The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 09

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If you have ideas for a new story, comment or message me. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!

As Mom, Kenzie and I put our luggage in the car, I felt almost a nervous excitement. Despite the fun I had with Mom and Kenzie on vacation, we were finally driving back home. Kenzie and I hadn’t talked much about things going forward and Mom and I had talked very little about it.

The car ride is mostly silent, the only noise coming from the radio as the three of us all want to go home and get a good night’s sleep. After what seems like forever, Mom Kenzie and I finally reach home and walk into the familiar building. I immediately head into my room and instantly pass out in my bed, falling into a deep and restful sleep.


I wake up groggy, and start feeling for the familiar feeling of my sister’s body. She must be in her own room I think, wondering if things would change between us now that we are back home. I slowly roll out of bed and open the door of the bathroom her and I share.

“What the hell? Can’t you knock?” I hear Kenzie screech as I enter the room.

I look up at her and see her wrapped in a brown towel, her brown hair still mangled from sleeping.

I give her a confused look, “Kenzie… we’ve literally had sex. I came inside you several times! What’s the big deal?”

She frowns at me, “Nothing I guess… just an old habit from before… well everything that’s happened.”

I nod, “Yeah, it’s been a weird two weeks and I guess we need to figure things out between us.”

My sister looks at me, brushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. “Well… where do you think they stand right now? Just between you and I.”

I frown and start to think. Kenzie and I passed being just brother and sister long before today… After a second I say, “We are still brother and sister but… maybe we could be something more at times?” I answer, the last part sounding more like a question.

Kenzie shifts slightly, the towel she tied above her breasts drops slightly, exposing the tops of her soft mounds. I stare at her breasts, remembering the first time I saw them on the beach, and trying not to look at her in a sexual way. Kenzie catches my gaze and smiles, “What? In your words, we’ve literally had sex!” Her tone is mocking, but not in a mean way.

I laugh “Did I ever tell you how annoying you are?” I ask her, joking, taking a step towards her.

Kenzie lets out a giggle and hops up on the counter next to the sink. Her motions cause her left breast to slip out completely from behind her towel. Her nipple is visibly hard as her hands quickly work the rest of her towel open. Her naked body is exposed, both nipples hard and he mound looking as sexy as it always does. I quickly drop my shorts, my cock already hard from thinking about Kenzie.

Using her fingers, my sister spreads her lips, then rubs her clit, teasing me. “Come on Tom…” She says softly, working her clit before plunging a single finger inside her pussy. I quickly get close to her and begin to rub her mound. I lean forward and begin to kiss her. We start with just our lips, but it quickly heats up as we exchange tongues. When we part, her breathing has increased from the stimulation in her pussy. Her shallower breathing causes her breasts to heave up and down. Her dangling silver belly button piercing bounces on her stomach with her ragged breathing.

Finally, Kenzie gives me a pleading look, “Fuck me right here!” She practically whispers to me.

I smile and remove my fingers from her clit. Using the same hand, I grab the middle of my cock and teasingly slide it over her mound and stomach, letting my balls touch her snatch. “Stop being a tease and get that cock in me!” She begs, spreading her legs as wide as she can for me.

“If you insist.” I respond. I pull away slightly and rub the head of my cock on her lips, feeling some of her wetness on her mound. The very tip of my cock glistens with her juices. Lining my cock up with her tight pussy, I slowly sink as far inside my sister as I can. Kenzie lets out a soft moan as I fill her pussy with my cock.

“Oh fuck yes… slowly like that!” Kenzie gasps out as I begin to slide out of her warm pussy. Her pussy hugs my cock, and my cock is coated in her juices while I pull out. I grab her soft breasts and gently squeeze them, causing Kenzie to let out a louder moan. I move my hands away from her tits and hold onto her hips while still fucking her. Kenzie’s soft moans and breathing fill the air as I fuck her.

Kenzie suddenly cries out loudly as she cums, her pussy squeezing my cock and almost forcing me to cum. I stop thrusting and let my sister enjoy her orgasm. Her face is contorted in pleasure and she cries out softly. As it begins to subside, I once again begin sliding in and out of her pussy, my cock now coated with both her juices and her cum. Kenzie goes back to moaning softly and begins to rub her clit with her one hand. “Where do you want me to cum?” I ask her.

“In canlı bahis me.” Kenzie replies, softly. Why is she being so quiet? Mom and Dad both know what we’ve done. I ask myself.

