The Assistant Pt. 03 – Late Night

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Scott wakes up from a deep slumber. Last night, has been draining. Him and Keysha fucked for hours when they got to his place. This time he tied Keysha to his bed and orally please her until she begged him to stop and fuck her already. Without hesitation, he mounts her sliding his big cock deep inside her. The hot and passionate sex they had was amazing. They were exhausted, but they’re hunger for each other surpass their tiredness. By the time they were done, they collapsed tangle in arms and legs.

A smile creeps on his face as well as an erection. He stretches and he uses his right arm to reach for her. Sadly, his hand touches a cold spot where Keysha should be. He turns over quickly to see she’s not there. He hops out of bed and searches for her. He goes to the bathroom first. She’s not there. He heads to the kitchen, dining and living rooms to see she’s not in them either. He walks back to his bedroom to get his phone. He calls first. It goes to voicemail. He sends her a text and then email.

After waiting for an hour, still no response. He’s been trying to reach her for the past three days with no luck. Scott couldn’t sleep. His mind has been on Keysha and their night together. So many times, he jerked his cock thinking about her. The feel of her mouth, the smoothness of her soft skin and how tight her pussy felt. The scent of her perfume imbedded in his mind and pillows. He refused to wash them. He hold the pillows to his nose inhaling her scent. Fuck, he wants her so badly, but she’s been avoiding him. At least, that’s what he thinks.

She took a few days off from work. She got him a temp. He’s not happy. The temp is a great worker, but she’s not Keysha. He continued to call, text and email her several times. Now, he wonders if the sex was only good to him. His confidence as a man has dwindle a bit. He never had a woman question his sexual ability.

Another morning and still no response from Keysha. He goes to work dreading it. He gets off the elevator with his feet dragging. He thought about staying home, but decided not to. Besides, working should help him get his mind off her. Then a familiar perfume hits him. His eyes grow wide as he sees Keysha at her desk. A huge smile spread across his face.

“Keysha!” he says happily.

She turns around in her chair and stares up at him. Damn, he looks good, she thinks. He’s wearing a three-piece suit and freshly shaven. She would love to feel his face between her thighs tasting her. She squeezes her legs together to calm her throbbing pussy.

“Good morning Scott. How are you?” she greets smiling.

“I’m great,” he says.

The atmosphere goes from happiness to awkwardness within seconds. He clears his throat.

“Is everything alright? You took a few days off. Not to mention, you haven’t responded to my emails, calls or texts,” he tells her.

He places his hands inside his pockets. His cock begins to harden. He misses her. If it was anyone else, he’ll fire them. A no call no show is grounds for termination.

“I’m really sorry. I had a family emergency. I called HR and filled out a leave of absence. I should have had call, but I thought HR sent you an email,” she tells him.

He never thought about checking his work emails. He slaps his forehead.

“Crap! I forgot to check,” he says.

He inhales deeply and sighs heavily. He runs a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were avoiding me,” he confesses.

He only focused on his personal messages.

“I will never avoid you, Scott. You’re a great guy,” she pauses as she begins to whispers.

“And an amazing lover,” she whispers smiling.

He wants to kiss her with the passion that’s burning inside him.

“Is everything alright?” he asks.

“Yes, everything is much better. Thank you for asking,” she tells him.

“I’m glad,” he says.

He heads to his office. As soon as he walks in, the aroma of coffee hits his senses. He sighs happily as he quickly walks to his desk and scoops it up. He takes a long swallow and let the hot caffeinated drink fills his mouth and slides down his throat.

“Ahhhh,” he sighs.

“I needed this,” he says as he sits at his desk.

After turning on his computer and checking his messages, there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in, please,” he calls.

Enters Keysha! She has her notepad in her hand. Her skirt rests high above her knees. The tight fabric shows her strong thick legs. She sits down and crosses her legs. Placing her notepad on her lap, she’s ready for the tasks at hand. He couldn’t help, but stare at her thighs. He’s in a trace. His mind goes back to the way her thighs felt when she squeezed them on his head. A couple of fingers snapping pulls him from his thoughts. eryaman escort He chuckles and starts telling Keysha today’s task. Then, there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he says raising his voice.

