The Call Ch. 02

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She was heading up to Cordoba’s room. What could he possibly want now? At this critical moment, there was no time for games, and Cordoba loved games. Oh, he never called them as such. He never even insinuated that it was foolishness that came across his mind. No, to him, he was a fucking genius. And geniuses deserved special treatment and every idea warranted top consideration. Maria hated this cat and mouse shit. But, Cordoba was the key, the mastermind behind everything. She was owed a debt; a large debt and without him, she couldn’t obtain everything she was after. Without him, there was no purpose; not plot; no end of the story. And this story needed an end.

This house is too fucking huge she thought to herself as she climbed the stairs to the second floor. Some people would consider this place a mansion; seven bedrooms, 4 baths, three offices. There was a sunken in living room with a stone fireplace. A master kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a chef’s island which led into a master dining room. Off to the left of the living room was a den or library, whichever one would prefer to call it. There were books from all different authors. Classics by Edgar Rice Burroughs and spy novels such as penned by Ian Fleming. There was Isaac Asimov, and James Patterson. Poetry by Emily Bronte, Edward Lear, and Lewis Carol. Books on mathematics and the sciences. You name the subject and there was a book there that covered it. But none of the books in that room told the tale that Maria was weaving. Nor would there ever be a book written and placed in that library about what she was doing. Who would want to write about the kind of person she had become. The house meant nothing to her. Money was not of any value. The house; the wealth; the comfort, she hadn’t earned it. It was given to her by her dead father and his nice and tidy will. Hell, she hadn’t accomplished a single thing in her life. She was 28 years old and couldn’t hold one moment up as a trophy for a task she had completed on her own. Everything was given. She was pampered. She was served. She was walking money. So the question that had to be answered was, how could a man owe her anything that something of such value would be taken from him.

She stopped at a door and knocked.

“Come in Maria. I’ve been waiting for you.”

As she walked into the room there was Cordoba. He didn’t have a stitch of clothes on and he was sitting in his thickly padded office chair with his huge cock sticking straight up in the air. He had been jacking it off because the tip was wet from the pre-cum that had dribbled out from his shaft.

“I was going to ask you what you wanted, but I can fucking see that.”

Maria had been through this many times with Cordoba. But she had to please him. She had to make sure he would come through when the time warranted it. And besides, his cock was long and thick, and as stupid as he was at times, the guy knew how to fuck a girl. She unzipped her black dress from behind, and slowly let it drop to the floor. She was wearing nothing underneath. She never wore panties or a bra. She loved the thrill it gave her when she would be out, in a bar somewhere, or at a meeting wearing a short skirt, bending over and letting anyone who chose see her cunt. Then she’d make them squirm when their cocks tried to get out of their pants. Every once in a while she’d get lucky and find a wild one, a guy who was bold. She’d bend over as if to pick something up, or to adjust her shoe, and she’d feel a pair of hands grab her ass, and a dick slammed into your cunt. She’s spread her legs a little bit wider and let the fucking begin. Fucks like these didn’t last very long. Too much excitement on the guys part. After about 3 or 4 minutes of deep hard pounding, there would come the sudden deep thrust, and then the sporadic jerking and the grunts, and then the ejaculation of gallons of semen. The cock would easily slide out. The guy would leave, and Maria would walk away with sperm running out from her pussy down her legs.

She walked over to Cordoba until she was within his reach. His oversized hands roamed caressingly up and down her back, paying special attention to the round, protruding globes of her pliant soft and smooth ass as he cupped the cheeks, then pinched and massaged them, making ridges of her silky flesh ooze like white butter through his strong fingers. After a few moments, he felt her naked loins swelling, as Maria began to slide her moist naked cunt up and down the rock-hard shaft of his cock. He let his lips reach out to hers. He kissed her hard.

Breaking the deep kiss, Cordoba rumbled in his heavily accented voice, “You can go down on me Maria, right now.

It wasn’t exactly an order or a command. He was just telling her what he wanted her to do, and somehow, without being forced or coerced, she had always obeyed him unquestioningly. To her it was the best play she had.

“Okay, baby!” she breathed,

She slithered naked down over him, pausing for a moment to lick and suck at both of his nipples, burrowing down through the thick hair on his chest to get at them. Maria knew that he liked it, so she bore the intense İstanbul Escort tickling sensation his hair produced on her lips and nose. It was a small favor in return for the complete satisfaction he gave her each time they fucked. And he did know how to satisfy. She didn’t deny in her mind how she loved to fuck him.

