The Awakening

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Well I’ve sent him my number. Now what? He probably won’t call anyway, so why am I sitting here by the phone waiting?

It started this morning when I stumbled on that site. I don’t know what had drawn me to the singles site, only that now I’m so glad I’d found it. Doing a search of my local area for possible matches found only one match. ‘Great,’ I’d thought to myself sarcastically as I clicked on it. When the page opened and there staring back at me, was the most incredibly handsome man I’d ever seen, with his dark wavy brown hair and a romance behind those mesmerizing brown eyes, it almost seemed like fate.

When I sent that first message I hadn’t known what to write, but I knew I had to meet this man! My description to him had been brief, but obviously enough to entice this handsome stranger to respond. His reply had been almost as blunt as it was enthralling. ‘Send me your number and we can talk,’ he’d written. To the point, but what the hell. ‘You only live once,’ I’d thought as I sent him my number and hoped to hear back from him. When his message came saying he’d call me tonight, I felt my heart skip a beat.

So here I sit. Maybe I’m just fooling myself. After all, it was me who had initially contacted him, right? Not the other way round, so why should he call? He’s so incredibly good looking. I have the memory of his photo permanently embedded in my mind. Closing my eyes, I can clearly see the mischievous sparkle in his smiling eyes. The slight dimple in his right cheek, and his neatly trimmed goatee, contrasting the whiteness of his teeth as he seems to almost grin straight at me. The few wisps of gray in his beard giving him character, only adding to his appeal. The top two buttons of his shirt undone, revealing a few wisps of the dark, wiry hair hidden beneath, allowing my imagination to conjure up thoughts of my fingers tracing slowly through them.

The shrill of the phone ringing awakens me from my daze. ‘Oh God, please let it be him,’ I silently pray as I reach for the receiver.

His voice soft, yet oh so extremely sexy, sets my heart beating in erratic waves feeling like it’s going to burst from my chest. Introducing himself, I finally learn of his name. Mike. Even his name seems to strike a chord deep within, as I imagine myself calling it out repeatedly, the fantasies flooding my mind as we speak. There’s almost a pure innocence in his manner, a characteristic I find uncontrollably arousing. He’s 44, divorced, no kids, I want to know everything about this man. The conversation flowing smoothly, calming my nerves as we talk freely, almost feeling as though we’ve known each other for years. There’s definitely a connection between us, we seem to share so many similar interests. Realizing we’ve been chatting for almost an hour, I ask him if he’d like to meet over a few drinks. We decide on him meeting me here; my house being on the way to town, seeming like the logical place to meet.

After a promising good-bye I hang up the phone and look around. This place doesn’t look too bad. Tidying the few misplaced magazines on the coffee table, I eye the clock. I have an hour before Mike arrives. Saying his name feels so natural. My mind is racing at the thought of having this gorgeous man here, just he and I, alone. I still have to shower and choose something to wear. God, what am I going to wear? Do I dress casual? sexy? We haven’t even decided on where we’re going yet, which is going to make choosing an outfit even harder. Almost in a trance as I picture his face in my mind. I make my way to the bedroom and gaze blankly at my wardrobe. I guess it’s the possibility of him being in my bedroom that sends the shiver coursing through me at this moment, or maybe, the thought of having a man here, period. It’s been a year since shithead left. Shithead, being my ex (soon to be ex-husband). This being the first time I’ve even been remotely interested in meeting somebody, be it for romance or the like.

Rummaging through my lingerie drawer I finally decide on a pastel pink bra and matching panty. God, it’s so hard. Not knowing whether to dress for ‘sex’. I think the set I’ve chosen is safe, even if we do have ‘sex’, it won’t appear as though I’ve dressed deliberately for the occasion. The bra being slightly fitted, being a balconette style, it cups my breasts, giving them an extra ‘lift’. The panties are simple, yet the embroidered rosettes give them a definite feminine appeal without proving too sexy. I’m actually more nervous than I care to admit. Setting them out neatly on the bed, I grab a towel and head for the bathroom.

The shower so warm and invigorating as I lean my head back, feeling the jets of water washing over my face. My wet hair clings to my back as the water gushes over me. Sliding my hands behind my neck, I relinquish myself to the pounding rhythm of the water vibrating against my body. Exhaling slowly, I feel my body yield to the intoxicating vigor of the unforgiving force strumming continuously onto me. Relaxing, my tensions seem to just wash away.

