Testing Your Limits Ch. 05

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Chapter 5. A visit to the country

This stands alone but the precceeding chapters build to this point.

After meeting you at the restaurant and the spin in the Limo around the M25, you feel you know me now and our relationship has moved on. I am still your master but you know I also have a softer side, more romantic than you expected. Having said that, you also know you will do almost anything I ask….

The next package arrives early on a warm summer’s day. The note says….

“Good Morning, I think it is a nice day for a little trip into the countryside. Please be ready in one hour”.

The package, as usual, contains the clothes you are to wear. A pair of medium height wedge heel sandals and a white button through summer dress and nothing else. You consider what underwear to put on but then realise that is not an option today.

You quickly shower; smoothing the gel into your soft skin, taking extra time with your nipples which extend at your touch. Your hand slides down across your stomach and further across your recently trimmed pubic mound. You twitch as your middle finger ploughs between your wet lower lips and across your clit hood. You can feel the moisture and it is not just from the shower.

A few minutes later you are dried, hair done and minimal make up applied. You take the dress and put your arms through the thin straps. The dress fastens with small buttons up the front. Once secured you step into the shoes and look in the mirror. You have a look of innocence and you chew on your bottom lip as you take in your reflection. The dress is a perfect fit flowing over your amazing curves to stop just above the knee. The neckline is demure with a couple of inches of cleavage on show. The bodice of the frock hugs your sides and with the buttons done up tight your breasts are held firm. The only issue you have is that with the bright sunshine streaming thought the window behind you, you appear to be naked as the silhouette of your sexy body is revealed through the thin fabric.

Before you have a chance to worry you hear the hoot of a car horn outside. You secure the ankle straps of the shoes, pick up your keys and bag and head out of the door……

We drive for a while, having left the main roads, along winding country lanes with the sun flashing through the trees. The roof is down and the wind pulls at your hair and cools your skin making your nipples harden against the material of your dress. We soon arrive at my planned destination. I park in a space between some trees and walk around the front of the car to open the passenger door for you. I can’t help but look as you slide your legs from the car causing your skirt to rise higher up your shapely thighs. Taking your hand I lead you through a group of trees until the landscape opens up onto a large corn field.

I check my bearings and head into the field drawing you behind me. The corn comes to my knees as my faded blue aydınlı escort jeans force a path towards the middle of the field. The straw tickles the lower half of your legs until we reach our final destination.

You smile as you take in the scene. A large blanket has been set on the ground in an area of flattened down straw. A wicker hamper is in one corner with a wine cooler full of ice next to it. I stand close behind you with my hands on your hips, pulling you against me. I move your hair to one side and kiss the back of your neck moving slowly up to just below your ear. I feel you push back against me and love the feel of your body against me.

Reluctantly we part and settle together on the blanket. Opening the hamper I reveal selections of tasty morsels for your delight. Tiny sandwiches with your favourite fillings, veg sticks with tasty dips, prawns, grapes and strawberries. I pour you a glass of chilled white wine and start to feed you the finger food. The light meal only satisfies part of your hunger.

Once we have had our fill we lie back in the sunshine and let the warmth caress our skin.

I undo my white short sleeve shirt and un-tuck it if from my jeans. Your eyes settle on my hard six pack and you run a finger around the defined groove between my stomach muscles.

Taking you in my arms my lips find yours, planting feather like caresses on your mouth before getting more urgent and crushing our lips against our teeth. Our tongues fight each other as we give way to the sexual tension between us. I lower your back to the blanket and my weight pushes down on you. We continue in a passionate kiss for several minutes. Swapping from deep groin clenching kisses to light lip nibbles.

I can only hold back for so long, so move my hand from the side of your face, down your neck to your collar bone which I caress for a few seconds. I kneel up over you, sitting over your thighs but supporting my weight so as not to cause you discomfort. I look deep into your eyes and run a finger down your neck and onto your cleavage until it hits the top button of your dress. I kiss you again popping the top button, quickly I undo the next two. The inner curves of your breasts, are exposed to the sunlight and a warm glow is painted on your skin. I move down so my lips can kiss your neck and lower onto your chest.

My fingers are still busy and more buttons are coming loose. A strip of gorgeous skin is exposed down to your navel. My lips are now planting kisses into your cleavage causing your back to arch. Your breasts pushing skyward forcing the front of your dress further apart till the edges are caught for a brief moment on your hard nipples. I sit back to admire the beautiful image before me. The warm sun on your petty face and breasts exposed for my eyes to feast on. I slide the thin shoulder straps of your dress down your arms making you naked bağdat caddesi escort from the waste up.

