The Adventures of Brooke Ch. 03

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Part 3 of the commissioned story by the lovely Brooke.

Her I am in need of some money. With college classes taking up all my time I really don’t have time for a steady job. My father, however, could always get me the odd job here or there and it helps. This time, he found me a cleaning job at the house of one of his clients.

With my father, though, the jobs were never really what he says they are. I hear a horn outside and I know my father is here to pick me up and take me there. I take one last look in the mirror and smile.

“This client actually asked about you when I talk to him on the phone yesterday,” he says to me. “You caught his attention when you were flirting with him. So make sure you do a good job.”

My father can be a gruff man at times, but most of the time he is great to be around.

I smile knowing full well he didn’t mind my flirting, especially with the older men. It always ensured they signed on with him or kept their business going with him.

“I’ll do a good job, Daddy.”

He drops me off at the front of the house. “Call me when you are finished and we’ll go out to lunch afterward.”

I nod and smile before turning toward the house. I push the doorbell and wait for almost a full minute before Mr. Thomas opens the door.

“Welcome Brooke, I’ve been expecting you.”

I smile at him and he waves his hand, inviting me in. I follow him in as he says, “You know I am not really interested in my house being cleaned. I saw you at your father’s party a few weeks back and I knew I just had to have you.”

“What about your wife?” I ask, already having an idea of what he is going to say. Not that I really care either way. I love being fucked by an older man.

“My wife is out with her country club friends and I’m afraid she won’t be home anytime soon,” he answers. “Would you care to join me for a drink?”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind,” I say.

“Go ahead and go upstairs, I’ll be right up,” he says directing me to the stairs.

I go to the only room with an open door and look around. It is very fashionable with a nice large bed in the center of the room and a stand up mirror hanging on the closet door. I quickly undress and slip onto the bed, crossing my legs and wait. And I don’t have to wait long. Me. Thomas comes in carrying two glasses and a bottle of brandy.

We drink until the bottle is almost empty when he gets up and grabs a small box from the dresser and hands it to me. I look inside maltepe escort and smile before sitting the box on the bed. It is time to give this man a good time.

I slide one hand down my stomach and gently begin to stroke my pussy, sliding my finger across my pussy lips, just deep enough to get it wet as I smooth my juices across my pussy. I do this several times to lubricate myself and then I insert three fingers inside me. I moan as I begin to finger fuck myself.

My hand slips into the box and I pull out the dildo/vibrator combo inside and press the head of the vibrator on my clit. I push the dildo deep into my pussy and begin fucking myself gently. I slide the dildo in and out of me as I gently press the vibrator above my clit. As I bring it down, my legs spasm and kick out once as I feel a jolt of pleasure race through me. I pull the vibrator away and begin fucking myself faster. I nearly scream when I cum, twice in quick succession, squirting myself with my cum. My eyes look with Mr. Thomas’ for a moment as he watches me and I cum yet again. I slow the dildo to a nice, easy pace and smile.

I slide off the bed, dropping the dildo to the floor and step up to him, pressing my breasts to his chest and as I look up at him I say, “There’s more.”

I drop down to my knees and unhook his belt and pants. As I pull his pants down, my eyes widen as I see his cock for the first time. It is magnificent. I take it in my hand and notice he is only half erect. This is something I have to fix.

I take him in my mouth and push him in deep. I push him down my throat until my lips are pressed firmly against his pelvis. I back up and push him in again as I feel him getting harder quick. I get on my hands and knees and lift my chin. I take his cockhead and crawl forward slightly and pause momentarily as I push his cock past my gag point. I then push him in more rapidly and I feel my lips press against his pelvis again.

I slowly withdraw his cock from my throat and mouth. I sit back panting just a little as I rub my jaw lightly and smile at him. He looks done at me and says, “Stand up and bend over.”

I stand up, but hold out my hand to him. I reach between my legs and pull on the string attached to my Venus balls and pull them out of my ass. He has a surprised look on his face as they pop out of me, one at a time. I hold them up for him. “Please fuck me hard, Mr. Thomas.”

I turn around and bend over. I reach under pendik escort and spread my pussy lips for him as I feel his cockhead on my pussy lips. Then I moan loudly as he pushes his cock deep inside me and begins to fuck me furiously.

