The Amateur

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Jake sat on the couch waiting for his laptop to boot. He was in the living room. The house was empty. It was dark outside the windows. His wife Lauren was chaperoning their daughter’s middle-school dance and he was supposed to pick them up in an hour to take them to dinner.

“Somewhere nice,” Lauren had smiled.

She had a pretty smile with pearly white teeth and full luscious lips that curled up at the sides of her mouth, forming dimples on her face.

The computer finally started. He opened a hidden folder and clicked on a large video file he downloaded the night before. The video player opened to full screen. The first thing Jake saw was Larry Jinx, a distinguished, gray-haired man. He was fiddling with his tie in front of the camera. He was about sixty years old, dressed smartly in slacks and a blue buttoned shirt and red tie. Jake thought he looked like a middle-aged bank teller. Someone you would trust with your money or buy insurance from. Jake came across Larry’s website a month ago and the older man didn’t sell insurance.

Larry ran and starred in an amateur sex website. Jake had been looking for masturbation material and his usual favorites weren’t doing the trick. He wanted to see something new, but not too kinky. Jake wasn’t really a kinky guy. A quick clip of one of Larry’s videos caught his eye. The clip showed a black woman with a toned body. Her face was blurred, which Jake didn’t like, but he loved watching her get fucked by the slightly out-of-shape older man calling himself Larry Jinx.

Jake liked the video so much he signed up for Larry’s website which promised “real amateurs” getting pounded by Larry. Jake never really went for amateur porn, especially when he couldn’t see the women’s faces like in Larry’s videos, but he stuck around and wasted hours watching the site’s video archives. He liked the concept of the site featuring young amateurs, but Jake didn’t buy the girls in the videos were actually real amateurs. He thought they were probably second-tier porn actresses he would recognize if their faces weren’t blurred.

Last night after dinner, Jake hopped onto Larry’s site and started scrolling for material again. He clicked on one of the videos. The description read; Cock-starved housewife gets used and abused by good old Larry. Watch him send this busty babe home to her husband with a pussy full of cum.

“Oh, let’s watch,” Jake had grinned.

That’s when the kids started making a racket downstairs. Lauren shouted for Jake to come down and help her. Jake sighed. But before he closed the web browser, he downloaded the video for later viewing. He finally had some free time tonight and decided to enjoy it.

In the video, Larry adjusted his tie and checked his hair in the mirror. There was a knock on his door. The older man smiled at the camera. “My new sexy friend just arrived, boys. Let’s go greet her.”

He picked up the camera and hurried across a spacious hotel room to open the door. A curly-haired blonde stood outside on the hotel corridor. Her face was blurred, but her body was not and it was a spectacular body. She had a perfect hourglass figure. Her curves shaping her clothes; a small white t-shirt and tight blue jeans.

“Come in, dear,” Larry said.

“Thank you, Larry.”

The camera followed her from behind as she ambled over to the room’s living space. Her shapely butt stretched back of her jeans, swayed from side-to-side in a way that made Jake pant. The small shirt on her rode up as they sat on a leather couch. Larry put down the camera on the coffee table. The camera caught a good view of her big bosoms straining her shirt on top and her exposed belly button and flat stomach exposed on the bottom

“Thanks for coming…Hayden.”

The woman named Hayden giggled.

Her name was obviously not Hayden, Jake thought, it was probably something boring like Anna.

“I had a little trouble finding the hotel,” Hayden said on the screen.

“You made it. That’s what counts. Do you want something to drink?”

“I’d love a ginger ale.”

“Let’s see if they have any.”

Larry went off camera for a few moments.

While he was gone, the blonde woman looked down at the camera on the coffee table. Her face remained blurred, but Jake watched her muss her hair a little and adjust her globe-like breasts. Gosh those were some big tits, Jake thought. He loved big tits.

“They look fine, dear,” Larry said as he sat. “Better than fine. Incredible.”

Lauren giggled.

He handed her a small can of ginger ale. She popped it open. The sound made Jake thirsty. He paused bonus veren siteler the video and went to the kitchen to grab a can of ginger ale himself. He and his wife weren’t big soda drinkers, but they guzzled ginger ales down every once in a while. He popped open his can. It exploded on his face.