Leaning forward again I lick a trail of moisture on each breast in a spiral barely touching each nipple at the end of each trace. There are only five buttons left on the dress which are no resistance to my fingers. I peel back the sides of the skirt like the petals of an exotic flower to reveal your stunning body. I take a few moments to take in the lovely picture before me. Your hands and arms are up above your head, a coy smile on your lips, breasts and nipples awaiting my touch. Your stomach is moving in time to your breathing. My eyes move down to your pubic mound with a few tufts of close trimmed hair signposting the site of my desire. You move a leg slightly letting your knee fall sideways as I watch. My tongue between my lips, as the folds of your delicate pussy begin to peel apart.

I am a weak man and the temptation is too great. I lower my face to plant a kiss an inch above your Vagina. I inhale the sweet, slightly musky aroma and my head spins with desire. My lips print kisses on your inner thighs before I slide my tongue up across your tasty pussy. You jerk your hips in response to the tip of my tongue grazing across your clit. Your eyes are closed but your mouth is slightly open, lips curled into a coy smile. Your arms are raised above your head framing your face as you lie back and enjoy the sensations you are starting to feel. I continue my intimate oral caresses for over half an hour, bringing you closer and closer to a peak before backing off to let you relax for a few seconds. I intend to tease you more before giving you the release you are beginning to crave.

I move away to the picnic bag and pull out a digital camera and take your photograph. You smile at the lens and start to move, adopting a different pose with each click of the shutter. You rise up onto your elbows; lift one knee with a foot on the floor, the other leg straight, tipping your head back to fully expose tor throat, chest and breasts to the sun. A very fine sheen of perspiration has formed on your skin due to the heat and your arousal. Your nipples are hard with the surrounding areola crinkled and yearning to be kissed. Click, Click Click, the camera captures the full glory of your beauty. You laugh, rising elegantly to your feet, the dress discarded on the blanket like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Dressed in only the heeled sandals you walk a few yards into the tall corn. The soft ears at the top of each stem tickle your naked legs and the occasional tuft of oats brush the under curve of your delicious butt cheeks.

You look back over your shoulder, the sun highlights your hair, and I have never seen anyone more desirable than you at that moment. A final image is captured before I take your hand and bring you back to the nest we have bostancı escort created.

To my delight you sink to your knees in front of me. Your French manicure tipped fingers unbuckle my belt and slide the leather from the belt loops. The buttons on my jeans are released one at a time to reveal my trimmed pubic hair, and no underwear. Grasping the waist band you lower the trousers over my hips and down past my knees. My cock is already half hard and your eyes lock onto the head as a small pearl of moisture appears from the slit in the end. Your delicate hand folds around my length and you feel my penis pulse with my hastening heart beat as the blood fills it, increasing its size and hardness. You lower you head forward but keep your eyes fixed on mine. The tip of your pink tongue pokes from between your smiling lips and laps the drop of pre cum from the end of my cock before spreading the moisture around the now rock hard head of my phallus.

With a slight moan you sink your lips down the length of my cock, the gentle hum sending vibrations through my sensitive pleasure nerve endings. Your warm wet mouth feels exquisite and your tongue plays with the ridge on the underside. My hands settle onto your head but I don’t want to control your movement. You amaze me further by sinking lower until your nose pushes into my short pubic hairs and my engorged cock settles against the back of your throat. The sensation is almost too much and reluctantly I move back to leave a thread of your saliva and my pre cum linking my penis to your lower lip.

I kneel down with you and take you in my arms for a deep passionate kiss, our tongues fighting to taste the other. My hand captures your left breast and squeezes the nipple again making you moan out loud with desire.

I am soon laid above you, between your gorgeous legs. Your knees are slightly raised and falling open to each side, opening your pussy in total submission. With a mind of its own my cock homes in on your delicate folds and my body adjusts to slide its length across your clit a few times. I can feel your warmth and wetness. After the briefest of pauses my hips push forward, the head of my member entering you with ease, sliding to its full depth into your welcoming Vagina. I wait a few seconds deep inside you as you get used to the full sensation, before slowly drawing back to leave only the head held tight in your pussy lips. We settle into a slow steady rocking motion with a full stroke every 4 or 5 seconds. We tease each other like this for a few minutes before we can take no more. The rhythm increases, I feel your leg curl around my upper thighs pulling me deeper. The point of our union is an inferno of heat and combined juices.

You are panting now your finger nails clawing at my back. Your eyes fly wide open as your climax hits. Your whole body stiffens and shudders, your mouth opens to let out a gasp and your pussy clamps tight into cock. With a final thrust I impale you completely then jerk as ropes of hot cum splash deep against your cervix.

We collapse into each other’s arms on the blanket, The sun is starting to go down bathing you in its golden glow as we both look into each others eyes without needing any words……….

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