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Big Tits

Tess and Marie rented the motel room and settled in to wait, watching a rerun of M*A*S*H. Marie, thirty-two but looking younger, wore her golden hair in long curls. She lay back on the bed, absent-mindedly smoking a menthol cigarette and sipping sherry. She wore skin-tight jeans that accentuated her best feature, her round hips and full bottom, and a checkered blouse, with two buttons undone, revealing the top of a simple white brassiere and the cleavage of her high-set apple-sized breasts.

Tess sat bolt upright in a chair, visibly tense, and watched the show with almost exaggerated concentration, as if trying to shut something out of her mind.

She was a slight, brown-haired woman in her late twenties, very white, with a small, thin mouth, small chin, narrow shoulders, and long, delicate hands. She seemed to have almost no breasts at all. A high- collared white silk blouse and long blue skirt combined with her tightly wound bun and conspicuous lack of makeup to give the effect of a Protestant upbringing.

The contrast between the two was remarkable. Jobs as secretaries in the same office was, in fact, about all that they had in common.

At about seven Walt and I arrived with a grocery sack. Marie greeted us cheerfully, stubbed out the end of her smoke, and bounced over to check out the contents of the sack. Tess studiously watched the television. “Oooh, nice!” said Marie, lifting out several short lengths of black velvet rope. “These will do nicely. And this,” she added, lifting out a pink strap-on dildo, “is very nice. Don’t you think so, Tess?” Tess actually stole a glance from the corner of her eye, but quickly ducked her head, and I could see a bit of a blush around her ear.

Marie reached for the control box and switched off the TV. “Thank you, dear boys, for bringing these along. You are always so helpful. The reason I asked you to meet us here tonight, is that dear Tess here has made a contract which she must fulfill–isn’t that right, Tess?” Tess, looking at the floor, gave a slight nod.

Marie put her arms across my shoulders and laced her fingers together. “And you are the very men I thought of to help fulfill the contract. Tess, here, has been making the office very unhappy with her stuck-up ways, and we all think she needs a little retraining. But there’s been no opportunity till now; and now she owes a very large sum for some financial assistance we in the pool gave her with her poor wayward brother, and we all agreed to forego repayment if she’d agree to a little –umm– humiliation.”

Tess crossed her arms and looked up at me for the first time. Her brown eyes looked like those of a frightened deer. I found this very attractive, and I felt a warm stirring in my crotch.

Marie looked down at Tess understandingly. “They’re all right, Tess. Clean and gentlemanly, not too much into pain and never leave marks. You all know the rules. No one talks but me, and we all do exactly whatever I say.”

Marie leaned across to Walt, and I felt the pressure of her breasts against my chest. She turned her pale, slightly freckled face up to his, which was the deep, almost purplish brown of a proud and unmixed African heritage, and put her hand on the back of his head, pulling him into a deep, tongue-tasting kiss.

The throbbing bump in the front of my trousers was pressed against her lower belly, and she did a slow grind with her hips that made me think I might come in my pants. I wrapped my arms around her back, snuggling her body in close against mine, and we all fell across the bed, with Marie on top of me. Marie raised herself up with her hands on the bed on either side of me, and I reached up to touch the curve of her right breast. Walt did the same with her left, squeezing gently. She laughed and backed away, standing up. “Slow down, dear boys, I’m not even the main course. Make yourselves comfortable right there.”

I sat up and settled back against the headboard with a couple of pillows behind me, wondering what would happen next. Marie poured a glass of sherry and handed it to me. I sipped, and watched as she poured another glass for Walt. “Tess here is so religious. Doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t chase boys — or girls — votes pro-life, goes to church all the time — not that she’s a virgin, mind you. Her straight-laced little husband would die if he knew she were here. Quite the deacon, that one. Only knows one position, and they barely ever touch each other, right, Tessie?”

Tess, who was sitting facing the blank television screen with her hands demurely folded in her lap, looked up at Marie almost angrily. Then, as though resigning herself to her fate, slowly swept her quiet eyes over Walt and me, and nodded.

Marie stepped back over to the bed. “Well, gentlemen, why don’t you both stand up and I’ll help you out of your clothes, and you can show Miss Priss here what a white knight and a black knight look like with their pricks standing straight out Maltepe Türbanlı Escort in front of them, hmm?” We needed no further urging. Walt and I stood in front of the now wide-eyed Tess as Marie busied herself about us, removing shirts, pants, jockey shorts, and the like, making a neat pile which she carried over to one corner.

