The Agency Ch. 03

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My parents returned the following day, Sunday, to a great dinner which Sophie and I had prepared. They were extremely pleased to have us both home for the holidays, particularly before they were to leave for their own.

‘Well,’ my father started, ‘I’m sure you already know that we are off for a fifteen day holiday; Mum and myself hope that you enjoy yourselves while we are away. Please, Joss, look after your sister. She’s always been very good to you.’

‘Yes dad, I know. Don’t worry; we are grown ups now, just enjoy your holiday and we look after everything here on the farm.’

‘I know son, but we wished to spend some good time with you both whilst you are back home.’

‘Thanks dad,’ Sophie said,’ we won’t be leaving for our holidays until two weeks after your return, so we’ll spend some good time together. Just enjoy yours and forget about us; we’ll be doing more than fine here, especially together.’

We spent a great few days with mum and dad going round the farm. The number of animals was insignificant now and they don’t need so much time to look after. The harvest won’t be ready at least for over a month from now, by which time we’ll be already away.

There seemed to be no problems. Sophie and I settled together from the instant I arrived back and started enjoying, what came naturally, a lot of great sex. Our parents knew what was going on and knew precisely when it all started or better when it was about to start; that’s why my mother decided to take my sister to the doctor and protect her. I found out that this happened about two months earlier. We were scheduled to do it around her birthday of coming of age, although I knew nothing until a few days earlier.

Since the moment I arrived, we made love about three times a day and we loved the way we cuddled each other; together exploring each other’s naked bodies and indulging into many interesting games both under and over the bed covers not to mention the other places where it just developed naturally. Naturally mum and dad enjoyed their share and sure more during their forthcoming holidays.

As regards the web site, I hadn’t done anything but hopefully I did think about starting to brush it up as soon as my parents were away. Sure I would have some time then. I had already discussed the whole project with Sophie who rather liked it, especially if the girls were going to get a high percentage of the earnings. She was against the use girls and not treats them well.

The big plan was that the first evening of being alone Sophie had invited four couples to join us for a few days, which meant a lot of sex.


Back to the promised virgin’s birthday party

We had decided that the party would take place on a Saturday afternoon, which were a few days after Sophie had her eighteenth birthday. The excuse was that we wanted to invite just the few friends, who were the same which attended Lisa’s party and another two girls who were Sophie’s dearest but not as close, as to Lisa. So it was a total of about twenty four in all.

The other excuse was that we knew that our parents were going to be away, this time for about four days and therefore we had the whole place for ourselves. There was no need for any explanation as father knew; like father like son, we want to enjoy different tastes and types, too.

I myself was waiting for the day when to enter the cavern of love and taste the fruits of joy, bliss, pleasure and ecstasy. Some even mentioned the seventh heaven.

Since Lisa’s party, when I was promised my sister’s virginity; something I never thought possible; I went crazy. I wanted nothing more than to lick her slit and make her moan and cry with pleasure. She didn’t say no; we both seemed to like to do it and if possible more. We slept together and sucked each other many times. We explored each other bodies and left no stone unturned to find all the areas of pleasure and delight, or that instinct to put so much pleasure throughout our bodies. We had learned a lot from each other, discussed, shared and tried every idea that came to our minds.

It all started during Lisa’s party when I was sucked for the first time, by Lisa, who later told me that Sophie was protecting her virginity as a present to me, to enjoy during her next birthday; like she gave her’s to Klaus. It was at that moment that I was shocked and delighted at the same time. My little boy, although, he was just sucked up of every drop Lisa could extract, shot back to full hardness. As a matter of fact I watched my sister sucking Herman with a little taste of jealousy but I knew that, that was the start.

On the very day of my sister’s birthday our parents took us away for a big dinner for which we were joined by Klaus and Lisa, as the only other guests. We loved it more, if they could join us at home for the evening but it was mid week, next day was school day.

After we returned home, said goodbyes we prepared for bed, just like two on the first night of their honey moon. There I took her cherry as promised. It was one of the greatest moments of my life and also canlı bahis her’s. She loved every moment from the time we took a shower to the moment of reality.

