The Breeding of Emily Ch. 02

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The only sounds in the car as John and Emily drove home from the restaurant were her moans as John fingered her pussy all the way home. Her eyes were closed and head laid back as John fingered her clit as best he could without getting them in an accident. Her pussy spasmed as his finger pushed at its opening but never penetrated her the way her body was craving. She clenched her purse as it sat next to her on the seat and cried out. “OH DADDY! I’M GOING TO CUM!”

John looked over at her briefly. He had her slide to the middle of the seat before they left the restaurant. Easier to play with her sitting closer. “No baby!” He said tenderly. “You’re not allowed to cum until I give you permission.”

Emily shot him a glance, a mixture of frustration and excitement washed over her. She needed relief so bad it hurt. But she smiled as her daddy took control of her, something she desperately craved. But she had to press the issue to see if he really was going to take control. “But daddy! I need it so bad!” She begged in her best little girl voice.

John shot her a stern look. “Say ‘OK Daddy’!”

Her pussy clenched at his finger as he slid it inside her. “OOOHHH!” She moaned realizing this is what she had always craved. “OK DADDY!” She gasped. “I’ll be a good girl!”

John chuckled as he kept his eyes on the road. “Good girl!”

Emily wanted to banter with him about the consequences of being a bad girl, but his finger was driving her insane with need. It took her complete concentration not to cum.

John glanced over again and smiled as he watched her struggling to maintain some semblance of control. “Who do you belong to baby girl?” He rubbed his upper arm across her left tit, rubbing it till she groaned.

Emily turned her head and looked at him with longing and need in her eyes. “Oh daddy! Please don’t tease me like this!” Her breathing became labored.

“Who do you belong to baby girl?” John was going to drive her as hard as he could.

“I belong to you daddy!”

“What does that mean?” He asked as he purposely rubbed her clit and tit harder.

“OOOHHH DADDY!” She moaned. “That means you can do anything to me that you want!” She grabbed his arm with both hands and dug her nails into it as she pulled it into her chest even harder. “Anything daddy!” She gasped. “Anything! I’m your slut daddy! I’m your whore! Use me daddy! Use your slut and whore!”

“I’m going to baby! Daddy’s going to use you the way you need! And I’m going to love you the way you need!”

“Can I cum daddy? Please! Can I cum?” She begged.

“No baby! Not yet! Daddy has something special in mind for you! Daddy loves you!” John pulled his hand from between her legs so he wouldn’t torment her anymore.

When they pulled into the driveway of their house Emily was still breathing hard and deep. As they walked in the house John took her in his arms and spoke softly to her. “From now on you don’t take your birth control! Understand?”

“Yes daddy!”

“Good girl! Now get upstairs and get ready for me.”

John walked into the kitchen to get a beer as Emily walked upstairs almost giggling as she went. John thought about what was about to happen as he pulled a bottle out of the fridge and popped the top. He was about to cross a line from which there was no return. He took a swig on his beer as he thought about it. “If I go upstairs, I know what I’m going to do. And there won’t be any turning back.” He said to himself leaning back on the kitchen counter. He took a long drink. Then began moving toward the stairs.

Emily was sitting on the edge of his bed waiting, wearing a sexy light blue teddy as John walked into his bedroom. He just stopped and stared at her. He had always thought she was an attractive young woman. Now he was seeing her as the seductive sexual creature that she really was. He could see the wet spots starting to form on the teddy.

“We need to talk!” John said exercising every ounce of self-control he had left. All he could think about was ripping the teddy off her body and taking her the way he would have taken her mother.

Emily looked at him in shocked disbelief. “What?! Now? These hurt so bad! I need some relief!”

John walked over to a chair in the corner and sat down. “Yes! Now!” He knew that if he touched her in anyway, he could throw “talking” out the window. The only thing that would talk from that point on would be his cock. It always did have a mind of its own. “We need to talk about this. About us. About what we’re about to do. So no more of the little girl talk. This isn’t role playing.”

Emily sat in silence for a few seconds. “Alright dad! I suppose we should talk this out before we go any further. But be forewarned,” she said with a grin. “I have a tendency to get a little bitchy when these melons of mine get engorged.”

