The Anniversary Present

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It was our one year anniversary and what an amazing year it had been. I couldn’t believe I had found such a perfect man. He was beautiful yet rugged. He always dressed so nice, took such good care of himself. He was 15 years older than me which turned me on so much. I guess it was that he seemed so strong, and I always felt so protected around him. I was so in love with all the little things he did. He walked with such confidence; he had that swagger that was just so irresistible. I loved the laugh lines around his eyes; they made him look so wise. He’d call me darling, and sugar which made me melt! He was a man where everyone else I had ever dated was a boy and plus, he had the biggest cock I’d ever had inside me. It wasn’t all just that that kept me addicted to him. He knew what a freak I was. I didn’t really even have to tell him much, he just figured it out. By the second time we’d slept together we knew how kinky each of us really was. When I began to feel more open to him we were able to really live our fantasies out on each other.

You can do a whole lot in a year when there was really nothing holding you back. There had been several firsts for me during that time. He helped me to get pass the first couple of orgasms when he was licking and sucking on my clit so I could enjoy more before pushing his head away. The only way he could do that was to tie my hands up. I finally was able to do it without being tied up, although every now and then I’d slip up and try to push his head back, he’d order me to put my hands above my head, which would turn me on even more. It was a lesson learned well. After getting over that peak I had the most amazing orgasms I’d ever experienced. He also taught me how to squirt. He didn’t really teach me, he just did it to me. I’d lay on my back after he had spent hours with his head buried in my pussy and then he’d sit right beside me and put his middle and ring finger in my swollen and slippery pussy and just start moving them up and down on my g-spot and after about 10 seconds juices started gushing out of me, my whole body froze and I had the most amazing orgasm. My eyes rolled up in the back of my head and I grabbed his hand and squeezed, oh my god, I can feel it right now. He even did that to me when I was at work. He bent me over the couch in the waiting area when everyone was out to lunch and made me squirt doggy style. The juices poured out of my pussy and ran down both sides of my legs and made a big puddle on the tile floor. Another time he made me squirt while he was fucking me. He beşiktaş escort had my knees pushed up beside my head and was fucking me fast and deep. Before I could even realize I felt it dripping off my ass. Nothing I have ever experienced felt that good. I was so lucky to have him. After experiencing all that with him, I could never let him go, I was his and he was there to make me cum.

We were sitting in the nicest restaurant in town. I drank a little too much wine; I was so nervous and excited. I knew he was planning something but what would it be? As he asked for the check my heart started racing. Was he gonna take me in the bathroom and fuck me there? Would he wait and take me out in the alley and act like he was a stranger and rape me? Oh my god I was getting so wet, so horny from the curiosity and anticipation. He opened the car door and I slid inside. When he got in he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a black blindfold and handed it to me to put on. After a few minutes he told me to undress and I slipped out of the black dress and tossed it in the back. It was very chilly and my nipples stood out hard, chill bumps rose all over my body. I felt so vulnerable but I was shaking not from being cold but from knowing that whatever he was planning would probably top anything we had done yet. I felt his cold fingers on my breasts; he squeezed my nipple hard and then cupped my whole breast. He ran his fingers down and rubbed my clit back and forth as I moaned.

The truck stopped and he opened my door and led me out and into his house. We walked into the living room and he positioned me and then removed my blind fold. There she was in front of me, my present. She had long straight black hair and huge supple breasts. Her pussy was bare just like mine. She stood up and kissed me. She was so soft and she smelled like exotic flowers. We kissed and it was the most beautiful kiss I’d ever had. I’d never been with a girl before. We felt each other’s breasts as we kissed, I reached down and found her nipples and pinched and flicked them. He told her to suck on my nipples so she reached down and I watched as her lips covered them. I felt my pussy swell up and could feel the juices begin to flow. I ran my fingers through her hair as she bit and sucked my nipples.

