The After Dark Club Ch. 01

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I often wondered if there was a deeper side to the swinging scene, a side that some only get invited to and after a chance meeting with a switch and somewhat dominant genetic female I was hooked.

Meeting a lady from a well-known UK swinger’s website who loved girls like me with something extra to satisfy their needs had always been something of a fantasy I wanted to fulfil.

She was something else, in her mid 40’s with the most stunning body and tight pussy but even better she loved to strap on fuck tgirls so this was my kind of perfection enjoying a hot brunette Dom woman enjoying using my body for her pleasure and in some way mine to.

After several sexy meets with this stunning lady I was told “I was ready”.

Asking “ready for what miss?”

Karen my female friend and seemingly my Dom told me, ready to be invited to my favourite club a swinger’s social club for the most exclusive people who know what they like.

Purring at the thought of such a place Karen told me my presence would be required to escort her to the club on the Saturday night adding I should dress sexy but classy.

Wondering what Karen had in mind for me I somewhat dreaded to think but I knew I was inquisitive enough to go find out.

Once I was back at my home I searched and searched for this exclusive play club online but even in the swinging forums it was never mentioned by anyone, it seemed it was invite only and kept that way to protect the real life swingers and fetishists that enjoyed the lifestyle.

Now working as a full time escort and amateur porn girl along with my hunk of a fiancé I knew how to look my very best and as my man is a lifelong swinger I asked him about the club for him to shrug his shoulders and tell me he had never been invited.

Dropping a message to Karen I asked if I could bring my man along as she had met him and enjoyed playing with us both.

Answering in no time at all that she expected me on my own I wondered why.

Moments later she text me saying once you are initiated as a member you can bring someone along and in turn introduce them into the club.

So it was slowly becoming clear, this was a true member’s only event with a closed door policy.

I couldn’t wait.

By Friday I found the money to go shopping and picking out a very sexy little black dress and thinking I could combine this with stilettos I knew I would be looking my best not just for Karen but maybe others at the club.

As Saturday afternoon rolled around I knew my fiancé Danny had to work the doors in town during the evening and hadn’t been invited so I was more than nervous as Danny has always escorted me to new venues, parties and nights out for my protection and his satisfaction either playing with him in public or watching me with select friends or on set for porn work.

Laying in our huge double bath full of soft bubbles letting my smooth body soak and moisturise itself I was very relaxed indeed with a few candles illuminating the bathroom in late afternoon with the last of the winter sun shining through the bathroom windows.

Hearing the bathroom door swing open and looking over the edge of my deep bath I got the pleasure of seeing my man walking into the bathroom naked with his beautifully chiselled torso and thick cock on display for me.

Stepping in to share my bath Danny hinted he wanted to play as he was working the night time and wouldn’t get chance later.

Sliding my legs apart and sliding between my thighs massaging my girly cock as he kissed at my lips I was certainly horny enough for my man to enjoy me, disappearing briefly just into the bubbles teasing my nipples with his tongue and gently biting and tugging at my hard nipples.

Kissing me again I felt a thick finger teasing my bum then another as Danny pushed two of his thick fingers inside me as he kissed me passionately, knowing how horny he was making me I made it very clear I wanted his thick cock inside me so as I slid my hand and long manicured nails around his thick cock I was pleased to find Danny rock hard for me already.

Pushing Danny off of me and onto his bottom against the other side of the bath I was damn sure my man was going to get all of me and hopefully give me a nice warm filling as I love it when he cums in me.

Sliding into his lap and pushing my long hair over to one side our lips gently met, cocking my tight little bottom I slid down brushing my breasts against his chest and feeling his fat bell end brush my tight bum, reaching down to help him the warm soapy water had me totally relaxed and lowering my hips I took all of his near 9 inches deep inside my butt.

Sitting on his balls in the warm bubble filled bath was so erotic, Danny kissing at my lips and neck as I slowly rocked on his thick long cock buried inside my beautifully smooth relaxed boy pussy.

Grasping my slim waist Danny encouraged me to ride him and slid almost all of his huge cock out of me until I felt his fat bell end just inside me before driving all 9 inches back inside me filling üvey kız kardeş porno me completely, asking me to bounce on his cock I wasn’t going to disappoint my man.

