The Blue Life Ch. 16: Sondra

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. This chapter of the story doesn’t involve much direct incestuous action, but it remains a prominent theme. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. Thanks again to John for his help in editing and proofreading. Much appreciated.


I met Sondra at the First Unitarian Church. She told me there was a Social Time at 10:30, before the 11 o’clock service.

I hadn’t bothered to go home for dress clothes, so I was only wearing dark jeans and a khaki-tan button up shirt. I had spent the night at Sally Whitehall house, my mother’s best friend. Sally had become my sexual submissive the day before. And I had ended up binding her, training her and making love with both her and her very sexy eighteen year old daughter, Terri! That had been a surprise, in a weekend filled with surprises.

Sally and Terri had woken me up around 7:30, with both of them licking and sucking on my cock. It felt wonderful, but I didn’t let them make me cum. I wanted to save my sexual tension for Sondra.

I had Sally get on her knees with her legs spread on the bed, and her head down on the mattress. Then I showed Terri how to spank her mother’s pussy, by spanking Sally’s pussy hard, five times. Then I asked Terri if she wanted to spank her mother’s slutty, wet pussy too, and she did, for five more times. At that point, there were tears in Sally’s eyes, and she was begging to be fucked. I called her a lying slut. She and my mother had lied to me. Sally has been my mother’s lover and submissive for a month and a half. And both of them tried to keep it a secret from me. So, I gave Sally a punishment. I told Sally that she would not get fucked or get to cum until she had showed her daughter all of her sex toys, and had brought Terri to orgasm with each one. We counted, and that was five toys. I told Sally that until further notice, she would wake up her daughter each morning by eating her pussy. Then Terri could spank Sally’s pussy five times each morning. I told Sally she had to be naked and crawl from room to room whenever she was home. And that Terri could demand that her mother service her with her mouth or any of her toys at any time. I told Sally that her punishment would last for at least one week, or until she had made her daughter cum with each of her five sex toys, whichever came first. I told Terri that she could not punish her mother any more than her morning spankings, not without checking with me first. Terri seemed eager for the lessons in sex toys to begin. So Sally showed her daughter the joys of her vibrating “Magic Massage Wand,” while Terri and I kissed and I loved up Terri’s giant, firm tits. Terri had an amazing orgasm, but was a little disappointed when I said that she wouldn’t get another chance to orgasm with the Magic Wand, not with her mother holding it at least, not until her mother had used the other four toys to bring her off.

I was even angrier with my mother. And I didn’t know how I would punish her.

I quickly showered and shaved. And I left Sally and Terri’s house at about a quarter to ten. I told Sally not to warn my mother that I knew about her lying to me, that I wanted to deal with that first. She begged me not to punish my mother too severely. She claimed that it was all her fault. I doubted that was true, but I didn’t think Sally was lying to me. I understood that Sally believed what she was saying.

I stopped at a supermarket and bought some flowers. I didn’t know if that was appropriate for a casual first date. So I left them in my car. I walked into the First Unitarian Church at 10:20. There were some older women setting up coffee and soft drinks in the Social Hall. But not many other people. I was nervous. My hands were sweating. An older gentleman greeted me and asked if I was new to the church.

I said, “I’ve never been here before, but I’m meeting a friend.”

“Who is that?”, the older man asked.

“Sondra Gutierrez. She sings in the choir.”

“Oh, she’s a pip. A wonderful girl. Such a lovely voice too.”

I smiled and shrugged, somehow proud that this stranger thought my almost-girlfriend has a nice voice. Then I wandered off and got myself a cup of coffee. It was awful, so I added two sugars. That made it sweet and awful. Oh well.

At about 10:25 more people started milling into the Social Hall. I didn’t recognize Sondra at first. She had her hair up in a bun. She was wearing glasses. And she had on a sexy, but conservative dress suit. Well, it was a grey pencil line skirt with a matching vest. She had on a white, long sleeved blouse, buttoned all the way up, and a large, navy bow at her neck. She looked more like a librarian than a lingerie saleswoman. She was still very attractive, amazing really. It was just a more demure, conservative sort of lovely than I had expected. Then again, we were at church. She did have, three-inch heels, with a shiny metal güvenilir bahis spike in the back. The heels were navy blue, and coordinated with her bow tie. And just that dash of flirty sexiness made the whole outfit seem hot.

