The Ad She was Waiting For

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Chapter 1

Julie read the ad dozens of times. She was so conflicted between hope and dread.

If the offer is genuine it could be the luck of her young life.

If not it could spin her down even further.

At 26, with a law degree, she was switching between small jobs without any future.

Since she was about 15, she’s had trouble studying and focusing. The reason was simple and yet so complex: she needs to masturbate often. It started being every day. Now it’s about every 3 hours or so.

It starts with shortness of breath, then a wet sensation. As soon as she feels that her brain kind of switch to sex. Nothing else matters. If she tries to ignore the excitation it becomes unbearable, she could jump pretty much any human passing by. Provided he or she makes her come.

The need for pleasure, her obsession of sex, granted her an endless supply of boy and girlfriends, none of which could last more than a few days or weeks.

She ended up succumbing to her fate and not trying to build a relationship anymore.

Instead, she relied on a quite varied network of on-demand lovers with whom she’d only spend the night. At least sleep was not a problem and switched her engine off completely.

Her time in college was hard. She was quickly known as “the hot bitch”. Straight girls hated her. A lot of the others avoided being seen with her, yet were eager to fuck her on the occasion.

The ad

It says

“Law firm with a very relaxed atmosphere looking for a pretty young lawyer willing to entertain the team by performing two sex shows a day, on top of her regular assignments as a lawyer.

Physical contacts not mandatory.

This is a very serious ad.

As an added incentive you will be trained for the bar exam.”

It can’t be serious, right?

Insane, probably tons of reasons why that would be illegal but then it comes from a law firm, so they must have found a way to make it work.

And it says “you will be trained”. Was it on purpose? Could be. Julie has little experience in BDSM but that sentence looks like there’s something along these lines.

The interview

Julie switched clothes 5 or 6 times. Did she have to dress slutty, classy, dirty?

She opted for a nice black skirt with a white blouse that allows to easily open or close buttons to show more or less cleavage. Under that, a very expensive white lingerie: bra with heavy lace enhancing her 34c breasts, a garter belt with light brown nylons and an almost non-existent panty. Classy heels, not too high.

With her pitch black hair, she looks like a crossover between a dominatrix and a dream material secretary.

A bit nervous, Julie finds the office and is impressed by the style. Very warm atmosphere with some Japanese mini gardens, no big straight corridors but some curvy ones. She was expecting an office full of men, and she saw a lot of women.

The receptionist led here to a meeting room where a very nice looking brunette in her forties introduced herself, “Hello, my name is Carla, I’m responsible for the selection.”

“Your credentials are OK, but you will pass a few tests here today. Can you read this contract and give me your comments? I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

Julie was surprised at how clear the terms were. Besides the normal legalese, it indeed talked about mandatory sessions of public sex shows including masturbation, use of sex tools, and occasional participation of partners. Sex with colleagues was not mandatory but authorized.

She read it thoroughly and started to add her few comments. There was one no-go near the end. It basically casino oyna said that if anything wrong was happening at the firm it was her fault and she had to pay damages.

When Carla came back she asked, “Do you have objections for the contract?”

Julie answered, with her very light French accent, “Actually, I do, look at this section!”

She showed her that section and explain she found it non-acceptable.

Carla smiled and said, “You passed the test! It was an Easter egg meant to see if candidates were able to rapidly grasp contracts, even when placed in some, hmm, unusual conditions. I’m glad you spotted it. Can you now sign this non-disclosure? That is not a test. We can go back to that contract later”.

Julie read it, it was basically saying that anything happening here should stay here and she couldn’t sue them if anything of a consensual sexual nature did happen.

She then led her to a small room glassed on 3 sides with a view over a few other offices.

“Put yourself at ease,” said Carla, and she left her alone.

Nothing happened for the next few minutes. Some women and men looked at her from time to time, stopping to do what they were doing. She asked herself it this was another test and if this room would be where she would have to perform.

