That’s What I’m Here For Ch. 01

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Summertime. Everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sun, the majority….stuck inside working to make a living. As though to taunt those trapped indoors, this day was a scorcher, not a cloud in the sky. Lucky holidaymakers and locals alike were making their way to the beach below, staking their places for a day spent catching the sun, exploring the rocks, swimming and surfing in the cool ocean. Not so for Nick.

“Maybe I’ll catch the last of the light when I get off shift.” Nick thought idly to himself as he took in the beach through the window of his new boss’s office. The door opened, rousing him from his thoughts. The head of a middle-aged man popped round the door.

“Nick I presume?”

“Yep” Nick stood up as the door opened.

“John Robinson, pleased to meet you and welcome to the team.” The middle-aged man smiled warmly and shook Nick by the hand. “I’m afraid the tour and introductions I had planned for you will have to wait, we’ve had a busy night what with one thing and another and we should get you started right away. I promise we’ll find some time to show you around later. Don’t worry, we’re a small unit, I’m sure you’ll get to know the ropes soon enough.”

“I’m sure I will.”

“Ok then, shall we?” John said ushering Nick through the door to the secretaries’ room.

“Oh where shall I leave my bag?”

“Uh, I’m sure it’ll be fine if you leave it under one of the desks until we get your locker sorted.”

The pair walked down the corridor a short distance to the unit, the familiar smell of disinfectant pervaded as they passed the cleaner shuffling along with mop in hand.

“Maawnin'” She chirped in a warm westcountry accent as the two gentlemen passed.


“Uh Morning.” Nick replied taken a little aback.

“I imagine you’ll find a lot of things different to what you’re used to down here Nick.”

“How so sir?”

“Sir..haha! You can call me John son. Everything is a little more relaxed down here on the coast. It’s a million miles from the city. People are a lot more open, we have more time for each other.”

“Hehe I get you.” Nick said, relaxing now. “That’s half the reason I moved down here in the first place.” He said smiling to himself, still not quite believing that he’d managed to swing this rotation. A few carefully chosen words, a roguish smile in the right direction, some luck and things had fallen into place very nicely indeed.

“Okay we’re here, mens locker rooms are first on your right, the code is X3749Y. You’ll find scrubs outside and caps on the lockers, just join us when you’re changed, we’ll get going on the ward round if you don’t mind? We’re pretty busy with the three RTA victims they brought in last night.”

“Yeah sure I’ll be there in a sec.”


Nick Brook pushed open the double doors and strolled onto the intensive care unit. Despite this being the first day of a new job, he was feeling more confident that he had ever done. The slightly bookish, quiet, bespectacled youngster had found his place in life at university. His open and likable nature had made him friends. Getting involved in all the sports that were available and switching to lenses so he could play contact sports had made him happy and confident in his physical appearance. In the first few years of med school, the social scene filled with alcohol and a fair dose of drugs had freed him from his quiet nature, which naturally lead to girls…and sex.

As he’d progressed through his training, his natural affinity for his chosen career had made it easy for him to balance work with a good social life, if a little less wild that the initial couple of years. Many of his friends had fallen by the wayside and made work their life. Ever since “discovering” girls at a drunken Christmas party near the start of university, Nick had put life, and living it to the full, above all else.

After qualifying he’d spent his obligatory two years as a junior doctor in a busy London hospital. Settling down to work after the party that had been university was hard for a restless spirit like Nick. The stress of life in London combined with the haughty and self-centred attitudes of many around him and constant beaurocracy almost lead him to quit. That was until he met Becky. Amid all the chaos, she was a kindred spirit and they were both drawn to one another. But as situations change, so do people. Becky’s job had taken her North and though they stayed together to begin with, when Nick had walked in on Becky in bed with a mutual friend on a surprise visit, everything changed.

As soon as possible, Nick took off. He quit the job he loathed and disappeared for the best part of a year travelling the world. Travelling, alone for long stretches gave him the time he needed to reflect on his life. He’d ended up using his medical skills as he’d travelled and realised that no matter what things had been like in London, that was what he was meant to do. Becky’s betrayal had cut him deep and hardened him, he doubted he’d ever let himself fall for anyone like he had with her. However his anger over the events were what had lead him çekmeköy escort to leave the UK and now his anger was past he had decided two months ago to return.

