The Age of Ares Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: My sister Gets Me Inside

Authors Note: This story is a work of fiction! All sexual participants are 18 or older! If my descriptions match a real person, it’s purely coincidental!

Quick Recap: My name is Ares Carmichael (Age 21). A few days ago, my sister Polina (Age 22) and I had a threesome with my Fiancé Nicole (Age 22), where I accidentally came deep inside her. She later told me she was interested in computer science and knew how to hack into websites. We, in turn, told her about our plans to take down our father, Charles (Age 48), and destroy his reputation by exposing his incestuous harem from within.


It was a week after we told Polina about our plans to destroy dad’s reputation and website, HaremHouse. Over the last week, Polina started opening up more and even started calling me once a day as per the contract I had with dad. I assumed my sisters took her lead because soon after, Clio, Thalia, and Artemis started sending me calls as well.

I learned from Polina that she had participated in dad destroying my presence in the house when I was sent away to university and spreading lies against me, so it came as a huge surprise that Artemis even bothered calling since she was the person hearing those lies directly. In the end, it didn’t matter. I knew they were false, and Polina had apologized profusely for them…with her pussy.

Somehow, she had managed to slip out of dad’s grasp a few days after returning home past her curfew, on the night that we had the threesome. I know for a fact that she was punished since her ass showed signs of intense slapping, likely from a paddle or a riding crop.

I took the anger that had boiled up inside me from seeing my sister’s pain and soothed it two-fold: Aloe Vera, and my mouth on her pussy. I rubbed the aloe on her ass, then flipped her over and gave her a few orgasms while running my tongue up and down her slit.

She was grateful and rewarded me by sucking my nine-inch cock to cumming in her mouth…twice.

We would have gone further if not for the fact that we were interrupted by a phone call. I sighed heavily as I answered the call, my dick poised to enter her slit.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey, Ares. It’s Artemis.” came my sister’s voice.

I paused and then moved away from Polina’s pussy, sitting down on my bed. “Uh, hi Artemis. What’s up?”

“I assume you know about Polina’s lies against you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I heard a rumor about that!”

“She told me she lied about you hating us for all those years.” my sister explained, “But in case this wasn’t already said, I’m sorry I believed them! I was upset that you didn’t call us that one month in, and after Pol said those nasty things, I guess I decided to ignore any of your attempts to talk. The point is I’m sorry and I want us to start over!”

“I’d like that.” I said, “Listen, I’m kind of busy right now, but if you’d like to talk, I’m free tomorrow.”

There was a pause of silence, “Uh…sorry, tomorrow’s not good for me. I’ll let you know when we can talk!” Artemis said, then added her goodbyes and hung up.

I sighed and realized that Polina was still waiting for me to enter her. I turned and noticed my dick had gone soft.

“Sorry.” I said, “I didn’t think!”

Polina smiled, “It’s okay, I heard everything!” she said, “And I know why she can’t talk to you tomorrow. It’s our Orgy day!”

I blinked, “Orgy day? You mean for…?”


When we arrived home from University at the start of the summer, Nicole and I had walked in on our parents having an orgy in the backyard near the pool. My dad was fucking each of my sisters and mom from behind when I finally had the nerve to say something. Thinking back on that moment gave me inspiration.

“This is perfect!” I said, leaning in and kissing her, “I was thinking of how we can disrupt dad’s authority, and I think I have the solution which can tie into tomorrow!”

Polina sat up, “I’m listening.”

“You told me that dad uses a mix of Viagra and Semenex when he fucks you, meaning he’s got erectile issues.” I explained, “If you can take out one of his pills and replace it with a sugar pill, his activity will be interrupted somehow. Does he always take those two pills before he fucks you all?”

“Yes, always the same two doses before an orgy!” Polina said, “One of each, so which pill do you want to take away?”

I thought for a minute, “If we take away the Semenex, he won’t have enough to cum with, but he’ll be hard for four hours. If we took away the viagra, he’d cum hard and fast, but not last long.”

“And we don’t want him to last long if he’s on camera.” said Polina, “On the other hand, if you want to gain access to his passwords and master control of his computer, he needs to be distracted long enough to get in and hack it, meaning you’ll need me.”

