The Beginning Of The End Ch. 03

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Somehow I got to work only a few minutes late. I had fucked her another two times before going to work. I fucked her on the dining table and in the kitchen as well as in her husband’s chair, all up for nearly two and a half hours. Jesus Christ I was spent. Now for those of you new to this, you will need to read my other stories about Sarah to catch up.

To paint the picture – Sarah is the neglected housewife of my brother in law. Five foot three, blond hair, brown eyes, tanned, early thirties, huge tits – like the way you think of God as big – all natural. She had the most perfectly round arse, made for pushing and punishing. She was voluptuous, hot but more importantly – horny as hell for my cock. The best part, we were both cheating on our partners and didn’t care. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was the fact we were keeping it in the family?

That’s not the point really.

The point is, we knew we could trust each other. Well, I mean despite the fact we were cheating, we could trust in the fact we hadn’t fucked around before and could do anything we wanted with each other. At least that seemed to be the unspoken agreement between us. I knew she has her tubes tied long ago and couldn’t get pregnant and I had been married to her sister in law barely a year.

Just so you know, blowing your load deep inside an incredibly hot woman, is the best feeling on this earth. Using a condom takes away not only the sensation but the feeling of unbridled gratification. Throwing in the lust and thrill of cheating, well I can’t describe it! But it is the hottest feeling and greatest orgasm I have ever felt. I understand now why cheaters feel the way they do and become repeat offenders. Once a cheater, always a cheater they say. God only knows I am converted.

Anyway, back to the story. Being outside of regular business hours, my brief absence was not missed. I worked in a two-storey office building with hardly anyone but security personnel in the building. I basically had free run of the place and could get away with murder just about. I was going to as well this day too.

I was surprised when I got an call from her at work.

“Heya.” She laughed when I answered. “Hi.” I smiled. “What are you doing later tonight?” “Well I’m here most of the night and then I’m gonna go to gym on my lunch break then go home.” She paused for a moment before asking. “Mind if I come up to see you at work?”

Fuck no.

“Be here at 10.” I said. “See you then”.

The hours could not fly fast enough to satisfy me until she arrived. My lunch break and gym session came and went. I went down for a break at 10pm and saw her waiting outside. There she was, wearing the same outfit – the three inch heels, denim shorts and tight white t-shirt. I could tell she had no bra on because her tits were pressed against that bodytight fabric and her tall nipples were erect, standing out in the cold. Her long blond hair was tied up into a long ponytail. She smiled at me when I got there.

“Heya stud.” She grinned. I smiled back. I managed to sneak her in past security thankfully. As always, I could rely on them to be watching television as opposed to the closed circuit TVs they were meant to be monitoring.

I ushered her in ahead of me. I watched as she walked, her hips swaying as she walked up those stairs to my office. Those calves pressed in those tight heels and arsecheeks hanging out of those shorts, marginally contained. I am sure I was drooling as she walked. My cock stiffened in my pants just watching her.

My office was a sealed area. Only cleared personnel could get in. Even the cleaners and security personnel couldn’t get in without someone from my department (or security manager) letting them in.

I shut the door behind me. Her hand was on my cock right away.

“So where is your desk big boy?”

I was flabberghasted. I could tell right away, her being here – her tone and manner. She was wanting to be in control this time.

God damn, I was going to enjoy this.

I lead her over to my desk. She pushed me down into my chair. I think she had a thing for chairs. Then again, I think it was more of a control thing.

She undid my jeans slowly. Her eyes fixed on mine the whole time – those big round brown bed room eyes.

Without even looking down, she managed to unzip my jeans slowly, and wriggle them down. She even pulled down my boxers. My erect cock snapped out. She looked down then and smiled, lowering her mouth down to take it in. Once it was escort gaziantep inside her mouth, she closed her eyes, moaning softly. My body completely relaxed as she took it right in. Her eyes opened, locked back on mine and she began to suck.

She pulled away and spat on my cock, lubing it up a bit. Her hands pumped away at it, spreading the saliva all over, her mouth sucking my balls and licking them gently. Her eyes never once wavered from mine. It just got me more excited.

She lifted her t-shirt up at this point and those huge globes fell. Her head descended to my cock again, this time her hands twisting her nipples as she bobbled. My hands clenched the supports of my chair. She twisted and tweaked and jerked her nipples furiously as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

She then stopped sucking to jerk on my cock and suck her fingers, her eyes smiling for her. Lowering her head again she then stuck her fingers deep inside my arsehole. I was so relaxed I was taken off guard, but I didn’t fight it. Damn it felt good.

Her head worked furiously. Her fingers slipped deeper into my arse and then she hit something. Dear fucking Christ. You haven’t had a blowjob until you’ve had your prostate worked. She knew exactly what she was doing too. I’ve never had anything like it since except at her magic fucking hands and every blowjob since has paled in comparison to hers.