In getting over Becky, Nick had hooked up with a number of girls on his travels from all parts of the world and all walks of life. His sex drive that had developed through med school had become inflamed as a result of his time abroad and showed no signs of abating on his return.

Now, as the young, tanned doctor walked across to meet up with the group of doctors, nurses and specialists that made up the ward round, he had one thing his mind…opportunities. As he joined the others, he took a quick look out over the beach once more and thought to himself, “I think I’m going to enjoy myself here”.


His first couple of weeks of work itself had been fairly standard. Ward round first thing, followed by a day of jobs. Monitoring patients, taking blood, re-siting cannulae, writing up fluids and minor surgical procedures like chest drains.

Outside of work, things had also been standard for Nick. Despite Pentowan being a relatively small place compared to London, it’s beaches were a magnet for people across the country, especially so in the summer. And at nights, young people revelled in the hedonism that coursed through the towns bars and clubs on those balmy nights. The hospital was one of the main employers in the town, so nights out usually involved bumping into groups of doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, some out celebrating birthdays, others hen nights, most simply celebrating not having to worry about work for the night. All the staff mixed with the locals and holiday-makers and the mood was relaxed, it took Nick back to his travels in Asia and he felt at home.

One of the first nights out had been the traditional pay-day party. Last Thursday of every month when everyone at the hospital got paid, it was going to be messy. He’d made a good bunch of friends already, easy to do in this environment. But Nick was a social butterfly, moving between groups, buying rounds of shots and generally making sure everyone was having a good time.

While he was at the bar waiting to get served he was stood behind a girl. He had chosen to stand there initially because he could see the barman working his way up in that direction, but as a bonus, there was the girl. She was about the same height as him, tanned with long wavy light brown hair down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a tight denim skirt, a checked red vest-top and had a little cowgirl hat hanging behind her between her shoulders. Cute. And now she was glancing at him in the bar mirror. He smiled with one side of his mouth and she flashed a smile back. Her cheeks dimpled and with a light covering of freckles, her eyes hazel from what he could see in this light. What he did know was that they had held their mirror gaze for far more than a split second. He smiled again, this time to himself.

The guy next to her was carrying three pints of beer and everyone stood aside to let him through. As he moved from the bar, Nick slipped in to take his place, his hip brushing the girls ass and his hand brushing her tanned arm.

“What’ll it be mate?” The barman asked Nick.

“Oh, no, I believe this lady was first.” Nick said pointing to the girl now next to him, turning his head and giving her a full smile.

“Thankyou.” She said, her eyes lowering to the floor as a now shy smile crossed her face and she placed her order.

“Hi there.” Nick said, opening the conversation. “I don’t suppose you could ask for a double JD and coke and a shot of sambuca for me could you? I’ll give you the money and you can get whatever you like yourself.” Again he smiled.

“Um ok, sure, no problems.” The girl replied, he now noticed her Australian accent.

The drinks arrived and both Nick and the girl made their way away from the bar.

“What’s your name by the way?”

“Danni, and yours?” She replied as she sorted the drinks she’d bought on a table near the bar.

“Nick, pleased to meet you.”

“Pleasure to meet you too Nick, I have to get these drinks to my friends, see you in a little bit.”

“Sure see you around!” He was quietly excited as they parted and he rejoined his friends in high spirits, taking his shot of sambuca and downing his drink before putting his arm around a few of his colleagues as they danced in a circle to the music pumping out.

Over the next hour or so, the two kept exchanging glances. Nick was dancing in the group and they were each taking it in turns to pull off increasingly ridiculous dance moves for laughs. Danni was dancing with two of her girlfriends, nowhere near as ridiculous as Nick’s group, in fact quite the opposite. Dancing brought her even more to life, there was a constant smile on her face as she shook her hair to and fro. Her hips swung from side to side with the beat of the music and as she raised her hands above her head she revealed her toned stomach with just the hint of her abs visible. Eventually her group got cevizli escort tired of the dancing and they left the dancefloor. This was Nick’s time to move in.

She’d been watching for him and greeted him with a friendly “Hello stranger!”

