The Book of David Ch. 04

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— CHAPTER 4: Chemistry —


PRE-COLLEGE (September 1999)

“Damn. You are just obsessed with my tits, aren’t you?”

“Would you rather I wasn’t?” I grunted and kept thrusting.

It’s amazing what a person can do when properly motivated. In High School, while she’d never been FAT, E-Beth had certainly been carrying around a lot of excess weight. She wasn’t naturally heavyset. In fact, both her parents were in pretty good shape for their age. It was just that she didn’t care before. What did it matter? It’s not like she was trying to attract guys. At least until she met me.

For some strange reason that I still don’t understand, some simple kindness from me during her Junior year had given E-Beth the reason she needed to watch her weight.

She’d lost eight pounds during the last semester of her Junior year alone. But I hadn’t noticed, and that had driven her to work extra hard. She learned to say ‘no’ to second helpings. She learned to stop eating when she was satisfied instead of continuing until the plate was empty. And she started jogging. Nothing too extreme, but the pounds began falling off.

By the day of her Senior Prom, E-Beth had dropped 15 pounds just through healthier living. And she was looking pretty good. She looked good enough and I’d had such a great time on Prom night, that when I got back to school, I’d brushed off Chloe’s senior friends and even a couple of passes from Nataliya, Danielle’s beautiful bisexual friend.

I wanted E-Beth. And I was willing to save myself for her.

We got together as soon as school finished and I returned to my hometown for the summer break. E-Beth and I went from ‘dating’ straight to ‘committed relationship’ almost immediately. Now, at the end of her last summer before college, E-Beth had become HOT. She’d lost more weight, she was down to a size 4, and she was loving it.

The best part for me? E-Beth hadn’t lost much in the breast department. 34DD. I had some of her bras to prove it. And it was those heavenly tits that I was thrusting into right now.

E-Beth was flat on her back, smiling at me and holding her mouth open in anticipation of my load. Her hands pressed her cleavage together in a tight tunnel while I pumped back and forth, and I knew I was moments away from eruption. She was still inexperienced at blowjobs and sometimes couldn’t get me off that way. But without fail, letting me fuck her tits always brought about a messy conclusion in quick order.

“Oh, fuck, Elizabeth. I LOVE your tits…” I was sweating with the exertion, but my body was speeding up. I pistoned in and out of her tits at a rapid pace, and then with one final thrust I let everything go.

We both could actually see the head of my cock expand before it began spitting wads of cum all over the place. The first jet created a line of semen from her forehead and down the bridge of her nose. The second splashed straight into her gaping mouth. And then her hand took over, jacking my shaft as she formed a pearl necklace around the upper slopes of her chest.

“Mmm… yummy…” she moaned.

I smiled happily. She really meant it.

“What am I going to do when we’re separated at school?” I moaned. “I don’t think I can live 24-hours without coming into contact with these delicious breasts.”

E-Beth smirked, an odd look with her cum-covered face. “So I’ll kick my roommate out.”

I grinned. The old E-Beth would never have dreamed of doing something like that. But the new E-Beth was learning to apply her academic confidence into her personal life. I didn’t yet think she’d actually have the courage to do it, but I appreciated the sentiment and was definitely happy we’d both be attending the same school.

Elizabeth’s parents had apologized to her for not being able to afford a top private college she’d set her sights on. But once she and I began our boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, she’d been perfectly content to attend Uni.

“You can always come to my place,” I offered. “We can try to out-orgasm my sister.”

It was a suggestion I’d made twice before. The result was the same this third time. “I dunno… I’d feel kind of weird doing this around one of your family members.”

“I’m just glad we can stay together,” I told her.

She smiled and tilted her head to me. “You always get so sappy…”

“That’s because I love you, Elizabeth.”

She blushed and answered automatically, “I love you, too.”

I was wrapped up in a warm blanket of contentment. It felt so good to be in love again. Ever since Ellie died there had been an empty hole in my heart. I’d learned to get used to that hole and managed to avoid thinking about it. But now, E-Beth was filling that hole nicely. “Did I ever tell you you’re the first person I’ve ever said those words to? I never even said them to Ellie.”

“Yes,” E-Beth giggled. “All the time.” And then she grunted. “Oof, you’re getting heavy.”