His daughters thought it was hilarious to shake the soda cans and put them back in the fridge. They got the idea from…him, when he used to do it to his brother. He regretted telling them that. Jake took off his glasses and looked for some lens wipes. They weren’t in the drawer he usually kept them. He turned on the sink and ran the glasses under warm water. Then cleaned them with a paper towel. The lenses remained sticky and murky. The water somehow made it worse. He wiped a little harder with the paper towel, too hard. The left lens popped off of the frame.

“Shit, motherfuck,” he cursed.

He tried to put the lens back into the frame but couldn’t find the little screw. Jake wasn’t blind without his glasses. He could even drive if he had to, but everything was just a little out of focus. He started upstairs to grab his spare pair when he remembered he left them in the office, along with the eyeglass repair kit.

“Fuck my life,” Jake grumbled.

He went back to the living room and sat on the sofa. He had about forty-five minutes before he had to leave to pick the girls. He could drive to his office for his spare pair of glasses, but then he wouldn’t have time to watch the video. He really wanted to watch it.

He tapped play on the laptop.

Larry and Hayden appeared on the sofa again. They were having the initial “interview.” Jake would usually fast-forward thru this bit, but with the house empty, he had some time and wanted to hear the script. He was sure it was scripted.

Hayden said she was a big fan of Larry from way back. That she always had a thing for older guys. “I found one of your videos and thought you were so cute and hot,” Hayden said.

“Aw shucks,” Larry grinned.

“You reminded me of my history professor in college. I always wanted to fuck him.”

“Did you?”


“Anyway, I swooned when I saw your huge cock.”

On the screen, Larry gave her a fatherly chuckle and said, “So you’re married.”


“How long?”

“Too long and not long enough.”

“What does that mean, is it going well?”

“Ups and downs. Overall I’d say I’m happily married…most of the time. Who’s happy all the time?”

Larry nodded. “Kids?”

“Yes but rather not talk about my babies.”

“Understood. Do you want to tell the people watching how we came together?”

“You messaged me thru my Onlyfans.”

“Your secret Onlyfans,” he corrected her.

“That’s right,” she giggled.

“How would people react if they found out?”

“Are you kidding me? They’d disown me.”


“Everyone; my parents, my husband, my brothers, my kids…no, don’t even scare me.”

“Then why do it? Why take the risk?”

“For one thing, it turns me on.”

“The fear of getting caught?”

She nodded.

“What a fucking whore,” Jake smiled, loving it.

“And I also don’t show my face anywhere. I film myself from the neck down only.”

“Someone could still recognize you.”

“I’d be shocked if anyone came across my videos, even by accident. There’s so much porn out there.”

“What type of videos have you shot.”

“All solos; tit play, pussy play and lots of pics. I’m not that popular. I only have like twenty loyal subs, but I love those guys. I’m constantly reading their comments and messaging them.”

“You don’t do it for the money.”

“Nah. I just like being watched.”

“Wow,” Jake thought, wondering if he could find her OnlyFans.

“How many guys have you been with?”

She raised four fingers.

“With that body? Don’t lie. You must be in double-digits”

“I’m not lying.”

“Are you’re bi.”

“A little, but I prefer cock.”

“How many girls?”


“Have you ever been fucked on camera?”


“But you want to.”

“Big time.”


“Well, I think it started when I watched pornos in college with my sorority sisters. We dreamed about being porn stars while we fucked each other with strap-ons.”


“No,” she laughed.

Larry laughed with her. “You’re a naughty one.”

“But it is a big fantasy for me, Larry,” she said. “Being a porn star. I’ve never told anyone that.”

“Not even your husband?”

“No one. He wouldn’t get it.”

“They rarely do,” Larry said. “How big are those tits by the way? They look huge.”

Hayden giggled. “How big do you think they are?”

“I don’t know. I’ll need a better look. Take them out.”


Larry stood. He picked up the camera from the coffee table and pointed it at Hayden as she kneeled on the sofa. She grabbed the bottom of her tiny shirt and pulled it up over her head, revealing her bra-covered breasts. The black bra was pushing her big tits up and together on her chest, forming mountainous bedava bahis cleavage. Jake raised an eyebrow.

“Stop being an idiot,” Jake told himself, shaking his head.

Hayden’s yellow hair got caught in the neckline of her shirt. She shook it off and tossed the shirt at the camera. The screen went dark for a moment before Hayden’s blurred face appeared again.

