The “Best Man”

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“It’s silly!” I exclaimed.

My kid brother Brad had suggested I be his “best man” for his upcoming wedding to his cute redhead girlfriend Amy.

Brad was four years younger than me and been an usher at my wedding to Rick a couple of years before. Brad and I had always been close, sometimes too close!

There had been that wild party we had when the folks were out of town and I had drank far too much and ended up sucking my brother’s cock amongst a few others. Brad never mentioned it after that night but the memory of my brother coming in my mouth haunted me.

“What will Amy say?” I argued.

“I already motioned it to her and she is cool with it!” Brad answered.

“You’ve never told her about us?” I asked.

“Of course not.” Brad assured me.

“Did you like it?” I couldn’t help asking.

“You were the best!” my brother smiled.

“Would you like a special wedding present?” I teased.

“You bet!” Brad answered knowing what I was offering.

Brad had never seen me naked. When I had gobbled ataşehir escort his cock I had only been topless with cum smeared tits. I decided to give him the Full Monte for his wedding gift.

We were alone in my apartment, Rick was at work and Brad had dropped by to ask me if I would take part in his wedding. It was the perfect opportunity to seduce the groom.

I took my brother’s hand and led him into my boudoir where Rick and I had fucked just a couple of hours before.

Untying my robe I let it slip off my shoulders and fall to the floor so I stood totally naked before my kid brother.

“Jesus Christ Michelle, you are a knock out!” Brad exclaimed.

“Better than Amy?” I teased.

It was an unfair question; Amy was a cute little redhead who had not yet fully matured. Her boobs were on the small side and she had no ass. I knew my 38C tits were more than my brother was use to and I had the flared hips of a breeder.

“Maybe I will ask her if I can bring you along on our honeymoon?” Brad joked.

A kadıköy escort bayan threesome with my brother and his wife, something to think about!

“Let’s do it!” I said.

Brad quickly got naked. Peeling off his boxers his beautiful hard cock sprung out into view. It was like seeing a long lost love after all this time. I remembered his good it had felt in my mouth, how pungent his salty sperm had tasted flooding my mouth.

“I have to tell you something first.” I said to my brother as he joined me in the bed. “I am not on the pill. Rick wants me to get pregnant, but with another man’s baby!”

“He has a black friend he wants to knock me up.” I explained, “But I don’t want to have a black baby.”

Brad knew how Mom and dad would freak out if I had a half-breed child.

“So what are you saying?” Brad asked.

“I want you to make me pregnant!” I confessed.

“Do you think that is a good idea?” my brother queried.

“It’s what I want!” I pleaded.

Without further adieu escort maltepe my brother mounted me. My pussy was still wet from my earlier fuck with my husband. Rick would never cum in me, always pulled out and wasted his load on my stomach. Now my brother’s potent cockhead was so close to my fallopian tubes waiting to scavenge his seed.

Brad’s cock slid into me so smoothly as if it belonged, I wrapped my legs around my brother’s hips and embraced him into my womb.

“Give me my baby!” I whispered in his ear as my hips rose up to push his further into me.

It was the most beautiful fuck of my life. Slow powerful strokes priming my pussy to receive his seed.

“Oh yes Brad, you feel so good!”

It was a long leisurely fuck, neither of us in a hurry to end it. We just wanted to enjoy each other, bonding together in the creation of another life.

“Kiss me Brad.” I moaned.

Out tongues dueled in my mouth as his cock fulfilled my desire. I sucked my brother’s tongue as his sperm spilled into my belly.

It was done!

Brad’s wedding was three months after our mating. I had to decline being a participant in the ceremony as I was beginning to show.

Everyone was congratulating me on my up coming motherhood, even Amy.

Only my husband and Brad knew the whole story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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