That’s What Friends Are for Pt. 05

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As Carol walked from Nicole’s house back to her own she couldn’t believe what had just happened. Not only had she fucked Brian but she had now slept with Nicole too!!

She would never have believed that it would happen as she thought Nicole was so straight laced. She had been stunned when Nicole had told her that she would like to be fucked by her husband Ian. Just the thought of that turned Carol on especially as she knew that Ian had often talked about Nicole in a sexual way.

Carol sat at home waiting for Ian to come home. They had always been open with each other and she had told Ian that she had slept with Brian and that he had screwed their daughters too. Ian had been shocked at first but admitted in bed later as they fucked that the thought was a real turn on.

Ian pulled up in his car and opened the front door. Carol was sat on the sofa and he could sense that she had something to tell him. Ian wondered whether she had slept with Brian again. He didn’t mind as he knew that if she had then he would reap the rewards.

“Okay what have you done this time Carol?”

Carol looked at Ian and gulped. Hopefully Ian wouldn’t be too annoyed when she told him.

“Let me sort dinner out and then I will explain everything”

Ian went upstairs to change out of his work clothes and shower. He could feel his cock harden as he stood in the shower thinking of what Carol might tell him. His hand grasped his cock and he slowly started to move his hand back and forth masturbating. His spunk flew and was washed away by the water.

Ian walked downstairs to find dinner on the table. Carol was sat ready to start. They ate their meal exchanging small talk. Ian could see that Carol was a little uncomfortable and wondered what she was going to say. He knew that if he rushed her then she would just clam up.

Carol washed up and came back into the living room. She had a cold beer poured for Ian and a glass of wine for herself.

“Okay let’s hear it. What have you been up to this time?”

The words came tumbling out of Carol’s mouth. She told Ian what had happened with Nicole. Ian listened in stunned silence but was horny. He loved it when Carol told him about what she had done with Brian. This was even hornier than that. He could feel his cock getting hard again.

Ian unzipped his fly and took his swollen cock out. Carol, gasped as she saw how hard he was and knew that he was very excited. She told him all the details of how she had slept with Nicole and had oral with her. Ian wanked hard as she described in detail what they had done.

“There’s Hd Porno something else Ian. Nicole wants you to fuck her”

Ian jerked his cock harder at that comment and came for a second time. He cleaned himself up and put his cock away.

“How do you feel about me fucking Nicole?”

Carol smiled and said that she had no right to complain as she had fucked Brian. Ian laughed and suggested that they went up to bed. Carol followed Ian upstairs and wasn’t surprised when Ian practically ripped her clothing from her and fucked her hard. At one point she even heard Ian whisper Nicole’s name as his cock pumped in and out of her. When they had finished they discussed a plan to make Ian and Nicole’s dream of sex come true.

Nicole had been worried all week about Carol. Had she broken their friendship by sleeping with her? Did she just do it because she felt sorry for Nicole? Brian had noticed that there was something on her mind but he had just reassured her in the loving way he always had done.

Nicole lay on the sofa looking at her iPad. Brian had been called into the office for the first time in ages and she missed having him around the house. Although his office was upstairs in one of the bedrooms she felt safe and comfortable knowing he was only a shout away from her. Their sex life had improved since she had got help and she actually found that she was getting turned on more and more each day.

She heard a gentle knock on the back door. She kept it locked when Brian wasn’t in the house and she guessed that it was probably Carol. She unlocked the door and was pleased when Carol gave her a big hug as she always did.

“Happy birthday beautiful!!”

Carol made Nicole a cup of tea and one for herself and they chatted as they always had done. Nicole was nervous at first but soon forgot her embarrassment. It was as if nothing had ever happened between them.

Carol was pleased with the way things were between her and Nicole now. She had guessed that Nicole would be very anxious about things but she had done her best just to act in a normal manner. However there was still one thing that had to be addressed.

“Nicole. I know you were worried about things but there is no need to be. We are all adults and sex is just part of our friendship”

Nicole smiled and let out a long deep breath. She immediately felt better about things.

“Brian and I had a long talk and he told me about you and the girls. I have to say it really has sparked up our love life”

“Good. Brian is a good hubby and he has been very patient Türkçe Altyazılı Porno letting you sort things out in your head rather than just leaving. Does he know about our encounter?”

Nicole nodded. She had told Brian the night after it had happened and he had confessed to fucking Carol and her daughters. That had been the best night of sex they had managed in a long time.