“Oh, right.” I dismounted her chest and E-Beth took a few moments to breathe. She was such an awesome sight, beylikdüzü escort completely naked with my sperm covering her face and chest and a previous load running out of her pussy.

“C’mon, let’s get in the shower.”


Despite having the whole summer, our times together were brief. I’d gotten a summer job and so I was out working just as often as my parents were. So my opportunities to make love with E-Beth were almost as rare as if we’d both still been in High School.

At least she’d gotten on the pill. It made spontaneous quickies so much more convenient.

But now we were winding down to the end of Summer. It was already September and we had just a few days left. And then I realized, the anniversary of Ellie’s death had snuck up on me.

My relationship with E-Beth had been rewarding in so many ways beyond the usual boyfriend-girlfriend benefits. She’d given me a reason to open up my heart again, an opportunity I seized with a passion. All the things I didn’t say or do for Ellie, I made sure I did and said for E-Beth. I’d made the mistake once before of assuming I had all the time in the world. I did not intend to make that mistake again.

So wrapped up in my new love I literally lost track of the days. And then that morning came.

It was raining outside, as September is wont to do. And the instant I heard the raindrops I remembered. My head was in a fog from the time I awoke to the time I went downstairs.

My mom saw me as she was preparing breakfast. One look at my face and she shut her mouth. I just grabbed my keys and headed out the door. No one questioned my departure.

This year, the anniversary of Ellie’s death fell on a Saturday. There was no work to miss. I drove straight to the cemetery.

With the umbrella pulled low to minimize wind blowing rain into my face, I kept my gaze down around my feet. It took me a little while to remember how to get to her headstone. Once I got there, I realized I wasn’t alone.

Cherys turned away from the headstone and peeked out from under her umbrella. I could see the tears streaking her cheeks from here.

Without another word I stepped forward all the way until I was underneath her umbrella, holding my own out to the side. I wrapped my left arm around her as she lowered her head onto my shoulder and sagged into my embrace.

I hugged her tightly while she continued to cry and I felt the first tears of my own begin to fall. Together and in silence, we paid our respects to her little sister.


A week later, E-Beth and I were pulling up in front of her dorm. She didn’t have her own car and our combined belongings had filled my backseat and trunk to the limit. Personally, I wanted to get her unpacked as quickly as possible and then get us both over to the apartment I shared with Danielle and Cherys. We’d subleased it out for the summer, but that sublease was up and I would be the first to go back in. E-Beth had needed to arrive early in time for freshman orientation, but Danielle and Cherys were still back in our hometown for another few days.

That meant I had a big, private apartment in which to have wild, uninhibited sex. I wanted to get started on that right away.

I was lugging the first two heavy suitcases into the dorm while E-Beth followed me with her bookbag and a few other smaller cases. Just before we got to her hallway, I turned and asked, “What was your roommate’s name again?”

“Amber. I told you that, right?”

“Sorry, didn’t remember.”

“Yeah, it was weird to me because I never figured they’d room me with someone from my own High School.”

That stopped me in my tracks, just ten feet from her room. “Wait, Amber who?”

So she told me.

“Wait, THAT Amber? From ‘The Heights’?”

As if on cue, the beautiful blonde walked out the open door and into the hallway. The extra two years of development had been very nice to her, and she was prettier than ever. She saw us immediately, and fixed something of a frown on her face while she looked at E-Beth. “Oh, hey. You’re here.” Her voice sounded anything but enthused. “I’d hoped to get all my stuff moved in before you got here.”

I couldn’t help but look her body up and down. At 5’10”, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and her pretty face I was immediately drawn in. I’d said it before when she was just a High School Junior, she was the most beautiful girl in high school. And now she was my girlfriend’s roommate.

Amber recognized my stare and barked, “What the hell are YOU looking at?”

E-Beth saw my gaze and mock pouted, “Yeah.” She smacked me lightly. “What ARE you looking at?” I could still see the hint of a smile on her face.

Defeated, I just grunted and then trucked in E-Beth’s luggage. Now I remembered why even though Amber was the prettiest girl to look at, I was far more attracted to someone with a plainer face and more beautiful personality like E-Beth.

One side of the room was already filled beyoğlu escort to the brim with Amber’s stuff. I began by dropping off the bags on the unoccupied side and then headed back to get more luggage. By agreement, my girlfriend would stick around and start unpacking while I ferried the rest of her gear to the room.