I thought for a long moment, “What if you were undergoing punishment while he sahibe escort was having his orgy?” I asked.

Polina looked at me, puzzled, then her eyes glistened into understanding, “You mean, if I’m strapped to a St. Andrews’ cross, I can’t take part in his orgy, and he will be distracted long enough for me to help you log in!”

“Exactly. Does he lock the door to his playroom when he leaves you guys in?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No. He leaves the door unlocked for easy access.” she explained, “He just turns the lights off and leaves us there for however long he thinks will make us learn. Sometimes, he inserts a butt plug or vibrator to make us stimulated, but I doubt he’ll do that to me for breaking curfew. Either way, I may not be able to get out easily, if at all.” she then let out a deep sigh, “Regardless, I won’t be able to swap the pills if I’m locked up.”

“Then the answer is simple. I’ll swipe them!” said Nicole, coming into the room from the shower. We turned and saw her drop her towel, standing there naked like the rest of us. Seeing her c-cup breasts, my dick lurched.

Polina noticed it and leaned in, inhaling it into her mouth, and began sucking. Nicole, meanwhile, strutted over and pushed me back onto the bed before mounting my face and diving her pussy into my mouth.

For the next several minutes, our combined moans and groans emanated through the room until a pair of orgasms sounded, bringing us out of our reverie as I came in Polina’s mouth and Nicole’s juices gushed down my chin and cheeks.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes until I went soft and then we rolled off of each other and snuggled up on the bed. I started kissing each of them and gently caressed their bodies. The two of them in turn started running their fingers gently along my chest.

“So, Nicole will infiltrate the house and swipe the pills and once the orgy starts, she goes into the playroom and free Polina, who will then get us into dad’s account!” I said, explaining the plan.

Polina smiled, “Sounds good to me!” she said, “Now, I need a reason to miss my curfew. How about we have another wild threesome where you cum inside me again?”

I let out a sigh, “I’m still not comfortable with the fact that you guys did that!”

Nicole leaned in and kissed my neck, “You didn’t enjoy cumming in your sister?” she asked, lustily.

I looked at her, “I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy cumming inside her.” I said, “What I didn’t enjoy was the idea that she could get pregnant!”

“So you don’t want kids?” asked Polina.

“I didn’t say that either!” I said, turning to her. I saw the look in her eyes, mischief, and love in equal measure, “What I am saying is there are risks with incest couplings. I don’t want to make you pop out a mutant child because we fucked like rabbits!”

Polina gave me a loving glance, “First-time couples will have very few birth defects, depending on how healthy they are, and it’s not like we’re going to have any kids after. I know I shouldn’t have more kids with you, but if I end up pregnant with one, it will be enough.” she explained, “Besides, it will drive dad up the wall that I defied him and had a ‘social life’. He won’t know what to do!”

“So you’re doing this purely to piss dad off?” I asked.

She nodded, and I gave her a wicked smile, “I can live with that. Now, come here!” I added, pulling her towards me.

I dove my lips into hers and we kissed passionately. Nicole, witnessing the act, dove down and sucked me hard. I was then pulled onto my back as Polina and Nicole returned to their previous positions and we started fucking in earnest again.

I lost track of how many times all of us came, but it was sunset by the time we disengaged from each other. I know I came at least twice inside my sister, and she had clamped down on my dick to keep the semen inside like she was ensuring I’d get her pregnant. I let out a low moan when she finally lifted herself off my cock, as Nicole took it upon herself to lick me clean while Polina got dressed.

Polina left a short time later, making sure to check her watch before kissing us goodbye. She said she’d make sure one of the doors was unlocked by the time she got home so Nicole could get in tomorrow.


The next morning at around 5 AM, I woke up to a text message on the burner phone. It was from mom.

It read, “You can’t go through with your plans! He’ll know!”

I texted back, “How will he know?”

She replied, “The spy cameras in the house will spot you!”

So dad had cameras throughout the house, likely so that everyone watching and perving on my family would be able to see all their naked bodies.

I texted back, “Can you disable or modify the feed?”

She texted back, “I don’t have access.”

I sighed, then texted “Then can you swap out dad’s pills?”

“Which pills?”