Kenzie’s tight pussy lips hug my cock as I slide out of her, as I near my own orgasm. About a minute later, I sink as deep inside my sister as I can and cum, coating the inside of her depths with my seed.

“Oh fuck… I love cum deep in me!” Kenzie sighs as I fill her up. My cock gives one final twitch inside her and begins to soften. I pull my soft cock out of her wet pussy and Kenzie slips two fingers inside herself. A second later, she removes them and they are coated in a mixture of both of our cum and her juices. She puts them into her mouth and cleans them off, clearly enjoying the taste. Kenzie continues to rub her clit for several seconds, before giving a small, happy sigh and standing up. Almost instantly, cum begins to drip out of her pussy and slide down her inner thighs.

“Things good between us?” I ask her.

Kenzie shrugs, causing her tits to bounce up and down, “As good as they can be between a brother and sister who have sex with each other… and sometimes their mother.”

I let out a small laugh, “Good point.”

Kenzie smiles at me, “Now get out of here! I’m going out in a bit and need to wash your cum out of me.”

I nod and put my shorts back on. Walking out of the room I see Mom passing by my open door dressed in a light green sundress. There are no straps and it hugs Mom’s breasts and hips nicely. Seeing me walk out of the bathroom she turns around and leans on my doorway. “Have fun in there?” She asks with a knowing smile.

I sigh, having finally gotten used to Mom knowing all about my sex life. “I suppose you could say that.” I answer.

Mom laughs, “I could do more than suppose. Kenzie wasn’t exactly quiet when she came.”

“Well it’s not like we’re doing anything new and different. For the past two weeks this is fairly normal for the two of us.”

Mom nods, “Your right. Have you given any thought to what I told you?”

She’s talking about going to one of their swinger parties with her and Dad. I think. A second later I nod, “I’m not sure. It would probably depend on what Kenzie wanted.” I answer.

Mom takes a step into the room, “Well I was thinking maybe Kenzie doesn’t come to the first one.”

I frown, “Why not?”

Mom replies, “Well she seems pretty content to just have sex with you, not that I have an issue with that. But, she seems more reluctant than you to try new things.”

“You don’t think she’d like it.” I reply.

Mom nods, “I don’t. If you think you might, then the next one is in two days. Your father and I will both be going.”

I nod, “I’ll have made my decision by then.”

Mom smiles, “Good.” She turns and walks away from my door, leaving me alone in my room with just my thoughts. After what feels like forever, Kenzie finally gets out of the shower and I take my turn in it.

After my refreshing shower, I put on a new pair of boxers and basketball shorts. I walk into the garage, grabbing my lacrosse stick and several balls. I walk out in the yard to the net with the black covering representing a goalie. Putting the balls in the grass, I begin to cradle the ball and run, taking shots on the goal. While doing this, I remember things my coach told me to work on over the summer.

After almost an hour, I’m dripping sweat and tired of running the same drills on an imaginary goalie. I put the stick and balls back in the garage before walking to the pool to cool off. I close the tall, wooden gate and see Mom wearing a very small red bikini walking to a pool chair. The top has two horizontal strips of fabric held together with a gold ring. The bottom is just as revealing, showing off a large portion of Mom’s mound. The top barely hides her nipples, and Mom’s firm breasts look very nice in this bikini.

I don’t know if she notices me or not, but lays face down on one of the pool chairs and unties the back of her bikini top and removes it from her back. I shake off the daydream of the sexual thoughts of Mom and place a floaty in the pool and dive in the cool water. Surfacing, I see Mom placing her head back down as she sees me surface and swim over to the long floaty. I lay back on it and enjoy the feeling of the hot sun and cool water. Placing my head on the head rest, I try to float to keep Mom’s ass in my sight, as her bikini bottoms do a nice job of exposing it.

Despite having cum not too long ago, the view of Mom is once again making me become semi-hard. She has spread her legs slightly, giving me a decent view of her ass and pussy mound. It’s almost like she shifts slightly just to tease me. As the sun reaches its peak in the sky, I get tired of floating and hop back into the water before swimming to the edge of the pool. I climb out of the water, my boxers and shorts heavy from it. I walk over to the pool chair on Mom’s left and lay face up on it, allowing the sun to begin to dry me off.

Mom suddenly bahis siteleri asks, “Can you come help me with something?”

I open my eyes to the bright sunlight and stand, stretching by back as I do so. “Yeah. What do you need?” I ask her.

“Can you untie my bikini bottoms please? I’m really comfortable and don’t want to move.” She asks me.

