The Boss’ Toy

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My mouth dropped open a bit as I walked through the entrance of Sinn Enterprises’ corporate office, taking in the vaulted ceilings and marbled flooring. I saw the receptionist smile at me, and walked forward, my stilettos clicking on the tile. I clutched her folder to my chest.

“Can I help you?” The ridiculously beautiful blond asked pleasantly.

“H-hi.” I say, cursing in my head at the stutter. “Hi,” I say more firmly. “My name is Evelyn Raleigh. I’m here for an interview with Mr. Sinn.”

She nods. “Of course. He is expecting you. If you want to head on up to the 23rd floor and take a seat in the lobby, I’ll let him know you’re here.” She pointed at the elevator to my right, and I smiled back at her.

“Thank you.” I said, and turned my back, walking to the elevator. I took a deep breath and pressed the top button, the doors closing with a clang of finality.

I was 24 years old, fresh out of college with my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and had been having trouble finding a job in the seven months since graduation. I couldn’t figure out why; I was certainly qualified, I always aced my interviews, and, to be honest, I was gorgeous. Why no one wanted to hire me on was beyond me. This was my last chance; if I didn’t get this job, I would lose my apartment and end up back on my parents’ farm. James Sinn was one of the country’s up-and-coming business stars, a billionaire, and the city’s most eligible bachelor. And he was looking for a personal secretary. It would be a blow to my pride to take the position—a secretary after years of sweat and blood and sleepless nights going to school—but I really, really did not want to go back to spend my days milking cows and cleaning horse stalls. The elevator dinged, and opened, revealing a spectacular sight. Two walls were almost entirely window, looking out over the city and the bay. Most of the floor was taken over by a huge lobby, with couches and a coffee table, and a kitchenette on one side with a fancy espresso machine and a table covered with an array of fruits, vegetables, tiny sandwiches and Danishes. There were three rooms on the other side of the floor, two larger ones, side by side, with blinds over the windows and closed doors, and another that ended up being a restroom.

I darted inside, closing the door behind me and setting the folder down on the counter. I took a deep breath. “Okay, Evelyn, you can do this.” I encouraged, then looked at my reflection. I freshened my lipstick and dabbed away a smudge from my eyeliner. I was no longer above using my appearance to sway people into liking me—I was desperate. I had dressed up for this interview, wearing a high-waisted black pencil skirt that clung to me like a second skin and stopped an inch above my knees, a crimson button-up shirt tucked into it, and black satin stockings following my legs to my crimson patent-leather stiletto pumps. I had even worn my sexiest lingerie underneath, to make myself feel sexier—the stockings held up by a black lacy garter belt, with a matching black lace over crimson silk bra and panty set. Narrowing my eyes, I unbuttoned the top of my shirt, reaching in to adjust my bra so that my breasts were perfectly positioned, and redid the buttons. Pausing, I undid the top button again, letting the shirt hang open slightly, just the hint of cleavage peeping out, a tease. I turned my attention to my hair. I had curled it so that it fell in silky auburn waves down to the small of my back, two tiny braids holding it back away from my face while my side bangs swooped down to brush my cheek bones. There. Now I was ready.

I stepped back out of the restroom, and froze. He was there, waiting for me. James Sinn. My breath caught for a moment. He was by far the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He wore black slacks, an off-white button-down, and a black suit coat. His eyes were a piercing green, his lips full and sinful. The way his clothes clung to him told me he was muscular. I imagined him shirtless, as I had seen in pictures of him online, and knew he had firm pecs and washboard abs. Then, for an instant, I imagined myself running my tongue along those abs, and had to mentally shake myself, rubbing my thighs together.

“I apologize if I kept you.” I said, stepping forward. “My name is Evelyn Raleigh. I am here to interview for the position of your secretary.” Without a word, he jerked his head toward what had to be his office, turning and walking through it purposefully. I followed quickly.