His boss walks in. He looks frantic! The tall older gentleman with wrinkles that makes him look older than he is.

“Scott, I need your help,” he pauses as he stares at Keysha.

“Then again, I need Keysha help,” he says.

Scott stares at his boss. He’s not liking where this is going. The last time Mr. Crawford used his assistant, she sues the firm for sexual harassment. He’s also jealous! Keysha is his assistant.

“Keysha would you mind working late tonight. I have this huge project and I need your help. Could you help me?” he asks.

She cuts her eyes to Scott. She sees his jaw clenching.

“Ummm, Scott would you need me tonight?” she asks.

Hell yeah, I need you tonight. Every night, he thinks. He shakes his head no.

“Sure, I help you,” she says.

“Wonderful, I’ll email you the list of things I need done. Thank you Keysha and Scott,” he says as he leaves.

“That’s weird. Your boss never asked for my help before,” she says staring at him.

“That’s because his assistant quit last week. He doesn’t want to hire another one,” he tells her.

She shrugs as she stands up.

“Well, I’m going to knock this work out,” she says as she turns on her heels.

She places her hand on the doorknob when Scott stands up.

“Keysha wait,” he pauses as he waits for her to turn around.

She stares at him while clutching her notepad to her chest. He stares as the notepad presses on her large breasts.

“If you need help, don’t hesitate to call me,” he finishes.

She smiles.

“I will. Thank you, Scott,” she says as she walks out leaving the door open.

He watches as her hips sway side to side. Thank goodness for his jacket because he’s rock hard.

“Please calm down. You will have her soon,” he says to his throbbing cock.

Later in the evening, Scott turns off his computer. He stares at his watch. He doesn’t want to go home yet. Especially with Keysha working late tonight. He checks his phone for messages. No calls or texts. He places his phone in his jacket pocket as he grabs his briefcase. He stands and stretches. He leaves his office and heads to the elevator. The elevator arrives within seconds. He’s about to step on when his phone rings. He stares at the screen as Keysha’s name pops up. Smiling, he answers it.

“Hello,” he greets.

“Scott! I need your help,” she whispers.

Concern and confuse, he steps back from the elevator.

“Where are you?” he asks.

“I’m in Mr. Crawford’s office. Please hurry,” she whispers again.

Even though she whispers, he can hear the panic in her voice.

“Alright, I’m on my way,” he tells her as he ends the call.

Mr. Crawford’s office is on the top floor of the building. He needs to take the private elevator to get to his floor. He walks to the other side of the building, use his executive key card and takes it up. Once the doors open, he quickly steps off and search for Keysha.

“Keysha!” he calls.

“I’m in the closet,” she answers as her voice quivers.

He walks towards the back of the office. She hears the footsteps getting closer.

“Scott?” she says frantically.

He sees the closet door open, but not her. He walks around and sees her standing there with her arms over her head. She’s on her toes. He’s taken aback as his cock grows from seeing her like this. Her skirt is high as it barely covers her ass. He bites his bottom lip to suppress his moan. He shakes his head removing the cloud of horniness from his mind.

“Keysha, what’s wrong?” he asks.

She tries to turn, but winces in pain.

“Ouch,” she cries.

He moves closer to her.

“Are you alright?” he asks.

“I’m stuck on a nail. Help me,” she pleas.

Scott stands next to her. He’s a little taller. He stretches his body, but it’s too dark to see.

“What kind of project were you doing for him?” he asks.

“After I finish helping him with his project, he asked me to clean his closet and throw stuff out. I tried to grab a book and got stuck on the nail. It hurts like hell,” she whimpers.

Her body shakes softly. Letting him know she’s sobbing. He places his hand on her back and rubs her reassuringly.

“Okay,” he tells her.

He grabs a chair and moves it into the closet. He places the chair in front of her.

“Climb up,” he commands.

She puts one foot on the chair and Scott helps her up. He holds her waist steadying her as the chair wobbles due to the wheels. She’s able to pull her hand from the nail. She winches in pain, but escort ankara is relieved. She’s bleeding, but it’s not bad. Scott tightens his grip around her waist. Using his strength, he lifts her off the chair and place her on the floor. He holds her wrist to examine the wound.

