Teen Teasing with Her Panties Ch. 02

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(Chapter 2 gets kinkier, with a lot of ass play and some new friends.)


Weeks went by, and Amy was nowhere to be seen, by me at least. Her panties kept me amused, and of course I thought about her all the time. In a moment of sanity I’d thrown her phone number away, but there were days when I regretted that decision.

Then, out of the blue, there she was. I was driving home from work and stopped for gas. As I hung up the pump, a little yellow VW convertible bug pulled up on the other side. “Mr. Hale!” I heard the teenager sing out. Around the gas pump danced my fantasy girl, short plaid skirt, white blouse, white sneakers and lacy white socks.

She jumped up and wrapped her body around me, I looked around quickly, but she grasped my face and gave me a quick kiss. “I’ve kinda missed you,” her voice lowered, “and I’m pretty sure you’ve missed me too.” She wiggled against me, searching for the evidence, and was rewarded with an instantaneous reaction as her perfume invaded my libido and I hardened against her. “Yeah, thought so.” Her dark eyes bored into mine from inches away. “I thought you were gonna call, help me with my homework.”

“Sorry, Amy. I thought it might not be a good idea, you know..”

“No,” she smiled, “tell me why helping me study in my bedroom wouldn’t be a reeal good idea.” She wiggled against my cock for emphasis. “I have sooo much homework!”

I was speechless, I leaned closer to her, my cock now bulging the front of my shorts, but she pulled away. “I tell you what, leave your car here, and we’ll go in mine.” She jumped down and returned to her car to pump the gas. I stood there, torn between desire and common sense, until she asked me firmly, “I’m almost done here, you coming or not?” Then she flipped up the front of her skirt, just for a second, giving me a quick flash of her panties. Baby blue, shiny satin, covering that pretty treasure.

I had the car parked in seconds, and she pulled up next to me, laughing with that cute high school girl lilt as I jumped in. “This is gonna be so much fun!”

As we drove down the residential street, towards her home I guess, Amy chatted away about nothing. She was so carefree and beautiful, her hair, ungathered, floating in the wind, one knee up showing that amazing smooth tan skin of her thigh. She caught me looking, and stopped her conversation. “Getting distracted, are we?” She lifted her skirt higher, revealing the blue fabric. “I bet you remember what these smell like, don’t you?”

She reached over and squeezed my cock. “Yup, I bet you do,” she giggled. We came to a red light, and she looked at me over her sunglasses. Then lifting her ass off the seat, she reached under her skirt, and slowly tugged the sides of her panties down. As they passed under her ass, she sat back down and lifted her thighs, then lowered them to just above her knees, and left them there. “Ooh, I hope I don’t get my seat all wet!” she whined as she wiggled her naked ass back and forth.

Her expression got more serious. “Your turn.”


She pointedly looked at my crotch. “Lets go, I want it out.”

I sat there for a few seconds. “I’m not asking,” she said sharply.

This was a turning point for this whole relationship. The teasing funny teen was now using her powers in a manipulative authoritative manner, and I would look back to this moment as a new and dangerous beginning.

I slowly unbuttoned my shorts, and unzipped them, watching her for a sign that this was just a joke. It didn’t come. I pulled down my shorts, my cock making a huge tent in my jockeys. She reached over and slipped her little hand through the slot, giving me a squeeze. Then she grabbed the cloth and pulled, ripping the shorts wide open. Now my cock stood unencumbered, jutting up in the sunshine.

“That’s better,” she smiled. She patted the head, squeezed it with her nails and it leapt with the stimulation. “I like the way you stay hard for me.”

A few blocks further on, Amy slowed the car. On the sidewalk was a cute blonde in her cheerleader uniform. “Chloe!” Amy called. The blonde turned and waved with a smile, “Hey girl!”

I instinctively covered my cock, but Amy slapped my arm. “No way, mister.” I pulled it away, hoping she’d drive quickly by.

But Amy didn’t drive by at all, she pulled to the curb! “Leave it there,” she warned sternly.

Chloe jogged over to the VW, “what’s up girlfriend?” Then she noticed my cock, still waving in the breeze. Her eyes widened, and she covered her mouth. I don’t know why, but I noticed her nails were perfectly manicured, pink and white. “Ohmygod Amy!” she squealed. “OH MY GOD!”

Amy laughed, and gave me another squeeze. “This is Mr. Hale, Joey’s dad. He’s gonna help me do my homework!”

Chloe just stood silently, looking from my cock to Amy and back.

“Hey, wanna come over?” Amy asked the blonde. “It’ll be fun!”

Chloe took a minute to respond, but a smile crept across her beautiful face, and she dropped her hand. “Ok.”

