The Bathroom Peephole

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All characters in this story are 18 or older.


Katie’s Viewpoint:

Crouching deeper until my lips peeled gently apart, my juices dripping out creating a pool onto the mirror beneath me. I’d always wondered what my pussy looked liked from this angle and the mirror was fulfilling my desire. I wish I could fold in half and eat myself out – I’d have two sets of wet lips and a sore tongue for days. I’ve nothing against a hot veiny cock filling me up. I really don’t. I adore the pressure sensation and warmth I feel when I have one inside me, but I’m sexually fluid and like both.

The mirror under me is getting a nice glazing of my wet pussy cum and the more I keep staring at my spread hole and thinking about rock hard cock, the more it’s going to suffer a mighty coating tonight. God I’m horny, but I’m currently living back at home with my parents and younger brother back from from college, so bringing home a date to fuck my brains out isn’t an option.

Lightly caressing my clit, I get goosebumps and more dripping. Poor mirror will need a priest after this.

My evening events started off from my morning voyeurism. Growing up, one bathroom for a family of six was never convenient and always made privacy difficult. My two oldest sisters and I shared a room during high school until they moved out for college and it was finally mine. Jake got the basement being the youngest and my parents favorite.

Plunging two fingers inside myself, I squat wider to for deeper thrusting muffling these small moans I can’t seem to help let out.

Anyway, Jake was hogging the bathroom today and it was obvious he was doing more than shaving. Old house, old door, wide keyhole. We’d all used it on each other growing up and had a lot of life education at young ages. I’d peeked in on my brother this morning and witnessed him sitting awkwardly on the bathroom floor on his knees hips thrusted forward stroking himself. His cock was really thick and long enough it made me question our blood relationship. Breathing heavily, he shot several hot creamy loads onto the floor and I was sad the towel got to clean them up. I’ve always loved cum.

My legs always tend to shake like this when I’m about to finish. This mirror idea was fucking genius and added so much to my nightly pleasure fest. I’ve also become fascinated watching my asshole widen and clench. Oh fuck, here she comes. Fingering more aggressively, sloshing and slapping sounds filling my room, I release. My cum soaked mirror now rivaling the bathroom floor from this morning.

Rolling away from the mirror and collapsing onto the carpet I caress my güvenilir bahis nipples which feel like steel bolts. I’m startled by a sudden shuffling in the hallway which immediately brings me out of my masturbatory trance. Jakes an idiot because it’s clear it was him because I hear him rushing downstairs. Five.. four.. three.. two.. one.. the basement door shuts. Again, old house, old doors. I guess it’s payback for me spying on him.

Jake’s Viewpoint

Thrusting my hips forward, my thighs are burning, but it always seems to help me cum. This mornings fapfest is brought to you by my sister leaving her pussy stained thong on top of the dirty clothes pile again. I spent more time than I’d like to admit last night smelling Katie’s cotton thong, licking the gusset, and using them to stroke out one of the biggest loads I’d had in awhile. Don’t worry, I returned them to the laundry bin once I’d had my way with them.

Pinching and circling my precum soaked tip, I can feel my heart beat running down my shaft. Pushing my hips out even more I start vigorously pumping again. I’ve got that warming tingling sensation creeping up from the base – should be soon.

The keyhole just went dark, fuck. I’m being watched. Stroking faster I feel my release coming. My shaft now swollen and red, balls slapping my legs and knuckles, I let go feeling my cum ooze and spurt out. This floor is going to need a priest I think to myself as I quickly wipe up my mess with a towel. Stupid Kate, I know it was her because she’s the only one down the side of the hall with the floor that creaks – and there is her door closing. I hope that perv enjoyed the show.

This is an older house and for some reason my parents never really upgraded anything. The inside doors all have skeleton keys which has always made it convenient to look through a closed door when needed. I used to peep on Katie and my other two sisters all the time. This panty bate business has been going on since Jr. High. We’re all in our twenties now, but these habits are hard to break. I’ll get her back later for spying on me.

My penis now a gentle softy, the tip glistening with cum is turning me on again. I wish I could fold in half and suck myself off. I’d always been curious about finishing off a cock feeling it blow hot tasty cum down my throat. Clearly, I also love pussy from the whole panty raid, but life is short so I like to dabble.

Katie Strikes First

If Jake wants to peep on me, I’ll give him a real show and will get some proper action. I’ve been so horny these past few weeks and haven’t had a real cock spread me open for months. Jake was the first person türkçe bahis to ever finger me and I gave him his first sloppy BJ. And yes, I swallowed and begged for more. Didn’t we discuss my love of cum already?