I smile, remembering the first time I touched Mom sexually, the one day where she asked me to put sunscreen on her back and ass. “Yeah sure.” I answer and make my way over to Mom. I sit on the side of the side of Mom’s chair next to her hips and untie the side closest to me, then untie the other side. I pull her bikini bottom off of her ass, exposing it to the sun. After the long weeks at the nude beach, it is now a tan and looks better than ever.

“Before you go… one last favor. Can you pull them out from under me?” Mom asks.

No weirder than anything the two of us have done in the past two weeks I think as Mom shifts slightly allowing me to pull her bottoms out from under her torso. Touching the center of the fabric, it is wet and warm. Curious, I smell them and catch the sweet, musky smell of her pussy.

I smile, wondering if Mom was being naughty by the pool. Reaching between Mom’s spread thighs, I feel her pussy lips and find they are dripping wet. “Like that?” Mom asks, feeling my touch.

“Like what?” I ask, pretending to be innocent.

Mom turns and looks at me with a smile, “The vibrator in my pussy right now. Why did you think I kept shifting while you were on that raft?”

“I thought you were just teasing me.” I reply, rubbing her wet mound, feeling the vibrations inside her.

“Well in a way I am.” Mom answers, spreading her legs a little further, giving me better access to her sex. I continue to rub it, her juices beginning to flow onto my fingers. Mom lets out a sigh of pleasure as I work her moist slit.

After a moment I ask her, “Aren’t you worried someone is going to see us?”

Mom turns to face me and smiles, “I’m a bit more worried about them hearing me than seeing me. But since you brought it up…” Mom reaches behind her back and ties up her top. Then she stands and pulls her green sundress back over her head and teasingly tosses me her bikini bottoms as she leads the way inside. Every few feet, she reaches behind her and lifts her dress slightly, giving me a peek at her plump ass.

Like I need encouragement to follow her I think, as she looks over her shoulder with a teasing smile before opening the back door and going inside. I follow her and she leads me upstairs, past my room and into her and Dad’s room. Walking into the room, Mom turns and begins kissing me the instant I enter after her. We start with heavy kissing as my hands feel the familiar curves of her body. As she feels my lower chest and begins to work her hands down to near my cock, I reach behind her and squeeze her soft ass through her dress.

Mom pulls away from me and lifts her dress over her head, exposing her pussy and ass to the air. Her breasts are still ‘covered’ by the very small bikini top. Reaching behind Mom, I untie the top and let it fall to the floor. Mom’s nipples are hard and I begin to bite and suck her right nipple while she tugs my now dry shorts and boxers down. My hard cock leaps out allowing Mom to slowly begin to stroke my length.

Mom looks at me with pleading eyes and begs, “Make me cum!” Then she lays back on the bed and spreads her legs. Since her bottoms were removed, her juices now coated both of her inner thighs and her mound gives them a shiny glossing. I bury my face in her crotch and begin to greedily slurp at her juices. “Oh fuck…” Mom gasps out, as I lick her clit, before plunging my tongue in between her pussy lips. Doing this allows me to feel the vibrator buzzing away deep inside her. I taste her sweet, forbidden nectar as I eat at her mound, bringing her to orgasm. With a high pitched squeal Mom orgasms, her cum quickly shaken out of her by the vibrator.

I lap up her warm cum, savoring the taste of my own mother. Pulling away, some of her cum runs out of her swollen mound and over her sexy asshole. Looking up at me with lust, Mom commands, “Fuck me hard!”

“One thing first…” I muse, standing and slipping two fingers inside her, causing Mom to gasp. After a second, I locate the vibrator and pull the buzzing bullet out of her. It is coated in her juices and cum, some of which slowly begin to drip off of it. Mom reaches up for the small toy and I hand it to her.

Mom looks me in the eyes and once again commands, “Tom… your cock in me now!” I smile and line my cock up with her dripping snatch. I gently push forward, deep inside my own mother’s pussy. Mom lets out a moan as I begin to fuck her. She lays back and uses her one hand to hold the vibrator over her swollen clit. I grab her breasts and squeeze hard as I begin to fuck Mom hard and fast.

In no time, the air is full of Mom’s moans, the slapping of skin on skin, my breathing and grunts and the buzzing of the bahis şirketleri vibrator. I’m fucking Mom in her marrage bed… I think as I pound Mom’s tight pussy and this thought alone is almost enough to make me cum instantly. I hold off as Mom grunts, “Cumming…”

I keep fucking her as her pussy clenches around my cock, trying to milk my cum. I feel her hot cum coat my shaft at the same time. Having already came today, I didn’t quite feel the need to cum yet. Mom turns off her dripping vibrator and gives me a gentle push away from her. I reluctantly pull out and Mom gives a soft sigh. She then moves to the center of the bed and wiggles her ass at me, inviting me to fuck her from behind.