“Close the door,” He said. I was still for a second; his voice was deep and rich and smooth and sexy, and it made my toes curl in my heels. I closed the door, and glanced around. There he sat behind a large dark oak desk. “Sit.” He ordered, eyes flicking toward the high-backed chair before the desk before returning to me. I felt canlı bahis his eyes raking my body, undressing me just as much as I had him a moment ago, and stepped confidently forward, sitting gracefully. He was silent, elbows on the desk with his fingers steepled, studying me. “Evelyn Raleigh.” He rolled my name around in his mouth, as if tasting it. “Your resumé stated you graduated Suma Cum Laude from one of the best colleges in the country with your BBA, have a perfect work history as well as a 3.8 GPA. I spoke with the head of the company you interned for Freshman year, and they assured me you were the model employee, and would be asset to anyone who hired you.” I smiled at the praise. I had liked working for the company; I had been confused, though, when they did not hire me after graduation. “Why, then, would you be applying for the position of secretary, when you are qualified to be so much more?” he asked bluntly.

I frowned, crossing my legs. “My biggest problem has been experience. I had a job as a receptionist for my uncle during the summers when I was in high school; besides that, the only work experience I’ve had was at that company as an intern. These days, school doesn’t mean nearly as much as it used to.” I said almost bitterly. “My education could only help me in this position, being able to understand the workings of the company so that I would not need to ask you extraneous questions and waste your time. It would also give me additional experience should I seek employment elsewhere after a time.”

“I see.” He said. There was another silence. “You do have the experience that this position requires, and you are correct; it would be easier for me to hire someone with your expertise then someone without a business background.” He considered it. “Why then did you choose this company, out of the many in the city?”

“Sinn Enterprises is a rising star. Being a part of a growing company such as yours that has already garnered such success would only help boost my resumé in the future. The corporation is also active in the community, helping with various local, national and international charities. You have been the first to jump when disaster strikes, supplying aid to those in need. And you have a hand in every pie, so to speak. Your reach extends into almost every sector of society—from farms to real estate and development, to hospitals and schools, to distribution lines and grocery stores, to laboratories, medical and technical scientific study—something that is very rarely accomplished as it generally overextends the arms of the company. That your company is thriving, rather than crumbling under the weight means that you have figured out a way to sustain such a business. That, for sure, means that every business mind worth their salt would be eager to take part in such a venture, if only to understand how it works.” I finished. Proud I had been able to put the words together in the right order with those eyes still staring into me—through me.

He nodded. “Just so. I am convinced that you wish to be here, and that you are qualified to comprehend the gravity of the position.” He sat back and glanced at a notepad before him. “Now is when I tell you exactly what I will expect of you. As you said, with how large the company has become, there is a lot of pressure, and running it means that a lot happens on the day-to-day. We do not stop on weekends, or holidays. You will have your days off, and a salary that will put many other jobs you could find to shame. But you will be on call, at all times. You may be asked to travel with me with a few hours’ notice. You may even be asked to remain behind and run this office’s activities while I travel. Your hours will be long; you will be very busy.” He glanced back up at me. “Do you speak any other languages?” he asked.

I nodded. “I am fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin. A little Japanese, but not much.” Languages had been a pinnacle part of my studies; with the globalization of business came the requirement to be able to communicate effectively without causing offense.

“Good, that will be handy. If you could become fluent in Japanese as well, should you accept the position, there would be a raise in it for you.” He shuffled the papers and eyes me. “This job will be your life; there will be time for little else. I would expect you to devote yourself fully to me and to this company.” I flushed from head to toe at that. Devoted to him? A voice in the back of my head told me that could be taken many wonderful ways. I looked into his eyes, and saw a dark glimmer there that sent bolts of electricity through me. “And I do mean, fully. Mind, body and soul.” His voice dropped into a soft, husky whisper.

“Of course, Mr. Sinn.” I said, unable to look away.

“So you accept the job?”

“I bahis siteleri do, sir.” I saw his nostrils flare oddly when I called him ‘sir.’

“Good, one more thing before we can make it official. I need to test your resolve.” He stood and walked around the desk, standing directly in front of me, then leaning back so that he was half-sitting on the desk. My face was level with his crotch, and I could see the unmistakable bulge in the front of his slacks.