I was still kind of in a daze over the whole situation, Amy reached over me and unlatched the door, her arm dragging over my cock as she did. I bahis firmaları leaned forward and Chloe climbed in the back, and we headed down the street.

Chloe leaned over the front seat as we pulled away from the curb, I could smell her flowery perfume, her long blonde locks flew all around my head. “So, what’s the deal, Amy? How come he’s got his cock all out in the breeze? Oh, nice panties btw!”

Amy giggled and leaned over to pulled her panties down to her ankles. “Get those for me,” she said, without looking at me. As I leaned over to manipulate her panties over her sneakers, she replied to her friend in the back seat. “Oh, you know, I just like to have boys do whatever I want. It’s the most fun to play with older guys, they get so hard and want this young tight pussy sooo bad!” Then back to me, “How do I smell today, Mr. Hale?”

I could feel Chloe’s eyes on me as I took a deep sniff of the heavenly garment. “You smell lovely, Amy.”

“Tell Chloe how much you love smelling my panties.”

Before I could say a word, a dainty little hand dropped on my shoulder. Pinched in the thumb and index finger was a gorgeous white thong, just a little yellow stain in the crotch. “Smell my panties, Mr. Hale! I bet I smell just as sweet as Amy’s pussy!” She brought her hand to my face and smothered my mouth and nose with her undies. And she was right, oh my god she smelled heavenly.

“Yeah, I know!” she continued with Amy. “I had my history teacher, Mr. Mullin, almost crying for it the other day when I went to see him after school. So what are we gonna do with him?”

Amy thought for a second, “Not sure, but I don’t think he’s ever gonna forget today.”

I was starting to wonder if this was the best decision I’d ever made, but now I felt like I was in too deep, and was along for the ride. These teenagers, riding panty-less in their little skirts, owned me.

Amy pulled into her driveway, and the girls hopped out of the car on her side. I sat, kind of waiting for direction, and got it. “C’mon, lets go in.”

I grabbed my shorts and followed awkwardly, hoping no neighbors were witnessing this humiliation. The girls ran up the steps, their sweet little teenage asses bouncing their skirts up, revealing snow-white flesh. They ran inside, but when I went to open the door, the screen was locked. They stood on the other side, giggling and pointing at my cock, not so hard now. “Oh my god, Mom, there’s a perverted guy at the door!” yelled Amy.

I panicked, and almost ran for the car, but she opened the door, “just kidding!”

I followed them into the kitchen where Amy asked us if we wanted something to drink. She opened the fridge and bent over to grab some bottles of water off of the bottom shelf. Her skirt rose slowly, revealing more and more of those flawless thighs. She turned and smiled, catching my stare, then bent even farther, until the thighs swelled into her creamy white ass, the dark valley of her sex slowly revealed, wisps of dark hair hanging in the pronounced gap between her upper thighs.

Chloe giggled, and I followed her eyes to my cock, standing proud now in the torn boxers. She walked over and her expression became stern. “You are bad to be looking at a young girl’s pussy like that.” She spanked my cock three times, and it just got fatter and darker with bloodflow. “Turn around.” I did as she commanded, Amy grabbed my wrists, placing my hands on the corner of the island and holding them there. I felt Chloe’s hands slide up the legs of my boxers, teasing my ass with her thumbs. Suddenly she yanked them down and tore them completely off of me. I stood in just a t-shirt now.

A sharp crack and I winced as she smacked my ass, then 2 more followed. She laughed with delight, “Look, Amy, you can see my handprint on his butt!”

Amy peeked around and laughed, “Yeah, and he’s still got a hard-on!”

As I stared into her smiling face, I felt a light tickle under my scrotum, and Chloe’s fingers began to caress all around the base of my cock. My eyes closed, and I felt involuntary jerks from my lower body from the incredible tease.

Then she reached between my legs and her little fist wrapped around the base of my cock. She stroked slowly all the way, squeezing tightly, until her hand just touched the rim. Amy’s eyes widened, “Holy Shit! Look at all that cum!” Pre-cum was just flowing out of the tip, the result of her milking me. Chloe’s hand traveled up over the head now, covering my cock and her hand in lubrication. I started fucking her fist, needing to cum after a half hour of stimulation.

“Not so fast. Tell me what you’ve been doing with my pink thong, have you been sniffing it, thinking about my pussy?”

“I have.”

“And what do you think about when you smell my stinky underpants? Do you think about licking between my legs? Do you think about what it would feel like to stick your penis in my brand new pussy? Maybe you think about my butthole?”

“I dream about you every day.”