He stopped us and made us to go his bedroom where he had the restraints already tied to his bed. I lay down and he wrapped the scarves around my wrists so tight so I couldn’t escape. She climbed up on top of beşyol escort me and started kissing me. Every part of my body began to swell, my lips, my nipples, my other lips. As she moved down my body I felt her soft hair fall over my chest as she kissed the side of my hips, my hips rose up to meet her lips. He told her to suck on my clit so she moved straight down and with her tongue she licked hard from my ass to my clit. I moaned and told her to do it again. She pulled my lips apart and sucked the clit, pulled it out with her lips and flicked it at the same time with her tongue. My back arched as I came. I pulled so hard on the restraints that my hands started to go numb. She felt so good, smelled so good. She slipped a finger in and started finger fucking me while she licked and sucked my clit. She was so good. She knew all the right spots but still he was the best.

All the while she had her way with me; he was standing in the corner watching. He was stroking his long, hard cock as she made me cum over and over, ordering her to do what he wanted to me. He came over at last and strapped her in to the strap-on. She looked so good with it on her. It was a double strap-on so that there was a big fake cock inside her and one that she was about to fuck me with. She rose up above me and grabbed the cock with her hand and guided it into me slowly. I moaned with pleasure as she slid it in. She asked me if I liked it and I cried out YES! Please go faster! She pushed it in hard and left it there and reached down with her thumb and flicked my clit back and forth. She kept doing that as she pulled out slowly and then thrust it back in harder. She had good rhythm. She kept talking dirty to me as she fucked the hell out of me. Saying things like, “you are a dirty fucking slut”, and “You want this dick?” When I didn’t answer her she’d slap me and ask me again. God I loved it. She fucked me so good, and I came so many times.

Finally he had enough of just watching. He ordered her to stop and untied my restraints. He flipped me over and had me sit right on her face. I buried my pussy in her face and screamed as she put her tongue inside me. She licked me again from my ass to my clit and then from my clit to my ass. All of a sudden I felt him come up from behind. He spanked me until my ass was red and shoved his cock deep inside me. I was inundated with absolute ecstasy. I’d never had this much pleasure before and I was coming so hard, just non-stop. She was sucking so hard on my clit and beykent escort he was fucking me so hard and deep. I came and came and came. I think he liked it too cause soon I could feel his cock getting even harder inside me. I tightened up on him and squeezed him as hard as I could. He pulled out as he came and squirted all over her mouth; I pushed him out of the way and licked it all off her face.

Then it was my turn. I went straight for her clit. I pushed her knees out as far as they would go and started licking all around her clit, all the way down and pushed my tongue up inside her. She tasted so good, kinda like sweet pineapple juice. I pushed two fingers inside her and sucked on her clit and she went wild, moaning and screaming until I saw the thick white cum spilling out of her. I pulled my fingers out and shoved them in her mouth and then grabbed the strap on. I flipped her over and grabbed her ass and shoved my pink cock inside her. I pushed her back down so her ass would turn up and kept slamming it in her. It made me feel so powerful, like I was the only one who could make her cum, and I knew how much she wanted it. I kept fucking her hard and her ass was bouncing back against me. I wanted her to come so hard. As I was pounding her, he came up in front of her and shoved his cock in her mouth. She made animal noises as we filled her up from both ends. I watched as he gagged her, she couldn’t handle his cock in the back of her throat, I knew I could and it made me smile.

I was exhausted but he had one more thing to do to me. Me and her both lay back on the bed feeling euphoric from all the orgasms. He asked her if she had ever squirted before and she didn’t even know what he meant. He sat beside her and shoved his fingers in and moved his hand back and forth on her g-spot and her body convulsed and her juices started gushing out of her and made a huge wet puddle on the bed. He quickly came over to me as she laid back and moaned. Her head spun from the intense new feeling she just had. He thrust his beautiful fingers in me and played my g-spot like a musical instrument. As I felt the juices start to flow I pushed it out with my kegel muscle (thank god I did all those kegel exercises). As I did a miracle occurred. All of a sudden I saw this beautiful water fountain squirting out of me. All the other times I had ever squirted I just gushed. This time I actually squirted. It kept coming and coming and the whole time I was dying from the orgasms. I laughed, we all laughed as it spouted it out of me. It was amazing.

Yeah, that was the best anniversary present I’d ever had. There were a lot of firsts that year that I got to experience with him. How could I ever let him go, he was perfect. I think he enjoyed it too just as much as I did! Just wait though, that was just his present to me. Wait till you hear what I got him!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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