“I’ll get a first aid kit,” he says.

He returns within seconds. He cleans it carefully and wraps it in a bandage.

“There you go. Feel better?”

She stares up at him smiling.

“Thank you, Scott,” she says before kissing him.

He wraps his arms around her waist hugging her tight. She wraps her arms around his neck as she deepens the kiss. He pushes her against a wall. He reaches down with one hand lifting her skirt up to her waist. His fingers lightly touching her lace thong. She shudders from his touch. He moves lower feeling moisture between her legs. She parts her legs giving him access.

“Scott,” she whispers against his lips.

He touches her crotch. The lace and folds of her skin is damp. He presses his fingers on her crotch. She moans softly as she grinds on his fingers. He moves her thong to the side and puts two fingers inside her. Damn, she’s soaking wet. Her pussy clamps down on them. He takes his fingers out and puts them in his mouth. He suckles on them loving the taste of her. He moves back a little as he kneels in front of her. Placing her right leg on his shoulder, her pussy is exposed. He licks his lips moving his face closer to his snack. With the flat of his tongue, he licks her pussy lips.

“Ooohh,” she moans softly as she holds the back of his head.

Her hips move to the rhythm of his tongue. He pulls her clit into his mouth. He misses the taste of her. Her juices flow and land on his tongue every time his tongue goes inside her. Her body begins to tremble. He licks, flicks and sucks on her pussy moaning.

“I’m about to cum. Oh God, Scott!” she says in above whisper.

Her orgasm takes over and causes her body to shake harshly as she squirts on his face. He pulls the zipper of his pants down. Putting his hand inside his pants, he pulls out his cock. He stands holding her right leg. His cock mere inches from her opening, he grabs her ass pulling her until he enters her fully. The heat and size of his cock going inside gives her chills.

“Fuck,” she whispers.

“Why are you whispering? It just us on this floor. The cleaning crew doesn’t arrive until 4am,” he tells her.

She giggles after realizing how foolish she feels for whispering.

“Oh,” she says smiling.

He presses his body on hers. He grabs her ass tight and start pounding her pussy. She bites her bottom lip. Damn, his cock feels so good, her eyes roll back.

“Oh God, Scott!” she yells.

She starts rocking her hips along with him.

“Fuck, keep going,” she moans.

He leans in and kisses her.

“You miss this dick?” he asks against her lips.

She bucks her hips against his.

“Yes, yes, yes! I miss your dick so much,” she murmurs.

He fucks her faster. Her juices coming out in spurts as they cover his cock.

“Jesus, baby! I’m about to cum. Damn, I miss this pussy,” he pants.

His fingers dig into the flesh of her fat ass as he feels his balls tighten as the head of his cock swells. Her pussy begins to throb uncontrollably like his cock. He loves how her pussy throbs along with him. His eyes roll back.

“I’m cumming,” they say at the same time.

In unison, they reach their climax together. He’s holding her tight as he pushes his cock deep holding it inside her. She continues rocking her hips.

“My God woman. I miss this. I miss you,” he tells her.

She pulls away from him leaving his wet cock cold and alone. Only for a few seconds as she kneels and sucks his cock fully. Sucking all the juices from his cock. He howls like a wolf from the sensitivity. After cleaning his cock, she pulls his balls from the zipper opening and suck on them.

“Fuck!” he cries.

She stands up and kisses him. The combination of their juices invades his taste buds. He didn’t think he would get turn on from this, but he is and he likes it a lot. She laces her fingers with his squeezing them. She moves her lips from his and goes to his neck and starts suckling. He tilts his head to the side to give her more access as he moans. His cock starts growing again as it presses on her pelvis. It’s a little confiding for him since he’s still dress. He wants to be naked.

“Would you undress me, please?” he asks as he smirks.

She releases his hands and starts removing his clothes. She unbuttons the buttons on his jacket. Then she unbuttons his vest and finally his shirt. He removes each piece of clothing she unbutton. She stares around sincan escort the office and back at him.

“Damn, did we just had sex in your boss office?” she questions.