“Do you know I’m a virgin? Do you think a virgin’s pussy tastes sweeter than other girls?” She let go of my wrists now, and began to unbutton her blouse. Folding it open, her kaçak iddaa little titties stood proudly in a thin white bra, her nipples were tiny, but hard and red. Chloe had released my cock, and now pulled my t-shirt off. I stood, completely naked in a high school girl’s kitchen.

“Where’s your mom, Amy?” I wondered suddenly.

She smiled, dropped her blouse to the island, and popped the clasp on her bra. “Why, do you want to fuck my mommy, Mr. Hale? Or maybe you want to sneak into her hamper and smell her panties too?”

Now she began to undo her skirt, and I held my breath. She teased it down, one side then the other, down, back up, and pulled it down to show just the crack of her ass. “Ooh, would you help me pull my skirt off? My butt’s just so fat!” She turned around, leaning on a barstool, and I stepped behind her. My cock protruded out and up, and as I squatted down, it left a trail of slime down her back.

I reached out and gripped her skirt by the bottom, and slowly tugged it down over her bottom. The smell of her, her pussy, her ass, her perfume, overwhelmed me for a second. “Kiss her ass,” Chloe commanded softly. I leaned into her and lightly kissed it. Smooth and hard, I kissed all around her left cheek, then over to the right. From behind, Chloe grasped my head and pushed my face into her friend’s crack.

Amy bent over, and her cheeks spread apart, revealing all the beauty of her juicy slit, and her perfect little anus, tight and pink. “Kiss her ass,” Chloe insisted, pushing harder. “Lick her butthole.”

I didn’t hesitate to please my tormenter. I lightly blew across the little ridges, then barely touched the tip of my tongue to her. She jerked with the contact, and I slowly began to lick softly around her core, working towards the middle. Her hips shuddered in my hands, and she moaned out, “oh my god, yes,” as I began to drag my tongue up and down across her hole.

I moved my hands to inside her cheeks and spread them wide. Her tight pucker opened just a little, and I sharpened my tongue to enter her. Once inside, I curled my tongue and flicked the opening, feeling her jerk with the movement.

I slid my hand down and traced the back of her hairy little pussy with my thumb, then pressed forward and in until it was buried in her, and hooked it forward to rub the wall beneath her tummy.

Amy got more vocal now, moaning and humming, and I intensified my attack. After just a couple minutes, I was rewarded with her perfect ass shoved back and grinding on my face as she began to orgasm. “Yeah, yeah, just like that, ooooh yeah! Oh god, I’m coming, I’M COMING!!” she squealed. She jack-hammered her hips as the orgasm overtook her, still moaning and grunting. I moved my knuckle to her clit, which was just a little pea surrounded by soaked lips, and lightly dragged across it. That prolonged her cumming, and I kissed and licked her from as far into her cunt as I could reach all the way back up to her clenching butthole. Her pussy was so wet and sweet, everything I’d dreamed. My face was covered with her, and I sucked and licked until she could stand no more. Her ass moved from me and she turned and sat on the stool, panting and looking happily surprised.

“Wow. That was… Wow. Thank you so much.” I approached her and she kissed me sweetly and deeply, leaving her face shiny with her juices. “I swear I’m giving you my panties every day if you do that for me.”

“It’s not your panties I want, little girl. I want what’s in them.”

A sudden spank from behind reminded us of Chloe. We both turned to her, she had unbuttoned her blouse and removed her skirt. She looked amazing, nice soft breasts with round bumps for nipples hiding in her lacy white bra. Her pussy, almost hairless, but with a few days of stubble decorating her. “I have a little homework of my own, Mister Hale.” She swiped a finger between her labia and brought a wet finger to my lips, then wiped it back and forth. Her other hand did the same but smeared her lube on the head of my cock. It sure didn’t need it, it was soaked with its own secretions.

“I bet I can fit this whole thing inside me,” Chloe boasted, pinching the shaft with wet fingers. She moved closer, her hand held it against her tummy, she licked my neck and sucked it lightly. Then she squeezed me hard and dug her thumbnail in just below the crown. It was incredibly painful, but almost made me cum. “Wanna find out?”

Amy had picked up all of the clothes from the kitchen and headed down the hallway to her room. Chloe took me by the cock and led me after her. As we turned into the bedroom, Amy dove onto her queen bed, her ass shining with my saliva and her legs held apart to show the treat between. Chloe let go of me, popped off her bra, and jumped onto her friend, tickling her under her armpits, and both exploded into giggles and fits of laughter as they squirmed naked on the bed. I froze the scene in my mind, aware that I may never see one more enticing; Chloe’s soft breasts pressed against the tiny brunette, Amy’s perfect ass snug between Chloe’s legs, both wriggling against each other.