She didn’t hesitate long: her sex drive was kicking in and she desperately wanted to impress them.

The room was furnished with a low sofa and two comfy chairs.

She started unbuttoning the top of her blouse, then kicked off her shoes.

She looked around and saw that much more people stared at her now, and didn’t hide it. Carla and two other girls gathered in some comfy sofa close to the glass wall and stared intently.

Julie started to warm up, and the attention super-drove her already intense desire.

She slipped a hand inside her bra and started playing with her nipple. God, she likes it when it was erected like that!

She opened more buttons, looked Carla in the eyes and started to slowly take out her blouse, leaving it hanging below her bra, with the arms still in the sleeves.

She played with her breasts, weighing them, caressing them over the bra, pinching the nipples through the heavy fabric.

God, she was hot, but she needed to take it slow. A show is not a sprint.

Carla was transfixed and couldn’t keep her eyes out of Julie.

After quite some time of this, Julie took off her blouse entirely, and sat in the sofa, moving up her skirt to not sit on it, and spread her legs, showing the thong, her very wet labia spreading around the thin garment.

Now with one hand in her bra, pinching her nipple, she started rubbing widely her sex.

She couldn’t believe how wet she was. She started to moan and said, “I’m so wet with you all looking at me!”

A couple of women in the audience started inserting hands in their skirts or pants, one guy rubbed his apparently very erect penis over his pants, two girls started to kiss each other.

What is this place? Julie liked it. A lot. It was up to her now to show them how much she could increase the heat.

She unclasped her bra, taking great care of keeping it over her breasts with her two hands, then very slowly let it go down, revealing her magnificent breasts with their super hard nipples.

Julie could feel she got everyone’s attention for good now. These breasts were leaving no one impassive. Supporting the left breast with her left hand, she now started playing with the nipple, pinching, pulling, twisting it until the pain was too much. Then she did the same on the other side, her right breast begging for attention. canlı casino She continued alternating like that, taking her time to make sure her nipples were rock hard.

She then fetched her nipple clamps in her purse. The clamps are quite heavy, all metal, with a heavy chain between them. She attached a clamp to each nipple, wriggling the nipples as soon as they were captive, then started playing with the chain.

“Oh it hurts but it’s so good!”

Julie chose the chain so that she could at the same time play with her pussy while pulling on the chain, keeping her nipples in their most excited state all the time. She took the chain in her right hand, hover over her pussy, and put her panty aside with the left hand.

She started pushing some fingers in her amazingly wet pussy, taking them out for all to see how wet her fingers were. All the time keeping the bottom of the chain in the same hand, which made her nipples and her tits follow the movement.

“I can’t wait anymore!!”

Julie started now masturbating for good, pushing and pulling two fingers in her so wet pussy. Her left hand now vibrates over her clit, she just can’t stand going slow now. She feels the orgasm pointing its head.

“Mmmmm this is sooooooo good!!”

She forces herself to slow down pause just a little bit, to take the time to tear off her skirt. This allowed her to show much more of her glistening sex, begging for attention, with her sex lips engorged and opened like a flower in full bloom.

Nothing could stop her now. Still pulling the chain attached to her nipple clamps, she drives 3 fingers in and out her volcano, with the other hand a blurry vibration over her clit. The temperature seemed to have risen 20 degrees: she continues frigging her clit with renewed urgency, feeling the orgasm ready to explode.

She closes her eyes to feel the orgasm reach his peak.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ouiiiiii c’est boooooon!”

A splash of squirt ejaculates from her pussy on the nearby window while her body spasms and forces her ass out of the sofa. It lasts quite a long time, she doesn’t have a voice anymore, she’s all intense pleasure.

Wow. Julie opens her eyes and fixes Carla. The brunette is furiously fucking herself, with one of her breast in the mouth of the girl sitting beside her. As they fix each other’s stare, Clara came with a shock, as if surprised: “Yeeeesssssssssssssss!”

