That Brief Encounter Ch. 02

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This is the stories of sexual encounters at some house parties during my early days as a law student. This was one of my favourites.

This encounter took place at a house party put on by a friend of a friend. But in this instance the parents of the associate were present to look after the house through the night. I suppose that’s fair, after all it was their house, you wouldn’t want a bunch of students trashing the house.

I love the parties at these large old sprawling homes. You can get a little lost in these large homes. But it adds a little mystique. For me, getting lost in a big house with a lovely lady becomes quite exciting. That’s not quite what happened as you are about to find out.

As the party got underway, people were mingling and spilling out to the front grand entrance of the aging house. They even provided a few waiting staff to supply drinks. That is when I noticed a beautiful woman amongst the crowd. She stood out as she appeared more older, mature you can say. She was surrounded by the younger guys, so was getting plenty of attention. I watched her for a while until I noticed her look my way. I turn away quickly as she looked my way. But as I looked at her again, this time she catches me. She smiles. Wow she was gorgeous, stylish and sexy looking. She wore a floral dress like you see in the late 50s. She has honey blonde locks that were sat below her shoulder. Her figure will make the envy of the younger females there. She is probably around 5 ft 4 or 5 inches tall and again petite frame just the type of female I am attracted to. I grab a glass of champagne to try and walk away looking for my buddies. When I walked to the next room, there she was, standing there. I swallow the large lump in my throat when she approach me and introducing herself as Sarah.

“I saw you looking my way. Do you like the house?” She asked.

“Yes, its really nice, beautiful actually.. a bit like yourself.” I tried to charm her.

“Ohh, you and me will certainly like each other.” She replies with a smirk.

“I am actually one half of the owner of this grand old lady.” She went on proudly.

“So please to make your acquaintance. I would love someone to show me this grand lady and to get to know her better.” I suggested in a flirting way.

She looked at me, biting her lower lip and continues.

“Are you attracted to me or the house?” She flirted back.

I can’t believe that all this was happening so fast. Already I am with the lady of the house and she’s about to show me around. I get a semi as I looked back her. She smiles at me and my minds wonders. She must be similar age to my mom, which makes her around 40 or older maybe. But she looked younger. I start to fantasy about being with this older experienced woman as I am 20 but I have had a fair share of nice ladies in my brief past. I feel myself getting very hard. I place my hands in front of my crotch, unsuccessfully hiding my obvious excitement. She was still looking at me, with that beautiful smile which gradually turns into smirk as she looked Maltepe Escort towards my hands.

“I would love to be shown around.” I responded finally.

“Follow me then.” She gestured.

“Are you married?” I asked her.

“He’s around somewhere. This is my time.” She smirked. “You don’t mind do you?”

Oh god, my dirty mind wonders again. My god she would be fantastic in bed. I bet she will be good with her hands. I really like to see her naked. Already I can smell her scent. Her sexy perfume plays with my mind.

She leds me downstairs first. The party noise becomes increasing quiet as we walk downstairs. She unlocks the door and we enter what appears to be a separate living quarters. It has its own kichen and bathroom. I can see the living area and what appears to be 2 rooms off the side. I start to really feel that sexual energy build up as I am alone with her. I ask to be excused to use the bathroom.

When I came back, I was surprised to see her sitting high up on the kitchen bench. She had this look of pure lust on that beautiful face. I stood stunned watching her as she opens her legs wide open before lifting up her dress exposing her white lacy panties. She then spreads her legs even further and starts to moan quietly. I get an instant erection. Oh my god, this fucking insane. She looks directly at me as she lightly runs her right hand over the front of her very damp looking underwear. Her quiet moaning drives me crazy with lust. I become breathless and infatuated with her at this moment. It was the most erotic hot sight, a beautiful woman fully spreadeagled high up on the kitchen bench. Oh god is she about to masturbate in front of me. I just stood there stunned. Just an hour ago. I saw her from a distance and now she in the most compromised position alone with me. This is crazy, its happened unexpectedly too fast.

I slowly moved towards her. Her moaning gets more excited as her breathing intensifies upon my approach. I stood in front of her petite frame and watched her slowly rub herself through her underwear. My heart thumping “out of my chest” with intense excitement.

“Oh yeahhhh…watch me play with myself.” As her moans intensifies.

“Oh my god, oh my’re so hot.” I whispered to her.

At that point she massages the front of her underwear faster as she begins to orgasm.

“Ohh yeahhhh, ohh yeahh, I am cumming, watch me cum.” She moans louder now.

Her body squirms and convulses. Her legs wildly flexing as she orgasms. Now watching a beautiful lady masturbate to orgasm, is one of the most hottest acts. I nearly cum myself as I watched and listened to her.

But before her orgasm completely fades, I bring my face close and with both hands I push her thighs even further apart. I can smell her now. I start to smell the skin of her inner thigh.

The faint odor of pussy enter my nostrils. My mind explodes with that electric infatuated lust. Then I move my face to the other side and sniff her inner thigh. Oh god I love that scent. She moans as I teased Ümraniye Escort her. Then I slowly lick her there. She squeals quietly as I lick her inner thigh and run my tongue the whole length of her upper leg.

