The Bakery

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I had been working for several months in a remote bakery, supplying bread and cakes to the local shops. Because the bakery I worked in is quite remote area I only get the odd customer come in. A local business had been doing a shop refurbishment so there was a group of men who came into the shop quite frequently ordering their bacon rolls. I had a friendly banter with them; one in particularly, his name was Henry.

Henry to look at was quite scruffy in his work clothes, but he had these amazing eyes that lit up the room when he walked in, he’d asked for his usual egg and bacon roll with a drizzle of brown sauce, paid his £1.50 and off he’d go again with his fellow work mates.

Well on this particularly warm day, the door was wide open to let some cool breeze through, I was wearing just a t-shirt and flimsy skirt, with my, oh so not attractive work apron over the top. I was busy out in the back room, getting some bits out of the freezer when I felt someone tap me on the back of the shoulder, thus startling me. When I turned round it was Henry, he apologised for making me jump, but said he had called out.

He said the lads had sent him out to buy some doughnuts for their coffee break later in the day.

I Ümraniye Escort told Henry, I would have to get some off the rack, as they have been freshly made. I motioned Henry to follow me. Lifting my arms up, I pulled the rack towards me, but Henry in his kind gentlemanly way went to help, causing the tray to go flying, doughnuts went everywhere. I looked at Henry and he had sugar sprinkles throughout his hair and face and t-shirt, I could feel a wet sensation on my face, and jam had splattered on my face. Looking at each other we both burst out laughing.

Henry grabbed a towel and was full of apologies, he started to wipe some of the jam from my face, his hands felt so soft against my cheeks, my laughter soften as I looked into Henry’s eyes. We just looked at one another for a few moments. I then leant forward and kissed Henry, something just motioned me to kiss him, embarrassed I pulled away, Henry, pulled me towards him and kissed me, raging hormones inside me, willed me to kiss him back quite urgently. Our hands began to pull at each other’s clothing, and feel each other’s body.

There was a freezer close by to were we where, Henry lifted me onto it and using his hands prized my legs apart and İstanbul Escort stood between then with his head buried in my chest, whilst grouping them with his hands, so hard he began to suck on my nipple, yet turning me significantly at the same time, he then became to feel down my body, whilst my hands were ruffling through his long black curly hair.

Suddenly I was aware of the undies I had put on, cringing I felt do I let him continue and see my bloomers or stop it, but too late, he saw my bloomers, he didn’t seem to mind, yet inside, I was so embarrassed, he pulled at my knickers to reveal my wet pussy eager to be sucked, he dived straight in sensing how horny I already was, he began long deep licks of my pussy, no sooner had he started to lick my pussy, my juicy really began to expel, it been quite a while since my last relationship. Henry certainly knew how to lick a women’s pussy, deep licks and sucking were being performed, it only took a few moments before I became to cum, my juices were being lapped up by Henry.

Henry moved his head and found my lips and gave me a deep loving kiss, whilst I began to undo his jeans, he didn’t have any underwear on, so he jeans flopped round to his ankles, Anadolu Yakası Escort his manhood was already erect and ready for action, wrapping my legs around him, Henry guided his erect cock in me, I was so wet by now, his cock easily slid inside me.

Henry began to fuck me, nice soft thrusting I felt at first, his hands were on my butt, just holding onto me. My hands were in his matted hair, grabbing at it, as the intenseness of his fucking began faster.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before he would cum, I could feel him really heavily throbbing inside my wet pussy, and you could feel the urgency in his breathing on my lips where we had been kissing.

Deep hard fucking inside my pussy, it felt really good, having someone pound me deeply, Henry murmured that he was about to cum, his moans echoed in the room, slowing down the pace, I could feel the sweat on his back, where my nails were digging in his back.

More grunting from Henry as he expelled his cum, releasing my legs from him, Henry pulled his cock from me, kissed and sucked on my tit, before pulling up his jeans.

Helping me of the freezer, I reassemble my clothing, and Henry gave me a nice cuddle and whispered in my ear that he’d wanted to do that for ages. I laughed and told him, he alt to come out the back more often, and we both fell about laughing as my comment.

Grabbing some doughnuts, Henry left the building and returned to his fellow workmates, I stayed and began to wonder what would happen next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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