Sondra’s face lit up when she saw me, and she made her way across the hall toward me. “Robbie, you made it! I was…,” she started saying, then caught herself, “I’m just so glad you’re here.” Then she took my hand and leaned in and kissed my cheek.

I felt myself blushing. I didn’t know why. “I was here a little early. So I got a cup of coffee.”

Sondra made a face. “I’m so sorry. I should have warned you. The coffee is terrible.” And we both laughed. Sondra explained that there was a study hour before the social gathering. And that’s where she was. She didn’t think it was right to inflict that on me on a first date. We wandered the Social Hall, hand in hand (that was nice), and Sondra introduced me to people. Sometimes I was her new friend, “Robert,” and sometimes I was her new boyfriend, “Bobby.” I tried to figure out what the difference was, whether it was something I was doing. I decided it just depended on how close Sondra felt to the people she was introducing me to. I tried to remember names, but I couldn’t. It was just a mass of people who all seemed to know Sondra. And she seemed to know all of them too. It was impressive how casually charismatic she came across.

When we went in the sanctuary, we sat near the back. There weren’t pews, but rows of interlocking, padded, metal chairs. There were no hymnals. The lyrics to the songs were projected on a screen near the front. At one point I took the program and jotted, “You look stunning,” on it, and passed it to her, like a note in school.

She read it and wrote, “Thank you,” and a smilee face in reply. Then she took my hand and drew a heart in my palm with her fingernail that sent tingles up my arm and down my spine. Just after the sermon, Sondra went up front and joined the choir. The church didn’t have an organ, just a piano. The choir sang, “Imagine,” by John Lennon. That seemed strange, especially when they sang about imagining “no religion too.” But the song fit with the message of Peace that the minister had been talking about. And the arrangement was lovely. In the last verse, Sondra stepped forward and sang a solo part. Her voice soared. It was truly angelic. The whole choir joined in, with Sondra still soloing over the top. It was something special. I was so proud. And then something really embarrassing happened. I was thinking about how lovely Sondra’s voice was, and how that fit with her wonderful personality, and how beautiful she looked, even with her hair up in a bun and wearing horn-rimmed glasses. I started imagining our first kiss, what it might be like. Then I started imagining fucking her, or having this gorgeous woman service me as a submissive. And I got a raging hard-on, a giant boner, to the point where I had to adjust myself, because it was painfully pointed down my leg. I was glad that I was sitting in the back, and everyone else seemed focused on Sondra and the Choir.

When the Choir finished, the congregation burst into applause. The Choir Director gestured to Sondra, and she shyly bowed and waved. Then she made her way back to sit next to me. I mouthed the word, “Wow,” and squeezed her hand.

She said, “Did you like it?”

I whispered, “I’m afraid I liked it a little too much.”

She looked at me curiously. “What do you mean?”

The preacher was talking about the offering. I was going to have to reach into my pocket for my wallet, then my boner would probably become obvious anyway. I leaned in and whispered, “I’m kind of embarrassed. But, seeing you sing up there gave me a massive erection that is not going away.”

Sondra eyes got wide. And she got a big grin on her face. Then, she leaned down to get her purse, and used the movement to disguise the fact that she was reaching into my lap and feeling my hard cock through my pants. I couldn’t believe she was doing that during the service! She gave my cock a gentle squeeze, which did nothing but make my predicament worse. She came up with her purse and a wicked look in her eye. I was beet red in the face.

I fished out my wallet. I had twenty seven dollars in cash, a twenty, a five and two ones. Sondra shook her head and whispered, “You’re my guest.” But I fished out the twenty anyway. Sondra wrote a check.

Then Sondra grabbed the program and wrote me a note: “You weren’t kidding. BTW, NICE COCK!!!” Then she drew a smilee with a big grin and huge, bulging eyes. That made me laugh. I took her hand and drew a heart shape in her palm with my finger. Sondra bit her lower lip.

After the service, we went through a receiving line and shook the minister’s hand. Pastor Black seemed like a very nice woman, and she made a point of repeating my name back to me, and welcoming me to the church. Of course she was gushing about Sondra’s solo, saying how it was the highlight of the whole türkçe bahis service. Several people thanked Sondra for her solo and said how lovely it was. I had untucked my shirt, to mask my fading erection. I was both proud that my girlfriend’s first impression of my cock was generally positive. But still ashamed that I popped a big boner out of nowhere like a teenager.