Tess’s eyes went to Walt, and I must confess mine did as well. Walt is tall and wide-shouldered, with a salt-and pepper goatee, extremely dark skin, as I said before, and has kindly but penetrating eyes. His hips are narrow for his build, but his penis is disproportionately large – not in width, but in length, like a black snake. Unlike mine, his is not circumcised, and it hung at a downward angle, like a naked tail with puckered skin at the tip, ten inches at least. Walt’s one affectation is shaving his crotch, and no hair at all impeded our view of his deep sac, with one testicle hanging unbelievably lower than the other.

Tess had clearly never seen anything like it, and seemed visibly shaken. She crossed her arms and seemed to hug herself apprehensively. My own rather run-of-the-mill prong was thumping away, veins engorged, and I ached for relief–but I knew that Marie’s ideas ran to long, excruciating foreplay, and that I would have to wait–and that the wait would probably be worth every minute.

Tess now looked me over, and I could see in her eyes what I already knew: I am a balding, slightly pudgy and pale middle-aged bureaucrat of middle height and strength, nowhere as interesting as Walt, but I’m told, by Marie and others like her, that I have redeeming qualities, especially in the clit-tongueing department. This gives me a certain confidence, and I could see that Tess was woman enough to sense it. Whatever it was these two females had in mind, we were probably the right men for the job.

Marie returned and picked up the velvet ropes. “Now, gentlemen, we will tie up Miss Priss here in a vulnerable position. Walt, please get one of those pillows here, and put it on the floor here–Tess, stand up. Bud, turn the chair around, please. Now, Tess, kick off your shoes and kneel on the pillow. That’s right, just put your feet back under the chair; Bud, push the chair back up against Tess’s back, gently. Good, now, Walt, tie this around her right wrist, and pass it around the chair and Bud will do her left wrist, and I’ll go around and tie her ankles to the chair legs. Put your arms back, Tess.” Tess meekly did as she was told, and was soon securely trussed in an upright kneeling posture.

Marie knelt on the chair and deftly removed the pins from Tess’s bun; the hair caught the light as it fell, a rich brown. With a couple of hair ties Marie quickly did up the hair into a pony tail to keep it out of Tess’s face. All this while Walt and I stood around in front of Tess, who was eyeball-to-balls with our straining dongs and unable to move away, if that’s what she would have done. She was mouth-breathing in little panicky gasps, and her slight bosom rose and fell with her rapid, shallow breaths.

Marie, still playing with the ponytail, leaned over her shoulder and checked her out. “Oh dear, Miss Priss is getting nervous. She needs a drink to calm down. Bud, can you get her a glass of something?” I stepped over to the table and found a bottle of sherry, a bottle of amaretto brandy, and a six-pack of beer. I chose the amaretto, poured a fairly large amount into a wine glass, and walked over to Tess.

Marie stepped around and sat on the bed, and began unbuttoning her blouse. She continued to give out orders, and now her voice began to get husky. “Since you gentlemen are making her nervous, why don’t you both get down on her level for awhile.” We knelt in front of the slim Tess. “Now, Bud, give her the drink, and make sure she gets most of it.” I held the glass to Tess’s lips. She would have backed her head away, but the chair back was right behind it; she considered turning her head, but a glance at Marie made her changed her mind. She inclined her head and tried to sip a little from the glass, but I kept tipping it up, and to keep the brandy from escaping round the corners of her mouth and ruining her blouse, she began to swallow the amaretto as fast as she could manage. My hand began to tremble, and I raised the glass faster, watching in fascination as the richly-colored amaretto ran down her small chin and dripped onto the white lace-trimmed front of her blouse, just above the slight bumps made by her breasts. Tess flinched, but kept drinking till the glass was empty. As I took it away, she gasped for air, and seemed to hang almost limply in her bonds.

I turned to look at Marie. She had shucked her checkered blouse and raised her arms to flounce her hair, and Walt, who leaned on her knee, was caressing her belly and cupping her breasts, which were still in the bra. Marie shook out her hair and reached down to briefly run her hands over Walt’s large frame, Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort then reached back to unhook her bra. She slipped it off her shoulders, and leaned forward, offering Walt a nipple to suck, which he took greedily. Then, pulling back just in time to control herself (and us), Marie issued new orders. “Could someone get me my cigarettes?” Walt stood up and stepped over to the night table. He returned with the pack of smokes and lighter, tapped out a cigarette and handed it to Marie, who mouthed it and waited for Walt to hold the lighter for her. She took a long drag and blew the smoke toward Tess.