Riding his thick hard cock in the hot bath was really turning me on to the point I was rock hard myself and bouncing on my man’s thick cock while he licked and kissed my body and lips with our eyes on each other the whole time.

Leaning me back slightly I managed to push my chest up enough for Danny to satisfy my nipples for me, kissing my breasts and sucking my hard nipples which I adore I lost control and as I felt myself cum it was the weirdest sensation cumming in the hot bubbles.

Feeling my orgasm rock my body Danny pulled me hard against his chest kissing me deeply and teasing my thighs as I hit another orgasm shooting hot cum between my man’s stomach and my own.

Sliding off of my man gently the feel of his still rock hard cock sliding out of me left me feeling empty but soon enough Danny asked me to get to my knees in the warm bubbly water so he could fuck me harder from behind.

Grabbing my thighs Danny thrust his huge cock in me harder and faster than before I was in heaven being fucked hard by my lover and future husband in our huge bath, feeling his thick cock pounding my arse was really giving me all I needed as the bath almost became tidal splashing hot water and bubbles all over the tiled floor.

Leaning in and kissing at the nape of my neck I knew Danny wouldn’t be able to hold back and I was right as he smashed his full balls against my pussy once then twice I felt him throb deep inside me and the feeling of my man cumming hard into my bum I took all he had for me like a loving wife should do.

As soon as Danny fell flaccid I sat beside him kissing him gently until he got over his own orgasm, kissing me back gently he told me how much he loves me and we stayed in the bath until it cooled.

Danny stepped from the bath first and wrapped a huge towel around his waist hiding his well emptied balls and still huge although flaccid cock, offering me his hand as I stood he supported me so I didn’t slip getting out of the bath and wrapped a towelling robe around me before pulling me up against him and kissing me.

Hoping this time Danny wasn’t hard for me I went to reach in to check and he told me no chance baby girl I’m empty.

Telling me he had an idea from asking around where the club I was invited to was then dropped the hint he was running the door of a bar a few doors away and if I needed him he would come and get me, getting to my toes and kissing him properly I reminded him I love him immensely.

Danny is my rock and every day I am surprised that I am still his perfect girl, a hard as nails tattooed and shaved head door supervisor who happens to have a Tran’s fiancé, my perfect man, my protector and soon to be husband but tonight I would be out without him.

Heading to my dressing room where I always dress due to my clothes taking over most of the storage in the bedroom, Danny had arranged a designer to build me the perfect dressing room and also turned one of our three guest rooms into a full on play room.

Laying out my new dress with some of my most expensive lingerie with FF seamed stockings, black lace suspender belt, panties and bra that pushed up my 36B cup breasts slightly making me look bustier than I am.

Sliding into my new dress it clinched at every curve and perfectly fell just below my stocking tops or just enough to not show everything off unless I wanted to, topping the outfit off with straightening my hair so it fell almost half way down my back in perfect ringlets toward the end and slipping into my five and a half inch patent stiletto heels I thought I looked classy but very sexy.

Wandering out to our lounge Danny was sat still in his towel passing the time before he had to go to work himself, as I stepped into the room he looked over and instantly got up and walked over to me.

Wrapping his muscular arms around me he told me how beautiful I looked and kissed me gently so not to ruin my lipstick.

Deciding I needed a glass of something before I went out I headed for our kitchen with Danny close behind stroking my bum as I strutted in my stilettos to our huge fridge, pouring a glass of white wine for myself I offered one to Danny but he said no as he had to work.

As Danny sat on one of our stools he opened his legs, stepping between his thighs I felt his hands lock onto my waist and as he looked up into my eyes I leant in to kiss him properly this time.

Spinning me around in my heels I playfully rubbed myself up against his groin for absolutely nothing to happen, turning around and kissing him again Danny jokingly said sorry baby, you must of full on emptied me earlier.

As we made conversation and I enjoyed his arms around me the doorbell went, asking Danny to go he got up in his towel and plodded off to the front door.

