The Bentons Ch. 1

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Ch. I: Not So Average

Lynn Benton had always considered himself an average guy, living a normal life. Right after he graduated from high school he moved into town from the family farm and went to work for the local factory. Now, after all of those years as a blue collar worker, at the age of 45, he was next in line for the low-level white collar job that was opening up at the beginning of the year. Not bad for a man with no college education. Between work, taking care of his family, and helping his mom on the farm since his dad died, Lynn’s life had settled into a comfortable routine.

Lynn had married his high school sweet heart, Louise, shortly after she finished school. They had two children. Mark was 20 now and attended State College. Ann had just turned 18 and was a senior in the local high school. Soon he and Louise would be living in the empty nest. Lynn was looking forward to it. At age 43, Louise was still as sexy and as hot as ever. Before the kids were born they had a couple of wild, sex-filled years. After the kids came along they had to tone it down some and had mostly confined their love-making to the bedroom. But lately, as the kids spent less and less time at home, Louise was letting Lynn know the old fire still burned bright. They had begun to make love in the kitchen, the living room, even out in the back yard. Soon Ann would be off to college and they would have the whole house to themselves again. Lynn could hardly wait.

One of the fun things that had developed in their marriage was their impromptu lovemaking in the middle of the night. It had begun when the kids were little. Because they could not be as free as they had been, one or the other of them would get so horny they would wake up in the middle of the night. They would begin to caress and play with the other one who was still sleeping until they would wake up horny as hell. The sex that followed was wild and great.

That’s how it began last night. But there was one big difference, a difference that would convince Lynn he was no longer an average guy leading a normal life.

Sometime during the night Lynn began to wake up with hot, tingling sensations in his groin. He became aware that his cock was hard and someone was sucking on it. As he opened his sleep-filled eyes, he found himself looking up at Louise’s pussy as she straddled his head. After 23 years of marriage, he would know that shaved, bald pussy anywhere. He raised his head and began to lick and suck her labia. They were already hot and wet. Louise must really be horny tonight, he thought.

Louise moaned as he tongued her twat. “It’s about time you woke up,” she canlı bahis said, lifting her mouth from his crotch. She pushed her pussy down onto his mouth. As he stuck his tongue in her, licking her clit, she lowered her head and began to suck his cock again. Or so he thought. Maybe if he had been more awake. Or if he had been less intent on sucking her delicious cunt. Maybe he would have sensed that her technique was a little different. It was similar. But looking back on it there were some differences, a little hesitation or clumsiness.

He began to groan as he came closer and closer to the point of no return. Suddenly Louise raised up so she was sitting up straight on his face, driving her pussy even harder against his mouth. It was then that he felt the bed shift and he realized they were not alone. Someone straddled his hips and began to run a very wet pussy up and down his cock.

“What the hell?” he said in a muffled voice because of his wife’s twat. He tried to push her aside to see what was going on. But she just pushed down harder. “It’s OK, honey,” she said. “Relax and enjoy it.”

Lynn’s mind was spinning. There was another woman in bed with them. Where had she come from? Who was she? How had she gotten there without his knowing? Evidently Louise had set the whole thing up. He had never suspected this of her. But if she was OK with it, who was he to complain.

About this time the mystery woman reached down, took a hold of his cock and set it at the entrance to her cunt. As she sat down, impaling herself on him, she groaned. So did Lynn. This was the tightest, hottest pussy he had ever had the pleasure of entering. It fit him like a tight glove.

Slowly she began to ride him. Up and down she went, gaining force and speed with every thrust. Lynn began thrusting up to meet her, fucking her with everything he had. Oh, man, this was heaven! The more they fucked, the more Louise’s pussy flowed. Lynn was burning up in a hot twat at one end and drowning in pussy juice at the other. He was almost beyond thinking as his sex-hunger took over.

Again the mystery woman groaned. And then in a voice that was all too familiar: “Oh yes! I’m going to cum! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me with your big, hard cock and make me cum! Ooohhh…FUCK!”

Lynn’s mind froze. It was Ann, his own daughter. He was fucking his own daughter! The revelation of what he was doing gave him a rush of adrenaline. He pushed his wife off his face. Suddenly there before his eyes was Ann, naked and bouncing wildly on his hard cock. Her eyes were glazed. Her pert teenage tits jiggled and shook with the force of her fucking. As his eyes traveled bahis siteleri down her body to the junction of their loins he saw that she, like her mother, had shaved her pussy bald. He could see the obscene way her cunt lips stretched around his thick rod.

With Louise out of the way Ann leaned forward placing her breast right in front of Lynn’s mouth. “Oh, I love you, daddy. Suck my tit. Fuck my horny cunt and suck my hot tit. Make me cum, daddy. Make me cum.”

