The Big Bang Ch. 03

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It was 8 PM, Monday evening, and Chris Knight had just arrived home. He was eagerly awaiting his date the next day with a woman he had just met on a flight two days earlier, Ms. Olga Petrovsky. They had texted one another a number of times during the day, as though they were a couple that had been together for years.

Just after having eaten dinner, Chris’ phone rang while watching Monday Night Football. From the caller-id which appeared on his television screen, he could see that it was Olga.

“Hi Olga, how are you this fine evening?”

“Very well sir, and you?” said Olga.

“I’m doing just fine, now. Work was a real bear today. Just got in about an hour ago,” Chris said with a bit of laughter in his voice.

“What was the problem?”

“Just the usual, too many projects and not enough time. My boss’ boss keeps saying they plan on hiring additional staff, but it never happens.”

“Poor baby,” Olga said mockingly. “Don’t worry, I’ll remove all of your stress when I see you tomorrow,” Olga said devilishly.

“Is that so, Ms. Petrovsky?”

“You can bet your life on it, Mr. Knight.”

“Well, after last night, I have no reason to doubt your abilities,” Chris said knowingly.

Olga let out a satisfied laugh and said, “I am certain you will be able to help me out as well.”

“I will definitely give you my best. In fact, I’m doing some stretching exercises so I’ll be nice and limber for you,” Chris said jokingly.

“Honey, please don’t pull a muscle, I don’t want anything to jeopardize our date,” stated Olga, before bursting into laughter.

“Don’t worry dear, wild horses couldn’t keep me from our date tomorrow,” Chris said happily.

“Good, let’s keep it that way.”

“Anyway, how was your day Olga?”

“Busy as usual. I was hoping after I was finished here, in New York City, I could return home and stay for a week or two. However, one of my clients has an urgent need for merchandise from Asia, Indonesia to be specific. Therefore, I’ll be on a flight from Moscow to Indonesia bright and early Saturday morning.

“You certainly get around. I see why you need to fly privately, air travel needs to fit your schedule.”

“You’ve got that right, but it wasn’t always like this. When I first started out, I had to plan my entire life around the schedules of the airlines. I had to sit in coach on crowded airplanes. At least now, I can travel in comfort and fly as my schedule dictates. But enough about our boring work lives, what do you have planned for me tomorrow?”

“That’s a surprise…but I know you will like it!”

“Now, I really can’t wait. Please, give me a hint?” pleaded Olga.

“Now now Olga, all good things come to those who wait,” said Chris in a playful fashion.

“Ok, you win. I’ll wait until tomorrow.”

“Thank you Ms. Petrovsky. I promise you that tomorrow will be special. “

“I already know that it will special – Do you know why?”

“No, why?” said Chris inquiringly.

“Because I will be with you,” Olga said sincerely.

Chris hesitated for a moment and then said, “Tomorrow will be special for me as well. These last few days have been like a dream for me. I wish you didn’t have to leave.”

“I feel the same say, but we’ll definitely stay in contact. With all of the electronic means of communication at our disposal, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to speak with one another, every day. Besides, with the way we both travel, our destinations are bound to overlap or we’ll just make them overlap. Beyond that, who knows what the future holds?

“That’s true Olga…who knows what the future holds? But for now, we’ll just live in the moment,” Chris proclaimed.

“Agreed,” said Olga before hesitating briefly. ” I think this is perfect place to end our conversation for tonight… because right now I’m really tempted to ask you if you would like to engage in bit of phone sex, like the previous evening. However, I don’t want to do that, because that will make tomorrow that much better.”

“Alright Olga, I agree. The same feelings were beginning to take hold of me as well. Good night and see you tomorrow, dear.”

“Good night dear Chris, tomorrow will be wonderful.”

“Yes, it will. Good night.”

Both Olga and Chris hung up their phones. Chris watched the remainder of the football game and then went to bed. Olga read a bit of a book and then fell asleep as well. Both fell asleep greatly anticipating the day to come.

It’s now 11AM, Tuesday, and Chris Knight is at work. He works as a programmer/analyst for U.S. Technologies.

U.S. Technologies specializes in creating customized business-related computing solutions for large companies, governments and militaries around the world. U.S. Technologies has offices located throughout the world. Chris’ office is located on East 24th Street in New York City.

As Chris sits at his desk writing computer code for one of his latest projects, he receives an e-mail notification. After switching over to his e-mail software, he sees that the e-mail is from his üsküdar escort supervisor. Furthermore, from the title of the memo, he sees that he’s been invited to yet another “Special Workgroup” meeting. Chris knows that whenever these meetings are called, he should be prepared to travel, soon.