I then realized sahibe escort bayan we hadn’t decided which pills to swipe. The viagra or the Semenex? Four-hour hard-on or quick money shot?

I took a deep breath. We’d need all the time necessary, “Replace dad’s Semenex with a sugar pill!”

There was a five-minute pause, then two words were texted back, “It’s done!”

“Good. Now, delete this chain so he can’t suspect anything! Hopefully, Pol will be able to modify the feed after we get her out of the playroom!”

“I don’t think that will work, but I trust you!”

Two seconds later, the entire conversation vanished.

I looked at Nicole, “Mom’s gonna swap the pills, so you don’t have to.” I said to her.


Three hours later, Nicole and I drove up to my former home’s street. We parked at the end of the road on the corner and walked up. I decided to wear a covid mask in order to hide my identity and wore a short-sleeved hoody for good measure. Nicole, meanwhile, wore a sports bra, leggings, and sunglasses. We made our way to the house and snuck along the sides to the door leading into the garage from the side.

I looked at Nicole and smiled, “I’ll watch the entrance. Good luck!” I said to her.


Nicole’s perspective:

Ares kissed me before I pushed the door open and went inside. It was the same as when we’d last gone in, only this time I felt no sense of awe for the architecture of the building. Instead, I felt anger that this was the home of a fucking abusive creep.

I entered the house and I turned immediately for the basement. As I descended, I got a hint of trepidation. Thinking I was being watched, I looked around for a camera but saw none. When I entered the basement, I looked around for a moment before I saw a door and a thin wall that looked very much out of place compared to the wide-open basement. I walked over and turned the knob. Sure enough, it was unlocked.

The room beyond had been painted red and black, in order to match all of the black leather items in the room. Shelves lined up the wall next to the door, and I saw with my own eyes everything inside, from the dildos to the bondage equipment. For some weird reason, my eyes honed in on the Sybian, an electric-powered masturbation device with a dildo attached to it. I then shook myself and looked straight ahead.

Polina was hanging from the St. Andrews’ cross on the far side of the room. Her naked spread eagle body upright, and her head dangled forward. She looked peaceful, but the second I caught a whiff of urine, I remembered why the buckets were placed at their feet.

I walked over and moved the bucket, before I untied her wrists, cursing her to droop onto my body. As her hand fell on my shoulder, her eyes flickered open and she looked at me.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, tiredly, “There’s a camera in the room!”

“I know. I need you to disable it.” I said, “Ares is outside, waiting for us to finish.” I explained, “We got your mom to swap out his Semenex pill. He’s going to have a very small money shot when his live stream ends.”

Polina smiled weakly, “That’s nice. Come on, help me upstairs!” she said, “I’ve been hanging on those chains all night, I’m a little dizzy. The room is hypnotic.”

“Probably intentional!” I thought aloud.

We walked up the stairs, taking our time until Polina was able to stand on her own. Once her footing was solid and she was able to walk with ease, we rushed to her dad’s office, making an effort to be quiet.

Upon entering, I noticed that there were very few windows, keeping the room in perpetual darkness. A series of bookshelves lined the room, and a large mahogany desk sat on the far side, with a desktop computer and a monitor sitting atop it.

We went over to the computer and saw that it was turned on and running. Polina sat down and I looked over her shoulder at the monitor. A live feed was being filmed on screen. It was of the backyard canopy. Artemis and her mother were worshipping her father’s pathetic four-inch dick. Off to the side, the two younger twins, Clio and Thalia, were relaxing on the lounge couch, fingering each other with dildos.

I blinked, “Does your dad ever use your younger sisters for his oral pleasure?” I asked.

Polina nodded, “Yes, but never for our orgies. Every morning at breakfast, someone has to fellate him, and we have a schedule to coordinate that task.” she explained, “He always wants someone working on his dick first thing in the morning.”

I shook my head, “Unbelievable!”

Polina nodded in agreement before she started working on a program on the computer. I watched her work, writing code before she hit the enter key and the screen returned to the feed.

“Okay, I wrote a backdoor onto dad’s computer, escort sahibe allowing Ares to access it with a remote program. I’ll need to install the program onto his computer as well, so I need a USB key to duplicate the program.”

