The Buzz Pt. 02

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Now what was I going to do? I was playing the last half an hour over and over in my head. It didn’t seem real to me. Not once had I even got close to doing something like that, and then it just happened out of nowhere. It was like using cheat codes to skip to the last level of a game. Had I heard her right? There was more of this later? Well, not exactly. There was a party later, with girls I had been assured were much like herself. If this was how things rolled round here, they could count me in. I’d spend all summer up here. But how was I going to get around my existing commitments? I was pretty late for settling into our rented house, and for that my friends would probably be a little annoyed. But if I didn’t arrive all day, they would become genuinely worried, no doubt. The last thing I needed was a search party out looking for me while I was trying to transition to manhood.

Walking in the direction of the holiday home, I pondered the options over in my mind. “I could hang out with the guys now and then make up an excuse about later.” Would that work? No. Why would I need to be somewhere without them up here at the coast. I don’t know anyone here, and they know that. They’d suspect something. “I could invite them along too.” Would that work? No. Megan hadn’t said “bring half a dozen friends too.” Plus, what if they got in the way? A large part of our friendship was making each other look stupid. If I looked like a weirdo no one would be getting into bed with me. I needed something that would free me up for the night. But that’s when it occurred to me, I didn’t even know where this party was.

After arriving at the holiday home, and taking a scolding from my friends for my absence, I looked through some maps and leaflets to see if I could get any clues as to where I was supposed to be going. As luck would have it, the same landlord that rented us our holiday home also did the student accommodation around here. All the available houses for the year were in the same sort of area. That really narrowed down where to look. If I could get an excuse to get out, I had a good chance of finding this place, and getting up to all sorts when I did.

The laziness of my friends was their Achilles heel tonight. Only moments after I’d been thinking up awful excuse after awful excuse, I was nominated to collect the pizzas they’d order, saving the delivery charge. It was perfect. It was destiny.

I did pick up the pizzas. I thought it might help me look less disturbing, walking around the houses, trying to see who was inside. “I could just be a delivery boy, looking for the right house.” I told myself. A lot of the houses looked very similar, so it was sometimes hard to remember if I’d checked one before. Not all of them were student houses, so I wasn’t checking in a very linear pattern either. Once you factor in that some of the door numbers were missing, the task really became quite tricky. Then I came to a house with a familiar smell of cannabis as well as all of the curtains pulled closed. Figuring Anadolu Yakası Escort this could well be the place, I knocked on the door. It was promptly answered by a tall blonde girl, covered in piercings and tattoos and wearing colourful, loose-fitting clothing. As I froze for a moment, not quite sure how to start, she quickly turned away, walking out of sight into another room, but leaving the door open. I could hear whispering coming from the room before everything went silent. “Come in.” Sounded a familiar voice, and I promptly obliged.

Closing the door behind me, I walked slowly into the hall, turning right a heading into the room from where I’d heard the voices. It was dark, the curtains pulled and only faint candles, rather than utilising the electric lighting. Though it had sounded from outside like there had been many girls in here, I only saw Megan and the blonde girl who had opened the door.

“Sorry, I thought there were more people than this. I thought you said you were having a party. Or am I really early or something?” I ask, hoping I wasn’t coming across as too rude.

“Oh, we are having a party.” Megan replied, eerily. “There are four more girls upstairs. You’ll be meeting them later.”

“Oh, cool.” I answered.

“You’ll be having sex with one of them too.” Megan added. I was stunned. I’d been hoping Megan was going to have sex with me personally. But it was still more than I could have dreamed of, having only got a good look at a set of tits hours before.

Looking around the room, the girls were certainly into their occult stuff. It wasn’t just the dark room or the candles, but there were magic symbols and creepy looking books sitting about as well. Though a little unnerving, there was a good stereotype surrounding alternative girls and knowing what to do in bed. Sitting down on the couch, I casually glanced at an open book. All I managed to read was “The night before the full moon…” before the blonde girl closed it over. She still hadn’t told me her name yet. But considering Megan hadn’t told me hers until after I had ejaculated on her chest, I decided to let her tell me in her own time.

“You like the occult?” I asked, intrigued.

“Only some of it.” She replied. “We only follow a… very specific strain of magic.”

“Oh, cool.” I replied, not quite sure what to ask.

“It’s a lot more… female friendly than a lot of the black magic you may have encountered.”

I stayed silent for a few seconds. I hadn’t encountered black magic at all really. “Does it work?” I asked, curiously and sceptically.

“Of course it works.” She snapped. “We knew you would be here tonight. It said so in the book.”

I laughed. “Well, that had a lot more to do with Megan letting me touch her tits.”

The blonde girl looked quite annoyed. “It also said you would bring gifts of food.” She said, pointing to the pizzas I had carried in. I nodded, not saying anything. Though I thought this was completely ridiculous, Kartal Escort I didn’t want to hurt my chances of getting laid.

“So, you said there were other girls…” I inquired. “Ones I could have sex with…” I added, trying to steer the subject away from weird rituals and back towards me getting lucky.