We entered bed hugging and kissing each other, feeling each other by touching and lightly massaging our bodies. Then I laid her down in the middle of the bed, opened her legs and started slowly massaging the area around her vagina without moving too close, just feather light touches, sending shivers of pleasure rippling through her entire body, all the time moving closer to the most beautiful, intimate cave no man can dare produce unless by nature.

As I got closer, she started moaning, liquids seemed to have already started flowing and her body showed signs of movement. The movements grew stronger as my fingers started to touch the lips of her vagina. She felt very relaxed and ready. She was well prepared. The moaning increased the body movements amplified as I got closer to her clit. My finger started to rub lightly over her love button while the one on my left, using her own free flowing lubricant I started massaging the inner lips, up and down through the hot valley of love, so hot and wet, the energy flew through my fingers, my cock couldn’t get bigger.

It was so hard, I wished somebody could do something to it, but I was very much immersed into what I was doing that it didn’t bother me much, although I could have enjoyed a pair of lips suckling around it. I wanted nothing more than to fuck my sister, find out what really means entering the cave of Venus, for the first time. She was well prepared and ready, and this was my first, inside a female volcano. I wanted it to be right, not only for me but more for my sister. She entrusted me with the most important moment of her life, taking away her virginity. We been preparing for this moment for the last couple of weeks, planned every detail and also rehearsed, except that nothing been used inside her enchanted garden, not even my fingers. She never used tampons, never tried her fingers, nothing. This was her most awaited moment.

The more I massaged the area around and the closer I got, the hotter she became. Orgasms started building slowly until a very strong one hit home. She cried and shouted as her whole body shocked like an earthquake. ‘I think it’s time you take my cherry Joss.’

‘Nothing will please me more, dear sweet sister.’

‘Then do it, but do it very slowly. I want to savour and enjoy every moment whether it’s pain or pleasure.’

‘Your way, it will be. This is your monumental day and moment as it is also mine. I’m proud to be your first and you my first. Better lift your ass while I push this pillow under it; right; that’s right. I think this will help me go even deeper in that hot volcano of yours.’

‘You think of everything Joss. Gosh Joss; I never seen your dick so hard and big, what happened?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It looks much longer and thicker… I don’t think the last time I sucked was this big!’

‘The last time you checked it was eighteen centimetres, and sure was the same thickness.’

‘I’m getting scarred, Joss.’

‘Well, I think, slowly you can take it all.’

‘We try and sure I’ll find a way to take it all, Joss, but I couldn’t wait a minute longer…, please.’

I slowly moved over her, slowly putting my mouth against her clit, licking it a few times, got her back in the mood, and then moved slowly towards her breasts licking the smooth skin between her pubic bone and her breasts, slowly finding one of her hard nipples. My dick became closer to her epicentre, to her ripe peach, those swollen pouty lips all covered in love juice, flowing out of her hot volcano, it got even closer, nearly touching when my mouth engulfed her hard nipple which I rolled between my teeth slightly squeezing, giving her a little pain, which I knew she loved.

Her legs opened wider, pulling them towards her, while I took my cock into my hand and slowly started separating those wonderful wet lips which in those last few days I had separated with my own tongue while I sucked and drank her tasty juices some even shared with her, others we mixed with my own cum. On the touch, the first time it got so close to her beautiful lips I felt her body freeze, then her heart started beating harder as she was now anticipating that the time was close, close enough that she was not going to back out; but to become a woman.

I felt her body relaxing, so, so slowly I started moving the head of my more than hard dick up and down her slit, massaging her hot valley between her two pouty lips. With the pain and the heat, she moaned strongly, while I was trying to push her vaginal opening towards the thick head of my cock, every time it moved towards her virgin vaginal opening. I pulled back every time, teasing her until I jammed it against her clit sending her body into ecstatic pleasure; into one of her strongest orgasms. I knew she was enjoying every precious moment, so far as her moans and cries never stopped.

‘Stop Joss! Ohh Joss. Aaahhh, aaahh, aaahhh, aauuchh, stoopp Josss. I can’t bahis siteleri take any more.’ She cried and shouted as her body continued shaking. I nearly exploded too. I had never encountered anything like this since we started experimenting together, a couple of weeks ago. She became so hot, so hot that I couldn’t understand how her body reacts so quick to the touches of her intimate areas. I was still naive how hot a woman could get when she really gave her whole self to a man, either for love or for pleasure.