I was so worked up already. She was so hot and all the fucking earlier today and my gym session didn’t change much. She leaned back, her mouth open as her hand pumped away. Her other hand worked my anus and prostate. She knew just how to stroke me, inside and out. I felt like with every stroke of her hands she was literally pulling the orgasm right out of me. My beathing rose to a higher and higher pitch. Her long tongue just rolled out of her mouth and gently flickered the underside of my cock, rolling that tongue forward.

That was it.

My chair shook and the armrests I was gripping very nearly got tore loose. My entire body shook. I shot my load down her throat with such force. Her eyes never left mine the entire time I came. She just sat there squatting, pumping every last drop into her eagerly waiting, wet mouth. I couldn’t even scream I was so breathless. I was just gasping breathlessly, struggling for air, moaning weakly.

I was on the edge of my seat, jaw dropped, eyes open like I was off my head on ecstasy. I was floating on clouds, speechless. I’d found heaven on earth unlike any other.

I watched, numb with pleasure as she pumped the last of me into her mouth and then sucked me clean. She then swallowed it all. She withdrew her fingers from my arse and sucked them clean too.

I felt totally empty.

She stood up and leaned back against my desk.

“You know I’m not done yet. I’ll have to give you something to think about.”

She turned around to use my computer. As she did she pushed her arse back at me, her legs straight, straining her perfect arse to be in my face. My fingers slid up the back of her thighs and hands gently fell over her butt, rubbing those cheeks softly. As my fingers slid under those tight jeans I noticed she was wearing no underwear underneath. I also noticed she was wet right though the jeans.

As my fingers slid over her body, up the length of her back and marseaging between her legs, she found some online radio station for industrial music.

She turned around and the sound of some slow, sinister, electronic beat throbbed from my speakers. She pushed my hands away and braced one foot against my chair and sent me back three feet. She danced slowly and teasingly.

Her hands worked the full length of her body, hips gyrating and head swiveling. Her hands grasped her tits and squeezed playfully. She rocked over to me, lowering herself on me slowly. Her breasts gently brushed my face. I licked and suck her nipples as she parseed over me. She pulled away quickly but I could see the wet patches accentuating those large nipples and even larger big brown areolas. They looked so perfect against that bronzed skin.

She spun around holding her hair up, grind her hips into me, he arse pushing back into me, against my cock. Already I was getting hot again. I can’t remember the last time I had a woman dance for me that was this hot. Well… never actually. I’d fucked plenty of hot women but this is the closest woman I have ever fucked that one could truly say was model material. Fuck, she was the hottest gaziantep fetiş escort women ever. My wife was no slouch at all. I couldn’t help but think of her as my sister in law rubbing her arse in my crotch and face. Why was I doing this? My only answer is that I wanted to.

She slid her t-shirt off and turned around, squeezing her tits and sucking on her own nipples. Her tongue dashed over them as her eyes fixated on me. The whole time her other hand slid down the front of her shorts. My hand slid instinctively to my cock to stroke him to full mast.

Turning around again, still rocking her body in time with beats of the song, she undid and slowly slid those shorts down. As she slid them down she bent right over, grabbing her ankles on the way down. I had never seen a completely waxed pussy before until I fucked her earlier today but I didn’t have this perfect view before. We just fucked like rabbits. It was only now I was truly appreciating what I had in my drop dead gorgeous sister-in-law. I wanted nothing more than to lick the full length of her crack, clit to arse – to spank her arse furiously like I had earlier.

But I sat there watching the show. I didn’t want to interrupt it. Besides I was frozen in my chair like a deer in headlights.

She looked over her shoulder at me as she wagged her arse, sucking her fingers again. I watched as she slid them down her arse, over her arsehole, down to her clit, rubbing gently. I watched her suck her other set of fingers too. They went down to her nether regions from underneath, working fast. Her first hand rose and she gently slid her fingers inside, finger fucking herself and rubbing away. All the while, her arse kept rocking. She began to moan as she finger fucked faster and faster.

I stopped stroking my cock as I watched. This was getting so hot already if I wasn’t careful I was going to bust my nut again before I even fucked her.

She bucked harder on her fingers and her moaning rose to screaming. It was then I was glad that the room was soundproofed and there was nobody on my floor. She fucked herself harder and kept on screaming. Her screaming rose to a loud grunt as she came, her cum dripping from her wet snatch and fingers.

She then withdrew her fingers and ran her lubed index finger along her anus. She circled the rim gently at first, before she plunged two fingers right in. Stuffed in her arse she rubbed her clit furiously, fucking her own arse.

Bucking furiously she worked harder and faster, stuffing both fingers in. Within seconds she had worked to a full fist inside her arse, pumping away – her own cum and arse juices serving as its own lubrication. Then again, it might just have been stretched from the savage pounding I gave her earlier.

She wasn’t holding back with the screaming now. I was starting to wonder just how good the sound proofing was.


On she wailed, her hands now working so furiously. She pulled out her hand from her arse, and held it out for me, I sucked those finger and licked her entire hand. I wanted to feel dirty, Beyond the filth of cheating. Dirty like the Devil himself. I licked her hand and gave her tshirt to her to wipe it down.