Returning moments later with Karen who looked amazing as usual xnxx porno with her perfect make up and gorgeous figure, opening up her jacket she had a similar dress on but showing off her cleavage as her breasts sat full and almost on display in the cups of her dress.

As I poured Karen a drink Danny sat at one of our sofas in the kitchen dining room area and just commented how damn hot we both looked.

Karen thanked him and told him maybe next time you can come play Danny.

Telling Karen she had better look after me she knew Danny was deadly serious.

Agreeing and saying she would Danny just repeated you had better.

It was very clear he wasn’t happy that one he wouldn’t be with me in a new club and I think two he hadn’t been invited despite hosting several very private parties at our home to which Karen had been invited.

Sitting next to my man I kissed his cheek gently and whispered into his ear I knew he wouldn’t be far away if I needed him, looking around at me he said you know that’s the truth baby.

Looking over at Karen she seemed bemused but as we finished our drinks she ordered a taxi despite Danny offering us a lift, I could only guess she wanted to keep this location totally secret.

Leaving home around 8pm I kissed Danny goodnight and told him I would be home by the time he got in so we could cuddle up in bed, pulling me back to kiss me again he repeated “I love you baby”

Looking into his eyes I told him I love you too, very much.

Getting into the taxi Karen commented how cute we were together and as we travelled to the club I found myself sat in the taxi looking at my engagement ring the whole way and missing my man.

As the taxi pulled up Karen said to me I am hoping you’ll relax when we get inside?

Telling her I was nervous without Danny being there she told me I would be fine and there was no pressure to play if I didn’t want to, adding apart from with her as my mistress for the night.

Stepping out of the taxi and up onto the raised pavement I had an idea where we were but knew it as a cut through street, a street with nothing on it bar a small service access for one of the towns 5 star hotels and fire exits from shops and offices opposite.

As Karen took my arm and led me down the street a little I had to admit I was a little scared, a street like this with poor old lighting, bins and shop waste I knew it was one of the areas where girls didn’t cut through at night due to the drug users and old drunks lurking in the doorways.

Walking just a few metres we were confronted by a homeless looking guy who wanted some change and as we both said we had none he became threatening very quickly probably due to booze or heroin which is prolific in my home town unfortunately.

Wondering how this was going to play out I saw a huge guy in a suit walking at pace up the street, stepping up behind the smelly homeless guy he simply said disappear and the guy turned to face him only to realise this man was at least twice his size, wandering off back into the darkness mumbling and hurling abuse back the unknown suited guy led us to what was basically a fire door with an intercom system next to it.

Asking for our names Karen gave hers and mine and after he had spoken to someone via his radio and earpiece the door was buzzed and we were led inside.

Walking into a room not much bigger than the lift doors that faced us with another fire door on the right hand side we were told to enter the lift and press for the second floor.

As the lift arrived and opened inside was a sofa and all the walls and ceiling were padded in soft black material and the floor had carpet, thinking it was odd even for a lift to a club I pressed the button for the second floor and with a jolt the lift very slowly climbed the lift shaft.

Finally reaching the second floor I had to wonder if the sofa was there because the lift was so painfully slow, passing my thoughts to Karen I was told to behave and shut up, clearly Karen was now in her dominatrix mode.

Stepping into another lobby that was very plush with a large leather topped desk we stood and waited, after a few moments a large guy all in black appeared and welcomed Karen, looking me over he asked for my name and nervously I answered Lisa.

Asking then for my surname I gave it as O’Neill since my engagement.

Next I was asked to provide some basic details of my address, email and phone number followed by a payment of £30 for my membership which I didn’t know about.

Luckily I had my debit card with me and as I went to pay I asked if they did a couples membership as I wanted to bring my fiancé on my next visit, the guy looked up at me and said no £30 each couple or not.

Thinking I hope the members are friendlier even Karen gently smiled to me and gave me the look of ignore him.

Laminating a rather pathetic looking card with the logo of “After Dark Parties” on one side and my name and a member number on the other the guy passed it to me, telling zenci porno me immediately if I lost it they would not replace it and my membership would be void permanently.

Thinking with his attitude and £30 entry as a single girl this club had better be worth the effort.