When I returned for the second trip, I saw Amber directing two burly moving guys as they brought in the last of her things. She handed them each a twenty and then shooed them away.

When they were gone, she complained to herself, “What is it about those people? Are they required to smell that bad?” Her cute nose was wrinkled up.

Dammit I was such a ‘guy’. The girl was a mean bitch and all I could think of was how cute her nose is. Either way, I dropped off the latest load and went back for more.

On the third trip, I found that Amber and E-Beth were actually having a decent conversation, talking about their upcoming classes and the various required freshman orientation activities.

By the fourth trip, I was done. Sweating profusely in the early September heat and humidity, I noticed Amber now wrinkling her nose at me.

At the same time, E-Beth came up to me and pulled me close. “Mmm… my big, strong man. Thank you.” She tilted her head up and planted a firm kiss on my lips.

I was a little stiff knowing that Amber was standing just a few feet away. But when E-Beth leaned back and looked up at me happily, I just melted into her eyes. “Always and anything. I love you.”

E-Beth smiled. “Come on. I can unpack later.” She leaned into my ear and whispered, “Let’s go have sex. Watching my big stud carry all that heavy stuff has got me hot.”

My eyes lit up. Success!

We said our hurried goodbyes to Amber and then started walking really fast back to my car.

E-Beth buckled herself in while remarking, “Well, she may have the hot bod, but I’m the one going off to get laid with a handsome hunk!”

“Hey! Who says she’s the one with the hot bod?” I reached over and copped a feel of E-Beth’s big left tit. And I wasn’t even kidding. With her slimmed down look and big rack, I knew my girlfriend would be turning her share of heads as well.

“Stop that!” she slapped my hand away from her boob. “Now focus. Every second you waste is one more second before you get me naked.”



It was the first Saturday and I was standing in the living room, dressed in my cleanest pair of jeans and a casual top. My new classes were alright and I was quickly adjusting to the college routine my second time through.

“Dinner’s at six-thirty,” Nataliya called after me before turning back to Leslie.

“Hey! That’s my line!” Danielle teased from across the room.

Cherys walked over from two feet away and hugged me tightly, pressing her ample chest against my arm. “Well, sometimes everyone wants to feel like a big sister…” There was a hint of sorrowful emotion in her voice, but then she was all smiles. And she turned to face my girlfriend. “Bring him back in one piece.”

E-Beth promised and then we were out the door and on our way to a typical college Saturday afternoon date… which usually meant making out in her dorm room while her roommate went out to hang with her rich friends.

When we were out of earshot, E-Beth squeezed my hand and sighed. “I can’t decide if I’m happy you’ve got them looking out for you or if I should be jealous of all the hot women you hang out with. Good lord, look at Cherys’ body. How could I possibly compete with that?”

“They’re lesbians, remember?”

“Not all of them. Some of them like cock from time to time and I worry that they want yours,” she sighed.

“Just remember, I love you. And while the male in me admits that hanging out with them whets my sexual appetite, I always come to you for supper time.”

E-Beth smiled and pecked my cheek without breaking stride. “You are sooo getting lucky tonight.”


I leaned my forehead down and E-Beth pressed hers against mine. The sun was coming down on another Friday evening. E-Beth wanted to get her homework done early, so I would be going home unfucked for this particular Friday. I didn’t mind. I knew the delay only meant that E-Beth would make it up to me in a very energetic manner.

“Mmm… I’ll see you tomorrow?” I said.

“You’d better not be late. The new exhibit opens at 10am and I do NOT want to be late!” E-Beth poked me in the chest.

“Oww…” I said in mock pain while rubbing my chest. And then I reached for the door to let myself out.

“How do you do that?” Amber cut in from her spot at the desk. She’d recently dumped her latest 2-week boyfriend and was spending her Friday night miserable and alone.

“Do what?” E-Beth asked.

“Get a cute guy to be… well… like him?” Amber sighed. “All the guys just want to grab at my breasts.” Amber shook her chest, showing off some prodigious bizimkent escort melons that looked too big and too round for her slender body.

E-Beth looked down and hefted her even bigger tits. “I know what you mean.”

“But MY guys never want to go to the museum with me,” Amber complained. “None of my dates would ever go home on a Friday night without trying to get into my pants. They all just want to fuck me and then go home.”

Then Amber screwed up her face and looked at me. “What’s wrong with you? You’re not secretly a faggot or something, are you?”