Cordoba moaned his satisfaction with her as she obediently knelt – her heavily ripened breasts swaying like fruit ready to be picked – between his widespread legs. She was holding the lust-thickened shaft of his cock with one hand, while the other caressed his chest. Naked kneeling below him, Maria had sucked up one of his egg-sized testicles into her soft warm mouth and was gently licking it with her tongue. His hands went down to her jet-black hair to smooth and caress her. In the next few moments, she had likewise sucked on his other sperm-filled ball. The feel of her hot little mouth working down there between his legs gave him a whole series of erotic sensations. Then she was licking him, her tongue flicking back along the sensitive flesh behind his scrotum until she was nudging her tongue tip into the sensitive, puckered ring of his ass. He moaned and writhed under the electric charge of it, groaning, “God, baby … that’s it! That’s nice! Damned nice!” He felt his wildly aching cock throb and lurch involuntarily shooting a short squirt of sperm, and after a moment, he gasped. “That’s enough, Maria!”

His hands on her head pulled her wet probing tongue away, then he was guiding her hungrily opened mouth toward the bloated head of his pulsating penis. Her smoke-gray eyes bored up at him sexily as she murmured, “That must have given you quite a charge. I your cock released a bit of that sperm of yours baby!”

“You know damned well it did! Shit! My cock stood up and yelled for attention!”

“Mmmmmmmnnnn!”, she mumbled unintelligibly as her sensuous lips opened wide and slowly slid down over the dripping head of his penis, her wet little tongue instantly beginning to swirl around and around the smooth, satiny flesh. One hand held the long thick shaft while her other caressed his scrotal sac, scratching lightly with her nails.

Now, as he signaled her with his hands on her head, Maria began to bob up and down, gradually absorbing more and more of his enormous cock’s shaft into her warm sucking mouth and partway down her comfortably relaxed throat.

Cordoba watched her cheeks hollow and fill with the exertion of sucking pressure, and enjoyed the lurid sight of her wet lips nibbling up and down the thick trunk of his penis.

Involuntarily, now, his hips were rising, countering her greedily sucking lips, and he knew it was time to stop – otherwise she’d have to keep on sucking him until he exploded his churning load of hot semen into her mouth.

With rough hands, Cordoba tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head up, her moist mouth reluctantly coming off the glistening wet shaft of his cock, and he growled, “You can stop sucking my prick now! Come on up here and get on top of me, for a good ride.”

Maria’s disappointment was short-lived, as she looked up into Cordoba’s excited face with surprise at his impulsively rough action, but as soon as she understood what it was he wanted her to do, she crawled gracefully up over his body, until she straddled him. Cordoba pulled a pillow over to him and propped himself up in the bed, then ordered, “Not that way! Turn around!”

She liked the woman on top position for fucking; it made it easier for her to control the depth to which his thick length

penetrated her, so she was glad to do his biding. Swiveling around, she turned her back to him, then leaning forward against his drawn-up knees, she reached back to guide his massive throbbing cock into the moist, opening of her swollen cunt. The moment she touched his rod, she felt it jerk a sudden massive jerk. She immediately felt another long warm jet of sperm shoot up against her cunt lips.

“Oh FUCK!!! Cordoba cried as he strained every muscle in his body to prevent the uncontrollable spasms that would drain his balls. Sweat beaded up upon his forehead as he sensed he had prevented his ejaculation.

“My, you are excited aren’t you” she cooed.

Maria loved the feeling of cum dripping of her pussy. She waited until she was sure he had regained control. Carefully, she rocked back on his lust-hardened shaft, allowing its thickness to slide up into her clinging fuckable tunnel with slow

deliberateness. “AAAaaaahhh!” she sighed contentedly when she had absorbed all of it. “There!” Her petite arms went out to embrace his hair-covered legs, as behind her Cordoba’s hands roamed over her naked curved back.

Then his searching hands were on the silky, unblemished smoothness of her ass, sliding down under it and lifting her hips slightly. As he relaxed, allowing her to sink back down on his now wet glistening shaft, he flexed his hips upward at the same time to drive his now semen filled penis deeper up into her eagerly sucking vagina.