My mouth fell open as I understood what he wanted. “You don’t mean…?” I looked back up into his eyes.

“Yes, Ms. Raleigh, you are going to use that gorgeous mouth of yours to please me. Right here, right now. You are going to pleasure me until I cum, and swallow every drop. Or you are going to walk out of that door and never come back.” He placed a hand on either side of his hips nonchalantly, gripping the edge of the desk.

I was horrified. This was so low, beneath me, but I needed this job. So I could suck the cock of this drop-dead gorgeous man and get a job that would pay my way through life, or I could refuse and go back to the middle of BFE and live out my days on a desolate farm. It wasn’t a difficult decision. “Yes, sir.” I said, and saw his hands grip the desk tighter. I shifted, uncrossing my legs and sitting on the edge of my chair, leaning forward. I steadied my shaking hands, then undid the button on his slacks. Looking into his eyes, I grabbed the zipper between my teeth and pulled it down. I smiled triumphantly at his gasp at my boldness. Deftly, I pulled his slacks down, taking his boxers with them. I was not prepared for the massive cock that bounced up, hitting my chin. I froze as I took in the sight. It looked about 10 inches long, still not fully hard, veiny and soft like velvet. I stroked it with one hand. He had a light tuft of hair where it met his pubic bone. I kissed that spot, the hairs tickling my nose as I pulled his pants all the way to his ankles.

“You like what you see?” He asked with a smirk as I continued to take it all in, stroking it slowly. I looked back up into his eyes and nodded, sticking my tongue out to taste the tip. He hissed and one hand tangled itself in my hair. With a delighted sigh, I enveloped the large head in my mouth, flicking my tongue against the underside, feeling his cock twitch as I did. His hips bucked involuntarily, another two inches thrusting into my hot mouth. I sucked hard, hollowing my cheeks, then did something I hadn’t done since that frat party sophomore year. Repressing my gag reflex and twisting my head a little side to side, I let his cock slide deeper, hitting the back of my throat, and swallowed the head, feeling it enter my throat. “Fuck,” He moaned, his right hand joining his left in my hair. Slowly, breathing through my nose, I pushed forward, until his hair tickled my nose, and stuck my tongue out, tasting his balls.

He chuckled darkly and pulled me away with a pop, a string of saliva connecting his cock to my mouth. “I think you left a few special skills off your resumé.” He said. I grinned, face a little red, lipstick smeared around my mouth and my mascara running from where my eyes had begun watering. He brushed my bangs out of my face. “I changed my mind.” I frowned. Now? He changed his mind now that I was getting into it? Without warning he pulled my face back to his hips, slamming his cock balls deep in my throat in one thrust. I gagged, and my hands went to his thighs, pushing slightly. He didn’t budge, though, holding me there. I struggled to breathe, and he laughed again. “I don’t want you to pleasure me. I am going to pleasure myself, using you.” He said, and I stopped moving.

He…he was going to use me? Like a slut? Like a doll? Like a toy? That thought had me hot under the collar, making my mouth water and my pussy drip. He held me there, waiting, until I looked back up at him, my blue eyes glazed in lust, and my hands fell back down to my lap. Only then did he begin forcing my head back and forth on him, making my eyes water and saliva drip down onto the exposed skin of my breasts, my shirt having fallen open even more. Slowly at first, he pulled his cock out until only the head remained inside my mouth, then thrust it forward until his balls slapped against my chin. Once he saw I could breathe around him at least a little bit, he picked up the pace. I could tell he was testing me, seeing just how much I could take. I was suddenly determined to take everything he could give me, to show him how much I was willing to do to keep this job.

With a grunt, he suddenly kicked the chair back out from under me, and I fell to my knees, eyes widening as the new position allowed him even deeper in my throat.