As I close my eyes, atakent escort I slide the soap over my supple bosom, gently massaging as the lather runs down my body to my mound, and then beyond. Cupping my breast, savoring the feel and the luxuriating silkiness of the soap, my nipple hardens at the touch of me rolling it between my fingers. Gently pulling, tugging at my nipple as my other hand slides the soap over the tenderness that is slowly beginning to stir between my thighs. Parting my legs slightly, I feel my hand expertly guide the bar over my folds. The familiar stirrings awakening my sexual being, as I slide a finger slowly between the lips, feeling the silky wetness of my own arousal. A soft moan escapes my mouth as my finger slides over my dampness, my thoughts of Mike’s gorgeous face as I move my finger to my moist opening.

Leaning back against the tiles I lower myself, parting my legs, slightly bent at the knees as I seat myself on the floor of the shower recess. Moving my hand over my lips, I feel how velvety my juices feel against the warmth of the water that is washing over my exposed labia. I open my legs wider, my pussy responding to my sensuous touch. Sliding my fingers from bottom to top of my pussy, then back down again, I tease my opening with each and every movement.

Releasing the hold on my breast, I slide my hand down my navel, as I let the soap slip from my fingers. With both hands outstretched, I skim the length of my lips, parting the folds as the warmth of the water washes over me. Dropping my chin forward as I move a finger through the silky wetness of my pussy, my breathing becoming increasingly labored.

Rolling my head back, resting it against the tiles, I slide a finger deep inside myself, curling it against my inner walls as a soft moan escapes my lips. My other hand concentrates on my hardened clit, moving in slow, deliberate circles. My finger continues to plunge deep, feeding my pending orgasm with a hunger as my pussy encloses tighter around it. I delve a second finger deep inside, feeling my inner walls gripping around them. With slow, languid thrusts, I drive my fingers deeper as I moan out loud in ecstasy. My other hand, pressing harder against my swollen clit, driving me closer to release with each and every unrelenting, deliciously placed motion. My legs stiffen as the pulsating spasms of my oncoming orgasm begin to engulf my probing fingers. Shamelessly, my body shivers as I cum around my hand. I close my eyes again, allowing the sensations to course through me, a giddiness washing over me as I ride out the final waves of the eroticized pleasures surging through my body.

* * *

Totally satiated as I grab the towel and begin to dry myself, I catch sight of my reflection in the vanity mirror. I gaze my eyes over my own slender 5’6 frame, still taut and toned, thanks to the many years of dance classes. My long blonde hair hangs limp as I wrap the towel around the ends wringing out the excess water. My large brown eyes and long dark eyelashes definitely my best features, but I am also thankful for inheriting my father’s magnetic smile. Suddenly I’m feeling nervous. Standing here looking at my own nakedness, I begin to wonder if Mike would like what I’m seeing, if tonight happens to lead us in that direction. Wrapping the towel around my back, tucking the folds inside itself, I make my way to the bedroom.

As I pull on my panties, images of Mike taking them off run through my mind. Catching my reflection, I smile, contently satisfied in my choice of underwear as I adjust the lace of my bra. Taking the perfume, I spray it sparingly around my neckline, inhaling, savoring the fragrance. Estee Lauder’s ‘Knowing’, it has always been my favorite perfume. Right now as I close my eyes, I can imagine the sensuous feel of Mike’s mouth moving over my shoulder to my neck, him breathing in the intoxicating scent.

Maybe we’ll just end up down at the pub, but then, it is Friday night, so chances are that we’ll end up at a club somewhere. Holding up endless pieces of clothing, scrutinizing each in turn as I hold them against me before replacing them from where they came. I want to dress just right. Finally, I decide on my slinky black pants, gold chain hipster belt, and a low cut crimson top. Sliding on my low-heeled scuffs, I take a final look at my reflection. Not too sexy, not too casual. I smile at my image portrayed in the full length mirror.

The sudden rapping at the door releases me from my thoughts. Oh God, he’s here.

The deafening pounding of my heart beating in my ears, as the nerves begin to stir, sends a sudden wash of goose bumps surfacing over my body. My palm cold as I take the handle and slowly open the door. My heart thumping as I look up into Mike’s mesmerizing brown eyes, his teeth gleaming, as his smile entrances me momentarily. He’s even more gorgeous than his photo. He must be close to six feet tall, I guess, as I look up into his handsome face. Shyly, I invite him in, noticing the akbatı escort bottle of wine he has tucked snugly under his arm. I smile as I close the door behind us, and lead him into the lounge room. ‘Oh yes. This is going to be a very interesting night!’ I think to myself whilst looking him up and down, admiring him from the corner of my eye. As I reach inside the glass cabinet for the goblets, I feel his gaze upon me.