It was a little disorienting.

Jake’s vision was out of focus and now with her face blurred he started getting a small headache. He worked thru the light throbbing in his temples, watching the woman reach back and unclasp her bra.

Larry said, “No, darling. Hang them out.”

Hayden obliged.

She brought her hands in front of her and reached inside the bra cups. She brought out two heavy white breasts, perching them out over the bra. The pale areolas were almost invisible against her milky-white skin. Her nipples were rosy pink.

Larry zoomed in on the juicy rack.

Jake paused the video and learned forward, squinting. He was sure those tits were…but no. Couldn’t be. Those luscious breasts only resembled his wife’s. It was not Lauren. He couldn’t see clearly anyway, he told himself, besides the woman in the video was a curly blonde, not a long-haired brunette like Lauren, and the women sounded nothing alike.

Jake hit play again.

“Look at those big bastards,” Larry chuckled on screen.

“Don’t call them that,” Hayden laughed, playfully covering her massive jugs with her hands.

Larry grabbed her one wrist and plied it off her tit. She brought down her other hand on her own. He started to fondle the fleshy orbs.

“All-natural too, fuck!”

The old man squeezed the sides and cupped the undersides, slid his palms all over her silky-smooth cleavage, kneading every inch like bread dough. He flicked her pink nipples, rubbed them between his fingers and thumb until they were nice and erect. His hand slid down to her ribcage and hips, feeling her hard body, then slowly went back to her huge mounds. This time mauling them roughly, squeezing his fingers into the soft flesh like they were two water balloons he was trying to pop.

Hayden moaned loudly. “Damn your hands feels so good, Larry. You have no idea.”

“Suck my cock then, sweetie,” Larry said.

Jake turned away, unable to watch. It was odd. He usually loved when the action started, but he felt sick all the sudden. As he looked away, he heard a belt unbuckling, a zipper being pulled down, and ruffling clothes.

Hayden gasped.

“It looks so much bigger than last time!”

“Open your mouth….there you go…” Sucking noises started. “Mmmmmm…good girl.”

He rubbed his temples. He was probably straining his eyes too much and that’s why he felt sick. As he massaged his head, Lauren popped into his head. The first time he saw her she was twenty-two. A volleyball star. Her huge natural breasts stretching her tank top, long shapely legs coming out of her shorts. A magnificently built young woman. Thirteen years later, after running around after two kids, her face had rounded a tad, her hips had widened, her skin had lost some of its tautness, but she was still a natural athlete. Still a bombshell.

“I cn hadly fi itinmy mouh,” Hayden mumbled on the laptop.

Jake fought the urge not to look at the screen, but he didn’t know why. Why didn’t he want to look?

“Fuck, yeah,” Larry said. “Use that tongue, just like that.”

Jake smiled as he thought about how Lauren loved using her tongue during oral sex, too. She would slide it around the shaft while it was inside her mouth, massaging and licking it. He could never last long when she gave him a blow job. He would cum in her mouth in less than a minute.

He started getting a hard-on and his headache felt better. He opened his eyes. On the laptop screen, the top of Hayden’s yellow head bobbed back and forth as she sucked Larry’s huge cock.

Jake unzipped his pants.

Larry lowered the camera in front of Hayden’s face. The top half of Hayden’s features remained blurred, but her mouth and chin came into focus.

Jake squinted again.

The woman had full luscious lips like his wife, but a lot of women had full lips.

Larry’s thick cock was stuffed between those lips. The old man placed his hand on top of Hayden’s head and pushed her face towards his crotch until his balls rested on her chin.

“Damn, Larry,” Jake groaned, touching himself.

The woman made a chocking noise and started to gag, wet heaving noises like she was going to vomit.

“Don’t you dare spit it out,” Larry snarled. Around this time he usually got rougher with the girls. Not that they didn’t like it. He began fucking her mouth.

“Awk, awk, awk, awk, awk!” the woman chocked.

“That’s it. Choke on my big cock, you delicious bitch.”

“You sure know how to treat a girl,” Jake laughed, leaning back on the sofa, stroking his cock.

After almost two full minutes, Larry took a step back. His extra-large dick popped out of her mouth, covered in her saliva. Hayden gasped for air. Her mouth was drooling.

“That’s a good deneme bonus girl,” Larry said.

Jake was moaning as he stroked his five-inch dick. He was close.