Today’s meeting is scheduled for noon in a special conference room known as a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). SCIF is just a fancy set of words used to describe a room which has been designed to be eavesdrop-proof. The conference room is sound-proof and prevents electronic signals from both entering and escaping. It is also equipped with specialized communications equipment that utilizes the latest encryption technology available. Before a meeting is held there, it is swept for the presence of electronic bugs. Only individuals with U.S. government security clearances are permitted to enter. That rule is enforced by the Federal law enforcement officer who is always stationed at the entrance to the SCIF.

It’s now 3:30 P.M. and Chris is preparing to leave work early to meet Olga. Just as he turns off his computer, his cellphone vibrates on his desk. When he picks it up he sees that it is a text from Olga. It reads, “When you arrive at the hotel, please come up to my room. The number is 1050. I am running a bit late. Thanks, see you later, Olga.

Chris succinctly types back, “Ok, see you then, Chris.” Chris then grabs his jacket and heads out of the office to meet Olga. When he arrives downstairs he immediately heads to the florist across the street to pick up a bouquets of flowers for Olga. After purchasing the flowers, Chris checks his watch and sees that it is now 4:00 PM. Under normal circumstances, Chris would normally take the subway uptown. But, since today was special, he did not want to hassle with a crowded subway. Therefore, he opted to catch a good old New York City taxi.

Chris took about three steps into the street and held up his arm to wave down a taxi. About 40 feet ahead of Chris, on the same side of the street, a man of comparable age stepped out into the street to hail a taxi as well. Within two minutes a yellow cab appeared and picked up the man. Chris continued to hold up his arm up in an effort to wave down the next cab. Three minutes later, another cab sped past Chris and picked up another man about 60 feet beyond Chris’ location. Seven yellow cabs and fifteen minutes later, a cab finally stopped for Chris.

This sort of thing infuriated Chris whenever it happened, however, it came as no shock to him. Racism and prejudice were still alive in 21st century America and because he was black, he was no stranger to it. Every person that had been picked up by a taxi, while he waited, had been white. As the taxicab weaved its way uptown to the the Hilton Hotel Midtown, Chris calmed his fury with thoughts of spending time with Olga. He was determined not to let the thoughts and actions of backwards people affect his life.

Twenty minutes later, Chris arrived at the front door of the New York Hilton Hotel Midtown. Chris paid and tipped the driver, walked into the hotel lobby and headed for the elevators. The time was now 4:40 PM.

Somehow, despite all that had occurred, Chris was only ten minutes behind schedule. He had made dinner reservations at the famous Russian Tea Room, just three blocks away. Based upon the current time they would have no problem making their 6 PM reservation.

The elevator arrived. Chris entered the elevator and it quickly ascended the ten floors to Olga’ s floor. Based upon the signage across from the elevator doors, Olga’ s room was to the right and approximately three doors down. So Chris went right and ten seconds later arrived in front of room# 1050.

Chris knocked at the door. Seconds later he was greeted by Olga’ s voice, “Be right there.” Olga looked through the peephole door viewer in the door and a second later opened it.

“Hello love, I have been waiting for you,” Olga said cheerfully.

“Sorry darling, got caught up in a little traffic on the way.”

“Come in, Come in…I will be dressed in a few minutes. I just got out of the shower.”

“I see that,” said Chris.

Chris walked in from out of the hallway, closed the door behind him and then said, “Hi dear, these flowers are for you.” Olga wore the biggest smile as she accepted the flowers from Chris and then smelled them.

“Oh, I just love flowers, reminds me of the Spring and home. Whenever I’m at home during the Spring, I just spend hours tending to my garden.”

“I must see this garden of yours one day.”

“You certainly must. In fact, I’ll send you a picture of it when I get home.”

“Yes, that will do until I get to see it in person,” said Chris with a huge smile on his face.

“By the way sir, didn’t you forget something?”

“What’s that?”

“My kiss!”

“Yes, how could I have forgotten…please forgive me?”

“Give me the kiss and then I’ll let you know şerfali escort if, I forgive you,” said Olga impishly.

Chris moved in quickly and embraced Olga in his arms. He looked deeply into those amazing grey eyes of hers and then kissed her deeply. As the seconds of the kiss passed their passion for one another ignited. Chris’ tongue circled wildly within Olga’s mouth while Olga’s tongue did the same within Chris’. Chris then began to kiss Olga’s neck and ears. She loved it! “Please don’t stop,” Olga said in a low, soft voice.