As her body, again started to relax I moved further up until I put my lips against hers. We kissed. Our tongues touched, moved in and out of our mouths and danced while I put the head of my dick against her opening. I pushed slightly, very slowly, stretching her hymen, I pushed a bit more. I noticed a little face movement, then I broke the kiss. ‘Is it ok sweetie sister?’ I asked.

‘Yes Joss, just feels great, I mean the head of your dick touching the opening; you know what I mean.’ I gave another push, a very small push. ‘Oouuch.’

‘Did I hurt you, sweetie.’

‘Yes, just a little. I want it to hurt, Joss. This is the moment I want to remember, most.’

‘Tell me, if you want me to stop or wait.’ I knew she would not do so. She wanted nothing more, than loose her cherry.

‘We have to consummate our friendship forever Joss; and on every future birthdays we’ll have. So please don’t stop, and don’t ask silly questions.’ I didn’t answer, but I gave another micro push, and then another. Our eyes were focused on each other. I could easily envisage the little pain she encountered plus the smile on her lips. I kept pushing until I encountered stronger opposition. Her legs opened further, giving further indication that there would be no going back. I pressed further.

‘I think its breaking.’

‘Are you in pain?’

‘More pleasure than pain, but yes it hurts, just more than little.’

‘How does it feel?’ I asked.

‘It seems that the intruder is stretching my opening a bit too much. The thick head is not yet in and the flesh seems to be tearing. Give it another slight little push.’

I instantly gave the little push she asked for. ‘Aaauchch! Aaauuuchch! That was nice Joss; just hold it there; yes that’s good Joss; there was more tearing, more pain and sure my virgin blood soon starts to flow. Hold it there Joss, just there. The pleasure is superseding the pain. I’mm going to cummm Joss. Cummminng Joss. Squeeze my nipple with your teeth Joss. Give me some more pain.’

I done so, quickly; I rolled her nipple between my teeth. Her body started shacking; her legs flew behind my ass trying to pull me towards her while my head was squeezed against her breast. She cried, shouted and moaned as her orgasm again took over. I just managed to pull my dick backwards. This time it took her longer to return to relaxation as the blood was so boiling that her body was burning not with heat but with sexual ecstasy, that it wasn’t easy to cool it down. She probably was in highest heavens

I tried to keep my cool. My mission was not yet over. Our bond was not yet consummated. I just waited, my dick just hanging outside. Her nipple was still being squeezed between my teeth, as she started flowing back towards home. I wondered, on to which cloud or heaven, had she ascended to. I took my dick again and tried to take a look at the head. She knew what I was doing.

‘Is it already covered in virgin blood?’ she asked.

‘Yes, but not enough; yet.’ I started pushing the head slowly in again, very slowly so that we can get the feeling of each other. I again hit trouble, stopped and looked into my sister’s eyes. They were full of fire, her lips smiling at me, while I gave another small push.

‘A little bit more Joss.’ I pushed again. ‘It’s tearing again Joss. It hurts. Another push; please.’ I obeyed. ‘Aauuchch, more please… I think now you are in, Joss. Just hold the head there; just want to enjoy the feeling, Aaauchch!’ I did not say anything. I just stopped there.

I knew that now the head was totally inside her vaginal opening. I can feel the liquids flowing, probably from different places, getting mixed together. I stayed still. I waited. She didn’t move; her eyes now closed, probably fantasizing about my phallus inside her vagina, filling her for the first time. The real act of love between two people in love! It was the consummation of our brotherly sisterly love. She seemed so happy, like in a wonderland of her own.

I just stayed static like a statue, connected to my sister. Then I felt her vaginal muscles moving, a slight moan and a cry of happiness. I just gave her a few very short thrusts, moving the head just in and out through the entrance of love. Her moans increased. Her body shook and in seconds she was ascending, again towards the heavens.

I continued trusting until her blood, again reached boiling point, then I pulled out, moved backwards and enjoyed the beauty of my sister lying there on the bed, her legs wide open, the lips covered in red virgin blood, her eyes totally closed enjoying bahis şirketleri one of the great moments of her life. She just lost her virginity I just waited, enjoying the scene, holding my cock in my hand, the foreskin pulled back; the head covered in red virgin sisterly blood mixed with her female love juice. She was lost. I could say that, I wished I knew what dreams were flowing through her brain, but sure very pleasant ones as she never lost her sweet sexy smile.