John chuckled. “Fair enough. But you be forewarned. I know how to handle a bitch! I did it for 22 years I was married to your mother.” He took a deep etlik escort breath and got serious. “Are you ready for the ramifications of what we’re about to do?”

“What? You mean having sex? We’ve already done that.”

John laughed as he remembered past history. “Well if you go by what a past President once said about one of his romps, we didn’t have sex. I just got a good blowjob. That’s technically not having sex.”

Emily chuckled. “Mom always said you were full of shit. Now I see what she meant.”

John laughed as he remembered the way he and Laura used to banter. “Watch it young lady! I have ways of punishing you that you’ll never forget.”

Emily’s pussy throbbed at the thought of what he might do to her. “So what are you asking? Are you asking me if I’m ready to deal with the stigma of being in an incestuous relationship with my father? Are you asking me if I’ve thought through the ramifications of being bred by my father? Are you asking me if I’ve thought through how this will affect me for the rest of my life? Is that what you’re asking?”

John couldn’t help but laugh. “Well! Yeah! You pretty much summed up all the questions I had.”

“Well I have thought through all that. I’m not an innocent little girl who has no idea what I’m doing, or is being brutalized by her father. I know what I want. I guess you could almost say I have been prepared for this moment.”

John looked at her quizzically. “What do you mean you’ve been prepared for this moment?”

Emily gave him a sly smile. “Did you think mom and I were just close shopping buddies?” John’s eyes widened as he listened. “Mom told me all about your sexual appetite. She also told me all about hers. The more she told me, the more I realized that’s what I wanted.”

John was in complete shock from what he was hearing. He had no idea Laura had talked to Emily about their sex life.

“As we opened up to each other I told her of some of my fantasies. That’s when she decided that one day she was going to bring me into your playtimes so we could be just one big happy fucking family. She loved you very much you know. But she also loved me just as much. She thought it would be kinky fun to have the three of us play together.”

John couldn’t help buy laugh. “Why that conniving bitch! She was always scheming up something!”

It was Emily’s turn to laugh. “Yep she was. She used to tell me. ‘Your dad is my Master. But if I grab him by the balls in just the right way, I’m the one calling the shots.”

John just sat there smiling as he thought about all the times he and Laura had spent in this bedroom. Then he remembered how she could yank his chain when she grabbed his cock in just the right way. “That bitch knew how to turn a man into jell-o.”

“So to answer all my questions, which were your questions, I’m not just OK with all of this. I want all of this! To hell with societies norms! To hell with what they think!”

“Now you do sound like your mother! DAMN! Talk about deja-vu! I just had a flashback to your mother saying those exact words! Wow! This is freaky!”

Emily got up off the bed and walked across to floor and knelt between his legs with her hands resting on his thighs. “My question for you daddy is, are you ok with all of this? You’re the one who might have to bear the stigma of being branded a pervert for molesting his daughter.”

John leaned forward and cupped her engorged breasts with both hands. They were both rock hard. “I’m perfectly ok with all of this. You let me worry about what I’ll have to deal with.”

Emily looked up with longing in her eyes. “They hurt daddy!”

“Does my baby need to be milked?” John asked as he squeezed gently.

“UUGGHH!” Emily grunted from the mixture of pain and need. “Yes daddy! Your slut needs to be milked so bad!”

John sat back and stared at her sensuous body. “Take your teddy off baby! Daddy’s going to take care of you.” Emily stood and pulled her teddy over her head as she walked back to the bed. John stripped out of his clothes and climbed into bed, sitting with his back to the headboard, like he had earlier. This had always been his favorite position for nursing on his wife’s tits, and now his baby girl’s tits. Emily knelt on the bed next to him awaiting instructions.

John held out his arms. “Climb up here baby! Daddy’s going to nurse on those tits for awhile.”

Emily couldn’t take her eyes off his rigid cock as she threw her leg over his body. She reached down and caressed it with great affection using both hands as she held herself up. John watched with great satisfaction, not just from the pleasure she was giving him, but knowing she was going to be filling his bed and life with all the love she was capable of giving him.