Chris stopped kissing her, picked her up, carried her to the bed and gently placed her down.

Olga’s only response was, “Oh Chris.”

Chris then removed her towel and hesitated for just a moment. He looked at her, and felt inside, the way a child feels when opening a much desired present on Christmas morning…sheer joy!

All of a sudden, an impulse hit Chris and he rolled Olga onto her stomach. Staring back at him was the pertest pair of buttocks he had ever seen…a truly spectacular ass. Next, Chris sat down on the bed, bent over her and kissed her on both of her buttocks. He then proceeded to gently bite her on the buttocks…once…twice…a third time and then finally, he plunged his tongue onto Olga’ s asshole. Olga let out a gasp and her body jumped spontaneously. Chris licked her hungrily. He was beyond rational thought, he was simply satisfying his most carnal desires. Each time his tongue touched her anus, Olga felt tiny shocks travel throughout out her body. Although, this had never been done to her before, she loved it just because it felt so damned naughty.

“God Chris, you’re making me so damn wet…fuck me , please?”

“Not yet baby, I want to have some more fun with you,” said Chris devilishly.

Chris could not believe what he had just done, he had just engaged in some serious ass licking, and he had really enjoyed it. Prior to today, he had never had an interest in doing such a thing. But because it was Olga, because her ass was so hot, he lost all of his inhibitions and just did it.

Next, Chris rolled Olga onto her back and immediately went down on her. Olga wasn’t lying, she was really wet. Chris greedily lapped up her juices…Olga tasted both salty and sweet at the same time. Olga moaned in sheer delight as Chris flicked his tongue back and forth over her clitoris. Chris then slipped two of his fingers into Olga’ s dripping, wet snatch and massaged her g-spot while he continued to lick her. Within forty-five seconds Olga’s hips began to bounce on the bed.

“You’re gonna make me cum baby!” Olga said breathlessly.

Chris replied, “Don’t fight it, let it happen. You’re gonna cum many times before this night is over.”

Moments later, Olga orgasmed powerfully. She tried her best to muffle her moans by covering her mouth with her hands, but she was overcome with ecstasy. To Olga, it felt as if all of her muscles were relaxing and contracting in unison. She had never cum like this before.

After regaining her composure Olga asked, “What did you do to me? I’ve never cum like that before. My legs are weak and I still feel light tremors in them.”

“I just massaged your g-spot.”

“I’ve massaged my g-spot before and that has NEVER happened.”

“Guess you need to have a friend massage it for you,” Chris said with a laugh.

“I think you are trying to convince me not leave New York, aren’t you?

“The thought has definitely crossed my mind,” Chris said sincerely.

“Get comfortable Chris, you haven’t even taken off your jacket yet.”

Since their initial kiss twenty minutes earlier Chris had not removed a single thread of clothing. He had been so engrossed in his lovemaking that he hadn’t even noticed. Chris now took the opportunity to remove his clothing.

As Chris removed his briefs, Olga spied a droplet of pre-cum hanging from his thick, eight inch, raging erection. Olga saw this as her opportunity to become the aggressor. She quickly got out of the bed and gently pulled Chris, by his penis, over to the bed. She then took a seat on the edge of the bed and looked up at him.

“Sit beside me Chris,” Olga said in an incredibly sexy voice.

Without protest, Chris sat down and Olga immediately leaned over and took the head of Chris’ cock into her warm mouth. Chris involuntarily let out a satisfied grunt as Olga’ s head bobbed up and down on his penis. Occasionally, Olga would stop sucking and tease Chris by licking up and down the shaft of his cock before taking it back into her mouth again. Olga was enjoying herself. Olga stopped for a moment, looked up at Chris and said, “Lie back darling, relax.” Again Chris complied and Olga continued giving Chris the blow job of his life. Within minutes Chris knew he could hold out no longer. He wanted to warn Olga so he choked out, “I’m gonna – cum.” However, to Chris’ utter surprise, instead of Olga removing her mouth from his cock, she increased the rate at which she sucked.” Seconds later, Chris shut his eyes and exploded in Olga’ s mouth. Each strong contraction of his loins caused him to shoot glob after glob of hot jizz into Olga’ s mouth. This however, in no way, discouraged Olga from swallowing every last drop of Chris’ load. When Chris opened his eyes he saw a smiling Olga lick an errant drop of cum from her lips.