Then I return to her center piece. Her crotch soaking damp. I bring my face closer. I can see her pubic hairs sticking out from the edges of her underwear. For some unknown reason the appearance really turns me on. Her scent musky drifts from the material. I begin to lick the fabric, tasting it. Sarah starts to moan and it intensifies again as my tongue flicked rapidly at her crotch through the moist fabric. Finally she pushes me away and removes her panties putting it on the bench next to her. I immediately grab them stuffing them into my pant pocket. I see her hairy pussy for the first time. Her pussy lips protruding between the hairs looking damp glistening in the light. Her moans turning me on more and more.

Then I push her thighs wide open with both hands on either side. She moans. Then I hear her whisper.

“Ohh yeahh, oh yeahh, have you gone down on a woman before?.. yeahh…ohh yeahh, lick my dirty pussy.” She moaned.

Oh my god, she’s really got me going. I then used my trembling fingers to brush away the pubic hairs and exposing her chunky labia. I literally choke at this stage, my heart pounding rapidly beneath my chest. I am breathless. My head euphoric. I want her. Her strong scent drifts into my nostrils, controlling me.

Then in one quick movement, I spread her pussy wide open exposing her whole vulva area in all its glory. It elicits a instant resignated moan from her. The smell of her vulva hits me instantly. Oh my god, as I stared at the rawness of her most private part. Her clitoris already protruding out. Her labia looked crusty and creamy smegma covered the inner surface. There is no image more erotic than that of a beautiful woman’s vulva. The natural smell of her drove me crazy. As a young man, I could only stare at her beauty. And I can hear her moans of excitement as I examine this beautiful lady.

Then I held my breath, and proceeded to go down on her to taste her, beginning by chewing and sucking on those chunky labia folds then slowly licking clean the surface of her vulva before flicking slowly in and around her clitoris. I begin to get so aroused by the musky fishy smell and unfamiliar taste of her pussy. Being so aroused now, I just went for it, overwhelmed by the sexual act, I flicked my tongue rapidly around her clitoris. She immediately orgasms grabbing the back of my head and gyrating into my face her pussy moaning loudly. Oh god I feel myself on the verge of cumming. I stopped eating her and frantically searched for that spare condom in my pocket. I find it and quickly put in on and led her to the couch.

I inserted myself into her pussy and fucked her like a wild man. She squeals and moans cumming again at the same time I explode in her. The sensation of fucking her absolutely blew my mind. I slow down, feeling satisfied but she pushes me off and begins İstanbul Escort removing the condom.

“Oh god, I want to masturbate you!” She announced suddenly with hot smile.

Shit, my god, fantasy come true. Sarah this beautiful experienced lady of the house is about to finish me with her hand. My god image of her in full flight causes me to get very hard quickly as she massages the hardening shaft.

“Oh yeah you like it? I want to see you explode in my hand. I just love masturbating a younger man!..yeah, make you feel real good… you never had an experienced woman masturbate your big hard cock…yeah?” She teased with hot smirk.

Suddenly she begins sucking me rapidly up and down. Then licking the cum oozing out from tip of my swollen head and running her darting tongue up and down my now solid erection. Oh my god as I laid back on the couch to enjoy her experienced blowjob.

She didn’t waste any time. After amazing short session of oral, she releases a large drop of her saliva onto the head and proceeded to “rub my knob” firmly causing me to flinch and squirm in pleasure. She does this a few times.

“Yeah you like no ones done that to you, yeah.” She teased again.

Oh god she’s so hot. But she’s wrong about “no ones done that to you before” bit. If only she knew, I smirked. I like to experience the techniques of other women. I can tell the years of experience just in the way she handles my erection.

She the sits very close to me and begins to passionately kiss me. Oh my god the smell of her perfume mesmerized me. I can still taste the saltiness of her pussy on my lips as I meshed lips with her. She begins moaning. Her hand begins pumping fast as she kisses me. Once again she drops a large drop of her saliva and rubs and twists the thick fluid rapidly around the swollen head. Then wasting no time, her right hand began furiously pumping me up and down, as she instantly goes wild on me. Again that hot hot sound of a woman stroking a cock very fast, fills the room. I thrust my pelvis up and down to meet her right hand and start to cum. She sees all the signs and goes all out on me. My mind explodes in pleasure as I begin to let go for a second time, losing all control. It is an incredible feeling, having a beautiful woman go crazy on you.

“Oh yeahh, do you like that…feel so good.” As she starts to talk dirty. “Oh yeah, give it to me.”

I explode hard, although not as messy as other times with other women. It was the second time tonight in 15mins. But the pleasure was equally amazing and she was a very exciting and enthusiastic lady when she does a handjob. To cap it off, she didn’t suddenly stop or slow down. She went all out until I was completely satisfied. That’s what I like in a woman. Then the “icing on the cake” she intimately wipes me clean.

As we get up to leave, I suddenly notice the CCTVs on the ceiling corners, something I didn’t notice before, probably because I was so excited being with her. I turn anxious, asking her about the cameras. She just replied.

“My husband gets off watching me with different men. I hope you don’t mind his presence.”

I put on a smile, realizing the pleasure I got from eating his wife out and then the pleasure I received from her experienced handjob, as he watched.

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