I handed her a USB key from my purse, and she plugged it in and started the download. While it was downloading, she went into the files and looked up the security monitors. There were several live videos and archived videos already, listed from recent to oldest. Today’s live feed from minutes ago was uploaded in twenty-minute time slots.

Polina took those videos and opened them, noticing my entrance and walking through the house.

Smiling, she said, “I’m going to scrub you from the feed and switch to an earlier loop. Five minutes before you walked in, the house had emptied and everyone went outside, see?” she indicated the feed from an earlier video where five naked bodies passed the entrance staircase and into the kitchen.

“All I have to do now is remove your videos and do a five-minute loop so it looks like no one was in the foyer or passed downstairs. I’ll also set another loop for when I head back downstairs so it looks like I was never released. We’ll have to head back in order to put me back so it looks convincing.”

I agreed and she set to work. Once she was finished. We got up and ran downstairs, making sure to be quiet. Once back in the playroom, Polina strapped her legs into the St Andrews’ Cross and I locked her wrists tight. For a long moment, I had to admit that she looked very sexy hanging there. I replaced the pee bucket and gave her a long kiss on the lips before I left the house.

I saw Ares checking his phone, and as I walked up and got his attention, he glanced at me and smiled.

“Where’s your laptop?” I asked him.

He smiled and pointed in the direction of our car.


Ares’ Perspective:

We went back to the car where I got my laptop out of my book bag. Opening it and connecting to free wifi nearby, I opened the HaremHouse website. Nicole handed me the backdoor program and I uploaded the file. Within seconds of the program being installed, everything went black and back to normal in seconds, and I was able to make changes I hadn’t previously.

I played around a little, moving one of Clio’s nudes around her profile page to a different place, before heading to the Premium Access page. I saw that the feeds were open to me, including Polina’s punishment. I saw that it was looping, much to my amusement.

“I wonder how many people are wondering why she is constantly looking up at the ceiling?” I asked aloud, noting what she was doing after Nicole strapped her back in.

Nicole smirked as I looked across the screen, “Hey, check it out, there’s a comment section!” she said, pointing.

I looked and saw that she was right. I was able to read each comment as it appeared. I checked the live stream in the backyard and found that there was a comment section there too.

Some of the comments read:

“Those whores are fucking hot!” said Username ‘ImNakedBro42!’.

“I’d love to assfuck those lesbians!” said Username ‘AnalMaster69’.

“I can’t wait for him to daisy chain their pussies!” said Username ‘LegallyP0rnograph1c’.

“He needs to spank them more!” said Username ‘ImmaThrottleU99’.

I looked at each of the usernames and thought to myself, “Each of these perverts is someone I know, I’m sure of it!”

I decided I needed to find out who they were so I right-clicked on each of their profiles and opened new tabs. The results were shocking.

Username ”ImmaThrottleU99” was my uncle Shawn, one of my dad’s cousins on his mom’s side. He lived in New York and owned a restaurant. He was single and had no kids of his own. To my knowledge, I thought he was gay but I guess he was bisexual, based on the comments he posted.

Username ‘AnalMaster69’ was my High School principal, Mr. Slader. If his profile was any indication, he liked to look at all the feeds involving his former students, not just dad’s orgies. He was actively spying on Caitlyn’s feed, along with other members of the cheerleading team.

The Username ‘LegalP0rnograph1c’ was indeed dad’s lawyer friend, Aaron Bridger, and he was uploading his master feed while watching dad’s. His feed included his daughter giving him a blowjob while her mother was licking her pussy. He was live streaming on his phone, and I caught sight of a few shadows in the distance.

“Is he recording in his work office?” asked Nicole.

My eyes widened, “Yes, he is!”

I switched off the live stream and looked at the last username. ‘ImNakedBro42!’ was the police chief, Patrick McDougal. His son was one of my bullies from high school, a football jock who always shoved me into my locker.

“I guess we now know why mom let everything go on for as long as it did,” I said, pointing to the user information, “Dad’s got the police chief in his pocket. If she tried to report him, it wouldn’t go anywhere because the police wouldn’t file anything.”

Nicole sighed, “So your dad has cops and lawyers on his side, meaning no criminal charges could ever be laid against him and he can have his fun without any repercussions.” she said, “Deplorable.”

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