She said it with such vehemence that I didn’t even bother to answer. Amber had a lot to learn about guys. I just rolled my eyes. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow,” I said warmly to E-Beth.


FINALS (December 1999)

“Gawd damn I hate finals.”

“I hear you, man,” Jen groaned.

This last one had totally kicked my ass, and after three hours of fighting the clock in a desperate attempt to at least FINISH the damn thing, I was completely exhausted. The entire first quarter had flown by just as fast, and I felt like I was at the end of a marathon trying to suck wind.

“Soon,” I said with just a trace of hope laced into my bitching tone. “Soon we’ll be done with all our general ed classes and be able to focus on taking electives that we actually LIKE.”

“Maybe,” she answered. “But ‘soon’ is not ‘now’. So put up with it just a little longer.”

“Yeah… Hey, thanks for all your help this quarter. I’m still not convinced I passed. But if I did, it’s only because you tutored me.”

“Don’t sweat it. See you later.” Jen waved and then turned about.

We had reached our intersection. From here, Jen split off to go to meet up with Kevin. I would turn the other way and slowly trudge over to E-Beth’s dorm. Being on-campus, it was much closer to the academic area than my apartment, and it had become a comfortable hanging out point between classes.

After ten minutes, I got to her room and knocked. A few seconds later, Amber swung the door open. She looked unbearably cute in wire-rimmed glasses and her hair in a functional ponytail. “Hey,” she said casually, then turned and went back to her desk.

Per usual, I glanced her up and down, taking in the tight outfit that showed off her fit body to maximum appeal. Hey, my ogling was automatic. And she was used to it by now. I hadn’t heard the phrase ‘What the hell are YOU looking at?’ in quite some time. A second later I went inside and then closed the door behind me.

E-Beth had not yet returned from her final. I assumed she would be arriving any minute. As it was, I dropped her bag next to the wall and dropped myself onto my girlfriend’s bed.

Amber was already at her desk, hunched over her books.

“What final do you have this afternoon?” I asked.

Amber got the cricks out of her neck and then swiveled her chair around to face me. She lazily slouched with one elbow on the desk and massaged the bridge of her nose with her other hand. “Bio. I should be fine. It’s not that tough.”

“Speak for yourself. I got a ‘C’ in that last year.”

“Oh, it had better be easy for me. Otherwise I’m in the WRONG major,” Amber smiled at me briefly. She was Pre-med. “You got a final this afternoon?”

“Yeah. But I don’t think I’m going to get in any studying before lunch. I’m too fried right now.” I let myself relax a bit. While I very much doubted we would ever be close, Amber and I had gotten used to one another’s presence. I would always be around as long as I was dating her roommate, and it just took too much effort on her part to constantly maintain the ‘Heights’ bitch persona she used to keep people away. Yeah, she could still be rather snooty and condescending at times. But at least she wasn’t sneering at me on sight.

“What final do you have?”


“Oh, blech…” Amber made an ugly face. It was a sign of how comfortable she was getting around me. Early on, even if she considered me pond scum compared to her rich friends, she had to maintain her perfect appearance around me. Now, she could care less if I saw her more vulgar side.

“Hey, if you want your own private practice, you’ll have to balance the books somehow.”

“That’s why I hire an office manager and a CPA. I can shove all the dirty work onto them,” Amber said offhand.

I was just about to say something in response when the door popped open. “Good lord, why the hell do I even NEED to take English Lit? Everybody’s dead and I don’t CARE what they thought!” E-Beth stomped in and flung her bag to the side.

“That bad, huh?” I asked.

“Ohmigod. I totally FAILED that class.”

Amber piped in, “Translation: ‘Maybe I got a B… MAYBE.'” She rolled her eyes.

I looked at E-Beth, knowing that Amber was probably right. My girlfriend was just too smart to ever fail at anything. But whether she failed or got a ‘B’, she was agitated and it was my job to settle her down.

I held my arms open, and E-Beth immediately collapsed into my grasp. She actually purred as I hugged her and I could feel the tension begin to leave her body.

“Y’know, I get so jealous of you sometimes,” Amber complained. “You found this magic button to de-stress. Just come home, get David to hug you, and all is right in the world.”

“Yeah…” And then E-Beth’s stomach gurgled loudly, making all of us laugh.

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