And then Louise was by his head, whispering in his ear. “It’s OK, dear. Do it. Fuck your daughter and make her cum. It’s OK. Do it now and we will talk about it afterward.”

Lynn groaned. His instincts were getting the best of him. He couldn’t stop. Ann’s pussy was so wet, so hot, so tight. Her breast looked so sexy there in front of his face. Slowly he licked out with his tongue, caressing her nipple. And then, as he sucked her tit deep into his mouth, he thrust hard with his hips, driving his cock deep into his daughter’s twat. Their pubic bones ground together.

“OH yessssss!” Ann cried. “Suck me, daddy. Fuck me. Make me cum.”

“That’s it, Lynn.” Louise whispered. “Fuck her good. Show her what a great fucker her daddy is. Make her cum.”

Lynn’s cock was pistoning hard and fast, in and out of Ann’s pussy as she bounced wildly up and down on him. And then Ann sat down hard, grinding her clit into his pubic bone.

“I’m cumming, daddy. Fuck. I cumming so gooood. Cumming!” Lynn could feel his daughter’s cunt collapse around his cock, squeezing and sucking on it. It brought him to the edge. Suddenly he tried to push her off his cock. He couldn’t cum in her. What if he got her pregnant?

Again Louise was there whispering in his ear. “Cum, honey. Go ahead and cum in her. She’s on the pill. She’s protected. Don’t worry about it. Fill her with your hot cum.”

“Yes, daddy, cum!” Ann cried. “Fill me with your hot cum. Squirt my pussy full of my daddy’s love juice. Cum in me, daddy!”

Lynn couldn’t hold back any longer. With a loud groan he let go. He felt his balls boil over. His cock swelled and jerked. Spurt after spurt of cum shot from the tip of his cock into the depths of his daughter’s pussy. It seemed to go on forever.

“Oohh, daddy!” Ann moaned as she felt her father’s cum pour into her body. “I love the feel of your cum in me.” She came again as he sent the last of his juice into her.

Exhausted, Ann collapsed on her father’s chest, pressed her lips to his, and gave him a very loving, deep kiss. “I love you, daddy.” she sighed.

As they both calmed down Ann slowly slid off of Lynn, easing his cock bahis şirketleri out of her pussy. She lay beside him panting as his cum started to flow from her cunt. Louise had sat back and fingerfucked herself while she watched her husband fuck their daughter. It was one of the biggest turn ons she had seen in a long time. Seeing Lynn’s cum seeping from her daughter’s cunt, she knelt in front of Ann, spread her legs, and dipped her head down into Ann’s crotch. Her tongue snaked out and she began to lick his cum from her pussy. It made her a part of this wonderful event.

“Oh, yes, mom.” Ann said, as she raised her knees higher and spread her legs to give her mother better access to her cum-filled slit. “Suck me. Suck daddy’s cum out of my pussy.”

Lynn watched in awe as his wife licked and sucked their daughter. This too was new to him. He never realized Louise was willing to eat another woman’s cunt. As he watched his wife’s eager sucking and saw how his daughter pushed her pussy up into her mother’s face his cock began to twitch and grow. This show was getting him horny all over again. He reached down and stroked his cock to full hardness. Then, moving behind his wife and spreading her legs wider he slid his finger into her pussy. She was as hot and as wet as he could ever remember her being. Removing his finger and replacing it with his engorged cock, he thrust his full length into her cunt doggy-style.

Louise grunted as she felt her husband’s cock surge into her pussy. It felt so good as he began to pound her from behind. She quickened her sucking to keep pace with Lynn’s fucking. Ann moaned as she felt the new pressure of her mother’s tongue on her clit and cunt. Lynn grabbed his wife’s hips and drove his cock in and out of her hot twat as fast and as hard as he could. Soon all three were ready to cum.

Ann suddenly pushed her cunt up hard into her mother’s face. “I’m cumming. Drink my juices, mom. Oooohhh, I’m cummmminnnngggg.” She began to cover her mother’s mouth and face with her discharge.

Having her daughter cum in her face while her husband fucked the shit out of her pussy was all Louise could take. “Shit! I’m cumming so goooood! Cum with me, both of you. Cover me with your cum. Oh, FUCK!”

Lynn watched his daughter cum on his wife’s face. He heard them both scream out. And he felt Louise’s pussy collapse around his throbbing cock as she came. The combination of it all sent him over the edge. With one final thrust he pulled his wife’s ass tight against his groin and sent shot after shot of his sperm deep into her womb, filling her with his seed.

For several minutes afterward there was nothing but heavy breathing and contented sighs. Soon the three lovers rearranged themselves in bed and fell into a deep sleep. As Lynn dosed off he thought, “Tomorrow I will have to get an explanation for all of this.”

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