As the grumpy security come receptionist stood we were asked to follow him, as we did he scanned a key fob which unlocked the door and we were led into a corridor, about half way down he instructed us to walk to the end and enter the club and with that he pushed an almost invisible black door in the low light and left us alone.

Being led by Karen down the corridor I asked is this normal practice and she replied, oh yes.

Reaching the end of the corridor and turning right I was immediately met with one of the plushest clubs I have ever seen, everything was spotless and either suede, leather, satin and silks hanging making an almost tent like ceiling.

Karen led me to a large almost U shaped sofa area with a table in the middle, all of it was very soft black suede and lovely to feel against my soft skin as I sat.

As I sat taking in the club and the clientele who all looked amazing a younger toned guy naked bar a bow tie and tiny skin tight hot pants came into my vision as he approached us, stopping a few feet from us he asked if we wished to order drinks.

Karen immediately ordered a bottle of champagne for us to share and with that he was off to fetch our order.

Cheekily telling Karen how fit I thought he was she told me I was not to play with any of the staff members, another club rule was they are there to serve and nothing more.

Somewhat disappointed I sat perusing the rest of the club and as Karen spotted someone she knew our champagne arrived and was poured and handed to us, politely the waiter asked anything else ladies?

Karen snappily replied “No” and with that our waiter was again gone.

Saying to her there was no need to be a bitch to him she looked at me like I was in trouble already and forgetting my place would result in me being spanked publically.

Luckily for me as I was being told off a friend of Karen’s walked over and introduced himself as the owner of the club and party planner Chris.

Chris I guess is in his 40’s, around 5 feet 8 so not all that tall with a very smart dress sense and manicured nails, styled short hair and dark deep brown eyes that capture you and almost look straight into your soul, a friendly guy but so obviously a business man.

Sitting to my left hand side he spoke past me to Karen about me which I found rude but as I was with Karen as my Dom for the night I had to behave as I knew already she was in the mood to punish me should I misbehave.

As Chris stopped conversation with Karen his hand was suddenly mid up my inside thigh, openly touching me up and stroking my stocking top he told Karen you are right she is very beautiful indeed.

Feeling the need to speak up I simply said, I’m sorry?

Karen said I told Chris you are a very hot girly and an experienced girly too.

Feeling Chris go a little too high for my comfort I moved his hand back a little and he apologised which I didn’t expect.

Telling me I am very pretty and he loves sexy ladies in very high heels and stockings I blushed a little but as I looked at him then at Karen she asked Chris straight out, do you want to fuck her Chris?

Replying yes I think I would, but only if you want to Lisa.

Making a good first impression with the owner I thought I had no choice and as I settled and relaxed with Chris stroking my stocking tops I offered him my lips and wasting no time he kissed me very gently.

Karen leant in to my other side and whispered I’m going to go play with someone I pre-arranged play with tonight if you are ok.

Replying softly, uh huh as Chris kissed at my neck Karen got up and left.

Cheekily this gent said so alone with me huh.

Answering yeah I guess so Chris made his move kissing me again.

Breaking the kiss he asked me to stand so getting out from in-between the table and sofa I stood in front of him as he moved to the edge watching me.

Standing nervously watching Chris’s every move he asked me to unzip my dress and slide out of it.

Looking around I wondered if this should be done in private until I noticed on one of the other tables a young looking woman being fucked hard by another girl with a strap on.

Sliding out of my dress as the newbie in the club I was aware it was not only Chris watching me, sliding my expensive dress off and placing it into my handbag Chris asked me to join him back on the sofa.

Removing his shirt he asked me to undo his belt and unzip him then remove his trousers.

Kissing him as I released his belt, his zipper and fixing on his trousers he raised his bottom and pushed off his shoes to slide off his trousers.

As he did a young woman appeared and gathered his clothes who Chris told me was his submissive life partner a young and very pretty Thai lady called Lanna.

Sitting looking me over he commented you are beautiful.

With barely time to thank him he asked me to remove my bra so unfastening it and slipping into my handbag I squeezed my nipples slightly to plump them for him hoping he would suck my nipples for me.

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