“Get up here baby! Daddy didn’t have any dessert this evening”

Emily crawled up his torso as she straddled him, her engorged tits dripping on his stomach and chest as she set herself in position. etlik escort bayan “They’re really full again daddy. They hurt.” She said as she lifted and offered them to him. She gasped when John sucked one of her dripping nipples into his mouth and began nursing on it. The mixture of pain and relief mingled with the pleasure of being suckled by her dad sent Emily into euphoric haze. “Oh daddy! That feels so good!” She cooed. “Take my titties daddy! Suck my titties!”

John devoured her tits like a man possessed. As he nursed on one tit, his hand squeezed and milked the other, saturating his chest and then eventually hers with her milk. After a couple minutes he felt her pussy grazing up and down the length of his cock as her hips rocked back and forth. She began to whimper with need as the combination of his sucking on her tits and the rubbing of her pussy had its affect on her. “Oh daddy, your slut needs you.”

He pulled off her tit and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the sensations coursing through her body. Her hair was hanging in her face, adding to her sensuality. “Do you need my cock inside you baby?” He asked as he milked both her tits in his hands.

Emily opened her eyes and bit her lip as she thought about what was about to happen. “I do daddy! Oh I do! But I’m scared!”

John reached up with his milk soaked hand and caressed her face tenderly. “Why you scared?”

“I’ve never had a cock inside me before daddy?”

The look of shock on John’s face spoke volumes. “Are you a virgin baby?”

Emily giggled. “Yes and no daddy. I’ve had lots of things up me. Just never a cock. Eric wanted to fuck me once when we were dating. But then he thought about you and he couldn’t do it.” She giggled some more. “So he just fingered me real good.”

John smirked. “If you ever see Eric again let him know I’ll cut his hands off if he ever comes around you again.” Emily giggled again. “So what have you had up you besides Eric’s finger?”

Emily blushed as she thought about all the ways she had pleasured herself. “Well daddy I had a hair brush handle the first time. Then I tried the neck of a wine bottle. But my favorite was when you and mom went away for the weekend once. I found her dildo.” She giggled.

John laughed. “Sounds like you’ve had a very busy cunt.”

Emily ground her pussy into his lap. The head of his cock pushing at the entrance to her womb. “But I’ve never had anything as big as your cock daddy. It scares me.” She looked at him and bit her lip. “But I want it daddy. I want your cock inside me. I want you inside me. I want you to breed me.”

John pulled her to him and crushed her leaking breasts to his chest. He kissed her deeply as he held her tightly. “We’re going to take our time baby. It may hurt for a little bit at first. But Daddy’s not going to rush you. Now sit back!” Emily pushed herself off John’s chest and sat up still straddling his lap. “Now lift up!” Emily raised herself up till her pussy was hovering over his stiff cock. John took his cock in hand and stood it up till the head was pointing at her pussy. “Now lower yourself baby slowly.”

Emily lowered herself till the head of his cock was nestled just inside the opening to her womb. “OH DADDY!” She wailed.

“Does that hurt baby?”

“A little daddy! But it also feels so good!”

“You lower yourself at your own pace baby!”

Emily lowered herself till half his cock was inside her. She began to grunt from the pain of being stretched. “Daddy! Too big!” She panted. “Oh fuck that hurts!” She cried.

John marveled at how tight her pussy was. He had never felt anything like it. Even Laura’s had never felt this tight.

Emily continued to pant as she tried to regain her composure. Soon the pain was slowly replaced with an overwhelming sense of being full. Her legs began to cramp as she held her position. Her fear of more pain kept her from lowering herself further. She slowly began to lower herself. The pain of being stretched felt like a hot iron was being shoved up her pussy. When she finally bottomed out on his cock she sat still for several minutes allowing the walls of her pussy to expand and adjust. Emily opened her eyes and stared at her dad as she began to slowly rotate her hips.

John smiled at her. “Feeling better now?”

Emily smiled back. “Uh-huh!” She grunted. The initial pain of being stretched was now replaced with the glorious feeling of his cock filling her and giving her sensations she had never experienced before. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me good!”

John decided to taunt her the way he used to taunt Laura. “You need it baby?”

“Uh-huh! You know I do daddy! I need you to fuck me hard!” Emily grunted again as the pleasure continued to increase in intensity.

“Well then you work that pussy like the slut you are now for daddy. I’m just going to sit here and suck on these big cow tits of yours.” John pulled her chest into escort etlik his face and began to devour her dripping tits.