I didn’t know what my role was with these two, but I really didn’t care. kaçak bahis I dove into the fun, burying my face in Chloe’s fleshy cheeks. I reached around to hold her to Amy, settling my open palms on Amy’s little breasts, feeling her pencil-eraser nipples digging into them. I knew that nothing would ever smell quite as amazing as what I’d sampled with my face up Amy’s ass, but I was wrong. Chloe’s scent was visceral, it reached the core of my lust. Her perfume was designed to harden cocks, her pussy was as fresh as herbal shampoo, and her ass had enough of a sharp tang to destroy me.

With my first lick, Chloe opened like a flower. Her knees spread as wide as her lithe cheerleader body allowed, her pussy opened to my attention, and her anus drew me in like a beacon. Obviously she was into the whole anal play, judging by her directing me between Amy’s cheeks earlier, so I gave her the same attention. It was even more of a turn-on with her writhing on her playmate, their legs and little feet thrashing around me on the bed. I was sucking her little starfish, pinching Amy’s nipples, and holding their naked teenage bodies together.

Chloe dragged her knees under her now to raise her ass and turned to me, “Oh yeah, lick me there in my dirty hole. I’m such a bad girl, Oh shit.” She buried her forehead on Amy’s back and humped back against my face. I licked a wide stroke from as far down between her thighs as I could reach, digging deep into that sweet teen cunt, and was rewarded with a tongue full of her syrup, which I carried up over her perineum, and to her sweet butthole, where I forced my tongue into her, and pursed my lips against her to inject it into her ass. I brought my left hand around to press her cheek away, opening up her crack and brought my thumb into play, easing it inside her as my tongue withdrew.

Now I wrapped my right arm around Chloe and raised her up off of Amy. She knelt on the mattress between Amy’s legs, and Amy escaped and turned to face us. I kissed her neck and shoulder as I slowly thumb-fucked her little cheerleader ass and molested her breasts, pinching and pulling her fat nipples. She was panting and humping hard against me, my cock was smashed into her left cheek. Amy rolled off her bed and came up behind us, caressing my ass with one hand and then reached up under me to play between my legs. I couldn’t last much longer, and she spanked me hard. “Don’t cum yet.” She ordered. “I’ll tell you when.”

“Amy,” Chloe gasped, “put him inside me.”

“Baby, you’re a virgin.”

“Put him in my butt. I want him to cum in me, pleeease?” she bucked harder against me and reached around to grab my cock. “Oh, yeah, put it in my butt, please? You can cum in my butt.”

She began to rub the head between her cheeks as I withdrew my thumb. Her anus clenched around my thumb and snapped shut, but she forced her ass against me hard and escaped my embrace to lower her head to the mattress. Holding me tightly, she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her crack, softening up her slick brown hole, and begged me, “Pleeease, please put it in me.” As her tight ridged entrance centered on my cock, she pressed back hard and I watched it ease open against the invading blunt object.

Her response was low and almost guttural, “Oh god yeah, fuck me there.” I watched almost as a spectator as her beautiful ass swallowed me a millimeter at a time. “Oh fuck, oh my fucking god. That is so fucking… ohmygod.” She stopped her insertion of me, but now I was overcome with the need, and pressed against her. She began to sob, “Oh, stop. Please stop. I’m so full. Oh fucking god.” Still I eased inside her. She collapsed to the bed, trying to escape the relentless invasion, but I followed her, and held her by the hips as I completed my drive. My thighs met her ass, my cock was deep inside her bowels. I just held there, and suddenly she was contracting in waves, as though she was giving me a handjob with her entire body. She grunted with pain/pleasure as her tract rippled up and down my cock, and I was beyond control. I tried to pull back, but was unable to stop my self from driving back into her, rewarded with a gasp as I drove the air from her lungs. At the same time, Amy began to massage my ass, her fingers meeting in the center, stroking below my cock, up to my own entrance.

“Oh my god Chloe, here I cum baby. Oh god.” I felt the unstoppable eruption as my load travelled up through me and into this teen beauty who I’d never met until an hour ago. I shoved hard against her ass, squirting my cum so deep inside her, I threw my head back and saw stars, the hour of teasing all culminating in a mind-blowing orgasm, even as Amy pressed a finger just below my asshole, intensifying it even more. Chloe was sobbing now, her body shuddering with her release as she orgasmed with me. I collapsed on her back, my hand drove under her to thrum her clit, intensifying the clenching of her around my cock. I couldn’t count the spasms of release, I just know that I’d never cum that hard or that long. My muscles finally relaxed, and I lay draped over her trim body, my cock still impaling her ass, now full of my seed. Her mouth, her swollen lips, hung open. A thick drool eased from her onto the bedspread, she looked like she was asleep. Then a slow smile spread across her face. “You want to get that thing out of my ass now, Mr. Hale, or are you gonna spend the night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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