God! It was absolutely wonderful, Maria thought, the way his long hard penis filled her; Anadolu Yakası Escort she could feel every throbbing lurch of it, and every square inch of its rigid and veined surface was in heated contact with her tightly clasping vaginal tunnel. Taking her cue from him, she began to rock back and forth, sliding her wildly responding pussy up and down on his rock-hard pole of male flesh. She moved slowly at first, then began to fuck faster, more as she felt the ecstatic sensations racing maddeningly through her. Finally, she was moving much as a skilled horsewoman moves at a trot, slamming her naked rounded ass down hard against his abdomen to absorb his thick engorged pole to the fullest, then rising high above him until just the lust-bloated head remained in her hot searing cunt.

Behind and under her, Cordoba massaged and pinched her smooth working ass, his hands like a cruel goad to her, while at the same time his hips drove his pulsating shaft up into the warm moistness of her pussy with demanding urgency.

“Shit Maria. Fuck my cock. Fuck it till you cum. Squirt baby. Fuck me till you’re dripping wet.”

Faster and faster, Maria rode him like a bucking horse at a rodeo. Her breathing was uncontrolled, gasping, and her head rolled around and around, swishing her long black hair across her shoulders. The room was filled with the sounds of her fucked cunt. Juices were flowing out from her and all around the piston working within her, making it easier for the fucking shaft to slide in deeper and deeper with each thrust. She wanted it never to end, while at the same time she sensed her explosive orgasm would arrive almost any second now.

“Oh, God!” she moaned. “I’m going to cum! IIII’mmmm going to ccccuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm! Nowwwwwwwwww!

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhh!” “Fucking ram me. Impale with your cock right fucking now. Split my cunt wide open. OH SHIT!!!”

With a final, squatting thrust, she convulsed spasmingly and clasped her arms tightly around his knees, as her wild delirious climax surged through her. Every time she lifted herself up to slam back down, her cunt juice sprayed out in streams over Corboba’s cock. And then, BAM, back down again hard and deep. Her asshole was constricting with each contraction of her pussy. She couldn’t stop. On and on it seemed like. Would her orgasm come to an end? In one way she wanted it to, but in another she wanted the fucking to go on and on. But she desired sperm. She wanted sperm. This fucking wouldn’t be complete unless her cunt was overflowing with semen. Suddenly she felt herself moving forward

Cordoba, beneath her, was close to his own spewing release, but when he felt Maria’s orgasmic contractions on his penis, he had to do something else. Quickly, he straightened out his legs. Maria fell forward with them, then he was freeing himself to get up on his knees. Maria’s cunt was spraying juice everywhere. With strong, commanding hands and powerful arms, he grasped her at the hips and pulled her up to her knees. Almost desperately, he came in behind her and plunged his aching demanding cum dripping cock deep into the wet clinging depths of her hot orgasming cunt. He paid no attention to her muffled moans as, boarlike, he fucked her from behind with wild, animalistic grunts coming from deep in his throat.

“Ah, Maria, you fucking whore – Your pussy is – like velvet.”

Slamming away, he gored her, fucking with an insane determination, his powerful thrusts jarring her kneeling young body with flesh-slapping, bone-crashing cruelty. After several moments of this, he felt his orgasm coming to him. He felt his swollen balls begin to tighten up and pull up toward his body. The spasms of ejaculation were beginning at the very root of his penis foretelling of the bursting damn the would force the jetting stream of his white-hot sperm to race the full length of his long jerking rod and spew deep into Maria’s furiously milking womb.

“You fucking two bit slut. I’m going to cum in you deep.” “I’m going to make sure you know that your tight fucking pussy has been drenched in my semen”….”FUCK….I CUMMMINGGG!!!”

He came! With a satisfied, grunting oath, he thrust into her wet heated vagina as far as he could go and held his cock there for a few seconds allowing the first few shots of sperm to splash up against her inner wall. He wanted her to know he was cuming. But he didn’t want to lose the friction of orgasm, so he began to pound her uncontrollably increasing the power of his orgasm. His balls were working overtime producing the sperm needed for this gigantic ejaculation and he so enjoyed the gloriously vibrant feeling of his insanely pumping cock, as his semen hosed through him, to jet from its slitted tip, spraying deep into the moist warm confines of her cunt.

There was no more room for cum in Maria’s pussy, and Cordoba was still pumping his load, so he pulled out of her, her pussy reluctantly letting his cock go by producing a suction sound. He grabbed hold of his tool and began to madly jack it off allowing spews of semen to shoot up on Maria’s back, ass and thighs.