I climb up behind her and Mom looks back at me and smiles. As I put the head of my cock in her drooling snatch, I hear a voice from behind me say, “Good to see things haven’t changed since you all got back!”

I turn and see Dad standing in the doorway, home early from work. Mom looks past me and continues to smile, “Well I figured I’d try to be as far along with this as I could.”

I look back and forth between Mom and Dad, my cock still hard and dripping Mom’s cum and juices. “What the fuck is going on here?” I ask, confused.

Mom flips onto her back and rubs at her pussy and says, “Well… one of the things your father and I wanted to do was get you used to a sexual group setting.”

“You, Kenzie and Aunt Anne was a group setting.” I reply, unsure of how I feel about Dad seeing me fucking Mom.

Dad nods, “Yes, but this one is a bit different. If you want to come to one of the swinger parties with Mom and I, you need to get used to other guys as well as women.”

I frown, feeling used. “So this was all a big play to get me to fuck Mom and other women with you?” I ask Dad, my voice rising slightly.

Dad shakes his head, “No! Sue and I brought Kenzie and you to bring all of us closer together! While I did need to leave early, your mother, sister and you all got much closer.”

“So what now?” I ask, feeling unsure about my current situation. My cock has deflated, Dad is casually leaning against the doorway and Mom is rubbing at her very wet pussy.

Mom smiles up at me, “Well one of the things I never got to do on the trip was have sex with the two most handsome men in my life.”

I go red at the very thought of what Mom is proposing. How is this any different from fucking her, your sister or your aunt? Part of my brain asks me. “So you want a…”

“Threeway? Yes. Unless you don’t want to.” Dad answers.

I hesitate, what I decide here could change my already strange relationship with Mom. After a minute of looking at my sexy mother begin to slide three fingers in and out of herself. Seeing this causes my soft cock to twitch slightly. I finally decide, “Fuck it…” I say quietly.

“Is that a yes?” Dad asks, beginning to unbutton his shirt.

“Yes.” I say, despite the feeling of nervousness and uncertainty.

Mom looks up at me with a smile, her face as Dad quickly undresses. “This is going to be fun!” She says, loud enough for only me to hear, before she uses her hand to guide my fingers to her pussy. I begin to rub her clit before sinking three of them inside her. I begin to grow hard once again as Mom begins to gently stroke my cock, before taking it in her mouth.

After a few seconds, I’m hard once again and Dad has joined us on the bed. Mom has him lay back while she begins to stroke his cock. Out of curiosity, I take a quick look at his hard cock. It is about the same size as mine. Mom pulls away from my cock and lowers her mouth to Dads, while her hand begins to slowly stroke my drool covered length. After a minute of her stroking me and sucking off Dad, Mom pulls away from him too. “Which one of you is going to fill my cunt first?” She asks, sitting on the bed, stroking both of our cocks.

“Both at the same time?” Asks Dad in a way to make it hard to tell if he’s joking.

Mom slaps his chest, “Not on Tom’s first time…”

Dad looks at me, “Well in one of the parties, you’ll probably have sloppy seconds on someone… besides, you already got to fuck her!”

I nod, still unsure of how I feel about this situation and the idea of the swinger party. “If you want to go first…” I reply. Dad nods and smiles.

Mom gives me a smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you like it!” She says, bending forward and getting on her hands and knees. Dad goes behind her and lines up with her pussy. Before he can start to fuck her, Mom says, “Tom, let me suck you off at least!”

I smile, “Sounds good.” Mom sighs softly as Dad sinks inside her pussy. Mom begins to moan as Dad begins to slide in and out of her, only to be silenced as she takes my cock in her mouth. Dad’s hands hold onto her hips as he slowly begins to increase the speed of his thrusts.

While Dad works her pussy, Mom sucks my cock in a way that teases me, looking into my eyes the whole time. After a few minutes, Mom pulls away from my cock and cries out, “Oh… fuck yes!” She closes her eyes as her face contorts in pleasure from her orgasm. Dad thrusts deep inside Mom’s pussy and grunts, probably cumming. Dad and Mom enjoy the feeling of each other before Dad pulls out of Mom’s pussy.

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