Still rubbing her clit, she lowered her arse to my cock. She slapped my hands aside and guided it in. Her stretched arsehole swallowed it up quickly.

My hands sliding to those curves that engulfed my cock, I pushed her forward. I grabbed her pony tail with one hand, arse and hip with the other. She rubbed her clit as she grinded into me, both us fucking hard. I yanked her hair, pumping hard.

Her arse shook and vibrated as my cock pounded her deeply and hands slapped her skin so hard, turning it into a shade of beet red. I called her every dirty name I could conjure to mind. Slut, cunt, whore, filth, white trash. She got off on it. I could see her lips twist into a sneer as she just fucked harder.

Her hands reached forward to grasp the desk as she rode me harder. Her breathing became even more labored, difficult. I could tell she was barely holding onto the desk, her balance shot and screams rising. They became muffled as her breathing strained under the intensity until all that she could usher was whimpering cries of ecstasy and pain.

I wanted to dump my load inside her then but I was still numb from the blowjob earlier. I pulled back and out of her. She turned around and sucked gaziantep bayan escort the shit from my cock. She took it right into the back of her throat and licked all the residue off it, flickering with her tongue. I felt we had taken our sex to another level – a new level of filth and degradation. I wondered just how far we would go.

She then straddled me in my chair. Those stilettos somehow managed to grip the armrests of my chair. Her hands rested on my shoulders and she lowered herself onto my waiting cock. I guided it right into her dripping snatch, my hands slid underneath grasping her arse.

She looked right into my eyes as she began to ride me. My eyes rolled back again as she licked my neck and ear. She began to suck on it gently. Her arse felt like the softest cushion as it slowly rose and desended my shaft. My mouth met hers and we kissed.

I can’t remember the last time I kissed someone with such passion. It was soft – very softly. Our tongues met gently and melted instantly. I could taste my cum and her shit, yet it melted into some sort of feeling of dirty, unbridled lust.

She rode me so slowly. My hands encomparseed those large tits as she kept riding. She arched her back, sliding balls deep onto me. My hands slid over those firm thighs and arse, caressing her lower back. I lowered my head over those beautiful globes, glistening with saliva and sweat. My tongue gently circled her nipples, sucking them and biting them playfully. No part of her body was neglected.

My hands gripped her arse as she pumped me harder. I heard her breathing rise as did the tempo. I felt my own pressure rise as well. I licked and sucked her tits, fucking her harder and harder. I don’t know how long we went for, but we didn’t want it to end. Our bodies were hotter than hell, drenched in sweat and our sex tainting the smell of the office. I kept pulling her into me, slowing down before I came and building up again and again. We kissed, we moaned, we groaned, we laughed at how good we felt. My tongue licked her chest, breasts and neck. I bit her tits, throat and ears. She cried gently as she bucked under my touch.

It took an eternity of fucking, but eventually we hit a point where we both couldn’t take much more. Her legs were already tiring and I knew I couldn’t take much more as much cock was almost raw from the constant friction and fucking, despite the juices. Our mouths met and we could not stop kissing hotly. She bucked and I pounded her with all my might. Our screams were muffled by our mouths being locked onto each other. Tongues dancing sensuously, hotly, full of lust.

Looking into each others eyes, we pushed ourselves to cum together. Her acrylic nails dug deeply into my shoulders, clinging me for support. Wave after crippling wave of orgasm flew out of me, as it did with her. I felt her body twitch on the end of me – legs buckling under the strain and arse wobble. My load blew deep inside her, despite the repeated fucking she’d received all day I felt as if I came more than ever. Like a fountain gushing and overflowing, it dripped down the end of my cock. I couldn’t tell if it was her juices or mine. I plunged as deeply as I could. She collapsed ontop of me.

There we lay, Sarah lying ontop of me. My hands caressed that athletic body, down her shoulders and back, across her butt cheeks and down her thighs and calves. Our breathing was raggered and voices raspy. We could barely speak.

When she finally had the strength to move, she looked at me and we kissed passionately. She smiled sweetly, yet teasingly. She was just as sore as me, if not more so. After what felt like an eternity, she managed to untwine herself from the chair and stagger off me. She couldn’t contain the juices inside her, they dribbled down her leg. Bracing herself against my desk, she wiped herself down with the same t-shirt we used earlier.

She pulled the denim shorts up, and put on her t-shirt. Damn she looked like a mess. Her t-shirt was covered in cum stains, sweat and shit, the front patch of her shorts were wet. Her hair was a raggered mess, entire body sweaty and aglow. To top it off, she couldn’t stand up straight. There stood my dirty little whore in all her glory.

I pulled my boxers and pants up, figuring she’d need help walking to the car. As I opened the door with one hand, holding her in the other, I noticed the security crew and cleaners were standing there. The cleaner, poised with her hand in the air as if to knock on the door. They took one look at me and a double take on Sarah. Their eyes light up like runway lights and told the story that they knew precisely what had taken place. I think it was her t-shirt gave us away though to be honest with you.

Without a backwards glance, I simply said “Excuse us” and guided Sarah to the elevator, leaving the door open for them.

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