There’s no doubt this man excites me. Watching as he leans languidly against the back of the sofa, his eyes roaming sheepishly around the room as I fumble with the wine. I can’t help feeling aroused.

“Here, let me do that for you,” Mike smiles, offering a hand.

Gingerly, I hand the bottle and opener over to him. I watch intently, noticing the way his biceps move against the material surrounding them, as he strains against the resistance of the cork. I watch his lithe figure working the cork screw skillfully into the bottle neck, my eyes never leaving him. The audible ‘pop’ of the cork sends a sudden shiver up my spine.

As Mike pours the wine, I seize the opportunity to take in just how incredibly handsome this man is, his profile so strong, so defined. As he hands me the glass I smile, taking a seat beside him on the couch, raising my glass to his.

“Cheers,” smiling, as the rims of our glasses chink.

“Want some music on?” I ask, as I rest my glass on the coffee table.

“Sure, what have you got?” Mike asks. Standing, he follows me to the collection of CDs lined up on the shelf by the stereo.

A charge of electricity surges through me as I sense Mike so close, standing beside me as he picks up a pile of CDs and searches through them. The aroma of his aftershave teases my senses. So fresh, so masculine. I can feel my heart beating hard and fast against my chest as his arm brushes mine. My mouth suddenly dry as I watch him insert the CD into the carousel, my eyes moving over his body, undressing him slowly as they move lower. His body so lean, so well toned. My inner walls tense as I imagine the feel of his warm body pressing against mine, my legs wrapping around his waist… The soothing sounds of Daniel Bedingfield breaks the silence.

Mike, suddenly taking my hand, raises it over my head as he leads me into a spin, his arm wrapping around my waist as I return to face him. My mouth agape as my heart feels as though it could simply stop beating, my knees feeling like they will buckle at any given moment. The feel of his neatly manicured fingers, entwined with mine, his touch so warm, almost electrifying as I try to catch my breath. Looking up into his face, I’m forever conscious of his arm around my waist, holding me within inches of his sexy, enticing body.

“Dance?” he laughs.

“I might show you up,” I laugh, trying to calm myself. “I’m a dance instructor remember?” I try to steady my voice, but I’m sure it sounds shaky. I can barely hear it over the pounding, explosive beating of my heart thumping in my ears.

“Well let’s find out.” Mike says, smiling mischievously. There’s that smile again. I love the way it lights up his entire face, and how his eyes sparkle the way they do.

Gripping his hand firmly, I wrap my arm around his waist and grin. “You’re on!”

Letting him lead, my head swimming as I inhale the masculine scent of his body. So close, pressing lightly against mine. My feet move almost mechanically beneath me. Too caught up in the emotions stirring inside me, I hardly hear the music as Mike’s grip tightens around my waist. I can almost make out the feel of his groin lightly brushing against my stomach as our bodies move as one. He pulls me closer as his hand moves to the small of my back. Now I can feel him. His bulge rubbing against me with every move of his hips, I search his face for some hint of what’s going through his mind.

Meeting my gaze, Mike leans down and lowers his face to mine. His lips so soft, so tender as our mouths meet. Letting myself savor the moment as our bodies unite, almost molding as one. Feeling the warmth of his breath against the side of my face as his mouth engulfs mine, as though my soul is being drained from me as I give myself freely to this man. I feel his arousal pressing firmly against my navel as the passion in us intensifies. Our tongues slide lasciviously over one another. Kissing him, savoring the taste of his sweet mouth, still tasting the wine from his lips, our bodies press together. My inner walls tremble as my wanton desires surface; my head feeling light as I let the excitement, the adrenaline of the moment take over my senses. A soft moan escaping, muffled against Mike’s mouth as his tongue moves, languishing over mine.

As our lips separate, both of us seem breathless. Our bodies not really moving, yet not standing still either, as the music flowing around us breaks the silence. With my head resting against Mike’s chest, I can hear the soft beating of his heart; rapid at first, then gradually slowing its pace as we stand aksaray escort in our embrace, just holding each other close. I want to kiss him again. I could kiss Mike endlessly, just to feel those glorious sensations coursing through me once more. His body so warm, so masculine. Closing my eyes, I relish the feel of his body against mine.

Feeling Mike’s hold on me loosen, I look up searchingly into his eyes.