“Oh yes Üsküdar Escort baby!” Maria moaned. “Cum on my ass.” “Shoot that last of your load on the crack of my ass”.

Cordoba jacked away wildly, until the streams of sperm lessened and lessened until it was just a steady trickle seeping out of the tip of his cockhead. Finally, with his balls pumped dry, his massive cock softening, and his strength spent, he collapsed on top of Maria, and as her knees gave way, they slid down against the softness of the floor.

After only a few moments of quiet communion and his penis now dead, he rolled from on top of her and said, “You were just great, Maria. So fucking great.” “But” he continued, you know I have a phone call to make.”

“Yes you do” she responded. “Now’s the time to make it, but first we need to clean up don’t you think.”

They both took a shower…together. They got dressed, walked downstairs and entered the den, closing the door behind them. Cordoba picked up the phone, took a piece of paper from off the desk. There was a name and a phone number on it. He dialed the number. The phone began to ring.

“It won’t be long now. I was listening to the two of them; fucking. Cordoba was really shoving it into her. I thought they’d never finish. But now that they’re done and in the den, I would imagine that he’s on the phone now. I guess the only question left is if you’re really worth all this time and effort. Before were finished with all this mess, you will have paid me back for everything you’ve done.

Jack Lester looked at the women sitting next to him on the couch. Her name was Virginia Wales. As far as he was concerned payback was going to begin right now; today. But not just today. He considered Virginia kind of like a loan which would take many installments to be paid off.

The question that Virginia was asking herself in all of this was could she hold out? Could she stop this man from fucking her, violating her before she was home with her husband. She had never had sex with anyone but her husband, but she could see it in this man’s eyes. She could see it in his pants. He wanted to fuck her.

“You’re looking at me like I’m a whore.” Virginia said.

“You can get off that whore kick!” Jack growled. “You’re just feeling sorry for yourself – but make no mistake, I’m going to fuck the ass right off of you!” “Cordoba won’t stop me. Maria won’t stop me.” “They wouldn’t dare. All that matters is that when this ordeal is all done you’re allowed to go home, providing you will want to go home when I’m finished with you.

“I’m not going to bed with you, now or ever … so you can get that idea out of your head r-right now!”

She had to try one last plea. Her voice was choked and hoarse. “Please Jack … won’t you g-give me a chance to pay you back … some other way for what my husband’s done?

“Yeah! You’re making the first installment today!” he told her with a lewd grin, as his hand reached the hem of her dress. “At least this way you both get to live and have that happy ending every married couple dreams of.”

Almost undetectably, her legs moved involuntarily apart, the feeling of helpless defeat strong in her, and Jack moved upward with confidence, his exploring fingers scouting the way.

Then his hand was there on the warm throbbing mound between her slightly spread legs, his fingers rubbing searchingly along the flimsy nylon panties that just barely covered her warm moistened vaginal slit. Slowly, his out-stretched middle finger slipped in under the elastic leg band, and, before she was fully aware of what was happening, he was caressing the already blood swollen lips of her wet pulsating pussy. The sexy feel of her warm young flesh, the softness of her thin, golden pubic hair, against his exploring fingers, inflamed him with passion and an urgency to follow his searching fingers with the hardness of his massive erect penis.

Then he kissed her hard, his tongue, pointed and demanding, bursting through her wet parted lips to stab probingly into her mouth as his arm sucked around her trim little waist to crush her voluptuous trembling body close to him. Below, his finger played at the moistened mouth of her hot throbbing vaginal opening, dipping just inside her pussy lips with sensuous insistence, then moving upward under the flimsy covering of her nylon panties to find the hot, swollen and now hard clitoris. He could feel his shorts getting wet with the pre-cum oozing out of the slit at the tip of his penis.

Virginia moaned up into his mouth as his extended middle finger made electrical contact with the sensitive little nerve bud, and her hips moved under her in a futile, writhing attempt to escape his tantalizing fingering. It was no use! There was no escaping its teasing brushings along the short, hot length of her clitoris. A few seconds later she found her writhing hips were thrusting up with a fevered urgency against his teasing finger. Suddenly the aroused young wife stiffened, catching herself up short God! What am I doing? I’m acting like I really want it … like I want him to do it to me … just like when my husband gets me all worked up … and I c-can’t help myself, I’m so far gone! Then the painful realization: My Husband! Randy! Oh, my God, I’m almost about to be fucked by someone other than him! I never intended to do this! But what could I do? This man’s got me both coming and going!

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