Sondra and I walked out of the church hand in hand. It felt really good. She is older than me, but there doesn’t seem to be a huge, obvious age difference between us. Maybe that’s because she looks younger than twenty-eight, and maybe I look more mature than twenty-one.

We got to the parking lot. I didn’t know what our plans were, whether we would be taking my car or not. So, I turned Sondra to face me and I gave her a quick kiss on the lips, nothing too passionate, because there were still people from the church walking near us. But it was sweet and nice. Sondra lips felt very warm.

“So what now? Do we go out to lunch?”

Sondra said, “I thought that was the plan. I know a place nearby where we can get sandwiches. Will you let me pick up the check? I’m the one with a job.”

I feigned being hurt. “I have a job! I’m a student. I actually get a small stipend from one of my scholarships. And I’m living at home, so I don’t have many expenses. But, yeah, you can pick up the check if you want. I’m just saying, next time, the Chinese Food is on me.”

Sondra kissed me. “Deal,” she said, “There’s a deli down the street. We can walk there.”

We walked. “So where do you want this date to end up?”, I asked.

Sondra pondered. “I don’t know. This is the first real ‘Date’-date I’ve been on in a long time. I don’t think I was ever really good at dating. And…well, my situation is strange.”

“It can’t be stranger than my situation,” I laughed.

Sondra shook her head. “Look. I come with a lot of baggage. I’m not an easy girl to have around. Plus, if we are going to go down the BDSM road, that complicates things even more. That’s a whole other can of worms.”

“I’m not scared,” I said.

“How did things go with Sally? Did she have fun? She had better have had fun, Mister.” Sondra was smiling.

“Things didn’t go as planned. Uhm,” I started to wonder how much I should tell Sondra. “We went to Sally’s home, because I wanted some alone time with my newest submissive. Sally’s daughter was spending the night at a friend’s house.”

“Sally has a daughter? How old?”

“She’s eighteen, a High School Senior. I hadn’t seen her in nearly four years.”

“But you saw her last night?”

“Yeah. She came home unexpectedly, and Sally was tied up in the bedroom. Terri, that’s Sally’s daughter, wanted to know where her mother was. And well, Sally had told me earlier in the day that she has the hots for her daughter, and that she wanted a sexual relationship with Terri, more like the relationship I have with my mother. I thought Sally was crazy at first. But, Terri came home and…so, I…”

“You took another submissive?” Sondra looked shocked.

“No, she not my submissive. But, I sort of seduced her, and let her join me and Sally. It was sort of my first threesome with two girls.”

“Sort of? You’re not sure if you’ve had another threesome with two girls? Or were there more than two, in an orgy with a Girls Track Team or something?” Sondra let go of my hand and crossed her arms.

“Look,” I didn’t know how to say it, “it was just something that happened. I’m not in a romantic relationship with either Sally or her daughter Terri. But it was all pretty exciting. Still, if that is going to impact what you and I have going on here,” I took a deep breath, “I’m willing to forgo having sex with Sally and Terri again. I can’t give up on my Mom and Dad. They’re family. But, I just feel like you and I could have something very special.”

“You would do that? For me? Like give up other submissives, all other lovers? Just like that?”

“I’m just telling you how I feel. That I think you are special, and that I wouldn’t feel like I was giving anything up for you, if I ended up with you.”

Sondra’s arms uncrossed. Then she stood in front of me and wrapped her arms around me. I reciprocated, With her three inch heels on, she was nearly as tall as me. I’m 6’2 and Sondra is probably 5’10” a little taller than my parents. “I like Sally. She’s sweet. And, well, I enjoyed Dominating her and spanking her pussy. I have not done that in a long time. That felt…anyway, that was fun. If I’m your girlfriend, will I have unlimited access to your other submissives?”

“I can’t promise what my mother and father will say. But Sally wants to serve you. I can’t say what Terri will say. She wants to Dominate her mother, but she’s just a teen, and doesn’t seem committed to being submissive. Besides, she’s a virgin. And so, I’m not sure if she should make that sort of commitment without having more experience. But I won’t stand in the way of that.”

Sondra kissed me. She güvenilir bahis siteleri let her kiss linger and deepen, even though we were just standing on the sidewalk. My mouth opened and I tasted her tongue for the first time. I could feel myself getting excited again, and then remembered we were in public, so I backed off. “Robbie,” Sondra said, “I really like you. Like really, really. And you are a great kisser.”