“I have a birthday surprise for you. Wait here.”

Nicole wondered what Carol had in mind. She was shocked when Carol came back followed by her husband Ian.

“Hi Nicole. Happy birthday.”

Nicole looked Ian up and down. He was casually dressed but looked so good. Nicole had long fantasised about Ian wondering what he was like as a lover. If truth be told she had even thought of Ian’s cock as Brian fucked her.

Ian was slim and tall. He wasn’t too muscly but had obviously kept himself in shape. Nicole couldn’t help but look at his trousers and see the slight bulge of his cock. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs as she wondered what Carol and Ian had in mind.

“Ian is your present. Do with him what you want”

Nicole gasped. Was she dreaming? Carol smiled at Nicole’s confusion and pushed Ian forward. Ian took Nicole in his arms and kissed her. Nicole was stunned but horny enough to respond to his kiss. Her hands found his arse cheeks and she fondled them as they kissed.

Suddenly Nicole pulled away. Carol and Ian looked at each other worried they had gone too far. Nicole gulped and words tumbled out of her mouth

“Look. This may sound strange but I have a fantasy that you can help me with. I want you to watch Ian fuck me, Carol. I have always wanted to be watched and it is my birthday after all”

Carol giggled and nodded

“I’m up for that. What about you Ian? Do you want your wife to watch you fuck her best friend?”

Ian nodded. The thought of him fucking Nicole while Carol watched really turned him on.

Nicole couldn’t wait to get started so she unzipped Ian’s trousers and reached inside his pants. She gasped as she felt how hard he was. His cock felt bigger than Brian’s and a little harder. She pulled it out and knelt in front of him. She had been right about his size. She started to lick his cock from the tip to the base. Ian held her hands and struggled to remain on his feet. He saw that Carol had taken her skirt and panties off and was sat playing with her pussy.

Nicole wanted Ian’s cock in her mouth. She let her lips envelope the large member. She gagged Brazzers a little as his hardness filled her mouth but she soon became used to it and enjoyed herself.

Ian was in heaven. Nicole was actually very good at oral and he was getting so horny and couldn’t wait to enter her. Before he came he stopped Nicole and told her to strip.

Nicole willingly started to strip. As she did she teased Ian but also couldn’t take her eyes off Carol who was now merrily masturbating. Ian admired Nicole’s firm body. She had nice tits and her nipples were rock hard. He couldn’t wait to enjoy her.

He quickly stripped himself and pushed Nicole onto one of the chairs and opened her legs. His mouth found her sweet tasting pussy and he started to bury his face and tongue in it. He could hear Carol moaning and that was soon joined by Nicole. Nicole tasted a little different to Carol so he enjoyed the experience.

He longed to slide his cock in Nicole and knew that Carol wanted him to so he asked Nicole to get on her knees in front of Carol. Nicole smiled and did as she was told. Her face was at the same height as Carol’s pussy. She could see how wet it was as she played with it. She was so tempted to lick it.

Ian got himself in position. He could see Carol watching intently as he let his cock trace Nicole’s pussy lips. He could see the speed of her fingers increasing as he slid his hard cock inside her. He loved the way Nicole gasped as his cock filled her pussy. He started thrusting looking his wife directly in the eyes. He reached around and fondled Nicole’s pert tits and played with her nipples.

Nicole was loving Ian’s cock. It felt much bigger than Brian’s and it stretched her pussy more. She pushed herself hard back onto it so it went deeper. Her tits felt so sensitive as Ian fondled them and pinched her nipples.

“Fuck me harder Ian. Let Carol see you fuck me.”

Ian upped the pace of his fucking and slammed harder into Nicole. Carol was moaning and fingering herself

“Oh god Ian. I am going to cum. Fill Nicole’s pussy with your spunk”

Carol’s words sent Ian over the edge and he let a stream of semen flow into Nicole’s pussy. She gasped as her own orgasm followed as did Carol.

Ian withdrew from Nicole and went over to Carol. He asked her to lick his cock clean of her friends juices. Carol took him in her mouth and licked the juices. They tasted so good and she loved knowing that just a few minutes before his cock had been in Nicole.

Ian pulled out of Carol’s mouth and started to dress. He kissed Nicole and said that he had enjoyed fucking her and maybe one day the four of them could play together. Ian left the house by the back door as Nicole and Carol got dressed.

Nicole made Carol another cup of tea.

“Thank you. That was some birthday present”

Carol smiled

“Now the family set is complete!!”

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