“Hey yourself” Nick replied with a wide grin.

From there onwards the conversation between the two though it lasted about half an hour contained little in the way of true conversation. Most of the words that were spoken were drowned in the house music that was now pumping out of the sound system as the music was stepped up a notch by the DJ to the roars of the crowd. There were reminiscences of places the two had visited and generic questions about how long Danni had been in town and how did Nick find medicine. But at the end of the day, body language spoke louder than voices ever could. Both smiling constantly, Danni’s shy glances to the floor slowly turned upwards as she felt more comfortable. Admiring laughter at the wasted, shirtless, aging raver giving his all on the dancefloor and trying his luck with any ladies who passed. On more than one occasion, Danni’s friends came over to check up on her and persuade her into dancing, but she politely informed them that she was fine with a wink unseen to Nick. With the laughter followed touching. At first Danni touching Nick’s chest or he placing a hand lightly on her arm. But as the conversation continued, anyone even glancing at the pair could see the sexual tension like electricity sparking between the two.

They were now standing well within each others personal space, faces mere inches from each other. Her hand was on his side, occasionally moving to his chest. His hand rested on her hip with his thumb stroking her firm skin slowly. Nick whispered something in her ear and she threw her head back in laughter. The next time he leant in to whisper in her ear, she moved her head, brushing her cheek against his before their lips met. As their lips worked against each other, they drew their bodies closer. One of Nick’s hands moved up to the back of her neck, holding and stroking it as they continued their long sensuous kiss. The beat from the music became more intense and it pumped through their bodies, their movements synchronised to the sound coming through the speakers, muscles on both of them tensing in response to the touch of the other.

Nick broke the kiss and took Danni by the hand, leading her a short distance to a darkened alcove in the bar, still within view of everyone…but just a little more private, private enough. He leaned her body against the cool wall and their kiss continued with the added passion that the privacy afforded. Now their tongues attacked each other, his hand lifting her top so that they came to rest at the sides of her bra fingers just creeping under the fabric to caress her flesh. Danni’s hands moved inside Nick’s already open top, sliding over his tight body and digging into his well-muscled back.

Nick took his hand that was out of view of the crowd and allowed it to travel down Danni’s toned body. He thought to himself “This is it, now or never.” He gripped the top of her left thigh with his right hand before drawing his hand down further. His hand circled around to the front of her thigh, his knuckles beginning to brush the sensitive skin of her inner thigh as he reached up beneath her skirt. Danni moved against him and his fingers found the soft shaven flesh of her pussy uncovered by panties, but then that was no surprise, he’d weighed her up from the moment he’d set eyes on her.

The moment Nick’s fingers touched Danni’s pussy, it was like an electric shock had passed through her, the frustration of wanting him combined with the possibility of release at some point soon sent a shudder of lust though her body. She broke the kiss to bite down on his lower lip as she started to rhythmically grind her pussy against his hand that was now applying a firm pressure in response to her needs. His palm and the base of his thumb rubbed at a constant, slow pace as his fingers lightly caressed and teased her pussy lips.

Danni moaned in Nick’s ear before kissing down his neck and biting down gently where his neck met his shoulder. In response, he began to insert a finger as he adjusted his hand so that his thumb could begin to circle Danni’s clit. She was already starting to get wet as Nick slipped a second finger into her tight pussy. Pumping his fingers slowly and constantly as before, he went deeper with every stroke until he found her g-spot. With this Danni tensed, she pulled Nick closer grabbing him by the ass and his back as she locked lips with him once more and probed his mouth with her tongue. His fingers worked independently, walking over her g-spot, each slightly to one side so the pressure was not direct, keeping her in suspense with the agonisingly slow pace. This combined with the clitoral stimulation Nick’s thumb was providing was driving Danni over the edge. She felt so close to cumming but knew that Nick would neither quicken or slow the pace while he had her just where erenköy escort he wanted her…. Danni knew that she needed to fuck and that she couldn’t wait to get back to the hostel. Her hand moved round from his ass to his crotch where she began roughly massaging the considerable and rapidly growing bulge in Nick’s jeans.