When she returned back to earth, I laid down on my back. She got on top of me in an opposite direction, lowered her pussy over my mouth to the glorious view of her more than over wet vagina. I felt her hand seizing my cock and started to lick her own mixture of love juice and virgin blood while I done the same directly out of its’ natural source. This was agreed before we had to start enjoying the fruit of the consummation, our first taste of love making. When we finished, I inserted my dick back again in her vagina, covered it in her own mixture of blood and juices and gave it to her to suck, taste and enjoy. This we repeated this procedure a few more times, until she was satisfied that she had enjoyed the real, true tastes, of that moment.

We just lay down on the bed relaxing and hugging each other, kissing and tasting the mixed love juice. ‘Thanks Joss… you made a good job… I’m… I’m proud of you.’

I looked into her eyes which now were open, shinning with love and satisfaction. She was silent. Her body was still lying on the bed with her legs wide open her heart pounding just like after a marathon run. I looked at her beautiful shaved pussy, wet, with red blood still flowing from between her pouty lips mixed with her own love juices.

‘Joss, I want you to enter me now, deep, deeper, as deep as you can go inside me; very, very, slowly, one millimetre by one millimetre. I want to feel your little boy entering my body, stretching my vaginal tube until it hits deep into my insides.’

‘Just tell me when, it’s still hard.’

‘I can see that. I hope you don’t cum too quickly now!’

‘Well, I don’t seem I’m in such a hurry.’

‘Goood, then I’m ready.’

I fixed the pillow again under her smooth ass so as it will give me better access, then I moved between her legs, pulled the foreskin back and started moving the head of my hardon, towards her recently deflowered vagina. Her thick wet lips were very easy to penetrate. I moved the head up and down, massaging her soaked lips and her very sensitive skin. She moaned as I pushed against her clit the dark purple bulbous head.

‘Please don’t make me explode so fast. I just want to enjoy what it feels like when a man enters my love tube, and this is my real first time. Please nothing more, brother.’

I slowly moved the head down and put it exactly at the newly deflowered opening. I kept it there for a few moments; then started pushing slowly as instructed. ‘I just feel the head opening the door, going through the curtains, yes Joss it feels pushing the wall in every direction.’

‘You’re very tight my sweet sis.’

‘I know, dear brother.’

‘But my cock…’

‘It became too big and rather thicker than I remember it.’

‘If you are so happy with it I’m more than so.’

‘More than happy, Joss, more than happy, please continue. Don’t interrupt. I like total silence; I just want to enjoy what is happening inside my vaginal tube and nothing more. Nothing more.’ Her shinning eyes were focused on mine as my hardness continued to snuggle through her channel of love, lust and pleasure.

I continued pushing slowly, one millimetre by one millimetre. I felt the pushing against her tight channel stretching in all directions.

‘Yes Joss, I feel it. It’s great to feel you inside me; my vaginal tube is being stretched for the first time to maximum limits. Ohh Joss, this is a great moment in my life. Yes, stretch me further.’

I continued pushing so slowly that it did not yet known when I was going to be totally embedded in her body. At last I was all the way in. I tried to push further, but we were locked together, my pelvis pushing against hers. Her muscles tightened around my hard cock, like a vice. I felt it getting harder and harder. I was trying to relax. I wanted to last as long as I could and more then ever.

‘Joss, your cock is getting harder and harder. I can feel it when I work my muscles.’

I didn’t answer. I let it do what it felt best, at this crucial moment. This was its greatest moment as were also mine and hers and of course her vagina. It was the first time for both of us enjoying the fruits of our love making, the intense orgasms and the pleasures of the flesh. I just looked at her beautiful face, her happy satisfied smile. I moved my lips until they met hers. Our tongues joined the action while her blood started boiling again. Her legs were logged against my ass, pushing me further inside her, locking me further in, being just two bodies within one. Her muscles were working wonders as she started moaning into my mouth. Her body started to vibrate and mine together as we were so entwined together, that I could not move even one millimetre. Her heart was also pulsating very fiercely and wondered how fast our sexual energy was flowing through our bodies…

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