The Black Griffin Ch. 01

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For Lili

At first, there was only the slight rocking movement of the cot she lay on; that, and the dim sounds of the open sea, seeping through the cracks in the oiled boards. As Lili came slowly to her senses, the events of the past few hours came flooding back to her: the excited days of packing for her family’s return to London, servants filling chest after chest with fine dresses and jewelry; the first few uneventful days at sea, spending most of her time in her cabin with her books and her dark thoughts of the tall midshipman with the piercing eyes; and then the sudden, savage attack on her father’s boat, from the black-sailed sloop they had never seen coming in the watches of the night.

As Lili’s eyes adjusted to the gloom, she began to piece together what must have happened. She remembered the cries of the crew, the sounds of clashing steel, and her maidservant coming to her with a hushed exhortation to stay indoors, with the door firmly bolted (At barely 18, her maidenhead was a treasure even more firmly protected by her lord father than all of his gold). But it was all for naught; as she shivered on her bed, soon after the door was split in two by a powerful kick from a boot, and rough hands seized her, bundling her into someone’s strong arms. She swooned, and remembered no more — and now here she was, in a strange room, on a strange ship.

And yet it did not seem like a cell; the door was of course firmly locked, but as she looked around, she saw paintings on the wooden walls, and looking back she saw that she had been laid, fully dressed, on a large bed, topped with a fine down comforter and what looked like silk sheets, even softer than those she had known at the family home in Jamaica. Perhaps they had indeed been rescued from their plight, and were on another of Her Majesty’s vessels, on their way to their destination.

Her question was soon to be answered, it seemed; powerful footsteps were making their purposeful way to her door, and she sat back down on the luxurious bed, trying for a pose of graceful calm. She heard what sounded like a dozen locks and chains being pulled aside, and the door swung wide, revealing the silhouette of a towering man, a shadow cast from the lantern on the wall behind him.

“Good,” he said in a low rumble of a voice, accented with a dialect close to her birthplace — Scotland, perhaps, or Ireland. “You’re awake. I trust you enjoyed your beauty rest, my lady”

The way he said the word seemed to drip with irony, and it was at that point Lili was sure she had fallen into the hands of the only remaining enemy of the British Empire — a lowly pirate.

As her captor swung the door closed behind him (she heard other hands fastening the locks once more — they were taking no chances that she would be sly and try an escape), he came into sharper focus in the cabin’s gaslight. He stood more than 6 feet tall, and was broad and well-muscled — a fact that was apparent despite his long coat. A trim beard decorated his chiseled features, and his eyes were like intelligent flecks of flint as he looked her over, making her feel as if she were naked before his gaze. It

seemed as if she saw him smile as her cheeks reddened, and he nodded almost imperceptibly. “Yes,” he rumbled again, his voice dark and deep. “You’ll do, well enough.”

Lili found her bravery and her voice at this. “Well enough for what, sir?”

Her jailer smiled wider. “Sir? Why, I like that — that’s a good start. A respectful start, young Lili Hughes. To answer your very good question, you’re good enough to be my new — consort, let’s say. You’ll stay here, and do as I say, and you’ll keep your lovely things,” he said, casting around the room with a gesture. “And if you disobey me, you’ll be overboard sharing your fine dresses with Davy Jones.” At this, he turned to go, after one long look up and down her body, from the fiery curls of her hair, over her slim neck, the full swell of her bosom straining at her corset, the shapely hips in a fine green satin dress, and her ankles and dainty feet on the wooden boards. “Think on that awhile.”

“My household,” she said, stepping forward a little, bolder still now. “If I’m to be held hostage in some way… why, my father –“

“Your father’s dead,” the man growled. “I’m your father now, missy.”

The thick oaken door slammed resolutely shut behind him, and Lili’s senses finally reported to her what she had seen; a pin on the man’s jacket, an unmistakable silver lion with an eagle’s wings. She was in the clutches of Captain Roark — the Black Griffin. She sank onto the bed and wept, for her family and what she had lost, and for what she might yet lose.

It was difficult to tell how much time had passed — her cabin had no porthole — when Lili heard her door being opened from without once more. She had located a chest of her belongings which had been deposited with her, and changed into a fresh slip and a deep blue velvet dress which had always been her favorite. Perhaps if she could plead to the Black Griffin’s better qualities he may still release her. Pirates did always play at gentleman, with Escort İstanbul their own codes and rules. Mayhap there was something she could offer him to sway his hand.