One couple took a little longer, with a thin guy with quite a big dick buried in the pussy of her very loud partner. They finally came almost together, signaling the end of the session.

Some weird moment ensues, with all the participants putting their clothes back to where they were supposed to be.

Julie slowly put her clothes back, she was still dizzy after the huge orgasm.

Carla came to her and said, “Follow me.”

Julie walked with her, to what Julie understood as her office.


Carla now has a firmer, more driven tone, surprising Julie.

“First of all, let me thank you for this performance. We’ve had quite a few candidates and none of them were able to put up such a show. Impressive!”

Julie smiled at this, even though there was little doubt that she was indeed impressive.

“In fact, I’m the boss of this office so there is no one else to convince,” added Carla.

Julie wasn’t expecting that one. Carla continued, “We still need to talk a bit about your legal career and ambitions. I hear that you are French-speaking, that is actually a big plus for us, we do have quite a few French customers. We explained in the ad that we would be willing to help kaçak casino you go through the bar exam. What I’d like to propose is that we agree together on a 1 month trial period. If what we offer doesn’t work you’re free to go, no hard feelings. If it does, we start training you for the bar exam then. Do you have questions?”

Julie answered, “I have so many questions, but feel free not to answer all of them. First of all – how is it possible to have such an open attitude toward sex in an office?”

“It’s a long story: we have a big customer in the porn business. They have lots of trial cases, and we often have to go to their studios to discuss issues with the manager or some of the actors he hired.

When you are there, sex is a normal activity: you see nude people fucking each other and not only in front of the camera. You can’t do that job otherwise I guess.

So it happens that over there or coming back here after a visit, a lot of us were quite hot and started to fool around so much that it was a bit ridiculous. Some complained about this, some were more than happy.

“After a lot of discussions, we understood that the office was split into two groups: the hots and the colds.

So we decided to offer this open sex times twice a day to the hot group, in the hope that it will let them focus on the actual work outside of these. We made all the legal paperwork to ensure this will not get us in trouble, but since all the participants are willing and over 21 it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s really a gamble though, I really hope it doesn’t spin out of control.”

“So I guess the office is also laid out for that? I only saw the ‘hot’ part then?”

Carla, laughing, “Yes indeed, we are the hotties. Don’t you think we are hot?”

“You definitely are, you wouldn’t believe how much I thought about you during the show.”

There was a pause there, Clara smiling at Julie and appearing to be hesitating, “Mmmmm I hoped you would. Just to make things clear again, there is absolutely no obligation to engage in any kind of contact with your colleagues, or me for that matter. “

“Of course not.”

“Do you have other questions?”

“What are the office hours? What will be my job in the first month and after?”

“Office hours are a bit crazy like in any law firm, we push around 55 hours a week. We make it a principle not to work during the weekends, but week hours are usually from 8 am to 8 pm with little breaks. Some are very efficient and are allowed to work less, it depends.

During the first month, I will assign you to four different partners, each with its own specialty, so that you can understand the way we work. Perhaps I’ll pair you with the partner in charge of the porn company during the fourth week, so you have something to look forward to.”

Carla blinked at Julie. Pfiuuu that one was definitely on the hotties group … and she’s the boss, god help me, thought Julie, “OK, that makes sense indeed. I’m looking forward to learning a lot indeed. When can I start?”

“As soon as you sign the real contract. Here it is, two copies. It’s the same as the other one, without that Easter egg clause.”

Julie didn’t hesitate a second, she signed both, “I do trust you blindly, I wouldn’t sign a contract without reading it first if it was someone else.”

“You definitely accumulates a lot of points today, Julie,” replied Carla. “I like it that you can also be trusting sometimes.”

Carla signed the two copies as well, gave one back to Julie.

“Can you start right away?” asked Carla.

“Sure, what else would I do?”

They both laughed at that, relieving some of the pressure. It’s not every day you got a new job.

“Come with me.”

This authority tone again. This is a woman who is used to be obeyed to.

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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