The Boyfriend Experience Pt. 07

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The next morning, John woke up and got ready for class. Showered, checked his email. First he checked his college account, and then his private account he had used to start interacting with Scott. No new emails from Scott, which wasn’t unusual as their interactions during the week were minimal. There was an email from Ray, thanking John profusely for his visit and inviting him over next week. Join was about to reply when he received a message in the chat feature from an account he hadn’t recognized.

“Hey sexy.”

“Who is this?” Replied John.

The reply came almost instantly. “It’s Tim. You slobbered all over my fat dick last week in front of everyone, remember?” A smiley face emoji was thrown in for good measure.

John felt a rush of conflicting emotions. His face reddened but his dick hardened. He was irritated by Tim’s tone but curious enough to want to continue the conversation at least.

“I remember. What can I do for you?”

“Well, it’s Wednesday.”

“And?” John replied.

“You’re coming over to see me tonight and I wanted to make sure you had my address.”

John had forgotten about that statement from Tim. After Scott failed to mention anything about it, John had assumed it was just dirty talk and left it at that.

“Scott never told me to come over to your house.” John replied.

“But I did.” Another smiley face.

“Lol yes you did mention that.” Said John.

“What’s wrong, stud? Didn’t you like the taste of my cock?”

John didn’t respond quickly and Tim sent another message.

“You did a great job sucking on it, hun.”


“So what time should I expect you over tonight?”

“Lol what makes you think I’m actually coming over? You weren’t very nice to me.”

“It’s just dirty talk, sweetie. Scott is verbal with you and I thought you liked it? Your big dick seemed to like it.” A winky faced emoji this time.

“Yeah lol but I know Scott, we had established some kind of rapport and trust before any of that.”

“Fair enough, I understood. I just love seeing a big, strapping straight guy taken down a peg while he’s at my feet. It’s only dirty talk, babe.”

Babe? John had to laugh. He barely knew this person and had every reason to just ignore him. But he wasn’t going to do that and already he knew it. His uncut dick was almost fully erect in his loose fitting boxers. Again he found himself feeling incredibly sexy, knowing that yet another person, even if it was a man, was attracted to him enough to pursue him like this. He knew that Tim was more than likely just humoring him, telling him what he wanted to hear so he’d visit him tonight, but the truth was Tim’s demeaning words and unexpected display of dominance did turn him on. It angered him as well, made him feel low and cheap, but it undeniably had an appeal.

Another message from Tim. “I just don’t want to get a vanilla blowjob, right? I have a boyfriend and we have a great relationship. But he’s gay and i’d much rather see a big sexy jock naked than him lol! He’s totally cool with it, btw. It’s so much hotter to have someone like you go down on me, and the dirty talk is just extra fun! You wouldn’t want me to just sit there Taksim Escort and not say anything, right?”

John felt he had a point.

“No, I guess not. Can you just not insult me so much lol?”

“I won’t insult you lol…as much haha! But I really would still like to be verbal with you. Is that ok with you, hun?”

That wasn’t much of a promise, John felt, but his throbbing cock decided he didn’t much care.

“Yes.” John replied, now beginning to lightly stroke his rapidly hardening dick.

“Great! Now what time should I expect you to bring those dick-sucking lips over to my place?”

John arrived later that night, to a modest ranch style home in a suburban neighborhood. Despite how hard he’d been during his conversation with Tim, he purposely hadn’t jerked off, as he was afraid that if he had an orgasm he’d skip the visit entirely.

He didn’t know what he’d be walking into with Tim. He was slightly less unpleasant during their online chat, but John wouldn’t be surprised if he reverted back to his demeanor from their last in person encounter. He had also mentioned a boyfriend and didn’t know whether this person would be home or not.

John knocked on the door. The nervousness and anxiety that he felt first visiting Scott had largely faded. The emotion he was now primarily feeling was excitement.

Tim answered the door and waved John in.

“Good to see you, stud. Follow me to the living room.”

The home was clean and sparsely furnished. He followed Tim into the living room, and Tim took a seat on a chair. The lights were dim, similar to Scott’s home each time he visited. He wondered how much of this Scott actually knew about. He saw someone sitting on the couch at the far side of the room but couldn’t make who it was due to the dim lighting

Tim walked over to the man, sat down on the sofa and relaxed.

“This is my boyfriend I mentioned. He didn’t believe I could get a beefy straight guy to come over and be at my beck and call. So let’s show him how obedient you are. Take off your shirt for me.”

John did as instructed. He wasn’t entirely surprised by the presence of another man and it didn’t faze him. He very quickly got into a sub headspace that he found brought out emotions and desires in him he didn’t know he had even a year ago. The thought of pleasuring Tim, of have having a sexual encounter where he didn’t need to make any of the decisions, was already causing him to get hard.

Tim had moved over to the opposite end of the couch from his bf.

“I want you to lie down on your back, put your head in my lap.” Said Tim.

John sat between them and tried to position himself as directed. He wasn’t expecting this, had expected to be asked to suck Tim’s dick and then leave.

“You can just put your legs right up on Ted’s lap, sexy.”

John did as bidden and lay there with his enormous feet and calves in Tim’s bf’s lap.

Tim began to gently play with John’s hair and ear as Ted stroked John’s feet.

“Neither of us ever expected to have a totally butch, straight football player laying shirtless on our laps.” Said Ted, speaking to John for the first time. John wasn’t sure how to Escort Bayan respond or what was expected of him at this point.

Tim used one hand to caress John’s muscular shoulder and brought the other to John’s face. He extended a finger and pushed it into John’s mouth casually.