“Thank you, Sunny. Kissing you gives me a feeling of vertigo, like I’m falling or about to fall.” I grimaced. “That’s probably not something people say on the first date.”

Sondra playfully grabbed my ass and pulled me against her. “I think you’re sweet. And that was poetic. Do you want me as a submissive?”

I grinned broadly. “I want you any which way I can have you. But you said that you just wanted a nice, sweet, vanilla boyfriend for a change. So…I’m trying to be that for you right now. As much as I can.”

“Damn! Where have you been hiding, Robbie? Don’t pay attention to what I say. Pay attention to what I need. Maybe I need a Master and Dominant in my life again. I don’t know.” Sondra reached up and took a clip out of her hair and let her bun loose and her hair fell in tousled waves around her shoulders. Then she took off her glasses and put them in her purse. Her brown eyes are so large and clear. And her makeup was subtle and impeccable, like it had been applied by a professional makeup artist. The effect was startling. She didn’t seem any less or more attractive. But it was a simple transformation. It was like I was standing on the sidewalk with a completely different woman in my arms.



“All this, and a beautiful voice too!” I kissed Sondra quickly, then leaned in near her ear and whispered. “I desperately want you.”

She pushed me back with her hands on my chest. “Well, that makes two of us then. But, we are having lunch before anything else.” She then reached up and undid the large bow at her neck and pulled it off. She undid two buttons on her blouse too. Then she took the long blue tie and put it around my neck and under my collar. She buttoned up my top two buttons and tied the fabric like a men’s tie.

“I would have worn a tie, if I had known we were going some place formal,” I said.

“We’re just going down to Signorelli’s Deli on the corner. They have a great Muffaletta Sandwich you should try. I just wanted to see what you might look like as more of a businessman type.”

“You have a thing for business men?” I tucked my shirt back in.

“I LOVE a man in a suit. Especially a three piece suit with a vest. A tux with a cumberbund looks silly to me. A tux with a vest is super hot. I don’t know why.”

“What about a naked man, wearing only a vest?” I asked.

“God! That is like a fantasy of mine, getting fucked by a guy in a vest. I know, it’s weird.”

I laughed. “That doesn’t seem weird. That seems very doable, and adorable, Sunny.”

“You would do that for me, Robbie?”

“Wear a vest? Of course. You’re my girlfriend. I want to make you happy in any way I can. That way seems simple.”

“I asked my former Master to do that once, to put his vest back on after he had gotten naked. He said it would make him feel silly, and that a Master should never feel silly or stupid.”

“Well, if you are looking for a Master who will never look silly or stupid, I’m not your guy. But, Jesus, something as easy as wearing a vest? That’s a no brainer, Sunny. I just need to get some suits with vests is all. Besides, I’m going to need more suits. I’m going to be a Junior Executive next year.”

“Really? Where, Mr. Junior Executive?”

“It’s not that big a deal. Dad wants to hire me for his firm. He says I’m a good prospect. We haven’t worked out the salary details. I don’t think it’s nepotism. I’m a good student with really good grades, and I’ve got some math and computer skills my Dad’s business could use.”

“Your father is a businessman too?”

“Yeah, he owns McMillan and Associates. It’s an Accounting and Actuarial Service Organization. They have a couple of expansion offices, but the main office is in town.”

“I think I’ve heard of it,” Sondra said.

“I’ll tell Dad to wear a three piece suit when he meets you.”

“Is he a big guy, like you, Robbie?”

“He’s more average height, and thin. I like to think he’s got a lithe, dancer’s body.”


We stood outside Signorelli’s. I opened the door for Sondra. A bell rang. And a big man with a huge, black beard shouted, “Ms. Gutierrez, so good to see you! I getting worried!”

Sondra winked at me and whispered, “I let them know we were coming.”

This man-mountain led us back to a booth in the back, near the kitchen. He must have been 6’8″ tall, and at least four bills, four hundred pounds. He was wearing a spotless, white apron. Sondra sat facing the Kitchen. I debated sliding in next to her then I chose to sit across from her. I figured I could control myself better that way. “It’s so good to see you again, Ma’am. I have your Horchata out in a moment. And you are still getting two Muffaletta Specials? Yes?” He looked at me, and I just smiled and shrugged. “And what would you like to drink, Sir?”

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