at the same time. I am covered in cum. I don’t care, I grab my undies and clean it off.
Once again, I pull him towards me. I guide his cum covered penis towards my anus, it tickles, it’s wetness slapping clumsily against me. I push myself against his penis, it gently pushes in, little by little. He pushes himself in, slowly pulls out, thrusting a little more each time. I am in heaven. Escort Bayan I pull him all into me, he sighs, once again telling me he is close, I smile, pull him towards me for a kiss, as I tell him to orgasm when he wants. We start moving, all too quickly, I too am close, Diarmuids penis hits against my prostate and I am over the edge, it tickles, the sensation is wonderous as I start to empty once again, but he can’t stop, he is passed the point of return, and starts thrusting wildly as he empties into me. We collapse, panting, I gently start to move again – I want more, I am mad for sex with this absolute hunk of a boy. He thrusts, they are getting stable, and measured, as he learns about sex. We kiss the whole time as he slowly works us up once again. It takes longer, we have time to explore each other, to feel, to see, all the while building towards another energetic eruption.
We stop for a moment, he collapses beside me, he is exhausted, but I still want more, my penis, even after 3 eruptions, is as erect as it was climbing up the stairs. I roll over onto him, as I gently start easing his semi erect penis to full erection. He moans with the hypersensitivity of having just climaxed 3 times. I start thrusting against him, slowly, gently. I turn him over, face down, I climb over him, kissing him all the while. I thrust between his buttocks, feeling his anal hair tickle my penis head. I start to guide myself into his anus, I roll my foreskin back and guide the head into his anus, I gently thrust in and out a few times, acclimatising to the glorious feeling. I push a little further each time, until he raises his buttocks, and istanbul Escort takes my whole penis. I can feel it pulsating inside him, and I never want it to end. I ease myself over him, there is no space between our bodies, I am in as far as I can be. I won’t last long – the excitement overcomes me, and I buck my hips against his, every pulse emptying me more. He jokes that I am like a teenager. I reach around to his penis and start pulling at it, it tickles at first, but in conjunction with my gently bucking inside him, I work him up to climax. He empties onto the bed. I don’t care – I still want more, I want every drop of goodness I can get, and that is what I am going to get. We kiss, as our bodies relax, him acclimatising to having my penis in his anus. We gently start moving again, this time I take my time. I feel his anus pulsing around my penis, and it’s a huge turn on. I start thrusting more, I move us so that we are now dogging. I lean back as I watch my penis disappear and reappear in his anus. I start moaning and panting with the build up. I want to keep going, so I pull out, turn him around, I can see his face now, as I re-enter him we kiss, we kiss like it is going out of fashion. I am starting to go crazy as he moans, he tells me my penis is going to make him climax, I am urged on, I watch as his face contorts in ways that should not be possible, he is close, but I want to orgasm at the same time so I change my positioning slightly, it allows me to work up my orgasm, and when I do, I move again, working both of us up. We are so close, we kiss, deep breathing from me, moaning from him, he says he’s going to climax, me too, I say, I keep thrusting, his legs tighten around my hips, I can’t see it but I can feel his orgasm on my penis, it sends me overboard, and I empty into him, I keep thrusting, with each thrust we are a little more spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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