The Baseball Trip Pt. 09

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Inning 9

This is the final part of a nine part series. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I have. Everyone is over the age of 18. Now let’s bring this bad boy home!

We woke up on a hotel bed in Toronto, all of us weaved around each other in a naked, human quilt. My right arm was snaked around Kelsey’s left. Her breasts pressed into Sarah’s side. Sarah’s legs crossed over Julia’s. I noticed my roomie’s little tit was just above my mouth.

So I did what made sense, reached up and started suckling.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Julia groaned. “Toooo early…”

“Never,” I said, then went back to snacking on her erect nipple.

“If we start this again, I think I’m gonna explode,” Kelsey said from somewhere at the end of the bed. We were like a Lovecraftian sex god – all mixed up parts – unable to track where any one individual could be separated from the other. I had heads where my knees should be, legs for arms.

Like defusing a bomb, each of us slowly got off the bed and limped to the bathroom. We all needed a shower so we agreed to take turns. It was decided that I could go first, but before I could even get the soap, Sarah jumped in after me. Her magnificent breasts jiggling in the water.

“Couldn’t wait,” she said.

I leaned in and kissed her on the lips and, to my delight, she kissed back, snaking her tongue into my mouth. Then the sexy brunette dropped to her knees and gave another part of me an even more passionate kiss.

My cock quickly stiffened in her mouth and Sarah wasted no time in sucking me for all she was worth. Most girls work a cock with their hands, as well, but Sarah was able to pull me taut with just the suction of her mouth.

It was strange, able to compare so much oral technique in one sitting, but here I was. In a mostly dark room, smelling of shampoo, leaning against the tile and getting head from this amazingly sexy brunette. Yet able in a moment to recall how two other women had done the same thing.

Kelsey was enthusiastic, though not skilled. Julia aggressive, almost hungry. But Sarah, Sarah sucked cock like she fucking MEANT it. Like it was the most important job in the world and she was going to do it right.

The buxom brunette bobbed back and forth, eyes screwed up in effort. I’d have thought by now my cock was incapable of further ejaculation, but seconds later I felt my balls tighten. My whole body started to clench.

“S… Sarah…”

“MmmHm,” the sexy brunette hummed in agreement. My cum rocketed up my shaft and onto her tongue.

“Hmmmmmm,” she groaned, sexily. Then pulled me out and pointed, making sure I splashed her amazing breasts with my sperm. She caressed my cock as it came, again so affectionate. Almost loving.

Finally spent, I sank down to the bottom of the shower. Sarah climbed over on her hands and knees, then rubbed my hair. Making sure she had my eye, pendik escort she opened her mouth and showed me it was full of my sperm. Then she tilted her head back and gulp, gulp gulped. All gone, Sarah leaned in and gave me a soft, passionate kiss on the lips.

We helped each other up and then started the process of cleaning all over again. I reached down to start rubbing Sarah’s little pussy but she brushed me off.

“What I did just then? Trust me. That was for me,” she said.

I heard angry banging on the door. Apparently we were taking far too long. I switched off the water and then Sarah and I grabbed some towels.

“You two had better not have been fucking without me,” Kelsey growled when I opened the door.

“No, no fucking,” I said.


At breakfast that morning, no one said anything. No one had to. It was clear that whatever spell had held us in its thrall for the past nine days had been broken. There was no playful flirting. No winks or gropes. Just four people who had been oh so intimate the night before, now four relative strangers.

“So this is it,” I said. It was almost more of a question.

“That’s the last game,” Julia said.

“Hell of a trip,” Sarah said.

“Hell yeah,” Kelsey said. We all smiled and nodded, like each of us remembering our own private peak.

After breakfast , we all squeezed into Julia’s overstuffed Beetle for the final time. Julia retook her place behind the wheel. Forestalling any further shenanigans, Julia declared that I would be joining her in the front seat.

The girls in back got out their cell phones. I listened to the radio. The storm had passed, leaving us tired, worn, and maybe a little worse for the wear. But it had passed. And suddenly everything that had seemed possible before just sort of washed away.


Two hours later, we parked the car in front of our apartment and unloaded all the suitcases. Jim – Kelsey’s older brother and the friend who had caused all this trouble by dropping out of the trip in the first place – was there waiting with his own car. He focused on loading their suitcases. Didn’t even look over as he did.

Kelsey came over first and gave me a peck on the cheek. “That was fun,” she said, and giggled a little. Then she snorted and started flat out laughing.

“You’re amazing Kelsey, don’t forget that,” I said. She smiled shyly then stepped away.

Sarah came up right after her friend and gave me a hug goodbye. So tight I had trouble breathing. When she let go I saw her eyes were wet. She sniffled. Then before I could say anything she turned around and got in Jim’s car.

After they drove away, Julia and I dragged our things up the stairs. Without saying a word, we went to our separate rooms and passed out.

After all this time it felt like the world should have changed in some significant way.

It was exactly maltepe escort the same.


The next morning, I found Julia watching some junk on Netflix. I took the remote and, without saying a word, switched it off. Then I sat down next to her on the couch.