“Yes, there are. You may meet them now if you wish, but once you enter their chamber, you may not return until sunrise.” She said, pointing at the book.

“Oh, I can wait a little while if you want. Do I get to choose the one I have sex with, or is one of them just dying for it?” I ask.

“The book has already chosen for you.” The blonde girl answered. I nod, again frustrated by the stupidity of the whole thing. But remembering that losing my virginity was on the line, I opted to avoid openly bashing their beliefs.

Having had enough of talking about magic with the blonde girl, I got up and went to sit beside Megan. I rested a hand on her breast. “Thanks for earlier, by the way. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.”

Quickly she interrupted, thrusting what looked like a joint in my face. “Smoke it.” She said. I took it and placed it to my lips as she lit it up. Luckily I’d done this a few times before, and had an idea of what to expect now. It was the strongest stuff I’d ever had though. Very quickly I learned that. After only a couple of hits, I became very lightheaded and struggled to focus on anything.

“Do either of you want any of this?” I managed to mumble out. Though it was normally customary to pass a joint around, it seemed like this one was intended for me and me alone. One of them spoke next, but it was hard to tell who. “Come on. Let’s take you to meet the others.” I was then ushered upstairs.

I started to come back round again, my ability to focus returning to normal. Perhaps it was adrenaline from the imminent intercourse, but I perked right up. This room was a lot more normal looking. It had 4, blue metal bunk beds. Each one had a different girl sitting on it. I surveyed the group, wondering which one I’d had the privilege of sharing a bed with. There was a very pretty, latin-looking girl with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a body that would have got the best out of any man. On the bed below was a cute looking blonde girl, slimmer and less intimidating than the one I’d met earlier. On the other side of the room was a cute, pale girl with chestnut-brown hair and above her was a big redheaded girl who was noticeably less attractive than the others.

Megan and her blonde friend promptly left me alone with the four girls to get settled in. I didn’t know quite what to say. Maybe I wanted to sound confident or maybe it was the joint still hitting me, but I opened with “I’m here for the sex.” There was giggling and whispering around the room. The redheaded girl reached a hand out from her bed, offering me a place beside her. If it had been my choice, she would have been the last girl I’d have slept with from the options Maltepe Escort available. But I was in the mood now, and if that’s what was on offer then that’s what I’d be doing. She pulled me into her bed and began taking down my shorts. The cute blonde girl leaned in, trying to get a good look. I was already fully erect. The blonde girl took my penis in her hand. I wasn’t complaining, as she was the better looking girl. Leaning in as far as she could without getting into the bed, she licked the shaft.

“Get your own.” The redheaded girl said, pushing her hand away.

“Can’t we share?” She asked. They were then interrupted by the sound of Megan clearing her throat to alert the others to her presence.

“Kelly, Rebecca, let him go. This is the night before the full moon, if you haven’t forgotten. He needs to take a virgin. Sarah is the only virgin here.” She said, pointing the bed below the redhead’s.

I climbed down the metal ladder and hopped into bed beside the girl with chestnut brown hair. I was more than happy with this. After the latin girl, Sarah was the best looking. Not wasting a second, I pulled her pyjama bottoms down and opened her legs.

“Shall we get to it?” I asked.

She nodded. “Be careful though.” She said, softly. I eased my way in, pushing against her hymen. It stretched as I pushed in. She gasped a little, in evident discomfort. I stopped but she nodded for me to continue. I kept pushing, her hymen having a remarkable amount of give and stretching to accommodate me pretty well. But as I kept going, I felt it reach its limit. I began to push through. Sarah moaned in pain slightly, but was clearly doing her best to suppress it. I kept going until I was the whole way through.

“That’s probably the worst part over now.” I said, reassuringly. I began to slowly thrust forward and back. Her moaning was now moaning of pleasure rather than main. The sound was quite arousing and I found myself on something of a new level. It was strange primal sensation that only seemed to happen from this traditional type of sex. That’s when it occurred to me.

“Are you on birth control?” I asked.

She shook her head. “You can stop it you want to, but I’d prefer if you keep going.” The dilemma was real. The last thing I needed was to get a girl I didn’t know pregnant. But this was sex, actual sex, I would be turning down, mid-way through. I simply couldn’t refuse. So I kept going, her moist vagina fiercely tight around my penis.

Much like with the titwank, I felt myself approaching my end all too quickly. It was a bit shameful that I would be done this quickly. But I was a 19-year-old virgin. What else could you expect? I slowed right down, hoping I might be able to force a little while longer out of myself. But it wasn’t working. The sensation of being in an actual pussy was too much. “If you’re going to do something wrong do it right.” I told myself, returning to full speed thrusting, moments before ejaculating. It was a healthy amount, considering Megan had depleted my supply earlier on the beach.

“That was amazing.” I said. “Sorry I didn’t last longer.”

“Not at all.” Sarah replied. “Don’t worry about it. Tonight was about you. Wait until you see the ritual we have for the full moon its self.” She said.

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