The 750 Word Project 2023 – The Stories

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And now we present the 750 Word Project 2023 stories!

Click here for more about this author challenge.

If you enjoy short fiction, this is your day! Please read the stories below, vote and comment. If this event is not to your taste, we encourage you to seek out stories and events elsewhere on Lit. Please respect the right of everyone to enjoy and participate.

Thank you to all readers for supporting all ideas, no matter how big or small, and encouraging each other to grow as authors and readers as we have fun together!

And another big thank you to Thank you to Duleigh for organizing this year’s event and jezzaz for creating the 750 Word Challenge five years ago!

Now, the stories:

A Beachcomber in Spain by anglerterrora

A Bench Seat by SamScribble

A Cheating Wife’s Phone by Legio_Patria_Nostra

A Costume Made of Beads by Homebrew66

A Curse to Craven Creators by yowser

A Fleeting Glimpse by Djmac1031

A Fraternity Brother Seduces Wife by Gator1951

A Game of Forfeits by XerXesXu

A Kiss by SomaSlave

A Little Peace and Quiet by Regguy69

A Lively Tale Indeed by AlinaX

A Long Time Between Drinks by SamScribble

A Lost Dream Refound (750 Word) by Tiny_Miney

A Lovers’ Game of Pool (750 words) by MrPixel

A New Toy by SGTSpork

A Night at the Riverview Resort by Homebrew66

A Parting Glance by SerradaC

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words by Lovecraft_Lore

A Quick Rub is All She Needs by TALL_BROWN_EROTIC

A Resurrection on Day of The Dead by XerXesXu

A Revealing Moment by JuanSeiszFitzHall

A Short Story – Iz and Jess by Yesok1

A Short Story – Jane’s Daughter by Yesok1

A Short escort bursa Story – The Tanned Girl by Yesok1

A Surprise For Mr Pickle, 750 Words by KachinaDoll

A User Manual for Your New Massager by ecorche

A Valentine for Christmas by Spyder23

A Very Happy Birthday! by LuckyDave1066

A Vietnamese Tran & A Dog Pt. 01 by Bn2f

A Vietnamese Tran & A Dog Pt. 02 by Bn2f

A Short Story – Dawn by Yesok1

A Very Short Story – Kathryn by Yesok1

A Very Short Story – Margot by Yesok1

A Very Short Story – The Dancer by Yesok1

A Wonderful Life (750 words) by uk_writer_53

A Writer’s Groupie by SyleusSnow

Accounts Payable by Voboy

Adventures in Petsitting by jsmiam

After Dinner by GeneralUrsus

Airport Blizzard Hookup by KeithD

All It Takes is a Change (750 Words) by FifthEstate

Alternate Commute by Series 6

Alternate Commute – Alternate View by Series 6

An Unexpected Visit by SinfulPsyche

Animal Vendetta by greenday0418

Another Hotel Bar Pickup (750 Words) by MrPixel

Assisted Living by Spyder23

At Least She Didn’t Cheat, Yet? by Tnicoll

Best Afternoon Ev-er! by Notorious_PhD

Beware Dommes Bearing Gifts by SomaSlave

Beyond Curiosity by KeithD

Birthday Present by alohadave

Braless Brenda by Voboy

Breaking Even (750 words) by TheRedChamber

Bright Red by Transverse

Bring Your Alibi by Bn2f

Brooke Works at the Hardware Store by electricblue66

Brooke Works at the Hardware Store Pt. 02 by electricblue66

Brooke Works at the Hardware bursa merkez eskort Store Pt. 03 by electricblue66

Brooke Works at the Hardware Store Pt. 04 by electricblue66

Carriage Ride by Ghost_of_Colston

Changing Room Inferno: 750 Words by Probus888

Class Reunion by Rob_McCall4

Climate Change by jmm999

Clothes 100% Off: 750 Word Story by Probus888

Cock-Blocked by Mom by MsSuckMyLollipop

Coming Home by LurksForFun

Comingling: 750 Word Story by Probus888

Cornered by KeithD

Counting Roses by KeithD

Dan’s New Job (750 Words Project) by Kumquatqueen

Dancing and Drinking with Dark Men by WordAssociation

Dancing Girl by SamScribble

Dani’s Deception by LaurelAspen

Date Night Cigarette by Starstruck2020

Debbie and the Chair by TheSandGoose

Demand for Mother – 750 Word Project by AdoringYou

Devilfish: 750 Word Story by Probus888

Discovering Myself by Homebrew66

Does That Do It For You? by LadyBuxom

Dogs May Bark. Bitches? They Bite! by Bn2f

Down the Shore at Nate’s Beach Bar by Differentendeavours

Dreams & Nightmares by ttt59

Drop in the Bucket by Pairadox

Duty by Griscom

Elevator Blow Job by mackmackers286

Emily’s Sweater by WyltEmrys

End of an Era by FizzyWhisper

Enough is Enough by Farmerjill

Family Fun (750 Word Project) by JustAnotherFantasist

Fifty Years On by SamScribble

Fuckable by LolaMCat

Experimental Therapy by Usi58

Filthy Pig by P_J_Trousers

Find bursa sınırsız escort Your Own, Then by icestripes

First Date with Sarah by anwmalos

For The Both Of Us by SparrowUnit

Fourth of July Fireworks by SoCalAshley

Freeing The Chained by UtherVierDragon

From Sales to Sold Ch. 01 by BlueSeagull

From Sales to Sold Ch. 02 by BlueSeagull

From Sales to Sold Ch. 03 by BlueSeagull

Geeking Out with Jess by semipsychotic

Get Off The Computer! by Shadewe

Getting Busy – Aunties by robroy1968

Getting It Wrong by Choppedliver

Getting Off on the Tramp Stamp by Differentendeavours

Good Girl by CiaoSteve

Got To Get Home by Smuttyandfun

Gracie’s Glory Hole by Krazy_Organized_Chaos

Grounding by ButteredPotatoes

Hall Pass? What Hall Pass? by Small_Island

Handcuffs – What Could Go Wrong? by ThanksForAllTheFish

Have a Coke and a Smile by Bebop3

He Doesn’t Love You – 750 Word Story by Tnicoll

He’s Your Problem Now by Agerasia

Helen Enjoys a Sauna by vitesse

Help From My Best Friend by HotRegina

His Prize by Homebrew66

Holiday Foot Infatuation by EmpireOfFeet

Hotel Room Quickie by TruthwithaTwist

How Many Words? by davion2308

How Sweet The Morning by TarnishedPenny

Hungry Sex by secret_deviant

Icebound by KeithD

If You Really Loved Me (750 Words) by LJA644

In At The Death by jmm999

In Other Words by Regguy69

In The Middle of Nowhere by oldFormless

In the Sheik’s Clutches by KeithD

In Total Control…Unfortunately by KitDeLuca164

J & J by TarnishedPenny

Jamie’s Package (750 words) by Embellished

Jasmine Gets a New Job (750 words) by msgrant67

Jasmine Goes On Her 1st Sales Call by msgrant67

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