Lili stood by her dresser, caught in the act of brushing her long curls as Roark strode into the room, his eyes seeming to once again claim her, own her. It was not hard to see how he had risen to his infamous position — he exuded a dark confidence. She knew at once she must not risk his anger.

“You’ve changed,” Roark said, as he stood with his hands on his hips, watching her.

“Do — do you not like it, sir? I can put the green dress on again –“

“No,” he said, eyes drinking her in. “No, I like this one. But from now on, I decide what you wear, and when. Is that clear?”

“Y-yes, captain Roark.”

Another sly smile. “An intelligent girl, this one. I’m glad I chose you. There was another — a ripe little serving wench who would have made fine sport — but I knew you would be a sweeter fruit to pluck.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Lili said softly, her face flushing down to her cleavage. The things he inferred were monstrous and frightening but the kindness and admiration in his words affected her. She was used to growing up in a home where her brothers got far more than the lion’s share of her father’s affection, and here was a man pinning her in place with his eyes and praising her beauty and brains. “I have always been a good student.”

“Well, that remains to be seen now, doesn’t it?” Roark growled. “I fancy you’ve never attended the types of lessons I have in mind for you — but yes, I think you’ll do just fine. I know the type.”

Lili murmured her thanks again, her thoughts a jumble as she wondered just what he meant, and then he was stepping forward, taking her hand — not unkindly, she thought.

“Turn around,” Roark said, his eyes burning into hers deeply. Lili obeyed, slowly turning in a circle as he held her delicate hand, as if they were dancing at a Christmas ball. Even with her back to him, Lili could feel the Griffin’s eyes boring into her, and she had the queerest sensation that, without a word or a touch, he would be able to unlace her bodice and strip the clothes from her firm young body with only a glance, leaving her exposed before him. What was even more uncanny was that part of her — a secret part of her that buzzed in the back of her head — would not mind if he did. Would stand before him, pink and ripe, and wait for his judgment.

Once Lili was facing the captain once more, he released her hand — reluctantly, it seemed. “It is very well,” he said, nodding, with a ghost of a smile on his cruel but handsome face. “Let’s begin.”

Lili did not know quite what to expect as Roark stepped slowly closer to her, his dark visage above her, face unsmiling — a beating? Would he take her virginity there and then, to claim ownership of her as a chattel, a commodity? Instead, he slowly moved around her, staying close, examining her from every angle, it seemed. He stopped behind her back, and she could feel his warm breath on the back of her head. Lili waited, trying to be still and show no fear. If she could placate this legendarily cruel man, perhaps her ordeal would be over the sooner for it.

She started slightly as she felt Roark’s hands on the lacing of her bodice (it had been hard to put on without handmaidens, but by lacing it at the small of her back she had managed to retain her ladylike demeanor); his hands were nimble and swift for being so large, and no sooner were the lacings between his big fingers than the corset was loosened and he removed it, setting it on her dresser chair.

The Griffin moved back around in front of Lili, looking down at her once more. She was tempted to cover her bounteous breasts with her arms — without the bodice, they seemed to push even more fully at her

velvet trappings — but she was determined to show boldness without disrespect. Somehow she knew that was what he wanted from her.

“You don’t need that” — he said softly, pointing to the bonework corsetry — “to show your blessings, as a lot of women do. I like that. Most of them need to cheat a man into thinking they have a good deal more than the lord gave them. You’re a ripe one,” he completed, one hand — so softly! — cupping, caressing her full, ripe breast through silk and velvet. Despite herself, Lili felt her flesh responding, goosebumps down her arms and her nipple stiffening under the captain’s ministrations. “Th-thank you, captain,” Lili said, trying not to show the catch in her voice.

“Do you like when I praise you, little girl?” Roark said, both hands on her now, kneading more firmly, squeezing lightly, thumbs rubbing at the points where her nipples strained at the material. “Do you like when I touch you?”

Lili knew this was the tipping point; make him happy and perhaps her stay on this ship would be shorter-lived. And yet, in the candlelight, with this man standing over her, his touch claiming and caressing her at once, she answered not out of a need to be done with this, but out of the simple and pleasant truth that İstanbul Escort Bayan was even now coursing through her, warming her stomach and heating her loins.

“Yes, Captain Roark. I like it… oh, very much.” Lili even found herself smiling slightly, and sighing as his hands grew a little rougher on the globes of her breasts.