“Be a good straight boy and suck on this like it was a dick.”

John began to swirl his tongue around the finger in his mouth and gently bobbed his head up and down.

Ted’s hands had moved up from John’s feet to his calves and thighs. His erection was pressing up against his athletic pants and was painfully obvious.

As Tim continued to invade John’s mouth with his finger, Ted pulled down John’s pants and underwear, his hard cock flopping against his thigh. Ted threw the clothes across the room.

Ted stared at John’s rock hard cock and smiled. “My, aren’t we a big boy?” He moved his hand slowly up John’s tree trunk thighs and cupped John’s low hanging balls.

“A big strapping young lad for us to do whatever we want with, isn’t that right, hun?” Said Tim, looking down at John. He removed his finger from John’s mouth.

“Yes.” John replied.

Ted began lighting striking John’s hard cock, very slowly. His other hand was exploring John’s ass and caressing it.

“Anything we want?”

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you want…” John said, not quite meaning it and knowing he could leave whenever he wanted.

“Good. We just happen to be in the market for a houseboy…we had originally been looking for more feminine guys but we both loved the idea of making a straight football jock our domestic bitch.”

John’s head remained placed on Tim’s lap, and he could feel his cock hardening underneath his pants. Ted had taken a lubed finger and began to gently enter John’s tight ass.

“You can stay with us here, free of charge. And in exchange you’ll see to our every need. Sexually and otherwise.” Said Tim.

“Umm, I… live on campus, so I’m not sure…” John trailed off.

Ted began to quicken his pace stroking John’s cock at the exact moment he entered a lubed dildo in John’s ass, causing John to let out a yelp.

“It wouldn’t need to be every night, hun. Let’s try it out for a few nights next week. You don’t need to tell Scott, this will be our little secret.

“Ahh, fuckk” John said as Ted began synchronizing both hands and stroking his dick and pumping the dildo back and forth at a steady pace.

“Ummm, yesss, ahhh, yesss that’s fine I will do that for you.”

“Do what for me, babe?”

“I’ll be your houseboy. Ungghh” said John, who was approaching orgasm and trying to manage the pressure in his jock ass.

Ted’s slowed his pace on John’s dick but continued at the same pace on John’s ass.

“Hmmm, not sure if I quite believe you, stud. Try to convince me that you’re serious.”

John was squirming on the couch and had been close to orgasm before Ted altered his pace.

“I’ll be your houseboy! Please let me be your houseboy bitch!” John yelled.

“Our houseboy will remain nude at all times, bitch. You’ll satisfy our every sexual need, make us dinner, clean the house and do our laundry. You’ll learn to be submissive istanbul Escort in and out of bed. Is that you?

“Yes!” John was lost in lust and would have agreed to any demand made of him.

Tim took of his shirt and began to lower his pants while Ted took the dildo out of John’s sore ass.

“Get on all fours for me.” Tim ordered. He would never be nearly as masculine as Scott, but once again, John found himself under the spell of this slightly flamboyant gay man that was a head shorter than him.

John positioned himself on all fours on the sofa, facing Tim, who was now totally nude.

Tim brought his hard-on directly in front of John.

“Where does my cock go, bitch?”

Tim asked innocently.

“In my mouth, Sir.”

Tim chuckled. “Hmm, the correct answer is anywhere I want, but your jock mouth will do for now. And where does Ted’s cock belong?”

“Anywhere he wants, Sir.”

Tim grabbed the back of John’s head and brought it to his dick. John opened his mouth and took him, his tongue swirling around the purple mushroom-head.

“See?” Tim said to Ted. He may be a dumb jock but he can be taught. Kind of like a dog.” Tim said with a giggle.

Ted mounted John and stuck his cock in his ass without warning.

“Mmmmm, fuck.” Said Ted with a lustful sigh. “Definitely agree, babe. Definitely hope for him yet.” He slapped John’s ass hard and began to pump his hips into John.

Tim took hold of John by the ears and guided him towards the base of his cock. John took it without gagging and let Ted control his pace.

“Fuckk, you’re a good cocksucker. Your throat was made for my cock, slut.”

John was being used hard on both ends, with each of the men double teaming him not worried about holding back physically due to John’s stature. He was passive and allowed Ted to control his his hips and Ted to fuck his face.

“Who knew masculine jocks made the best cocksuckers?” Tim said to no one in particular.

Ted stopped spanking and locked eyes with Tim. “I’m really close. He grunted.

“Hold up…slow down until I’m closer, I want us both to cum in our houseboy at the same time.”

Ted slowed his pace significantly. “He’s soooo fucking tight.” Ted said to his boyfriend.

Tim giggled again. “I told you he’d be the perfect fit. He’ll do anything a gay guy tells him to.”

The fact that the two men dominating him were also speaking about John as if he weren’t even there was not lost on him. It made him feel even more objectified and he couldn’t even pretend he didn’t enjoy it.

“Okay I’m real close, too….” Tim said to Ted and he moved John’s mouth back and forth on his dick. Ted quickened his pace from behind and within seconds was moaning audibly.

Tim exploded into John’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat. Seconds later, Ted joined him in unloading inside John.

The two men gently took their members out of John and sat back on the couch, panting. John was worn out but still painfully erect.

“Stand up in front of us.” Tim said to John.

When John did as instructed, Tim said “now stroke that big dick for us and repeat after me.”

John began jerking himself off before Tim had even finished speaking.

“Repeat this until you cum: two cocks are better than one. I’ll do whatever you tell me.”

John stroked his cock and repeated the words.

“Good boy, keep going. You belong to us now.”

To be continued.

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