He kisses her.

“Hell yeah! And we’re going to do it again,” he answers after the kiss.

She places her hands on his chest admiring it. Such a strong muscular chest. She moves her hands down to his pants and start pulling them. They drop to his feet leaving him in his boxers with his cock and balls hanging out the slit. She slips her fingers inside the waistline and pulls them down to his knees. Gravity does the rest as they land around his ankles. He steps out of them and holds her face in his hands. He kisses her. He loves the feel of her full lips on his. They taste like expensive wine.

“You ready?” he asks.

She nods. Scott holds her hands and walks over to Mr. Crawford’s desk and sits in his chair. He pulls her onto his lap. As she straddles him as he holds the base of his cock. She slowly lowers her hips until he’s inside her. He grabs her legs and pulls them around him. She immediately locks them by her ankles. She begins rocking back and forth on him. He’s so deep inside her, it feels like he’s in her stomach. Then she does something unexpected. She leans back until the top half of her body bends upside down as she grabs his ankles.

“Oh God! he exclaims.

Maybe it’s the way her body is bend, but her pussy becomes tighter. He places his hand on the middle of her chest while the other grips her waist as it feels like his cock is about to be pull off. Fuck, her pussy is tight as hell, he thinks. With her legs lock around him, all she can do is rock and grind her hips.

“Where do you want to cum, Scott?” she asks.

He doesn’t hear her. He’s in total bliss. His cock is feeling so good inside her, it feels like he’ll cum in a few seconds.

“Where do you want to cum, Scott?” she asks louder this time.

“In you!” he gasps as his eyes roll back.

“And it’s going to be soon,” he finishes.

“Pull me up then,” she says.

He reaches down grabbing her hands pulling her up until she’s able to kiss him. He grabs her ass and starts to stand. She unlocks her legs as he places her on the desk. He takes his arms and lock them under her thighs as he starts pounding her. She lends back resting on her elbows when she accidentally knocks over a picture. They both stop as the picture lands to the plush carpet. They stare at each other and giggle.

“That was a close call,” she tells him.

He holds the back of her neck and kisses her. He begins his hard and fast fucking which causes the desk the squeaks and rocks under them. She hugs him close as she lifts her legs higher for a deeper penetration. When the head of his cock rubs on her cervix, she squirts hard wetting him and the desk. He bites her bottom lip as he too has an orgasm. He starts filling her pussy with every ounce of his cum. He releases the back of her neck as he rests on her chest breathing hard.

“You are so naughty. Fucking in your boss office,” she says.

He slowly pulls his cock out and all his cum flows out down her ass crack and on the desk. He smiles as he watches. She stares down at the mess.

“I should clean this up,” she tells him as she reaches to the side of the desk to grab a box of tissues.

Scott slides two fingers inside her. She gasps and then bites her bottom lip. When he pulls his fingers out, they’re cover in cum. He takes his fingers and smear the cum on the seat of the chair. He holds Keysha’s waist and lifts her off the desk.

“Let’s get out of here. Leave the mess,” he says smirking.

They gather their belongings and turn off the lights as they head into the hallway. They start laughing as they get themselves together. After getting dressed, he pulls her to him. He kisses her for a long time as their tongues dance in hot passion.

“Mmmm, feel like taking you back to my place and finish what we started,” he murmurs against her lips.

She pulls back from him as she clears her throat.

“Not tonight, I need to be home,” she pauses as she sees the disappointment on his face.

“But, I can spend the weekend with you. My son will be visiting his grandmother.”

This puts a huge smile on his face.

“I would love that. I can plan something really nice,” he tells her.

She smiles as she gives him a quick peck on his lips.

“Wonderful, I’ll see you tomorrow. You have a good night,” she tells him as she starts leaving.

“Keysha wait! I can drive you home,” he says.

She shakes her head no.

“I’ll be alright. Besides, I don’t think my pussy can handle another pounding from you tonight,” she tells her as she heads to the elevator quickly.

He starts following her, but was too late as the elevator doors close. He smiles as he thinks about her statement.

“This weekend, I’m going to make your pussy very sore,” he murmurs as he waits for the elevator to come back up.

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