He didn’t speak, didn’t give me directions, or praise, didn’t call me names—he didn’t have to. bahis şirketleri I wasn’t a person right then, I was a mouth and a throat, a hot, wet toy to be used and fucked mercilessly. He grunted, picking up the pace, and I felt him swell and twitch, then he pulled my head forward so that my nose war pressed so hard against him I couldn’t breathe, his cock as deep as he could get it, and groaned. I felt his cock twitch again, then felt his hot cum blast my raw throat. I moaned at the sensation, rubbing my thighs together as my clit throbbed. I felt my chest tighten, the blood rushing to my head as he held me there, my body starving for air. He came more than any man I’d ever been with, filling my stomach with his hot seed. Finally, he thrust a couple more times, milking the last drops out, and pulled away. I gasped for air, and looked down for a minute while he grabbed a tissue and wiped himself off, pulling his pants back up and fixing his clothing.

Then, he just walked back around his desk and fell into his chair. “You have the job, Ms. Raleigh. With a few conditions.” He turned to his computer and typed some things out, taking almost ten minutes. The entire time, I remained kneeling on his office floor, breathing hard and trying to come to terms with what had just happened, and with how I had reacted. He printed he document he had just made, then stapled several sheets of paper together, and placed it on the desk before her. “I expect you to read through these today. They contain instructions for when and where to start work, as well as a few things I will require on a daily basis from you, your dress code, standard handbook inclusions. The back two sheets are a waiver and a non-disclosure agreement. Even if you do not show up for work at the provided time, I expect the NDA back by tomorrow morning, at the absolute latest. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir.” I say automatically, voice hoarse from the brutal throat fucking.

He nodded, satisfied. “You are dismissed. I recommend stopping by the restroom on your way out. Oh, and the room next door will be your office.” He pointed to a door that adjoined the two rooms. “That will remain open whenever you are in there, unless I tell you otherwise. You are welcome to stop by there and see it before you leave.” He turned to his computer and proceeded to ignore me, like he hadn’t just shaken my entire world and left me kneeling on his floor.

On shaky legs, I stood, swaying in my heels. Eyes still downcast, I walked slowly out of the office, pausing at the door a moment to assure no one was waiting in the lobby before darting to the bathroom. I leaned against the wall and sank to the floor, staring at the ceiling. Without a thought, I brought a hand down and raised my skirt so that I could feel my wet pussy; my thong was soaked, my juices running down my leg. How could I have gotten so turned on, by a blowjob?

Because it wasn’t just a blowjob. It was me losing myself and letting him use me like his toy, and for some reason that was hotter than any sex I had ever had. With a small moan, I slid a finger into my pussy, then another, and rapidly thrust them. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get off; it only took about a minute for an orgasm to overtake me, even without touching my clit once. I brought my other hand to my mouth and bit down on my knuckles as I came. Gasping for air yet again, I stood, pulling my skirt back down and looking in the mirror. I was a mess. I wet a paper towel and began wiping the streaks of makeup from my face, rubbing hard to get the mascara off my skin. Then I detangled my hair and redid the braids. I wiped my spit and the tiny bit of cum that had escaped my mouth from my breasts, then buttoned the shirt back up. Satisfied with my appearance, I stepped out of the bathroom again and headed toward the elevator, only to remember I had left my folder as well as the packet of papers in his office. With a second of hesitation, I went back into his office, as quietly as I could, not looking at him, and grabbed my things off his desk. He didn’t even glance up.

Could I do this? Could I take this job, knowing that more instances like this one would occur? Knowing I would have to degrade myself and let go of every ounce of pride I held? I paused in front of the elevator, and turned back around. I went to the second office, and opened the door. My eyes widened. It was every bit as grand as his. There was a fireplace on one side, a floor-to-ceiling window along the wall opposite the door. Every bit of wall space was taken by bookshelves and filing cabinets, and my own desk was as grand and sturdy as his. This would be my office? Mine? As a secretary? The office was what ultimately decided me. With this job, I would have my beautiful city apartment, a cozy office, a fantastic way to boost my portfolio—and to top it off, I would be having sex with the hottest man alive.

Scratch that.

I would be used by the hottest man alive.

And that is why, when I made my way back downstairs, I was smiling.

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