Yes, we’re siblings, but growing up devout Christians with so many rules led all of us kids to experimenting with each other. Now, we’re grown up and it feels somewhat normal to crave your sibling. I’m going to text him now:

Katie: Jake, you up?

Jake: Yerp

Katie: Want some hot party action?

Jake: Umm.. what? Lol

Katie: My friend Liz is over for the night and keeps talking about how badly she wants some action. So I kind of volunteered you..

Jake: Are you serious?

Katie: Dead serious.

Jake: Way to get the best sister of the year award. Can you send me a pic of her? Is she my type?

Katie: You mean if it walks and has holes you’re in? Isn’t that your type?

Jake: Fuck you 🙂

Katie: She’s a sweetheart, super cute, and has my same build. I believe she keeps some hair down there, but trimmed.

Remind me to make sure that’s true. I trimmed two days ago, but you know..

Jake: Ok, want to send her down here?

Katie: Better idea – she’s super bashful and wants to be discreet. I’m going to go sleep downstairs in the living room and she’s going to be on my bed waiting.

Jake: Holy shit.. is this real?

Katie: Give her 5 to get ready – Also, she’s promised she’s clean and wants it bare if that’s cool. Don’t worry, she’s on every birth control imaginable, so let loose.

Jake: Ok, I’ll be up in 5. This better not be a joke.

Katie: It’s not. She’ll be spread open waiting with a sheet covering her face. Kind of her kink, so have fun. When you finish, just walk out.

And there you have it folks, my plan to get some hot party action has started. God, I’m so lame. Ok, Katie, umm Liz, let’s get ready. Checking to see if my pussy has became a wooly mammoth since operation cream my mirror went down today. The wet spot in my panties tells me I really need this right now.

Dimming the lights and laying on my bed, erm, Liz’s sleepover bed, I peel off my panties and toss them on the floor. Spreading my legs open, covering my face, and even making sure my slightly larger labia looked neatly presented. Deep breath, Katie.

The door creeped open and closed and I realized for the first time that he might recognize me. I heard him stop halfway to the bed and quietly mumble, Liz, it’s me, Jake. I raised my hand giving him the thumbs up and opened my legs more. Come on buddy, get to it I thought to myself.

Feeling güvenilir bahis siteleri him kneel down on the floor between my legs, I could feel his breath on my pussy. Foreplay? I’ll accept. He started by working around my hole teasing my lips and kissing all around, but never directly on my clit. I was dripping again and the thought of my brother inside of me made me so aroused it hurt. Finally, goose bumps taking over my body him now sucking and caressing my clit with his tongue. Like most guys, my tits were being ignored, but can’t win them all.

Jake stood up and I knew what was next as he placed his hands on my hips – feeling the girth of his thick tip was enough to end me. Pushing slowly into me and he officially had me in heaven. At about what I guessed was 3 inches I waited for him to shove it in deeply like all dudes, but he’s clearly been studying how to please a woman by working the entrance first. Bliss.

Minutes later, the sloshing of his cock giving my pink hole a full work out was everything I wanted it to be. My asshole was clenching tightly and I couldn’t help but moan quietly. His cock was the perfect fit for me and I wanted all of it. Jake suddenly pulled out flipping me onto my hands and knees, me fighting to keep the sheet over my hair and face. His strong hands grabbed my hips and he didn’t hesitate to start fucking me hard from behind his balls slapping by clit. I could feel him edging inside me.

This isn’t my first rodeo and I decided to help my brother out and milk his cock while he pounds me. I knew all the kegel training served a purpose. I squeeze him once mid thrust and it ended him. Load after load of his milky white cum was being pumped inside me. 30 seconds later and he was still coming out of orgasm and I could feel him softening. I’d need a lot more than that to finish, but knowing I had his cum inside me was all I’d need after he left to finish myself off.

I could feel Jake back on his knees laying between my legs breathing heavily. A couple soft spanks on my ass a moment later and he was out of there. Hopefully he doesn’t come look for me to offer his gratitude, but luckily I heard him head downstairs and close his door. My phone buzzed.

Jake: I owe you.

Katie: No you don’t, I got everything I needed.

Jake: What?

Katie: JK, you’re welcome.

Jake: Ok.. but really, best sister in the world. Liz’s body was insane. You and her kind of have the same build.

Katie: Sure, kind of. Go to sleep weirdo.

Jake: Night.

Katie: <3 <3 <3 Sliding my mirror out from under the bed and turning on my light I squat deeply over it and look at my swollen pussy. I didn’t have to push much to feel Jake’s cum dripping out of me onto the mirror. Licking some of it up and scooping the rest onto my hand, I’ll finish myself off using his cum as lube. Best. Day. Ever.

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