“Still want to go out?” Mike asks.

“Sure,” I answer with a heavy heart, not quite ready to let him go just yet. Reluctantly I take my arms from around his waist and reach to turn down the music.

Turning to face Mike as he takes my hand in his, pulling me into his arms again, he kisses my mouth softly. Lowering his voice slightly, he moves his mouth closer to my ear.

“Or, we could just stay here and talk some more,” he whispers huskily. Catching my breath, my heart races as I look up into his face.

“Now I like that idea better,” I laugh, trying to contain the excitement in my voice.

As we make our way back to the sofa, my eyes fixated on the way the seat of his pants moves against his ass cheeks as he walks, teasing my senses. Moving my eyes slowly up his body, imagining my hands tracing over it, I suddenly feel Mike’s eyes watching me as I mentally undress him. Blushing slightly, I grab my glass of wine and take a seat beside him on the sofa.

Laying back against Mike’s chest, his finger traces lightly up and down my arm as we talk. I feel as though we could talk about almost anything. It just seems so natural, him being here, I can’t believe we’ve only known each other a few hours. The conversation flows smoothly as we sip our wine, the music barely audible in the background.

“Want another glass?” Mike asks me, offering the bottle of Moselle. Realizing I’d been holding an empty glass, I smile and hand it to him. Sitting up against the back of the sofa, I watch as he pours us each a fresh glass of wine.

Resting the bottle back on the table, Mike turns to face me. Brushing a stray strand of hair from my face, he leans in and kisses me softly. The familiar stirrings start to awaken my senses as his fingers entwine in my hair, pulling me close as his kiss begins to increase its intensity. Reciprocating the passion, I move my hand to his knee, sliding it up his leg as our bodies move closer.

My inner walls quiver as his hand slides up my outer thigh, sending shivers surging through my body. Moving my hands to his chest, I slowly unbutton Mike’s shirt, reveling at each newly exposed piece of flesh. His photo had hinted at the hair hidden by his shirt, but having my fingers now moving through the lush carpet covering Mike’s body sets a flood warming my inner thighs. His body feels so warm.

His hands move over my hips as his fingers curl under the hem of my top, slowly peeling it up over my breasts. Raising my arms, watching Mike’s eyes move to my bra as I help him remove my top. His hands so warm as he cups my breast, gently squeezing it through the fabric of my bra. Reaching behind I unclasp the hooks. Slowly, almost teasingly, I slide the straps from my arms as the bra falls away from my body.

Our mouths meeting again, our kiss more intense as our hands begin to explore each other’s body. Pushing Mike’s shirt over his shoulders, I tug it down his arms, thankful when he removes it, exposing the glory of his body. His shoulders and chest so defined. My breathing deep, almost ragged as I slide my hand over his chest, savoring the feel of his soft skin beneath my fingertips.

Mike’s hand moves to my breast, taking the areola between his thumb and forefinger, gently squeezing as his fingers slide slowly up to my nipple. He kisses me softly before moving his mouth slowly to my breast. I inhale sharply as the warmth of his lips envelop my nipple, softly sucking it into his mouth. Running my fingers through his hair, I watch his mouth move over my breast. Squeezing my inner muscles tight, giving myself to him, I feel another quake erupting between my thighs.

Slowly laying myself back on the sofa, Mike positions himself over me. His mouth meeting mine as we kiss, an almost desperation tearing through me as I feel the firmness of his bulge pressing against my mound. Kissing my mouth tenderly, he slides his lips across my cheek. Feeling the heat of his breath on my ear, I involuntarily raise my hips, pressing myself into him as an aroused shiver races up my spine. His mouth leaves a damp trail down my neck as his lips trace a path down to my collar bone. Cupping my breast, he moves his lips down my chest. Teasingly circling his tongue, moving his mouth over the fleshy part of my bosom as his hand gently kneads; squeezing my breast with his hand spread, gradually drawing his fingers together as he brings them up and around my nipple.

Sliding his body down mine, Mike kneels between my thighs as his mouth seeks my nipple. I can’t believe how incredibly awakened my body feels as my nipple responds almost instantaneously to his touch. His lips so soft, so gentle as they wrap around my hardened peak; his tongue so warm and arousing as it flicks teasingly. Gasping, I feel his hand slide down my body, cupping my mound, before pressing his fingers firmly against me. I can feel the dampness of my panties, pressing against the lips of my pussy as his fingers probe through the fabric of my pants.

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