Tess tried to keep a straight face, but quickly gave it up and turned her head away. Marie leaned forward. “No, no, my dear, a contract is a contract. Walt, give the lady a smoke, that’s my good man.” Walt tapped out another cigarette and held it out to Tess’s face. She gingerly took it in her mouth and held it there, making a strange picture of defenselessness, kneeling on the pillow, twisting her wrists in the velvet ropes along the chair arms. I took the lighter from Walt and struck it alight with one hand, turning Tess’s chin toward it with the other, till the end of the cigarette met the flame. She closed her eyes. “Drag on it a little, Miss Priss,” said Marie. Don’t keep the poor gentleman waiting.” The end of the cigarette glowed, and Tess immediately coughed. I took the cigarette from her mouth, and when she had caught her breath, offered it to her again. She made a game try this time, sipping enough smoke into her mouth, and expelling it again, to smoke without choking. I took it from her and tapped it into the nearby ashtray, and gave it to her again.

When about half the cigarette was gone, Marie, who had been fooling about with Walt, put out hers, and allowed Tess’s to be ground out in the ashtray. The room was almost blue with smoke.

Marie stepped over to the table and wriggled out of her jeans. She slipped her panties down over her wide, curvy hips, and dropped them to the floor. Walt stepped up behind her and reached around both sides of her torso, beneath her arms, and gently lifted her white breasts in his large black hands for Tess and me to admire.

Marie picked up the strap-on dildo and began expertly to put it on, with Walt making adjustments at the back. She looked like a hermaphrodite with a permanent erection. “Now we gotta get serious,” she said. “Bud, check out Miss Priss’s bra and see if she’s got any tits.”

I turned to Tess, who was now obviously blushing, and tremblingly fumbled at the brooch that clasped the high collar of her blouse at her throat. The brooch was hard to unclasp, and made trouble, but I soon laid it aside and went to work at the buttons down her front. Pulling the blouse open to the sides, I found a simple white A- cup brassiere with a front hook hidden in a lace rosette. Almost faint with desire, I undid the hook, and two small but clearly very adult breasts popped into my hands. I felt the nipples harden in my sweating palms, and Tess’s rapidly pounding pulse seemed to hammer away in the soft flesh that just filled my cupping hands. Marie stepped up and knelt beside me. “Now, Bud, don’t hog them, we have to share.”

She held her right hand, palm up, in front of Tess’s mouth. “Spit. Spit lots.” Tess obeyed, and, pursing up her lips, spat a tiny puddle of clear liquid into Marie’s hand. A string of spittle ran down her chin. Marie cupped the spit-lubricated palm over Tess’s left breast, and gently caressed her nipple. I held my left hand under Marie’s mouth, and she smiled and spat in it, and I reached across and caressed Tess’s right breast in the same way. Walt knelt behind Marie, and massaged Marie’s more ample breasts from behind. Tess, all this while, tried to hold completely still and unresponsive, but we could all see that somewhere deep inside, a knotted-up pleasure center was coming undone.

“Well Walt,” said Marie huskily, “It’s time to begin.” She disentangled herself and went around behind Tess, kneeling on the chair. She steadied herself with one hand and took a firm grip at the base of Tess’s ponytail with the other. I sat on the bed in the spot with the best possible view.

Walt stood before Tess’s face in all his live-snake-with-balls glory, and, taking hold of his penis at the base, raised it before her now wide-open and somewhat dismayed eyes. Pulling his fingers back down the base of the shaft, he exposed the head of his glans, and gave her a few moments to savor the unique smell. At this moment Marie pulled back the ponytail sharply, causing Tess to gasp — and Walt slipped comfortably into her small mouth in that unguarded moment.

“Now, Miss Priss,” said Marie, leaning down till her breasts brushed the back of Tess’s head, “Do just like I told you back in the car. Don’t try to suck or anything you’ve heard about; just stay loose and wet and let the man do his work, hmm?” Tess managed a Maltepe Ucuz Escort tiny bit of a nod, even with her hair held tight and the long black penis planted three inches into her face.