“That thing that Kelsey said the other day,” I said, “About being together. That thing she said she didn’t want? Do you want that?”

“With Kelsey?”

I punched Julia on the arm.

“No with… With anyone.”

“I mean, of course,” Julia said, “Eventually. Someone I can take on dates and introduce to my brothers and argue over stupid things with? Yeah. But Ben, I mean… Last week was fun. More than fun, fantastic. But part of what made it so great was that it wasn’t real. Not really.”

“I guess that’s what I’m saying,” I said, “Do you want to try it for real?” I held her hand, but it hung limp. Cold.

“Ben… Are you even sure that you want that? I mean… the broken bones alone…”

“Be serious for a second,” I said. Squeezed her hand harder. As if I could somehow make her hold me back.

“You know the thing I love the most,” Julia said, looking me in the eyes, “More than any of that other stuff we did? It’s our friendship. You really are my best friend. I’m just… I’m afraid I’d be taking my baseball buddy, my videogames buddy, my one person I know I can rely on buddy and making him into my fuck buddy. Which could work out great. Or terrible. And that to me… I mean… We have something special and…”

“No, I get it,” I said. I dropped her hand and leaned back. “I don’t want to lose that either.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No. Don’t be. You’re totally right. What we have is special and… Well, I’d rather keep you as a friend without benefits then lose you as an… everything. Y’know?”

“Yeah. I know. Thanks.”

And then Julia switched the TV back on.


A few days later I got a call from Jim. At first I ignored it but eventually I felt like I should just answer and get it over with. I was expecting a lot of yelling, maybe some new curse words. Yes, he’d ditched us to sleep with my ex but… I mean. I’d fucked his sister with him on the phone. He could have broken my thumbs and I would have had to thank him for being merciful.

But instead Jim was solemn. Contrite.

He and Anna had broken up a few days before. ‘A fun fling’ she told him, apparently. He apologized for dropping out of the trip at the last minute. Said he’d been selfish and stupid. I kind of had to agree. Then he asked how the trip went.

“Did I miss anything exciting?”

I laughed so hard I had to hang up the phone.


About a week before the beginning of the new school year, Julia, Sarah, Kelsey and I all met for dinner at our apartment. Julia cooked some noodle thing. We talked and laughed. Retold funny stories. It was forced, uncomfortable.

It kartal escort seemed like so little time had passed, yet everything was so different.

Kelsey had met some boy at Freshman orientation and – shocker – he was enamored with her. Who could blame him? She showed us a picture and he was what you’d expect – big blue eyes, cheekbones that could cut steel – he could have had his own series on the CW.

“Just having fun,” Kelsey said, then laughed.

Sarah had already started photography school in NYC. Her Mom had apparently freaked when she dropped out of Rutgers but Sarah said that Rob was being the model boyfriend. She showed me the leather camera bag he’d gotten her and I agreed that it looked very professional.

“Sounds like you’re doing great,” I said.

“He’s alright,” she said, “I’m doing alright.”

After we ate, we all sat on the couch and Sarah hooked her camera up to the TV. The first picture was a close up of me in the backseat of the car, looking crushed against the window. I was staring… somewhere. Out into the distance. A whole future in front of me.

The images rolled forward. Julia engrossed in her scoresheet. Kelsey laughing. Me eating a hot dog with gusto. Kelsey lying in bed, topless. An outfielder in Chicago making a catch. Julia giving someone the finger. A couple, napping against each other in the upper deck. Kelsey doing this strange little happy dance in Detroit. Julia in that amazing, green swimsuit. Me, cheering a home run. Kelsey giving me a kiss on the cheek. All of us eating dinner with Mel at Notre Dame. Sarah, herself, sleeping in the backseat (I’d snuck that one).

Cities and sports fields and people – some of whom I kinda sorta thought I was starting to love.

The last one was all of us together in Toronto, taken by a friendly tourist. My arms were around all three girls’ shoulders, each of them pressed against the other. We looked happy, maybe a little horny. Definitely inseparable. I started to cry. Big dripping tears like I hadn’t since I was six.

My body shook as I burbled and bawled. I felt Sarah wrap her arms around me. Then Julia and Kelsey. We all just became a sobbing lump on the couch.

Our trip was truly over.


6 months later

I was sitting on the couch, wishing I could be watching baseball. The forced apartment heat had me sweating like it was mid-Summer.

I heard the telltale bloops of Julia’s cellphone, ringing in her room. The walls were thin at our apartment, I could hear her pick up the phone and start talking. I couldn’t exactly make out what she was saying, but she sounded excited, then sad.

A moment later she stopped talking, then stepped out into the living room.

“What’s up?” I asked, barely looking up from the TV.

Julia squeezed the phone like she was comforting it and sighed. “That was Sarah.”

“Sarah?” I spun my head around like it had been set on a spring.

Julia was wearing a sports shirsey, hair up. Even after everything that had happened, I had to admit I still wanted her.

“Yeah,” Julia said, “I think we need another road trip.”

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