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This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it.

If this is illegal wherever you are reading this stop now.

* * * * *

I was on one of my regular Friday night sales trips out of state. This trip however turned out to be a most memorable one. After my normal sales meeting I generally book a motel room for the night before I begin the long ride home the next morning. This trip started out normal, had my meeting for the day, and I checked into my room.

After dinner I took a shower and planned to relax on the bed for the evening and watch a movie. I checked out the movies on the motel listing deciding on an X-rated adult film. I had everything set, programmed the television for the right movie and turned down the bed. I was rather surprised when I pulled the cover off to see no sheet on the bed. I was a little disturbed about it and called to the main desk. Of course they said a maid would be right there to rectify the problem. So, I quickly got dressed and waited for her.

A few minutes later, a knock came at my door, and I let the maid in. This incredibly beautiful young girl strolled in. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old. She apologized for the missing sheets and remade the whole bed as I watched and stared at her admiring her attractive features.

As she continued in her process of fixing the bed, she kept glancing at the television. Then I realized what I had on. More and more she glanced at the screen. I felt a little uncomfortable so I had to say something.

“Does that bother you? I’m sorry. Let me turn it off.” I said.

“No, that’s all right.” She replied in a half whisper preoccupied watching the t.v screen. “I’ve just never seen anything like that before.”

I just sat there letting her finish the bed. Still she watched the sexual activities going on in the movie. When she finished with the sheets she then sat on the edge of the bed just watching with an amazed look on her face. The movie had the usual fucking and sucking that was going on.

“You’re welcome to stay and watch if you want.” I couldn’t believe I said that. This girl was just a kid. A great looking one, but still she was a very young girl.

“Can I?” she answered. “I’m off work now and could stay awhile. My name is Marlee.”

“Hi, Marlee,” I said. “It’s okay with me. And you really haven’t seen any movies like this.”

“No, I haven’t. Some of my girlfriends told me about some they’ve seen. We all wonder what having sex would be like. She’s really enjoying herself, isn’t she?” Marlee remarked, pointing to the television.

We chatted for a while and watched the movie at the same time. Marlee was eighteen years old working as a maid at the motel for a few hours a day after school and on weekends. Obviously she was a virgin and just recently developing a strong curiosity about sex from listening to her friends. Many of her girlfriends already had boyfriends and had some sexual experience. Now it seemed, Marlee was curious and wanted to know what it was all about, especially now, seeing it right in front of her.

She had an incredible body for eighteen. Marlee’s straight reddish brown hair hung part way down her back and it flowed so nicely down the sides of her cheeks. She has the cutest young innocent looking face sprinkled with just a few freckles. anadolu yakası escort Her facial beauty is accented even more by what I guessed to be 36″ well developed firm breasts under her blouse. And her small 5’5″ frame was already developing nicely with perfectly curved hips. And her legs were a work of art all the way from her feet up to her tight compact rear end. Everything about her was perfection.

As she continued watching, Marlee was actually getting excited by what she saw. She was fidgeting on the bed, rubbing her hands on her thighs through her slacks and talking softly to herself about the scenes she watched. I was getting aroused myself just from watching Marlee.

“Would you try some of that with me?” She blurted out.

I almost fell off the chair when Marlee popped that question. “You’re only eighteen,” I stammered.

“It’s okay. I want to. No one will know. Please I want to know what it feels like.”

This was beyond belief. A gorgeous eighteen year old girl begging me to have sex with her. I thought about it a while and sat on the bed next to her. I couldn’t resist this gorgeous creature. Besides, I may never have an opportunity like this again. How many times do you get the chance to have a beautiful virgin ask to get laid, and an eighteen-year-old one at that?

I reached to her resting my hand on her leg. Marlee took that as my answer because she began unbuttoning her blouse. She was nervous and fumbled allot with the buttons, but she got it off driven by the sexual intensity building within her. She was really getting hot. Then she stood up pulling her slacks off her legs. She was gorgeous. Her smooth white legs were perfect and she hardly needed that bra to hold those firm ripe breasts. She looked at me, smiled, and slipped her bra straps over her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor. I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful tits. Her young pink nipples were so large and soft. I cupped them in my hands and leaned to kiss this beautiful young creature that was offering her body to me. Marlee responded kissing me back with her soft sweet lips. Seconds later our tongues met. I caressed her breasts and felt her nipples begin to grow hard. Her kissing became more intense releasing some of the pent up sexual hunger built up in this young girl. She began responding more and more with a lust and desire of an experienced young woman rather than the virgin teenager she was.

My hand went between her legs stroking her slit through her panties as I laid her back on the bed. I stroked her with my fingers causing a low soft moaning to emerge from her. She was totally lost in her new found feelings. I grabbed her panties pulling them off her beautiful body. As she lay there on the bed looking so gorgeous I spread her legs wide opening her up to me. I was amazed how Marlee let me control her. I massaged her slit repeatedly opening the folds of her young pussy. Marlee was becoming so wet from my stimulation of her young cunt.

As she lay on the bed I forced her legs open wider exposing her completely to me. She sure was a beautiful sight lying there spread open, with her eyes closed and allowing my touch of her private areas. I crawled between her legs preparing to get a taste of her. I placed both hands on either side of her inner thighs, spread her pussy open with my fingers and atalar escort licked her young pink cunt. She let out a long deep moan. I thought perhaps I made her orgasm already, but she just continued moaning as I licked her.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Sooooo good. It’s so good.”

I licked into her hole deeper tasting all her fresh juices flowing from her. What a tasty delight she was for me. I couldn’t get enough and from her reactions neither could Marlee. She was moaning loudly now as I pushed my tongue further and further inside her hot hole and occasionally flicked it across her clit.