Walt began to slowly roll his hips. Putting his hands behind his back, he leaned back and moved his pelvis forward, so that the now-glistening shaft of his rod eased deeper into Tess’s mouth. Her lips were tight around him, but I could see that she was holding her teeth out of the way, letting him ride on her tongue and on the saliva that must now be pouring into her full mouth. Walt pumped very slowly, but with a steady rhythm, never going too deep, so as not to choke the totally inexperienced little Baptist, but never slipping all the way out, either.

This went on for what seemed like a very long time, and my eyes began to rove. Marie’s face was flushed, her lips parted, and her nipples, which dangled just above Tess’s head, were distended and full. Sweat beaded across Walt’s shoulders and ran down, pool in the small of his back. Tess’s cheeks alternately puffed and hollowed as the black rod slid in and out through her lips. Sometimes she closed her eyes, and sometimes she looked up at Walt. When she did this it seemed to energize him, and his movements became more rapid.

I leaned forward for a closer look, and at this moment Walt, with a grunt, pulled back and his penis, the reddish-brown end of which rested against Tess’s cheek, seemed to explode. White goop, the consistency of heavy carpenter’s glue, erupted onto her cheek and ran slowly down. Shaking all over, like a thoroughbred at the end of a race, but still in control, Walt aimed at her half-open (and probably numb) mouth, and erupted a second shot into it, and onto her nose and chin as well. A third spurt missed her face and plopped wetly onto her throat, running down between her heaving little breasts, and a fourth hit her in the forehead, and oozed down onto the bridge of her nose. He now pointed back at her small cum-smeared mouth, and gently but insistently wedged back in between her lips, going in about three inches, and stood, with his balls still leaping, the pulsating black shaft apparently still unloading semen inside Tess’s head. A movement of her throat confirmed this, as she was clearly swallowing.

After a long, still moment, Walt slid his saliva-and-semen-slicked meat out of Tess’s mouth and used it to smear gobs of come around on her cheeks. Marie let go of the ponytail and stepped round in front of Tess, and knelt in front of Walt. Caressing his long penis with her right hand, she guided it to her own wide mouth, and took it inside for a few moments, then pulled back her head. Walt’s now somewhat limper organ made a wet plopping sound as it popped out.

Marie smiled. “Well, boys,” she said, almost in a whisper, “That was fun to watch but I feel left out of things. Bud, you lie belly down on the bed here where Miss Priss can see your bottom. Walt, you can rest a bit, but we’ll want you ready to get back in action real soon now. Oh, could you pass me the Vaseline there on the nightstand?” I craned my head around to look at Marie with a raised eyebrow. She raised her arms to flounce her hair, a gesture that made her breasts especially pert, and laughed.

“Now, now, Mr. Bud! Next Wednesday you get to be Master, and I’ll do just as you wish. But fair is fair.” She dipped her fingers in the jar. “After all, you’ve been in my behind, and you seemed to be really enjoying yourself there.” She seemed to be masturbating the dildo, and I knew she was lubricating it for a specific purpose. “Now, Mr. Bud, please turn your head. I embarrass easily when I’m trying something new. Spread your feet a bit, please. Now reach back and spread your cheeks, too, that’s a good lad.” I suddenly felt her cool fingers, liberally laced with the petroleum jelly, between my buttocks, exploring the entrance to my rectum. Marie carefully inserted her middle finger, wiggled it about, and withdrew. I then felt the tip of her lubricated rubber cock nosing its way into my –I’ll admit it– virgin ass. Marie may not have done this before, but she seemed to have some idea–from watching videos? of how to go about it.

The dildo eased its way up into me, not too painfully, giving me a rather full and not unpleasurable sensation, until I could feel Marie’s hips against my buttocks. She began to bump and grind, and I could feel the shaft of the dildo sliding in and out through my distended anus.

I stole a glance at Tess. She hung in harness from the chair, still kneeling on the pillow, staring in mixed revulsion and fascination at the reversed-sex doggie sex proceeding right in front of her eyes. Her blouse had been shoved back, exposing her shoulders and long neck, and her bra straps hung over her upper arms. her chest and belly were fully exposed, and drying semen glittered on her forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, throat, in the valley between her breasts, and in one spot to the right of her navel.

The sight of her watching me being butt-raped by Marie made my dong, which had shrunk when I learned Marie’s intentions, stand to full attention again, and I began to think I might come right there on the bedclothes. At this moment Marie let up her movements and withdrew.

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