Emily wailed with pleasure as the sensations of being fucked and having her tits nursed on collided. Her rocking back and forth on his cock exploded into a furious humping. She ground her pussy into his lap trying to get more of his cock inside her as she screamed in ecstasy. “OOOOHHHH! FUCK DADDY!” She had never felt anything so incredibly delicious in her life as her daddy held her tightly, sucking on her tit.

John kept his arms wrapped tightly around her with his mouth clamped on her tit. For a minute his mind went back to his love-making sessions with Laura. Emily was the reincarnation of her mother in everyway. The noises she made. The way her body responded to him. Even the things that she said and the way she said them. He began focusing all his thoughts on holding off his own orgasm for as long as possible. He knew there were going to be countless numbers of times they would enjoy each other’s bodies and skills. But he wanted to make this first time last as long as possible and make it a memorable one for both of them.

John knew her orgasm was about to overwhelm her as she began to wail in a low guttural voice, but then hearing it build to an ear shattering scream. He knew exactly what would push her over the edge. One of the things that always pushed her mother over. He bit down hard on her already swollen nipple. Not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough to send a new wave of sensations coursing through her body like an electrical shock. Laura had always liked it when he did that to her. She had told him it gave her that sensation that she was being dominated by him, something she had craved.

Emily threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm slammed into her. Her body convulsed and every muscle in her body spasmed as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. She wrapped her arms around John’s head and pulled him into her chest with such force he had difficulty breathing.

John’s cock exploded inside her spasming womb. His grunts coming with each ejaculation. His cock felt like it was on fire as he shot his load inside her. Her body was now going to be the receptacle for his seed as often as he could fill it. He had gone long enough since Laura’s death without experiencing the joy of emptying himself inside a lover. HIs seed filled her body till it began to ooze out of her canal and down the length of his shaft.

Emily held his face buried against her heaving chest as she rode his cock. “Fill me daddy! Fuck your slut and fill me with your seed!” Her body shuddered almost uncontrollably as she descended from her own orgasm while at the same time responding to John’s body. The feeling of his cock inside her made her feel complete in a way she had never felt before. She knew at that moment this is what she’d always needed and craved.

The two lovers held each other tightly as they rocked back and forth, the intensity of their orgasms giving way to the euphoria of total satisfaction. Emily pushed off his chest until she was looking down at him smiling, her hair hanging in her face. John looked up and saw the same look he’d seen so many times before. Except this was his beautiful daughter. “I love you Em!” He moaned with satisfaction.

Emily smiled contentedly. “I love you daddy! I don’t think this time will get me pregnant! But it sure was great practice!” She giggled.

“So let’s practice some more!” John pulled her chest back into his face sucking one of her swollen nipples into his mouth. Emily squealed as he bit down softly on it. His mouth filled with her milk as he suckled it like a baby. Then he pulled off and looked up at her. “What you’ll soon discover, if you haven’t already figured it out, is that I can’t ever get enough of these cow tits.” He squeezed her tits together and began to milk them. His fingers dug into her milk sacks forcing her sweet nectar to squirt all over his face and chest. Emily watched and once again became aroused as he milked her like the cow she was going to become for him.

“Oh FUCK Daddy!” She moaned as she began to grind her pussy into his lap again. “Those are your cow tits Daddy! You do whatever you want with them!” John squeezed her juggs with such force he thought he’d hear her scream in pain. The response he got was music to his ears. “EEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH! FUCK DADDY!” She screamed looking down at him. John saw the longing in her eyes. The pure animal lust of a bitch in heat. The need of a woman who desperately needed to be owned and possessed. He’d seen that look before and knew exactly what she needed. Her need was more than just sexual.

“You’re mine now!” He said through gritted teeth, his lust taking control of his abuse of her tits. The more he squeezed and mauled them, the more it seemed as though she needed it. “No more of this Daddy/daughter role playing shit! You’re mine in every way!”

Emily stuck her lower lip out, like she was pouting. “But you’re still my daddy! What am I supposed to call you?”

John burst out laughing as he threw her over to his side and rolled her on her stomach. “You bitch! You are so much like your mother!” He began to spank her ass, taking Emily completely by surprise.

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