“Follow me…now!” Danni rasped in Nick’s ear before giving a little bite to his earlobe and taking him by the hand. She led him at a rapid pace around the corner to the girls toilets. The doors leading in were the swinging wooden kind you’d expect to see in an old western saloon, fitting given Danni’s modern cowgirl attire. She strode ahead almost dragging him by the wrist, Nick was momentarily taken aback by her forwardness…but enjoyed unexpectedly being taken prisoner by this stunning specimen of womanhood. There were the inevitable cheers of the handful of girls reapplying makeup by the sinks as the pair entered a cubicle and the lock clicked swiftly from vacant to engaged.

They wasted no time…their kiss was fierce, Nick’s hands holding either side of her face as she returned the kiss, all the while hastily unbuckling his belt and undoing the top button of his jeans. He moved his lips from hers, kissing down her chin and tilting her head upwards to expose her neck as her brushed his lips ever so lightly down her throat, running his hands up under her vest top, first up her toned sides then up the back where he deftly unclasped her bra.

“Mmm…someone’s done that before!” Danni moaned softly, their eyes met with a warm smile and they both laughed as Nick pulled out her bra from the vest top and waved it in front of her face. Danni put her hands on Nick’s chest, pushing him against the opposite wall of the cubicle. She continued to undo the buttons on his jeans, wanting to get a good view of what she was about to get to grips with. His cock strained against the rough fabric of the jeans, begging to be released, but she took her time as he had done while fingering her in the bar. The last button popped loose and she reached inside his boxers, the back of her hand brushing the side of his member before she circled it around to take a firm grip on it. Nick moaned as Danni tugged slowly and firmly on his cock, taking a long while to work her hand from base to tip before re-establishing her grip and starting all over again. This time it was Nick’s turn to take control. He pushed her back against the wall of the cubicle and placed his knee between her legs. Applying pressure, he nudged her legs apart as his hands went to her waist. Danni continued to stroke his cock , picking up the pace slightly as his hands wandered down to he base of her skirt, fingertips caressing the smooth skin of her thighs before roughly hiking her skirt up on both sides, leaving her bare ass and pussy exposed. Danni started to unbutton her top as Nick bent his knees slightly to kiss her chest as it became progressively more exposed. He moved the vest top aside to reveal a beautiful, pert and tanned breast, which he promptly kissed and took her nipple into his mouth, biting and tugging on it, drawing low moans from the Australian goddess he had before him. His hands roamed over her ass and down the back of her sleek legs until they reached the back of her knees. With a little pressure he pulled her knees so that her legs, until now taught, were forced to bend and she to sink a little lower. Hs hand met hers as he gently removed hers from his now rock solid cock. Taking it in hand he advanced it slowly toward her waiting pussy.

“Ugh yeah baby, put it in, do me right now!” Danni commanded in a moan, desperately horny now. Nick had other plans however, she was his, most likely just for tonight and he was going to enjoy the experience to the utmost. As the head of his cock touched the very outside of Danni’s pussy, he took hold of it and began to rub the head against her clit back and forth.

“Oh God please!” She cried…Nick just smirked and began to slap Danni’s swollen and exquisitely tender clit with his cock. She winced and her breathing became ragged. She was tired of foreplay and wanted the goods now. She took his cock in her hand, firmer than before so that he no longer had any control over it and placed the head again to the entrance. As she pulled his throbbing dick inside her, she bent her knees further allowing his shaft to fully penetrate her wonderfully tight cunt. For the briefest of moments they both remained motionless, grunting from the initial pleasure and release of tension unique to the first time you take a new partner. They looked each other in the eyes intently as Nick took her left leg behind the knee and raised it to waist height…..then the fucking began in earnest. Steadying herself with her right leg against the opposite wall of the cubicle and gripping tightly to the top of the cubicle wall that she was pressed against, Danni started to receive the sort of screwing she’d been after all night. He pulled out almost all the way before driving back into her pussy, leaving it inside for a moment, giving another thrust to get as deep as possible before pulling back and starting all over again. The bass and strains of “Tainted Love” came over the speaker system in the bar and the fucking kept time, now rhythmically thrusting in and out to the beat of the music as both looked down to see the spectacle of Nick’s engorged cock plunging into Danni’s pussy only to be withdrawn coated with her juices.

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