I try to push back toward him as he thrust into me, but he is fucking me so hard and fast. I feel his hands on my hips as he grips me tightly, pulling me toward himself then pushing me away with his thrusts. I am moaning loudly as he bends over and reaches around from behind and grabs my breasts. He squeezes them and pinches my nipple at the same time.

“You are better than I imagined,” he growls in my ear.

He lets go of my breasts and grabs my thighs again, fucking me even harder and faster. Suddenly, I feel a huge pleasure crash through me. The quickness and intensity of it surprises me as my eyes fly open wide and my entire body begins to quiver. I shriek in ecstasy as I feel myself cum and I squirt hard. My juices slam against his pelvis and the bed as he continues to pound me hard and deep.

“Oh, Mr. Thomas,” I scream as I cum again, but he just keeps pumping into me.

I look back at him and I see him looking down at my pussy, concentrating on what he is doing. I feel his grip tighten again. I close my eyes and let him has his way with me. I love it when a man takes me like this and uses me to please himself. I relax my upper body and sink into the bed.

Another sudden orgasm hits me. I arch my back and try to scream, but only a few gasps come out as I feel his cock erupt deep inside me as I cum at the same time. The pleasure is so intense that I once again squirt all over. I whimper softly as I feel his hot cum spread through my pussy.

He pauses deep inside me, we are both panting and for a long moment we just lay there as our panting slowly subsides. When he slides his cock out I roll over and am amazed to see that he is still half hard. He suddenly grabs me and pulls me in to kiss me deeply.

He breaks the kiss and grips my chin, “Magnificent.” Then he kisses me again. “Now lay back and hold your legs up.”

I do as he commands and spread my legs wide as I put my hands behind my knees to keep them spread wide and back. He practically dives into my pussy.

I feel him lick me as he presses his face into my drenched pussy, pushing his tongue as far in me as he can. He begins to lick from the bottom of my pussy to the top as he uses a finger to play kaynarca escort with my clit. I feel a tingle as I put my hands on his head, pulling him to me.

“Oh, Mr. Thomas!” I scream.

He moves his tongue to my clit, moving it from side to side. I begin to move my hips as my orgasm grows and he stays with me as I feel him begin to finger fuck me. I put my hands over my head as I arch back when my orgasm strikes. I nearly scream in ecstasy.

As my ass comes back down to the bed, I feel his cock ram into me, deep and hard. “Oh, my god!” I yell not expecting the sudden intrusion.

He pounds me hard and fast. I open my eyes and we look at each other for an instant. My body is wracked with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. I feel myself squirt hard and I try to scream but nothing comes out. I turn my head and look at the mirror and watch Mr. Thomas pound me.

His hand settles on my cheeks as he turns my head so he can see my face. He smiles as he continues to pound me. My eyes and mouth are open wide as I am cumming almost constantly now. He lowers himself closer to me. When my bouncing breasts begin to brush his chest, he pauses for just a moment and I feel him begin to slow. He is panting and sweating some from his efforts as he lets himself slowly rest on top of me, slowly his thrusts to a nice easy pace.

Then he pushes up with both hands and raises himself as he lifts my legs up and back. I have recovered some and am also panting. I can see he is about to cum so I once again grab the backs of my knees and push myself as wide as I can. I want his cum deep in me. His cock is plunging into me almost straight down.

“That’s it!” he says as he pushes up and in as far as he can go.

I grunt as I feel him pressing against the back of my pussy. I put my hands on his hips and look him in the eyes. I feel him shudder as he growls in a low pitch. This is followed immediately with a short but high pitched scream from me as I feel his cum explode into me. My scream starts before his ends and lasts just a little longer. The feeling is so intense. When he cums in the last, long gush my eyes widen again as I feel his white, hot cum gush into me.

The only sound in the room is our panting as neither of us move for a long moment. When he starts to pull out I reach behind him and pull myself tightly against him. I wrap my legs around him and squeeze. He rolls on his side with me still attached.

“I haven’t had a young lady in my bed in some time,” he says. “Would you care to come over and clean more often?”

“I think I can manage that,” I say smiling.

“Good,” he says kissing me. He then stands up and says, “Go take a shower so I can change these sheets. We don’t want the misses to find out, do we?”

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