“I have many names, but Captain Roark is what my men call me,” he continued, hands exploring her ripeness, eager and insistent, and Lili found herself wishing they would move elsewhere on her body, move everywhere, touch her in all of her secret places. She bit her full lower lip, keeping her eyes on him. “I would not have that name come from your … sweet, sweet lips. Since I am to be your keeper, for as long as it pleases me, perhaps you shall call me Master?” His hands gripped roughly now, seeming to be eager to tear the velvet from her body and brand her with his heat. “Or… perhaps…”

Roark broke off his touch, and Lili moaned in her throat, unable to control herself, missing his gruff hands. He moved around behind her again, pressed against her, and she felt his heat pressing into her from behind, warming the globes of her ripe bottom. His hands immediately found their home again, squeezing, and he lowered his head, his lips so close to her ear that she jumped in his arms.

“Perhaps…. Since I am to be your protector, and Lord, and Master, and all the things your lord father was to you… I’ll have you call me.. Daddy.”

The word had never conjured up such dark images as it did now; of the captain making Lili his consort, his plaything, of slick skin in the dark and whispered forbidden words and all the things that sometimes ran through her mind late at night between the sheets with a hand between her long legs. It seemed perfect for this man, who would claim and keep her, and do with her as he would.

“Daddy…” Lili murmured, her head spinning. Her body was moving of its own volition now, reacting to the captain’s roaming hands and deep, dark words. She felt her arms raise, her hands moving to Roark’s short dark hair as his lips sought out her neck, kissing, tasting, his tongue licking warmly as he groaned

and growled in his throat. She felt the sea change within her; she feared this man as no other, yet she wanted him to lay with her, to do all the things that a husband, a lover should do, and more, so much more. He had surely learned such things from his battles and travels and she wanted to be his student. Was this why he chose me? she wondered. Did he see something within me? A desire, a willingness to surrender to him?

Roark pressed more urgently against her, his hands grasping now. His lips never left her slim, elegant neck, and she turned, slightly, so that she could watch this wanton tableau in the mirror over her dresser. She looked to be a different person that she could ever have imagined; eyes dark and wide, lips open and wanting, and hair loose and wild, her hips undulating and swaying as this man, this pirate, took what he wanted from her body. She watched entranced as his hands pulled her dress down, tearing it, the sound sharply filling the room, and then her breasts were in his hands, nipples aching and pink and hard.

“Do you like my breasts…. Daddy?” Lili said in a low deep voice thick with wanting, surprising herself. Roark smiled and shook his head, and Lili’s heart fell, but he continued.

“Very, very much, baby girl… but if you’re to be mine, we’ll use the correct names for things. Breasts are what fine highborn ladies possess, tucked behind their bodices day and night, never to be seen by man. These…” he hefted them, kneading and squeezing, ” … are tits. Beautiful, beautiful tits. And this…” he moved his hands, cupping her buttocks cruelly, squeezing and kneading, “is your ass. And what a glorious one it is.”

Well pleased with his words, Lili laughed low in her throat, and wriggled slowly out of her dress and slip, letting it puddle around her feet, watching in the mirror all the while. She set one heel on her dresser chair — who are you, bold strumpet? she thought — and slid her hands up her inner thighs, exposing her mound to him. She had it shaven in the summer to reduce hear and keep cleaner, and now kept it that way, finding it pleasant to the touch, although her own fingers were the only ones which had ever explored that honeyed hole. “And this, Daddy? What is this, pray tell?”

Roark’s hand slid around over her smooth stomach, nudging hers out of the way and gently playing near the little nub just above her lips, not touching — yet. “Why don’t know you know, miss?” he said, a smile in his voice. “This here’s a delicious little pussy. Or if you have a rougher tongue — and I often do — then it’s a cunt. A hot … sweet … cunt.”

These words were filling Lili with warmth through her body, from her hair to her toes and back, and she wanted more – so much more. Reaching behind her, Lili grazed her fingers over the bulge in the pirate’s trousers, gripping what felt like a solid bar of heat, and rubbing, feeling every inch the wanton tavern Anadolu Yakası Escort wench, knowing that her life was changing on this day. “Ohhh my lord… and what is this?”

“Turn around, sweet girl. I would have you see when I name it.”