“But I need some more of that dirty tongue to get me really really hard. What do you say?”

Drooling, Hayden grinned up at him. Her mouth curled up at the sides, forming dimples on her cheeks. Jake’s didn’t see this. His eyes were close. Working towards his orgasm.

On the screen, Hayden stuck her tongue out and licked Larry’s cockhead, playfully running the tip around the pee hole, just like Lauren did to Jake last night.

Larry sighed with pleasure.

Jake groaned as he came all over his hand.

On the laptop screen, Hayden grabbed Larry’s thick, wet dick and placed it between her full breasts. He was going to titty fuck her. Jake started to press pause but his fingers were all sticky and he didn’t want to get his cum over the keyboard. He left the laptop playing and went to the bathroom.

Hayden pressed her tits together, smothering Larry’s cock until his shaft was buried underneath the twins. It was a beautiful sight. The screen shook as Larry began thrusting between her soft breasts. His big cockhead pushing out from the top of her cleavage with each thrust, then pulling back between them, again and again.

“This feels so good with your fat cock,” Hayden moaned.

“Your pussy’s next.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Ah, shiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

Larry shot his load. His cum splattered over Hayden’s cleavage and collarbone.

He stroked her hair and said, “I still got a little more, open your mouth.”

Lauren opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Larry pointed his long member at her lips and stroked his cock twice. A second warm load shot out and hit Hayden right on her tongue.

She swallowed it.

“Good girl.”

Jake came back and closed the laptop. He had to go pick-up his family from the school.


Months earlier at the end of January, Larry stopped the camera in his motel room and set it down on the coffee table.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen so fast,” he said to the woman calling herself Hayden.

She was on her knees on the couch with a cum stain between her perfect, large tits hanging out over the bra.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“Wrong? You were fantastic, Lauren. I haven’t cum that fast in a long time.”

Lauren grinned.

“I’ll get you a towel.”

Larry walked out of the living room with his cock out and came back out all zipped up and presentable.

“Here you go, honey.”

Lauren took a wet hand towel from him. She wiped the sticky white goo off her breasts and a few white drops from around her mouth. When she was done, she threw the towel in the trash can and said, “Can you show me how you’ll change my voice on the video?”

She was anxious about that. Larry promised her he would be able to mask her voice so no one would recognize her once he uploaded it on his site.

“Of course,” Larry said. “I need a break anyway. I have you until…”

“I have to be back by eight.”


“You can put the girls away…for now.”

Lauren giggled and placed her juicy melons back inside her bra. As she shrugged her head into her white shirt, Larry hooked up the camcorder to a laptop.

“Here’s what we shot so far,” Larry said, showing her on the laptop the same scene Jake will see months later. Unlike Jake’s version, Lauren saw herself on screen without her face blurred. Lauren covered her mouth with her hand. It was a hell of a sight watching yourself sucking a huge cock.

Larry was at least nine-inches long and as thick as her forearm. He had one of the biggest cockheads in the business and it was all stuffed in her hungry mouth.

“How do you like it?” Larry sat next to her while they watched the laptop screen.

Lauren said nothing for a few moments, then broke out in a smile. “I love it!”

“You look incredible.”

He kissed her on the cheek.

Lauren saw herself choking on the powerful cock. Her eyes looking up at the camera, all glassy and wide. Larry called her a “delicious bitch” on screen.

“Was that too much? I can tone it down if you want.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Good girl.”

He rewund the video to when he opened the door and greeted her. “It’s a crime to hide that pretty face,” Larry said as he worked. With a few taps of the keys, her face became blurred like she was on that old TV show COPS.

The only parts of her body you could see was from her neck down, and of course the top of her head. Before they shot the video, Larry suggested, and paid for, a hairdresser. The woman at the salon colored and curled Lauren’s hair from dark and straight to curly blonde. Lauren didn’t love it, but with her face all burred out her new hairdo was an amazing cover to keep her anonymity. Except she still sounded like herself on the video and people will surely recognize her voice.

“What about my voice?” she said, a little impatient.

“Wait dear,” Larry said.

He placed his hand on her knee and smiled. She smiled back. After he finished blurring her face, he opened on the computer what he said was a voice software modulator. He played with the pitch of her voice several times, adjusting different numbers and bars until he re-played the scenes back to her.

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