I knelt up between Marlee’s legs and took my hard cock in hand positioning it on her pussy. I wiped it up and down her slit picking up her juices on my cock. I let the folds of her cunt lips wrap around the head of my cock and wiggled it in the entrance of her hole. “Are you ready for me, Marlee?” I asked. “Yes”, she said softly. “Go ahead, put it in me.” I pushed gently to enter her cunt and felt the resistance of her virginity. Marlee tightened with the pressure on her. Then I pushed with a little more force and my cock sunk into her. Marlee was experiencing her first cock. I felt honored to be the first to fuck this darling young girl.

A sigh of relief escaped from her lips followed by a quiet moan as my eight-inch cock penetrated her cunt. I pushed into her completely feeling the tightness of her hole on my cock all the way in her. Her young eighteen-year cunt wrapped around my stiff cock like a glove. I left it buried in her for what seemed like minutes as we kissed. Then I started slowly and carefully pumping her in and out. Fucking Marlee’s virgin hole was the most heavenly feeling I’ve ever had. She was so tight, so wet, so hot. I fucked her for a good ten minutes when she tensed her body, tightened her cunt more around my cock, and wrapped her arms around me pulling me toward her. Marlee went off into an orgasm like no woman I’ve seen. She cried out to me continually, “Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! It feels so good. It feels so good.” I let her enjoy the tremendous feeling that took over her body until it gradually subsided. Then I carefully withdrew my hard cock from her dripping slit.

“Marlee,” I asked. “Remember what you saw on the movie? The girl took his cock in her mouth? Would you do that to me?”

“Oh yes. Of course I will,” she replied. You made me feel so good I want to do the same for you.”

Marlee got up off the bed kneeling on the floor waiting for me to sit in front of her like she saw in the porno flick. I sat on the edge of the bed just looking into her pretty eyes. She stroked my cock gently and I thought I’d blow my load right in her face. Just watching her and knowing this sexy little teenage beauty kneeling between my legs was going to suck me off was almost more than I could stand. Then she leaned forward touching her lips to the head of my cock. Then with her tongue she touched the tip of my cock before giving a light little lick across it. She looked right into my eyes as she put my cockhead between her lips. My hard shaft stiffened even more seeing her sweet lips wrapped around it. After a moment I felt her tongue lick over me inside her mouth. A smile came to her face and I new she liked what she was doing. She withdrew it momentarily then slid my cock across her lips again taking more inside her mouth. ataşehir escort She took about five inches and slid it back out. Then she continued with her mouth and hand giving me the most sensational blowjob of my life. I just watched and enjoyed Marlee sucking me in and out. Now and then she would lick the underside of my cock with her tongue when I was inside her mouth.

She had me so aroused I knew it wouldn’t be long until I shot my load. I placed my hands on either side of her face. She just looked into my eyes again and kept sucking me. I guided her gorgeous redhead back and forth on my cock fucking her mouth. After only another minute of feeling that warm mouth on my cock, I was ready to explode. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I looked down at Marlee saying, “I’m going to cum now, Marlee.” I know she didn’t know what to expect or what it would feel like. So, I grabbed my cock from her mouth and said, “just keep your mouth open.” No sooner did I get those words out and a blast of thick sperm shot from me into Marlee’s mouth. It gathered in a big pool on the middle of her tongue. Marlee was good though, she kept her mouth open. Another stream of hot cream jetted from me into her mouth. Then I moved my cock acrossed her upper lip depositing a thick white thread of sticky cum. It coated her lip and dripped down into her open mouth. Another spurt quickly followed and splashed on her right cheek leaving it speckled with gobs and spots of my cream. My cock was still throbbing hard when yet another strong spurt fell in a giant glob on her bottom lip falling partially in her mouth and the rest down her chin. My orgasm started easing, but my cock still throbbed and cum shot in little squirts spraying across her face. After that what little I had left just dribbled from me running all over her face and in her mouth.

Marlee, unsure what really to do with so much cum on her face, closed and opened her mouth a few times to kind of getting a feel of the sticky sperm. The strands of cum stuck to the insides of her mouth and lips creating a cum-web in her mouth and from her top and bottom lips. She gingerly licked at it with her tongue a little afraid to taste it, and mouthed the sperm some more. I rubbed my cock on her lips and over her face smearing the sperm around. “Try tasting it,” I said. She looked at me again not knowing if that was something she should do. Even though there was a lot of cum all over her face, her mouth had a big pool of my jism on her tongue and hanging from the roof of her mouth. It wasn’t like she could take just a little taste to see what it was like. She was going to have to either spit it out or swallow the whole load of my hot spunk. I guess after giving it some thought she decided. Marlee closed her eyes, like the shy innocent schoolgirl she was, and swallowed. Then she opened her mouth showing me that my cum was gone.

“It was okay,” she said. “It didn’t taste that bad.”

“It’s really slimy. I kind of like it.”

With that response, I moved my cock closer to her mouth again letting Marlee lick the remaining cum from the end of my cock. I lay down close to her watching as she licked her top lip trying to get the remains of sperm. I helped her by scraping it up with my finger and collected most of what I sprayed on her cheeks. Willingly Marlee ate every bit of cum that I fed to her.

We lay there for awhile on the bed talking. Marlee told me how good she felt and how happy she was that we made love even after being so scared at first. She eventually said she had to go. I helped her clean up her face and hair so there would be no obvious sign of what we did. She got dressed and we kissed goodbye. How would I ever forget this amazing young teenager?

* * * * *

Marlee returns in “Teenage Maid Returns”

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