Trying to rein in her eagerness, for in truth Lili wanted nothing more at this moment than to be flung onto her new feather bed with this man plowing between her legs, taking her maidenhead with a frenzy she could scarcely imagine, she turned, naked, stepping from her dress and pushing it aside with one foot. Her captain, her owner, her Daddy stood before her, tall and broad, pushing his black but resplendent greatcoat from his shoulders and letting it join her dress on the floor. In his white shirt, dark pantaloons and high boots, he looked every inch the dashing gentleman she was used to fantasizing and dreaming about, but with a dark twinkle in his eye that she would not have featured in her daydreams — but which she now felt was the crucial element. Her gaze dropped to the crotch of his trousers, at the large bulge pressing there against the black material, and her breath caught in her throat, her nipples seeming to stiffen even further, points of pleasant pain tipping her breasts (Your tits, she corrected herself. If you’re to be his strumpet, and God you know you want to be, then those are now his sweet big tits).

Captain Roark started his hands to unlace his trousers, but Lili boldly caught his wrist. “Please, Daddy… let Lili do this for you.”

Roark’s eyes were inscrutable, at once burning with lust but tinged with kindness. “As you will, my little baby.”

Lili once more pressed her palm against the throbbing heat of his groin, amazed at the warm pulsating feeling vibrating up her arm. It seemed to grow with every second, with every touch, and she longed to see it… to touch it.. lord, even to taste it, to indulge in all of the carnal acts she had overhead the scullery-maids and housekeepers whisper about in the halls of their manor house. And yes, oh yes, to have it inside her, making her a woman, finally, a woman who belonged to a real man.

The Griffin remained stoic and silent, his eyes marking her, and she felt as if this were a test, as if she were back in Jamaica, with her fencing master eyeing her form for a mistake, a poor stance or a weak lunge. Unlike her stuffy home lessons, however, this was a test she was bound and determined to pass. She stepped closer, still gripping Roark through his trousers, and kissed him boldly, pressing her lips to his and feeling his breath slip between them. At once his hands were in the curls of her hair, and he was pressing his mouth to hers, tasting her, his tongue invading, darting wet and hot into her. Lili rubbed at his growing manhood, pressing her tits into the captain’s chest and melting into the kiss, feeling him urgently claiming her with his hungry mouth, his fingers digging into her curls as he held Lili fast to him.

Reluctantly Lili broke free of the deep kiss (only her second, but the weak peck she had received from Henry, the stable boy, mattered not a whit compared to this man’s kisses) and licked her lips slowly, smiling up at Roark as she touched his lower lip playfully. “You taste of wine and meat, captain,” she purred. “As a man should.”

Lili returned her full attention to the task that she was determined to do next; her slim quick fingers, trained from years of needlework, made quick work of her captain’s lacings, and she dipped her hand into his waistband, immediately finding it filled with the thick, long, hard organ of his lusts. She felt lightheaded as she worked it free, Roark’s trousers pooling at his ankles as she firmly grasped the stiff tool in her little hands. Lili lovingly stroked it up and down, and it responded, pulsing and twitching, the

skin pulling back as the bulbous head emerged (like an angry snake slipping from its cave to strike, was the first thought in her head). Lili gazed up at the Griffin, biting at her lip sensuously.

“And this, my captain, my strong Daddy?” she softly voiced. “This is…?” Lili knew very well the words for this beast, she had heard the staff whispering mostly about this, and had learned the most ribald terms by heart, but she played along, ever the innocent girl.

Captain Roark, the Black Griffin, scourge of the West Indies, smiled indulgently down at her as his weapon hummed in her little hand. “My little darling,” he said, “My strumpet, my slave, my slut… this is your Daddy’s cock.”

“Cock,” Lili said, letting it roll from her lips slowly, smiling languorously. “A big… fat … hard cock all for little me?”

“Oh yes, babygirl,” Roark said, sighing deep. “Enjoy your treat.”

Lili needed no further invitation, and she sank to her knees, making sure to never take her eyes from her Daddy’s. She ran her hands over his muscled thighs, dancing them around to his buttocks and back again, and all the while his cock bobbed in her pretty face, hard and inviting. Roark unlaced his shirt and pulled it over his head, standing over her, his torso tight and firm, and Lili lost herself further, biting her lip and letting out a groan. A day ago she had been a governor’s daughter, bound for her family’s country estate, and now here she was, a pirate’s doxy, his to command and control, and yet she felt that this was how she was meant to be from now on.

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