“Are you relaxed now?” said Olga with a wicked smile on her face.

“What do you think? Of course. I’m on the verge of falling asleep,” Chris said with a laugh. “However, sleep can wait, we need to make the most of our remaining time together.”

“Stop being so dramatic Chris, I predict we will see lots more of one another in the future,” Olga said matter-of- factly.

“Great, now that we’ve settled that come on over here, so that I can kiss those lips that were making me feel so good.”

Olga let out a playful laugh then crawled next to Chris. She gave him a long, deep kiss and then put her head on his chest. Olga then said, “I know what you’re feeling Chris, these last few days have been so incredible, I don’t want it to end either. I never thought it was possible to be so in tune with another person until I met you. I just want you to know that I plan on seeing you again in the future, as long as that is something you want?”

“Of course that’s what I want,” said Chris enthusiastically.

“Great, so when I get home we’ll make plans for when and where we will meet next?”

“Sounds great to me darling, sounds great to me,” said Chris with a smile.

Chris and Olga lay together for a few moments, in silence, just listening to one another breathe. After ten minutes, they both fell asleep in one another’s arms. After about two hours of restful sleep, they both awakened, hornier than ever.

“Chris, wake up, it’s almost 8 PM., We fell asleep,” Olga said excitedly.

Chris awakened and said, “It’s ok darling, I know we missed our reservations for dinner, but I am sure room service, here, is quite good.”

“I am not concerned about food right now, we’re missing out on time to have sex!” said Olga emphatically.

Chris erupted into laughter and then said, “Whoever said men only think about sex obviously has never met you?”

“Well it’s hard not to think about it when you’re lying in bed and your guy has a hard eight and a half inch cock,” replied a quite serious looking Olga.

Chris had not noticed, but he did have a hard on and Olga’s alluring words made him want her now. Without a further word, he pulled Olga close and began kissing her passionately. Olga responded in kind. She rolled on top of Chris and kissed his neck and chest. Chris kissed Olga’s neck and let his hands wander to Olga’s buttocks. Oh, he loved the feel of her ass, the skin was so smooth. It was both firm and pleasingly soft at the same time…it was exquisite.

Olga paused the foreplay just long enough to pleasingly say, “Please fuck me now!”

Olga’s words aroused him further. Chris simply replied, “Alright, let’s do it.”

Olga straddled Chris then lowered herself slowly onto Chris’ throbbing penis. Chris melted inside as he felt his manhood fill Olga’s delightfully warm, tight pussy. If he didn’t know any better, it felt as though it had been custom-made just for him. From Olga’ s perspective, Chris’ cock seemed to make all her nerve endings fire off at once as as she accepted Chris penis to the hilt. It felt wonderful. Slowly, Olga rocked back and forth on top of Chris causing his cock to slide in and out her with each motion. While Olga rocked, Chris fondled her breasts and played with her nipples. Her nipples grew erect as they responded to Chris’ touch.

“This feels so incredible Chris, I’m gonna ride you all night,” Olga said breathlessly.

“I can’t hold out that long girl, your pussy just feels too damn good,”

Chris moved his hands from Olga’ s breasts to her hips and assisted her with her rocking motion. His assistance intensified the sensation for both of them. Olga began to moan louder and breathed more heavily. Deep inside she could feel an orgasm building. This pleasurable feeling drove her to rock faster and faster. Olga’ reactions and facial expressions caused Chris to grab her hips more firmly and increase the speed at which she rocked. He could see she was nearing the peak of her excitement and he was driven to assist her. Also, the faster she rocked, the more stimulation he received…they were both experiencing the rare win-win situation.

“Chris, you don’t know what you’re doing to me, I’m about to cum!” said Olga with disbelief in a breathless voice.

Suddenly, Olga discontinued her rocking motion and her body became rigid. Her body then shook hard as an orgasm exploded deep inside of her. She could feel her vaginal walls constrict, then relax, constrict, then relax, around Chris’ rigid manhood. Chris could feel the squeezing as well and he tried his best to resist the squeezing action, but his resistance was futile. After the third squeeze, Chris exploded deep inside of Olga and he let out a loud grunt. Olga could feel the rhythmic pulsing of Chris’ cock as each pulse brought with it another shot of Chris’ warm semen. Both Olga and Chris were now in a state of complete euphoria. Olga collapsed on top of Chris and the two just hugged while they came down from their orgasmic highs.

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